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Post by Eleonora »

I have tried out to write lyrics for a desteni songs, as my English is not mothertongue some lines might not rhyme as I imagined but I had fun participating

Thinking about the beginning, it gets me grinning
Alone in the dark I started with a spark
The spark made a spark
And the lightshow got a start

Each spark had a mind but we were all intertwined
We knew who we were, united we delighted
As One we begun, we meant it to have fun
But then a race of pun until we were outdone

The innocence was lost, each one's creation tossed
Forgetful of being One, our life expression begun
Desiring to be more, each one started to race
Trumping each other to the wire with the hidden Ace

Suppression and compression directed our aggression
We wanted to forget and that's what closed the net
Time came into form, form came into time
While we kept rushing to make it to the finish line

The form was there to show, the sickness of it all
The One no longer Here, noone wanted to hear
The Shame was just insane, we had to get away
Separation into delusions was our obvious conclusion

We have reached the bottom line, there is nowhere to go
Polarity as deception has separated all
We have to wake up now, put the apple back on the tree
Good and evil served us this, to deliver us from Me

The One is who I am, I have to take it back,
the road of separation leads only to damnation
For Hell is here to show, can't take another blow
It's time to let it go, only One can stop this show

The road back to Self will have to walk the Shame
The hidden truth of each for the desire to win the game
The spark was never real, nothing can be lost
Nobody will know that until One gives up the Ghost

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Re: Lyrics

Post by Marlen »

This is awesome, even just wording this with music in the background would be great.

Thanks for sharing it, Eleonora

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Re: Lyrics

Post by Anna »

Marlen wrote:This is awesome, even just wording this with music in the background would be great.

Thanks for sharing it, Eleonora
I agree - awesome!

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Marek Sniager
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Re: Lyrics

Post by Marek Sniager »

Yes - very Cool Eleonora!!!
Enjoyed a lot

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Re: Lyrics

Post by William »

Hell is here,
there is only one way out,
and that way,
the eye of the needle,
is full of thorns,
that will tear away,
all our spite,
... just sayin
oh god...
lets be gods
and stop abusing
eachother and life
this is it,

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Re: Lyrics

Post by sandymac »

Very cool William, powerful lyric.

Awesome Eleonora, at this point I cannot imagine writing a lyric in another language!

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Re: Lyrics

Post by Maya »

Very cool guys

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