Cover of "Imagine"

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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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joe kou
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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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This was fantastic - so cool to hear you all! I loved the "yoo hoo ooooh" where everyone joined together. Thanks everyone and Fidelis for getting this all together.

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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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wohoo amazing

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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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here is the link to share on social networks: ... gine-cover

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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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Excellent stuff! Thanks all! Killer rendition.

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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

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Well done Fidelis and everyone who participated! I'd love to help out with the video or editing part of it. I use to create short films with my sister and some of them are on YouTube (if you want the link, let me know). I'm planning to visit the farm in July so can help film if ya'll are willing to wait :)

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