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Re: On the film, OBEY

Postby Garbrielle » 04 Mar 2013, 04:36

The documentary Obey, I found in it's way of presentation educational in giving people a resource of seeing what it is that is going on in this world and the potential of the future outcome that is more then not, possible, but whether or not the person viewing is going to rebel or not is based on their own self honesty or in system terms understanding within their own self connection to all that is happening. Most don't realize that they are responsible for what is occurring as it's so easy to blame and point fingers and thus protect there own self interest in whatever form(s) that will take. Though it's common sense that we all have to take responsibility and change into a world were all are in fact equal and one, but what makes sense is not common unfortunately for the average person. Those most likely to not see the solution regardless of what the movie presents will use this movie as another notch on their supposed 'fact' list to justify their actions of rebelling against the system when it's obvious that this is no solution. It's up to each one to determine for themselves what is relevant within this movie and discern what will not work, the spreading of the system change of EMS and individual action of self within the desteni process is the best form of prevention that is out there, one person at a time, one breath at a time of self changing to be self responsible and changing to live this in all we do, there is no other way to solve this system.

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