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Re: Music for equality

Posted: 26 Dec 2016, 17:59
by Luc St-Amand
Life has become a slice of pie made from lies
Baked at a temperature too high, it's too hard, too dry
So let's apply a new recipe written by desteni
The best ingredients require an entirely new crust
Which is a must, it contains the stuff that makes us, us
Trust the batter, smooth it out to the cusp of the platter
Chunky is good but slices creates more flavor to savor
One tea spoon of honesty hunny and apply it to the inside
4 whole apples of forgiveness sliced not chopped
Layering the slices applying cinnamon to lock in taist
Oats create space between the layers and the crust
The crust is important it is made from self trust
Baked till it is just right warm and delicious.

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 27 Dec 2016, 18:12
by Luc St-Amand
destonian vet
i do sets of forgiveness
mad reps
like its nobody's business
self derived
i crossed that off my wish list
got it through allowed and accepted self forgiveness

like an ich from a mind full of bed bugs
I could have sworn the mind said red rugs
and paradise what it really said was: parasites
scary right

yeah forgive me, and i'll forgive you, cause we both know, that it takes two
yet I am one, just having some fun
spittin self forgiveness
hit the snare test one two
yeah i breathe and chew through dew
been filled
clean the minds windshield
so i can unseal
the contents of my mind
designed to religne and make it
like neo did
in the matrix
i ace hits
to the chin of anyone talking shit...
about destonians

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 30 Dec 2016, 20:19
by Luc St-Amand
Blast past the past
If not
The past will clash /slash/ last
Mash it up with writing
Take those stashed memories out
Creating self commitments that last through tidings
And throw the rest in the trash
As you give you shall receive
One thing is certain
As you live you will breathe
Don't deceive yourself
Believe in yourself
Be real with yourself
See the means in which brings your dreams streamed
Into reality
into self character that redefines our self imposed
Pulled in, Be the man you want to see - "cerise poolman" :)
Yall got me for life!

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 08:19
by Luc St-Amand
This world is so cold
Been hurled into a cloned state by souls only looking for riches and gold
looking for the blame hasn't changed a dam thing
Instead we should focus on the folks that don't own anything but the clothes on their backs, and some don't even have that, thats wack
so what the fuck are we chasing
Disapating resources constantly Waisting
Misplacing self worth what kind of world are we creating?
It's sad and repetitive learned what we're taught only copying and pasting
It's time for a new age
time for a true change
Time to approach all these problems in a new way
Gotta let it go
It's a slow process yes the way lettuce grows
Layer by layer a benificial way thats measurable
No more prophecy it has to be tangible
Passion in tandum bro
Destenis the message homes

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 06 Jan 2017, 18:22
by Luc St-Amand
Guarded doing hard time
An art to stay on ryme
Everything is dark sight
Looking to the stars shine
Gotta play my cards right
Armor plated hearts line
This is a hard life
Starving workin part time
Cutting like a sharp knife
Pulled apart and still fine

This is my style
And everyone is talented
Wild as a child
Always bullied fighting other kids
Get up to the sound
And throw in down like a pile of bricks
Set them on the gound
Safe gard from the parlor tricks
Learn to get around
All The hip hop politics
Burn I'm hell bound
Good and bad im a balance it

Don't wish for a diffrence
Stand up and be that change
Diamonds and gold glistenin
Won't save you from the pain
Close your mouth and listenin
Or always stay the same
Opertunity is sizzlein
Either change or remain

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 29 Jun 2017, 14:46
by Raúl
Llama innatural, desconocida // innatural flame, unknown
En el universo // in the universe
En mí brillas // in me you shine

Historias de amor // stories of love
Intentan corromperte // try to corrupt you
Tu belleza invisible // your invisible beauty
Intocable se mantiene // untouchable remains

Cuando el cielo se abre // when the sky opens
Y la explicación es imposible // and the explanation is impossible
Recuerda el otro mundo // remember the other world
Y sonríe // and smile

Bebo de tu luz // I drink from your light
Sacio mi sed // I satiate my thirst
Despierto del sueño // I wake up from the dream
Infinito y breve // Brief and infinite

99% of the beauty of this poetry is in the spanish language, but i felt like sharing

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 06 Jul 2020, 01:42
by Luc
I bowed before a tree today, honouring the life that it is giving
I speak loud when I lead the way, borrowing the words that I am living
too much rain for a seed to stay, to take root in the earth its splitting
lose yourself in the words I play, I too am fascinated while grinning

im big, very big, I stand 6'3
I'm strength, very strong, I squat 315
I'm handsome, very much, I married a phd
she's smart, very intelligent and she says all the same things

Go ahead stick your neck out
skins pretend just meant to stretch out
see the end descend upon you
don't pretend I know your shit

its all a game, yes even pain let it plain upon you
don't refrain nor retain just let the gain become you
its all the same, me and you
let's play along and in the end measure the results of 1+1=2

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 04:23
by Luc
So it seems while living dreams we pretend to know what it all means.

You have an answer don’t you..

You fool true to only the thing between your legs

A tool meant to recreate a cool bag of screws for you to take

Don’t wait just sit there like a lake

Fate is a pile of dateS for Inanna’s golden plate

I rape your fake justice Mutilate your war hate

I break through granite stones I mold and reshape

I ain’t one to fuck with my world is a pearlier gate

Luc, are you awake? Born again, like a baby in descent into being once again.

Re: Music for equality

Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 01:57
by Luc
Its all in the mind
a ball to unwind
grind we decide
to stall and realign
it's like...
to maul our minds tour-guide
underneath a lawnmower ride
mangled to redefine
the lie that was mine
hive into a beautiful swarm
alive completely tranformed
recognize to unlearn
realize to discern
bind to the earth
blind like the worms
feed from the roots
been freed from the roots
lead as seed back to regroup
reborn into truth
death can not stop me