The Great Hack on Netflix

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The Great Hack on Netflix

Postby YoganBarrientos » 08 Aug 2019, 00:26

I saw this documentary which is on Netflix. It talks a bit about Data Science, but within the Russian Interference in US election for trump, and how a company in the UK was hired for that purpose to specifically target Emotionally reactive ads to people who were most susceptible for triggering them to vote for Trump. It also covers other Elections in other countries that equally show how people are reactive people. And can be manipulated.

I saw a video from Cerise which she references the Great Hack so I'm posting that here.

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Re: The Great Hack on Netflix

Postby Marlen » 08 Aug 2019, 23:30

Yep, I consider the documentary was very short sighted in blaming some company for profiting from data and another one using it for some other 'manipulation business,' but the point that's always missed whenever any point of 'public manipulation' comes up is how nothing and no one can really manipulate one if one doesn't allow it. It's the same as that topic of gaslighting we discussed on public chat some time ago, how it is portrayed as 'manipulation' by a 'manipulator' but, forget all about how there can only exist self-manipulation and self-responsibility. So yes, it demonstrates how 'people can be controlled' because of lacking proper self awareness and ability to discern where each stand in their lives and can be easily misguided by propaganda and 'facts.' So this is a point to reflect on at a personal level.

I found the story of the woman that worked with Cambridge Analytica more interesting to look at though, how because she had financial needs, she gave up her human rights advocacy, went to the opposite party and ended up being part of this whole 'election' scandals. Well, that also speaks a lot about how when it comes to money, even people with the initial 'best intentions' may succumb to doing stuff that would cause consequences to face in time. A great lesson as well.

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