Star Trek (original series): The stupidity of violence

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Star Trek (original series): The stupidity of violence

Postby YoganBarrientos » 21 Oct 2014, 01:16

Hi everyone. I have been watching the Star Trek the original series online for the past recent months, and I have just watched a fairly interesting episode, which I would like to share.

So one theme that I have seen in Star Trek is how some episodes share a rather different message than the ones we usually hear. So there are two such episodes which are similar in message. From season 1 episode 26 Errand of Mercy, and from Season 3 episode 15 Let that be your last battlefield. Both episodes have their primary message that war/battles fighting, even in the name of democracy, peace, or revolution, is barbaric and primitive. Today in movies and tv shows we see how heroes perform acts of violence as if its just another run to the grocery store, something everyday. In the country I live in, and the life I live in, their is no need for violence, and the type of violence I see in moving images and videos, which are fictional story, don't occur in my everyday life. So the question is, why are we watching those media? Why do we watch something which we truly wouldn't want to experience for ourselves? Violence There exists horror movies where someone kills people. There exists comedy that is all about laughing at how people hurt themselves in accidents or on purpose (Jackass). All of the superhero movies include violence. I would say Americans, and the rest of the world are brainwashed to believe violence is necessary to make/force a change, that killing/dying for freedom and democracy is necessary, that dying/killing for the world you want is required to make it, when all of those suppositions, are just suppositions. We are supposing that it is so. We suppose or believe it to be the case that out of destruction, death and killing, life will be born, when that it is what is happening now, and life isn't born from that. Any physical act, an axe hitting a tree, the axe isn't in friction or anger, or emotion as it hits the tree, and neither is the tree. There is a unison, a peace, a fluid movement, as the axe moves through the air and lands into the tree. There is no malice, revenge, or enjoyment. There is just a presence and a movement. And what we perceive is very little, perhaps the axe communicates with the tree, perhaps they are interacting.

So you see, from the example of the tree and axe, violence as that which is in imbalance, is not physical, it is inside of us, the humans. We are acting in hatred, revenge, anger, "for freedom" "for change," in friction, and that is what violence really is, as that which must stop. The physical act of a physical body tearing, ripping, whether it be a tree stump, a carrot, or a human hand, that is not the real evil. The evil is inside of us, it is what we feel, our emotions, our justifications, our reasons. They are possessing us, or rather we are using them to possess ourselves. I would even call our emotions, our anger, hatred, all of them, as innocent, simply a program within us that we access and use for a moment for our own purposes. The one that is allowing this all to exist, and therefore creating it, is who? Us. If you self-honestly ask yourself, can an emotion really control you, do you really have no say in what you do? If you really decided it so, you could have control. So that means we could have had control all along, and we really weren't being controlled by anything, and it was just ourselves really, our acceptance and allowance. And it seemed like the perfect excuse, that I just accept and allow things to be created, it didn't mean I was creating them...pssh yeah right. That is what we have been doing all along, playing innocent, being a bystander, acting/defining a bystander as innocent, not involved, and having no power, when that is a deliberate lie. We created the word bystander to mean such things, because we wish to create ourselves to be a bystander, as not responsible. Look at how you and everyone else has lived their life, we have all been bystanders. We simply stand by and watch. We never act, we never do anything, and why? that is the point, if we acted we would risk being real, being free, losing our lives, getting hurt, we would have integrity, we would have accountability, we would have physicality, we would mean something, we would exist.

There is no real explanation for an act of stupidity. All you have is the truth, that its stupid to not act, to not live. So violence only exists, because we have never acted, we have never lived. If everyone today, were to act, to live, then all wars would end, and all violence would end, because it takes 2 to fight. So it takes everyone to fight, or for a war to exist. The minute we start acting or living, is the minute we stop possessing ourselves, through using our preprogrammed programs, for our purpose of escaping what is real, and becoming real. To become real, we have to start being real.

Who's with me?

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