Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

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Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Maya » 10 Feb 2012, 09:50

Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business - BurzynskiMovie.com

About the Film:

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski's gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970's called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and could begin the final phase of FDA testing in 2011–barring the ability to raise the required $300 million to fund the final phase of FDA clinical trials.

When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting medical breakthrough.

Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. Various cancer survivors are presented in the film who chose these medicines instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation - with full disclosure of medical records to support their diagnosis and recovery - as well as systematic (non-anecdotal) FDA-supervised clinical trial data comparing Antineoplastons to other available treatments—which is published within the peer-reviewed medical literature.

One form of cancer - diffuse, intrinsic, childhood brainstem glioma has never before been cured in any scientifically controlled clinical trial in the history of medicine. Antineoplastons hold the first cures in history - dozens of them. [ANP - PubMed 2003] [ANP - PubMed 2006] [ANP - Cancer Therapy 2007] [Rad & other - PubMed 2008] [Chemo/Rad - PubMed 2005]

This documentary takes the audience through the treacherous, yet victorious, 14-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons.


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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Ann » 12 Feb 2012, 18:29

http://earthreview.eu/2012/02/cancer-fo ... -discount/

For videos and pics, check blogpost itself

Wouldn’t you be outraged if you found out, that many of the children, woman and man might have died from cancer unescessary? It sure as hell would freak me out. But I am passed the stage of suprisal – not in this money driven world.

The documentary called “>”Cancer is serious Business” gives you a look into the “cancer industry” while exposing the attacks by the mainstream of the industry on a man that exposes their way of working. This man is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, the founder of the Burzynski Clinic.
In the course of his medical research, Dr.Burzynski discovered a cure for cancer that involved the use of “antineoplastons”, which he found were present in the blood of healthy people, but were lacking in those suffering from cancer. He als found that by obtaining these compounds from healthy people and transfusing them into the system of the ones with cancer, you could stop and even reverse the spread of cancerous tumors.
I would be like: wow! and applaud this man for his findings. No one want to have, suffer or die from cancer. When your family or friends have it, or even strangers, you want them to get better. So for many of us it is quite unbelievable that they would stop this, and cover this up, to earn money. It really makes you question the psychopaths who run industries worldwide. Is it really only such kind of people that manage to be successfull in this world? Because you have to have a heart of stone to compete, want to be the best, make profit and exploiting and abusing others while doing that. I am sure many of us are not capable of doing this. But they are programmed to become that way, unfortunatly for them and for the entire world.
Currently, your only able to get the treatment from Dr.Burzynski through qualifying for a clinical trial – which in most cases means that one has to have already undergone treatment through ‘traditional means’ which include radiation and chemotherapy. So the people that want to undergo his treatment, already have had there systems damaged through radiation and chemical poisoning. And still the treatment of Dr. Burzynski has shown to save people’s lives in cases where traditional methods had very little or no success. Here are some stories from patients: http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/patient-stories.html

The following post I am taking from my friend, who has composed an awesome article about this at his blog : http://equalmoneysystem.blogspot.com/20 ... s-for.html

“The purpose of the documentary ‘Cancer is Serious Business’ is to show the contrast between how Dr. Burzynski’s treatments have been met by the Food and Drug Administration (which is responsible for certifying that new drugs and treatments are allowed to be distributed throughout the United States) versus the FDA’s handling of treatments and drugs offered from large pharmaceutical companies.

In Dr. Burzynski’s case, the FDA has still not approved antineoplastons for treatment of cancers, even though he has been researching and testing his methods since the 1970′s. And this is not due to lack of evidence of his treatment’s efficacy. He has produced many times patient records showing the effectiveness of his treatments but with the FDA and other organizations (such as the National Cancer Institute or NCI) rejecting his records. There is ample evidence for anyone interested to see that there has been an unfair treatment and scrutiny placed on Dr. Burzynski’s research; one simply has to investigate.

But what we would like to address in this post is the ‘why’ behind all of this. Obviously Dr. Burzynkski’s treatments are a threat to the status quo of the Cancer industry – an industry worth billions and billions of dollars. For example, in order to run a clinical trial to gain approval from the FDA to begin distributing a new drug requires literally tens of millions of dollars. So right from the start any person or group that may very well have a valid solution to a disease or ailment is prevented from receiving approval just on the basis of money. Now it is possible to get grants to perform these expensive trials, however individuals not associated to the established medical and pharma companies, as was the case for Dr. Burzynski, often find it difficult to receive these grants.

Isn’t it obvious that – in our current system – money is king? The quote in the beginning of this post is from Li Chuan Chen, who was a researcher at NCI in the 90′s. Truly there is nothing sacred.

Now, obviously drugs should be tested. We should not expect that Dr. Burzynski’s treatment should just be pushed through without proper validation that the treatment works and doesn’t cause unnecessary harm – but there are so many examples where the FDA does the opposite when it is in favor of a large corporation. Take the Vioxx story for example. According to the FDA’s own estimates Vioxx, a treatement killed over 27,000 people as reported by Consumer Affairs. The painkiller generated over 2.5 billion dollars for Merck, which spend considerable resources to keep the risks out of the media, risks that Merck executives knew about from the very beginning.How can we trust a system that gives unfair advantage to those with money. It’s fascinating that many will vilify people like Dr. Burzynski as quacks and trying to make a buck off of others suffering and yet defend large corporations and their executives who continually put profits before Life. And let us be clear, this is a problem with our entire system. There is no industry unaffected by the cancer that is the profit motive. Our children read textbooks which are ineffective at teaching math when there are methods proven to work (see the Singapore Method). We consume food modified with chemicals designed to increase our appetites and form addictions. We buy cell phones and video game systems assembled by literal modern day slaves in other countries simply because it reduces costs and therefore increases profits for the companies involved. The list goes on, however it is clear if one simply takes the time to look that our current system is one that is founded upon abuse.

Now, before anyone criticizes us for being one-sided and simply supporting Dr. Buzynski for being the ‘under-dog’, let us say this. We trust no one. I mean, how can we. In a system based on profit, where we know almost everyone is only acting out of survival and their own self-interest, how can we trust anything we read, hear, or see. How does one know when anyone is acting in our best interest when we know that, at the end of the day, if one does not have money, one does not eat. And no one really cares about making sure you or anyone else eats (see Game Theory.
Perhaps that is the real problem. No one really cares about anyone else. If they did, then decisions about which treatments for cancer will receive funding for research to decided once and for all which ones actually work, what their real success rates are, and what the actual facts are. Decisions about who lives and who dies would not be based on numbers on a balance sheet but rather on what decisions actually work in the best interest of everyone.

Obviously there is no point in judging or condemning anyone. One can not blame the execs of the big pharma companies for they are doing what we would all like to do in their position. The question is why we allow the system to be set up to function as it does. This is the fundamental point we must challenge (for further perspective on how choice is tied to money see: Freedom of Choice and Equal Money.) And if we are unwilling to consider a new system then no amount of outrage – no amount of activism, occupying, arguing or suing will make any difference. The time for us to stop putting individual profit above life is now. The time to start valuing all Life Equally and making decisions that support this value system is now. It is time that we consider an Equal Money System and the common sense that the only way we can live on this planet together without harming ourselves and each other – the only way to experience real peace, real freedom, real happiness, real brotherhood – is to love our neighbor as ourselves and to participate in a system in a real, physical way that ensures that our love is not in word only but that our every deed is Best for All and that no one goes without to give more to another (for further perspective on how to use money in a practical way that will bring about a real change see: Making Peace with Money.)see our Destonians Wiki on with subjects like Equal Money and Equality for All
also visit http://www.Equalmoney.org to find out more about the Equal Money System
visit Desteni to research guidelines for Equality and to know and learn more about how the system we live in work ”
Also if your curious, check out the awesome books: What the FAQ is an Equal money system?
http://eqafe.com/i/avan-den-broeck-what ... m-volume-1
And : Equal money, the future of money – Volume 1
http://eqafe.com/i/avan-den-broeck-equa ... y-volume-1
In this way you can support the Equality movement, while educating yourself and helping to build on the future of tomorrow.

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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Bella » 12 Feb 2012, 18:43

Cancer is Serious Business for the Big Brothers

I just watched the documentary Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business (BurzynskiMovie.com). You can watch it on Youtube.

The documentary shows a clear case of ‘legal deception’. Corporate theft, infringement and fraud of the finest, reveal in this documentary what we already know about the money-system and the ‘big brothers’ of corporations, pharmaceutical industries, law firms, patent agencies, federal associations etc, the existence of which is supposed to ensure the rights and safety of the people and to see to it that the quality of life and the living standard is not compromised through corruption. Well, you guessed it: exactly the opposite is the fact.

The ‘big brothers’ have the audacity to utilize ‘legal means’ to do illegal business, doing everything in their power to shut down progressive individuals like Dr. Burzynski, especially if they are coming up with break-through solutions and good news in scientific research and cure.
If the corporations spent 50 Million and more to criminalize a doctor who has all the evidence of clear and transparent work and results without side effects, imagine how much bigger the ‘loss’ they are trying to prevent: a loss that would occur once most of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that are currently used in the treatment of cancer are rendered useless (let alone the fact that such medication is carcinogenic itself), while a new biological therapy as discovered and developed by Dr. Burzynski is not only showing wide range results but is also completely side-effect free!

But see – money is the god of this system, and money dictates not only life and death of the ‘little people’ like you and me, it also dictates what research is done, where and how, as well as what research is prevented from being done especially if it appears promising in the healing of diseases that have thus far brought major income to the pharmaceutical corporations and the ‘big brothers’ behind it.

The trials before several grand juries shown in the document are astounding, and with time, Dr. Burzynski was not only supported by the families of his patients but also members of the grand jury that couldn’t believe that despite the verdicts finding Dr. Burzynski innocent, the FDA et al did not stop trying to persecute him until Burzynski’s research was stolen and his (already patented!) discoveries related to the antineoplastons treatment he developed were patented by ‘others’. The only reference made to Dr. Burzynski was merely his initials.
Watch the written exchange between Dr. Burzynski and Michael Friedman as shown in the documentary. Watch the respect and clarity Dr. Burzynski demonstrates despite of it all. Watch Mr Friedman literally ‘ascend’ to the tops of the FDA and further...
This case is so clear that one has to wonder!
We are being lied to in the face. We have been robbed of all dignity and respect as human beings, life has been devaluated to the utmost extent, all in the name of money – and where ‘two or more in my name’ get together, money does the talking, and you can follow it down the rabbit hole and see how it’s always been just one basic strategy applied by the ‘big ones’ to maintain power and exploit the rest of the world’s population and the earth itself: ‘divide and conquer’.

Divide and Conquer –
this is the law of polarity, and then, because polarity-systems require the friction between the poles to be maintained, the current money-system was established in a way that gives the impression of ‘balancing out’ the problems of the world, the problems of this fraudulent socio-economic system that has no other purpose but to deceive and exploit those who have no ‘power’ because they have no money, because they're not ‘blue-blooded’, they have no name, no status, no backbone in the history of man’s dominion over the kingdom of earth.
And while inflation, austerity measures and ‘solution packages’ are being paraded around as if they could ever bring forth actual Balance in a system that is dependent on ‘balances’ and ‘imbalances’ for the show to go on – there IS in fact ANOTHER WAY, a way to establish real balance as equilibrium on earth for ALL.

There is a way to stop the exploitation of life, there is a way to re-define money into something that is a tool for equal support for every living being, there is a way to ensure transparency and equal participation of all life in a new system that places LIFE as the highest value.

In an equal money system, where money is defined and handled-with on the basis of the value of life (and this means: in a way that all living beings are equally supported within the system and each one factually have equal opportunities and chances in life regardless of nation, race, gender etc.), there will be no more fraud, no more corruption, no more exploitation, no more deception, no more profit-making at the cost of life.

And finally each and every single human will be free to pursue their skills, talents and abilities and what they enjoy doing – without the control imposed through money like in the current system.

Our whole science and scientific research will have to be re-evaluated and re-tested, because much of (if not the entire spectrum of) the published results have always been guided and controlled through the power-holding ‘big brothers’ of mankind and directed toward profit only – instead of science and research supporting life and the quality of life/living for ALL beings on Earth.

Within an equal money system, science and research will function on an open source basis and will be open to everyone. Open research, open practice, open results.
No more will science take place in secrecy, no more will it serve profit and self-interest, no more will innocent people have to risk their lives as inferior guinea pigs in the hope for cure.

Science must be that which works on expanding our understanding of life as ourselves and enhancing the quality of life as coexistence.
As such, science must always function based on cross-reference and thus cooperation and interdisciplinary communication.
Science and research must always be made public, equally available to all – you never know who will come up with the question or idea or observation that will open up the next step, the next phase of research in a certain area. Research, methodology and results must always be made available to all – that is how we will ensure an organic development of life on planet earth and real education for human beings.

When competition and rivalry, fear and greed, are no longer the incentives for scientific research, man can finally stop being ‘evil’ and start actually serving life.
An equal money system is a system of actual life-support. We have allowed a system to govern humanity that has been feeding off of life, instead of nurturing life as the most sacred value we share.

Having arrived at this point of time and space as humanity, we can all see and agree that a new system is required – a system that will finally place LIFE as the highest value; LIFE as our common sense, our common interest, on common ground.
We only have one PLANet – there is no plan B.

The documentary Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business also clearly shows that it is not the system alone that is to blame. The system consists of and exists as the sum of individuals and the relationships between and amongst individuals. Decisions are made by people, and we can see in the documentary that not everyone is corrupt. And yet the corporations and ‘big brothers’ have managed to sneak around valid decisions, made for example by a grand jury or a judge in court, and with the power of money and VIPs they bend the rules to their liking.

The plethora and complexity of rules and laws of the current system make it complicated and easy to abuse. This should no longer be the case in an equal money system. We as humanity are able to make new agreements as to how we want to live and manage ourselves – and the simplest our ‘laws’ are, the easiest for all.

There is in fact only One Law that requires to be established, honoured, applied: that is the Law of Life as the highest good, the most sacred value that we all share in the Oneness of our reality on Earth. ONE law to be applied to all and everything equally: the LAW of LIFE. Within this, all living things are Equal.
Oneness by definition implies Equality. Without equality, our oneness will always be a prison of abuse, secrecy, deception, exploitation.

Within an equal money system we can finally put an end to the mind-control that is being indoctrinated upon us through all our systems (schools, education, media, sciences, corporations) and get to really learn from the history of mankind and stop making the same mistakes. It is time we get to know how we function as human minds; to finally start educating ourselves in self-responsibility, and put an end to the bipolar control-system of ‘fear’ and ‘desire’ that drives our psyche and controls our decisions, actions and inaction.
When everything is available always and equally to all, the triggers of CONsumerism and greed will no longer be pillars of survival and thus it will become possible that we stop consuming this earth, stop consuming each-other, stop consuming ourselves.

Let's finally take life in our hands... and drive ourselves as this world to freedom, dignity, and respect for Life. After all, it is about self-respect; a quality certainly lacking wherever money as profit is placed before life.
It is time to stop. And re-evaluate our existence, within and without.

As seen in the documentary, people are getting together, and the tolerance for abuse, deception and exploitation is reaching its limits. This is a crucial point that we’ve realize at Desteni:
we must work together to change the world; because this world exists as all of us together.

Join us at Desteni and read up on our personal explorations of self-honesty – and investigate the solution of an equal money system, which is aiming to end the deception of and enslavement by money/energy/polarity and all master-slave relations we’ve accepted and allowed , and establish a global co-operation of Earth through human beings as self-willed Equals. It is time we become custodians on Earth and take care of our Home and all our children. It is time we stop our parasitic existence and take self-responsibility.

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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby KlausHoefler » 12 Feb 2012, 20:01

2012 Is the Law against Healing-Methods for Cancers? – About Burzynski & Hamer
Klaus Hoefler

2 February 2012
http://equallife.at/2012-is-the-law-aga ... ski-hamer/

Dr. Burzynski is a medical Doctor in Mexico. In the end of the 70′s he found/created a successful Cancer-Treatment. He found out that some peptides and metabolites are different between cancer-free and cancer-diagnostic peoples. So he created a combination of the peptides & metabolites from the health people called Antineoplastone which works close with approximately 100 genes together. In his clinic a lot of Research was made and they saw that there is no side-effect of this Cancer-Treatment. He already supported a lot of Patients successfully with this Cancer-Treatment. By the most people the cancer was gone fast away and come never back and stayed thus cancer-free. A clinic trial shows that patients which became treated with radiation & chemotherapy the successful cure is around 9% and by patients which became treated only with Antineoplastone the successful cure is around 25%. This shows definitely that the Cancer-Treatment from Dr. Burzynski is much more effective than the radiation and chemotherapy and further radiation & chemotherapy has definitely an unpleasant side-effect like leukemia, kidney & liver failure and much more.

Dr. Hamer is the founder of the germanic new medicine and he practiced this technique in Europe – he found out that our current Treatments no matter in which areas are not really effective for humanity because the classic medical school treat only the Outflows/Consequences/Indication/Symptoms and take seldom a look “behind the scenes” where the root of all this Indications & Symptoms comes from. Dr. Hamer works with the so called “5 Biological Laws of the Nature” and saw within that that every physical Indication has an Cause. Also he was very effective by practicing this Method and support a lot of people in there cure-process successfully. To practice the germanic new medicine means that our complete Medical System must be new-structured because the it works more holistic – it find the most causes of Diseases in our behavior and reactions to our environment. When the causes are removed the cancer or other Indication will be go away.

So what happens In both Cases, Burzynski & Hamer became and still become attacked from different Parties, Companies, Government & Institutions. By Burzynski it starts with the pharmaceutical Industry and further the FDA. They tried to sentence him because of applying Remedies which are not proofed by the FDA, though he already had a lot of successful cares. And similar things happened to Dr. Hamer – the government has withdrawn his license as Doctor and they put him also in jail because of exercising not acknowledged Methods which one will see by studying the germanic new medicine that it has also no side-effects or is using some chemicals or something like that – it is similar to drinking tea or with Self-Forgiveness. They have done this just because of not acknowledged from some Institutions & the Government which further means that noone can make money with and from it.

Most Institution make Humanity believe that they are just here to take care on Life and to support Life but when we look behind the scenes obviously we will see that everything what we handle here on earth has something to do with money and some people make really a lot of profit through the stupidity & irresponsibility of humanity. What Burzynski & Hamer happens is the silent war behind the scenes where only money plays a role. I suggest by studying Hamer & Burzynski you do not let manipulate yourself from various sides & judgments from the Internet – watch and read just with common sense and see the facts what is really involved in it so that this could happen.

Money is our Self-Religion God. We made Money to our God through our illusion of believing in values and through our inability to stand as Self-Responsible Earthlings here. We have created a world where those with Money have all the power and those without are just the slaves but also those with money are in fact nothing else as slaves – slaves of their own believes. Through our Self-Religion Money become all and Life nothing because of living out just Inequality.

The Realization that everything what is real here is Equal as One like One Earth as One Life will give us the real Life as what we really are. The Realization that we all are equal Responsible for our World with all Events will make us to them what the real Nature of Life is – and then by living practically the Principles of Life we will start to take really care on Life as Equals and we will no longer be driven, manipulated and enslaved by our believes and Ideas about something. Then what Burzynski & Hamer have created will be free for everyone and all can use it as support in there process of Life as a support for the physical expression as what we are.

As long we all take not Self-Responsibility for what we have created, accepted and allowed to exist what is against Life people will and must suffer unnecessarily like what now & here happens on Earth. You become only supported by the Health Care System when you have Money. You get only food & water & shelter when you have money which normally should be a birth right for everyone and not let one standing outside in the cold and saying no you can not entry because you have no money and further this is my Home. This is not you Home or the Home from anyone else – it is the Earth which allows you to stay here with the condition that you take care on it. Do you?

The Radiation & Chemotherapy costs a lot of money and when someone comes up with a product which costs not so much money or maybe each one can by knowing it applying it for himself someone will be against it because of not earning money from it. Ones own greed is thus not fulfilled under the capitalistic sun – and by observing humanity one will see that we all are in some points greedy which is just the shadow of our fears – maybe the fear of surviving or the fear of not having enough or the fear of a higher power which written in a book or so on – and this must stop and only oneself can stop himself – noone else – through taking Self-Responsibility and applying Equality in all ways what so ever. This is the Desteni-Message and it is very simple to understand, isn’t it – purely Common Sense. Do you have this or is it already extinct in your Self-Religion?

The Destonians already working and preparing the Equal Money System which will end the Crime and Abuse we have allowed to exist against Life itself. A System which will remove and structure & organize the Life on Earth totally & radically new in a way so that all Life is treated in Dignity. The only point which the Equal Money System takes care is the Principles of Life as Oneness & Equality as What is Best for All.

So Join http://equalmoney.org and show the World that you take really care on Life and that you do no longer accept and allow abuse & criminal acts in any way whatsoever.

Thank you

This is the Documentary Film about Dr. Burzynski -

and here the Documentary about the Germanic New Medicine -

Further Informations about Equal Money & practical Equality you will find here.

http://eqafe.com/i/khoefler-bernard-poo ... qual-money

http://eqafe.com/i/khoefler-equal-money ... y-volume-1

http://eqafe.com/i/khoefler-bernard-poo ... ney-system


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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Cathy » 12 Feb 2012, 23:04

2012 – Big Money vs Cancer cure will End – With Equal Money

What is the purpose of having a ‘government entity’, in this case, the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), when the ‘government entity’, is in fact ‘financed’ by the very people that it’s suppose to be holding accountable?
The responsibility of the FDA is to ensure the safety and well being of the people and to make decisions to ensure that foods are safe for consumption and are correctly labeled. They also oversee medicines (Pharmaceutical companies), medical devices (from bandages to artificial hearts), blood products, vaccines, cosmetics, veterinary drugs, tobacco products, animal feed, and electronic products that emit radiation (such as microwave ovens and video monitors), to ensure that these products are safe, effective, and practical.

Our current system has produced deadly consequences for all life according to decisions made based upon ‘profit and loss’ of the corporations – instead of what’s best for all.

Corporations seek profit and personal gain through ego, power and greed and that’s a fact we’re all familiar with. We’ve all personally made decisions based upon what is best only for ourselves. The consequences of maintaining a world in this manner has manifested poverty, homelessness, starvation, war, corruption and destruction is increasing at an alarming rate.

Let’s say, for example, there is a cure for cancer” – who would know? Very few… Become familiar with, ‘Burzynski, the Movie’, which is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. In the 1970’s, Dr. Burzynski made a remarkable discovery that threatened to change the face of cancer treatment forever.

Dr. Burzynski’s, “Antineoplastons” Therapy – a non-toxic gene-targeted cancer medicine, could have helped save millions of lives over the last two decades had his discovery not been criminally suppressed.

The FDA and Pharma (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) quickly realized that if Dr. Burzynski’s discovery were to be given a fair review process – chemotherapy and radiation therapy would dwindle into obscurity and financially cripple the industry giants. Which meant that all of the ‘money’ would funnel away from big Pharma and into the lap of one single scientist, who of course, holds exclusive patent rights. Big Pharma is the world’s most profitable business, which is currently estimated to be worth $275 Billion.

These are documented facts of our history that we accepted and allowed. Yet, who is aware that in March, 1976 – the FDA Bureau of Drugs, Director Richard Crout states in, ‘The Cancer Letter’, “that when anyone other than large institutions ask permission to conduct clinical trials, you want harsh regulations… sometimes we say it is proper to hinder research. Crout was quoted by ‘The Spotlight, on Jan, 18, 1982 of stating, “I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finance.”

What has been called ‘the fiercest fight in FDA history’, was their fight against Dr. Burzynski.

In 1983, the FDA commenced with a civil action to close Burzynski’s clinic and stop all patients from receiving treatment. Before the judge in the case had announced her ruling, the FDA sent her a letter warning her in advance; “If this court declines to grant the injunction sought by the government, thus permitting continuing manufacture and distribution of “Antineoplastons” Therapy by defendant,…the government would then be obliged to pursue other less efficient remedies, such as actions for seizure (his clinic and home were raided), and condemnation of the drugs (propaganda campaign), or criminal prosecution of individuals ( If convicted, Dr. Burzynski would have faced a maximum of 290 years in a federal prison and $18.5 million in fines). Regardless, the judge basically said he can treat anybody in Texas, but he can’t ship his medicine in interstate commerce.

The FDA viewed that as a failure and informed Dr. Burzynski’s attorneys that they had other ways to ‘get him’. There’s much more to the story and it is no wonder most have never heard of Dr. Burzynski’s cure. Money/God/Power (all of which are the same), won over the safety and well being of the people and ‘Life’ itself.

Where is ‘the responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of the people’ and who of us ‘people’ would object to a proven cure such as Dr. Burzynski’s and, who here would object to it becoming available to every single living being of earth?

Those who object are those that have money, those that we allow to profit from and remain in power over us and our world. It’s time to stop. This is after all, a world that we are all a part of.

If we continue to support and put money in the pockets of those who already have all of it – we’re giving them the power to abuse and de-value all Life.

The story of Burzynski’s cure is only one example of what an Equal Money System will bring an end to. And, the point here to understand is, Never again will ‘one’ entity and/or ‘one’ individual profit over what is best for all.

In an Equal Money System, whatever is required to ensure the safety and well being of the people will be given to, ‘All’ the people, as well as to all the animals, plants, our entire environment. That which is required to properly sustain, maintain and manifest life here to it’s ultimate physical potential, is an Equal Money System. Who knows what we’re actually capable of as mankind, in creating who we really are as life according to a Principle of Equality. A world where the Only ‘cure’ necessary begins within manifesting self here, Equal and One as All.

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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby kim amourette » 12 Feb 2012, 23:41

2012 Who is Burzynski and Why is it illegal to cure Cancer?



Burzynski is a medical doctor and Ph. D biochemist who has a clinic in Texas, USA that specializes in curing people who have cancer by means of his own self-designed medications called 'antineoplastons' - I stumbled upon this documentary 'Burzynski - Cancer is serious business' and that is how I came to know about the curious case of Dr. Burzynski.

This documentary aims to show that in spite of his clinic having saved many people's lives by curing cancer through the use of these 'alternative' drugs, he has continuously over many years been sued and 'attacked' by the FDA, the National Cancer Institute and many other traditional medical practitioners.

When I first saw the documentary, I was shocked to see that this was going on as the documentary clearly shows these National Institutes, who are supposed to be there to do what is best for the people, suing and attacking him for no apparent reason, trying to stop his business only because it does not follow the traditional way of practicing medicine.

The documentary stated that chemo-therapy, which is basically bombing the body through chemical radiation and hoping that the 'bad cells' die and that the person still lives through it, is the generally accepted way of treating cancer, wherein there is still a high risk that the person does not survive the treatment - yet this alternative treatment and drugs of Dr. Burzynski that uses a non-toxic concoction of peptides that serve to add certain elements that the body needs to prevent cancer from forming gets shot down and immediately put off as 'bad' for reasons yet unknown.

He was often sued on grounds that had nothing to do with whether or not his medicine actually worked, but rather because of having apparently broken some paperwork-law - and this is the reason why he had to be shut down by the National cancer institute and the FDA. When having viewed this documentary one would tend to believe that something fishy is going on here and ask oneself the question 'Why does the traditional medicine see this alternative medicine as such a threat? - What is going on here?'.

Then I did some more research on Dr. Burzynski and his Wikipedia page had nothing but negative news about him, basically the opposite of what the documentary showed. It was clear that Wikipedia was in defense of traditional medicine.

However I am not going to discuss or try to prove whether or not Dr. Burzynski's method works, or who is right and who is wrong, what is real and what is not - because how would I know?
Yet, I would like to address the underlying problem that is at the very bases of this entire discussion and conflict between these two parties within the world of 'curing people from illness'.

Because it is clear that what this is about is money - the reason why medical practitioners don't get along, the reason why there is speculation of 'foul play' from either the medical board or from Dr. Burzynski. There is always this feeling/experience of distrust and suspicion, like a question in the back of our minds going 'Can I trust this person? - Who can I trust?'. And the reason for trust to be so unstable in our world, is because of money, it is because trust can be bought and that means that no one in this world has real true integrity that can be trusted unto eternity.

Money is what moves people in this world, money is what decides our lives, money is God in this world and the problem is that the system that coordinates the money towards people is not set up in an equal way. The money system is founded on the principle of competition rather than mutual support and this implies that people will lie, cheat, manipulate and twist the truth to be able to get their hands on that which apparently grants us life, which is money.

So, just because the FDA and the National Cancer Institute are institutions that are presented by society as these 'solid' structures that we can apparently trust and invest our money in, doesn't mean that they can in fact be trusted, because even at the 'official' level there is money at play - and money moves invisibly, as money is that which is invisibly always in the back of everyone's mind but that no one ever voices.

In this world it is very possible to be screwed over by your own government due to money, or by someone claiming to have found the cure for cancer - bottom line is that there is no certainty in this world as to who and what is really to be trusted because the reality is that it is each one for themselves in this system, each one providing for their own family. And the willingness of human beings to then turn a blind eye to those that suffer the consequences of this system of competition is evident as we are faced daily with images of millions starving to death but apparently no real solutions found or applied as of yet.

And we've found no solution to these types of problems, be it starvation or curing cancer, because we have not yet been willing to look at the real problem, at the real cause of this problem - which is the fact that at the moment the human being does not care about life, the human does not really care about its fellow being except for its own blood-relations, and the reason for that lies within the design of our monetary system which is that of capitalism as competition, 'survival of the fittest', 'dog eat dog', 'individualism' and the pursuit of personal happiness instead of collective happiness, which only supports the selfishness, self-involvement and the ability to shut itself off from the world and live in a self-created bubble world of luxury within the human being.

The only reason why people would screw another person over is because they have money on their mind, of which they only want more and more and more - to eventually become the ultimate winner in this game of capitalism, leaving all others behind to starve to death with no money. And we've actually come to believe that this kind of attitude/mentality is who we really are, this 'survival of the fittest' wherein we are able to sacrifice another so we may live as the apparent brutal 'primitive' nature of the human being - though if we were to really have a look and investigate the very foundations of reality, we may come to an interesting conclusion, which is that the 'survival of the fittest' has got nothing to do with anything but with money. Money is that which determines the 'game of life' wherein one is able to loose all or win all - in a system that does not care about the beings participating in it.

However what we seem to have forgotten, is that capitalism is not life, it is not 'nature' - capitalism as our monetary system and our society is a system that has been created by human beings' participation in it over time. Therefore it can be changed and therefore our entire experience and view of ourselves and life can be changed - all it takes is to change our money-system from one of competition and fighting each other, to one of support and equality.

And this is a realization derived from the 'fact of life' that the output of a being equals the input - this means that children who are born in a system that supports them in equality with all living beings, will become the living application of that equality.

So, in terms of finding cures for cancer - in a system of equality, where the support of life is the primary concern, human beings may find themselves to actually care about what they do instead of allowing money to determine their every move. There will be no more excuses to lie, cheat or twist the truth towards another, because there is no more point of struggle and fighting to survive, no more fear that makes us only think about our own personal future and our personal belongings.

Cures will be found for all sorts of diseases that we now see as 'incurable', because research will no longer be bound to money, and everything will be taken into consideration - it will no longer be like what we have now, where medical practitioners fight each other because the whole thing evolves more around money than around actually assisting and supporting humanity.

Check out The Equal Money System and consider the solution that is inevitably becoming reality because there are no more excuses to the abuse of life that we have been allowing to exist in this reality - it ends here!

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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Garbrielle » 14 Feb 2012, 06:30

2012- There is A CURE for CANCER

Hey, did you realize there is a known, safe, non-invasive treatment to the body, and proven cure to what we know today as Cancer. Once someone hears this word, cancer, it is like a death sentence taking ones breath away knowing the ensuing horror that will come in fighting and overcoming this disease. What we know through the research and visual proof of the effects cancer and the chemical cocktail of treatments that are given is that it effects the body very harshly and makes people very sick. I have not come into contact with this situation myself, but I have friends and family members that have.

If you ask 20 random people in your life, "is their a cure for cancer in this world?" 19 out of 20 would say no. Come on we have the breast cancer walk, the walk to cure leukemia, the telethons for the St. Judes Center, and many other profit driven research centers to fund medical institutions and schools to find the cure for one of the most deadliest disease the human race has ever come into contact with. But as you must have already read within my first sentence of this blog and within the title that brought you here, there is a cure for cancer that has already been tested and proven beyond a reasonable doubt that cancer can be cured. Even the most deadliest and lethal of its kind, such as brain-stem cancer, completely cured with no side effects, the person living a healthy and normal life. So what gives with these millions of dollars being funded through charities and donations to the medical world looking for the cure to this disease?

I ask you to watch this documentary for the proof that I just stated to be true and real for you. This is so you are educated on not only that there is in fact a cure for cancer where this treatment alone has in fact cured 1000s of suffers of this dis-ease mostly by private funding, but the reason and facts of why we have never heard of this cure and why the man that found it has been tried a number of times, indicted by the federal government, and unlawfully had records and medical info seized from his private practice, is based on the patent he holds. He is the sole owner and creator of the treatment to cure the cancer in the way he does through pep-tides produced in the human physical body.

There is a reason why chemo and radiation are the only treatments available and authorized by medical insurance to use if you get cancer, and that alternative and non-funded treatments are very minimal and not understood on a wide scale. These 'alternative' treatments are not taken as a serious treatment to invest and investigate by the medical industry because they can not make money. There is another documentary on the benefits of cannabinoids to assist and support the body to cure cancer, but it is not investigated nor funded based on the hemp plant not being able to be patented. Again, they can not make money off of it as it is a natural substance. The health and medical industries are driven by profit, they make money through the medicine given, health care is a big business, if everyone was cured, the pharmaceutical companies, which make billions annually through the distribution of the medical products, will go under.

Now if you are interested after understanding and seeing the methods and means the big business will go to to stifle and shut down the treatments and cures to one of the leading causes of death in this world, cancer, killing millions and millions men, women, child, and animal alike, one can imagine the potency of the desire to gain more and more profit for these people if they are willing to kill many to make a buck. But there is another way, always there is another way, and that is through truth and empowerment as the truth of yourself, becoming a being who stand in self honesty and changes oneself to support all life and not follow desire and self interest, but walk a different path that will lead to the best world possible through living your words and living by principles.

We as a people have power, we have the ability to stand up and become a being responsible for this world and how it is being created, and we have the power to change by coming together as a group, voicing ourselves and sharing our experiences of living the principles of life which is equality and oneness. Through this coming together and standing up within responsibility of what has been created and be a self willed participant to create a solution best for all, I ask you to research and educate yourself on the equal money system. This system is now in the process of being created and moving into a national platform, Equal Money System is the site for more information. It starts with us, lets stand and change for all who are to come into this world and allow them to live and know that life is what is valued equal and one to all that is here. No more allowing profit and money dictate who live and who die, but money being equal to the value of life and thus creating an equality within everything we do in the outcome of creating the best possible treatments, products, way of life for each being that is born.

EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM is a system that is based on principled living, where life is supported equally among all and all are supported within everything one would need to live in decency. This by creating a system on principles, which are the equality and oneness of life that permeates and infiltrates every physical fiber that exist within this world. Equal money will give all the same opportunities and ability to live to the utmost potential by giving the best there is to all here. Creating only the best within all we do, and giving the best to all life that is here. Ending wars, charities, and donations alone will free up billions of dollars worldwide, so it is very much possible to do, but it is a stand all must walk.

Give and you shall receive, this the way of this new system and the way to life in peace and true freedom. Visit desteni.org for more on the transformation of self to become a being you are proud of and can be trusted with caring and nurturing life to become the utmost in its expression as you would like to express for yourself. It always starts with self, so we start with self, start the process of becoming a being that matters, that is here, and that live in the interest of all life equal and one to you. Cures will be a thing of the past, as life will be created and driven within the principle of what is best for all, the possibilities within this principle are endless and will create like a paradise here, heaven on earth, and life will outlive any disease because we cane cure ourselves through living our words. Start the process at desteni, and be a being that becomes a living example for a new world best for all life.

Sources used in Article:



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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Maya » 14 Feb 2012, 22:52

Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Cancer indeed is a serious problem worldwide and it seems that instead of being eradicate, the disease is only increasing. One should start asking questions like:

How is it that we haven’t found a cure for cancer yet?
How come, we don’t know what causes cancer?
Why cancer is common in the west and less common in the east of the world?
How much money the drugs companies make from those who are suffering from cancer?
Why the common treatment for children that have cancer is poison (Chemotherapy) and it is still allowed even though it was proven to do much more harm than good?
How come we accept for granted that frying your brain with Chemotherapy is allowed even though it has only a few percentage of success?

The documentary Burzynski – “cancer is serious business” is a very good example for how ignorant we have become and how we are allowing our lives to be compromise through blindly believe what the media and the drugs companies are telling us.
The documentary clearly shows how money and power direct the world, leaving billion of people unprotected, powerless and endanger.

When a man standing up with a solution that is obviously best for all, he’s being crucified by those who feels threaten; those who would do anything to sustain their annual income; those who are willing to sacrificed everyone who stands in their way of Money. It doesn’t matter to them that Burzynski has found a substantial and effective treatment for cancer, without any side effects, unlike the poison called Chemotherapy that is being pushed and marketed in all means possible.

How many of us heard about Burzynski treatment? How many of us heard about Chemotherapy?
We have become a society with zero critical thinking, which stopped asking question and simply accept this abusive world as it is. We have become useless within our expression where we rather giving up Before even attempting to create a new and improved world that is best for all. Through giving up and not questioning our very own existence, we fall into the hands that manipulate the world to their benefits through utilizing power and money. We give them the power to play with our lives because we haven’t taken the decision to stand up and investigate how the world really works and function, we have abdicated self responsibility and gave our power away to the system that runs our lives. We have given away our power to make a change and those who do dare to stand up are being captured, locked down, murdered or labelled as crazy through massive propaganda.

For a long time now, I’m seeing that there is something wrong in this world, I see that we are living in a world where abuse is allowed, I see that there is a serious problems which are not being directed or taken care of but what I didn’t see till recently was the extensive of the corruption that is being accepted in this world through giving power to those who run the world by utilizing money and its power. I didn’t see how the world is a playground for those who has money and the little man is simply their puppets in their game. I didn’t see or even wanted to see how things really work behind the scenes. I’ve realized that it is my responsibility to educate myself and investigate how the world systems really work, it is my responsibility to face the world system and from there stand up, assist and support others in their education because in essence 1+1=2. We’ve got to educate ourselves to be able to stand together as a group of humanity, take back our power and direct ourselves towards a world that is best for all.
So Educate yourself, Join us at discussion on the Equal Money Forum, Join us at the Desteni Forum and read all about the Equal Money System – The future of Money. I’m sure you have lots of questions. Many answers to the most frequent questions can be found in the book: What the FAQ is Equal Money System. To find out more about the Health system in an Equal Money System check out Equal life Health Care System

Get Informed! Get Involved!
Thank you.

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Re: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Postby Kristina » 16 Feb 2012, 12:07

Cure for Cancer Does not Serve the Money God
http://equalitywalk2.blogspot.com/2012/ ... money.html


A Cure for Cancer does not Serve the Money God
Last night I watched a documentary about a Doctor named Burzynski that has been, since the 80's, treating all sorts of cancers, including the most fatal diagnosis of children's brain cancer, and having success in the cancer going away. He found through his own research specific genes in healthy humans that were not present in a human with cancer. So - he created a treatment that supplied those with cancers with these specific genes and ways of turning off some genes - with no side affects except the depletion of the cancerous masses in the body.

HOLY FUCK you must be saying to yourself. There is basically a CURE for CANCER.... so why don't people know about this?

My brother has mentioned this to me before in the past - before I was willing to take a self honest look at this world and what is actually in power and control - before I realized that our governments and corporations with interests in the public's lack of awareness. If there were actually a Cure of Cancer - why didn't ALL know about this?

Simple - because it does not serve the interest of the billion dollar industry of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. And - within our current economic system - Profit is more Valuable than Human Life. How can I say that? Because Dr. Burzynski has been taken to court more then 5 times by the State of Texas and even the FDA to get him to stop treating people with the solution. WHY? Because chemotherapy and radiation treatment and the mass of pills they want you to buy would basically go into extinction. Dr. Burzynski would be rewarded with money for his research - which would be taken out of the hands of the current hoarders 'on top'.

How can this be? Why would the government agencies such as the FDA and pharmaceutical companies want to prevent people from having what they apparently present to people - a treatment/cure/solution for diseases such as cancer? Because we live in a capitalistic system - Profit is God. Money is more valuable then Life - and this is a prime example of why our current economic system does NOT serve Life - it serves the few - those with Money.

Obviously we can see that this is Not Best for ALL. In an Equal Money System - Dr. Burzynski's treatment for Cancer would be available to All - as it is best for All. He and his research would not be suppressed by companies and corporations because it would no longer serve the profit rich comapanies - as Profit would no longer be more Valuable then Life. I mean take a look at this and ask yourself in common sense - why would a treatment for cancer be suppressed? Why would our companies want to keep this quiet? How is it that majority of people have not heard of this before?

Investigate an Equal Money System - as it WOULD Stop this power games of the 'higher ups' and give Value back to Life. Only in an Equal Money System can we stop some benefiting from others sickness. Equal Money = Equal life = Life = Value. No More would Money be more Valuable. This must stop. We must create a new system that supports ALL Life - as it is in the best interest of ALL.

Investigate this current system - see how it operates - see how it can change with an Equal Money System - see the COmmon Sense of Equal Money. DOn't accept what is here as the idea that it cannot be changed, because YOU can change this.

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