What is the Desteni Jamm-O ?

Introduction to Desteni Jam 2012
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What is the Desteni Jamm-O ?

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Anna wrote:A new expression in music have emerged: an expression that combine strong, direct lyrics that speaks directly to everyone listening with powerful sound. You have not heard anything like this before. Virtually all music that currently exists is telling lies about what a wonderful life you could have or sad stories of broken hearts. The new expression in music is an entirely new approach to music, media and art where it is the principle of What is Best for All, as Oneness and Equality, as the Walk back to Self in Self-Honesty and Self-Forgiveness that stands as the baseline of lyrics, production, performance and sound. Join us as we embark on a Journey to discover a new expression in music that is long overdue.

We Support World Equality through Music
Musicians and fans of Music for Equality - We Stand by the Principle of Common Sense of Equality - What is best for all. With our music, we bring awareness of how this Reality works and what we as a race are allowing ourselves to do towards ourselves.

We Support Desteni & Equal Money

This is a new campaign wherein all Musicians and Creative People that participate in the forums - and also those that are only familiar with the message but would like to collaborate with this - are welcome to post ideas, list your skills, lyrics or any other resource to create music as well as video production.

As we know, we require to inject some common sense in the music that we listen these days. We already have groups on Facebook dedicated to music and as we are walking within this process, we've seen how those who have already made music with common sense lyrics and cool music have had a great impact in people, not only this being beneficial for Desteni, but as a cool way to contribute with music that is Self Supportive in this world.

Hence, the way this will work is through placing 'what you got' in the pertinent threads within this forum. This will be mostly a forum where collaborations will be created between people to create songs that will be forming part of cd compilations as Jamming for Equality/ Music for Life in Equality and any other name we will come up with.

For example if you have an idea of a song and you require some 'violins' or 'trumpets' for your music, you'll be able to contact the people that have listed themselves as being able to do that, you can d this through the forum or directly contacting them to set up the details.

We can use the forum as a platform to share ideas/ methods on how to work and collaborate in creating music so that others can also join in and contribute as well.

Let's Roll!

Facebook groups:
Desteni JammO - Oneness & Equality Music Project

Desteni Chill

Music for Equality

If you have any questions, add-ons to this, place them here.

Thank you

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Re: What is the Desteni Jamm-O ?

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Cool guys!

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