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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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It's Completely Fucked that we live in a World where there are Billions of Humans that do not have Effective Clothing to support themselves. I mean just the same as things like Cars, Houses, Education, Healthcare I can and will Never be able to accept a system that gives Shit versions of these things to the Majority while the Minority have the Best.

It's also interesting looking at how we React to clothing, It always speaks to me about how we are programmed with images where we have these specific contrived ideas based in Polarity friction of what is apparently "Good" and "Bad" clothing to wear. Or that we have to be a "certain way" because we are wearing certain Clothes - like when you look at a Policeman and how he will be like his normal Self at home with his family, yet when he puts on the police clothes they become the Police System itself as an Entity Acting completely differently as if they are a different person. Like this Clothing Possession Alter-Ego Clark Kent "Metamorphosis" into Superman point.

Or how we Use Clothing to be Dishonest and Self-Dishonest where we hide certain parts of our body from others, because we hide from Facing our own Self-Inadequacies about specific parts of our bodies design where rather then Self-Honesty and Self-Corrective application, the solution apparently is to just accept the reactions about your body and then cover what you deem to be the most "disgusting" or "shameful" parts of your body so others can't see it and deem certain outfits as "not being right" for your Feelings and your Definition of yourself which is not a Solution that is Best.

Are we understanding within all this that no matter what clothing you wear, when you remove all clothes, we are all just Lifeforms? All just Humans of various shapes and sizes underneath the clothes we wear, where our Body tells the True Story of what we have Lived through and what we Accept and Allow for Ourselves.

Clothes has come up a bit this week, my partner for example mentioned she felt over dressed yesterday as we went to go out with some friends for our Birthdays. Then the day before a young guy I booked to come into my office for an interview for TechnoTutor, asked me if he should wear a Suit. I Supported my Partner reminding her she looked Fantastic and the young guy I explained that clothing can impact how we view ourselves and when it comes to other people if you are Financially able to Dress Well generally or at least for Major Events/Celebrations, people will think one of two things when they look at you - he is going somewhere Better or he has just come from somewhere Better and thus will adjust their behavior around you to Incorporate more Respect. This is a Fundamental reason why Government officials wear suits, why Bankers wear suits, Business owners etc. I have lost count of all the situations in Life where I was treated Well or an Opportunity came up purely because I was Well Dressed as Stupid as that sounds.

Then you see how the system presents either looking Great or looking Shit as the apparent only options. There has even been an increase in fashion that I have noticed before where many outfits will try to look like Shit, as if its cool to look like Shit. I mean go and ask a Really Poor person if they feel Good and Cool wearing rags that hang off their body and do not support them effectively in Any weather. The fact that we have any Humans on Earth wearing ineffective clothes to support the Body and our expression as Life is Completely Unacceptable.

So you can see when you look closely in your own Life and in the Lives of Every Human that there is many Moments of Confusing, Fucked up and Abusive behavior we have Allowed in relation to Clothes. One example from My Life is for Years I literally would not wear shorts Ever, purely because I had all these reactions to how Skinny I thought my legs looked, when nobody else really ever gave me a valid reason to believe that. So basically as long as I had long trousers to wear I would Feel Good I have corrected these Reactions that I noticed early in process, yet I will still have to check myself because there will still be occasional moments where I will still have the odd Fear based thought come up around my legs in shorts lol.

We have to be Honest with ourselves and Clear our reactions to Clothing, to apply Common Sense in All Ways with Clothing - Comfort and Support of the Body must always be the first and most important point, but be Aware and Courteous to others where possible, understand that just like the words we speak, the clothes we wear impacts others around us. We cannot cater to peoples feelings, and yes we should never Blame others and take full Responsibility for our own Reactions - but we also cannot Completely Abdicate Responsibility to others either, because You are Me in Another Life so I'm Also Responsible for You as Me.

So if I tell someone to go Fuck themselves I have to understand that those Words do not Support the person I'm speaking with to not React - because directing the Words "Go Fuck yourself" at someone is still me trying to Elicit and Impulse Reactions in others - same with Clothing so if I look like the idea of "Shit" I have to be Aware that people will Likely React to that and Avoid interaction with Me. It should not be this way in a world that's Best for All but Currently Humans are automatically Programmed to treat people in Expensive looking clothes Better than those in Cheap looking clothes so Common Sense - perhaps don't walk into your next Job interview in a dirty looking cheap outfit and expect to get the job.

Let's create a system where Everyone has the Best clothes to live in, No more Clothing ideas where you can Ignore those who don't have the "Clothing Privilege" You Do while Claiming Enlightenment, Compounding the Fucked Up World as it is. Now this doesn't mean all having the same looking clothes, its cool that we can all have our own unique Expression in that - but not at the Expense of Another, so lets Build a World where there are No More Humans going without Effective Clothing Support Anywhere on Earth Ever Again.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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So I'm looking at the word Classified here which means - 1. to arrange things into classes. 2. Official classification of information or documents that are withheld from general circulation. It can also mean a short advert in a newspaper, however for the purpose of this blog we are looking at the first two Definitions.
Fascinating how we Humans will look at all costs to Classify things into Categories that makes us Feel Knowledgeable and thus Good. I watched a film the other day and in it there was these Government Agent types that turned up at someones house, when the person asked why they are here one agent replied "That's classified" with a smirk on his face.

I considered the reality that these words "That's classified" have been spoken in films over the past 30 years more then ever before, which is an echo of the fact that if you look at the statistics there is more Government Documents that are kept Secret every year from the Public then ever before over the last few decades. This highlights the Systems perfection of Slavery Solidifying into Reality further and the Declassification of government documents has been much slower in recent years also despite the Internets impact on society as the Government has recruited more Computer Literate people to monitor and shutdown Unauthorized Declassification documents on the Internet.

Why did this agent in this film smile while stating that's Classified? Its because we Humans tend to Feel in a position of Authority when we know something that others don't, which is not Real Authority of course. But when we are Honest with ourselves we have all been in situations where keeping a Secret made us Feel Powerful, where the Fear of sharing, or Fear of seeing something from a Different Perspective seemed like a Strength and that's the Ego for you - the Great Divider that Isolates and Silences in order to keep things Classified. Feeding into The Secret Mind is No Strength.

You notice how Majority of people when they first meet each other it is this Game where both are trying to show each other their "Best Face" but keep the Real Shit of them the Abusive stuff as Secret and Classified as Possible, when Really if you want an Effective Agreement with anyone in Life you have to Understand that Keeping parts of your Life Classified "until you trust them" at a Later Date is you Saying you are Incapable of Showing your True Self without Someone Else making you Feel Comfortable to tell them, where you can make it Someone else's responsibility as to whether or not you show your Real Face. Literally its this idea that saying who you Really are could Compromise you in Completing the Mission of Being the Happiest Version of Yourself, so you Sell an Idea of yourself when Really the Opposite is True, saying who we are openly with All People will Support you to be Stable, Content and Enjoy Life More.

Or you see in many moments in Life how you might ask someone why Didn't you tell me that? And the person says "Because you didn't ask" when really they are simply saying I preferred the Feeling of not telling you in Secrecy, I preferred to keep it Classified like I'm a Cool 007 Character and where I can then Blame you for not taking the time to Investigate and find the Truth Yourself as if you are not Me in another life and so I apparently have no Responsibility to Help you or anyone else understand the Truth which is Bullshit.

We see this Classification as an apparent Strength in Everything we Humans do, we Fear the Unknown and through Classification we can pretend we Know. If you look at Society and see how its set up as a Class system of Rich, Middle Class and Poor where we Justify what happens to the Poor as long as we can have Comfort and Security. In this Environment you see how Charity is very popular as a Conduit to make us Feel Better and not have to implement solutions to end Poverty. So rather then apply methods to end Poverty, we would rather Accept and Classify that some people are just Poor and that's just the Way it is according to Human Nature, but At least we can Classify the Poor and play God to these Poor people through Charity.

The Middle Class is an interesting Dichotomy, because you can say it is where the Most Brainwashed Humans exist where Fear of Poverty and Desire for Riches is at its most Prominent in the Human. The Middle Class literally keep the Rich class in place, through working together to make Feelings apparently more important then Physical Facts which creates a society of Inequality and the Enforcement of a Brainwashed Society that Harms Life, which is of no concern because the Middle Class gets more access to Resources than the Poor and so as long as they are Protected through these means they do Not give a Shit.

What can we Pilfer for ourselves from this harmful system? A system we know doesn't work for All yet we maintain through our Feelings and Memories in Separation from Physical Reality.

In order for Heaven on Earth to Really Happen it is going to be Crucial that we Individually and Collectively Understand and Realise that we have Lived the word Classified in an Abusive way and so we must remove All Classifications in this world that are Based in and thus Result in a World of Inequality.

In a World that's Best for All, Classifications will only be to Highlight as an example the Letter A's difference to the Letter B in meaning, yet neither Letter will be given more prominence, both treated as Equals. Classifications will be to detail the Design of things, how we all have a specific Design not defining things in separation from each other and ourselves to Feel better about not Knowing.

Classifications will not be seen as Cool, Secrecy will not be defined as Cool in Anyway and instead will become a situation where All Secrets that Protect the Mind and Capitalism will become Extinct - All Information will be Available to All Life and the Only Secrets we will Individually and Collectively tolerate are Secrets that directly Protect the Physical well being of Life such as - not speaking to a security guard about a poor person stealing some bread, or not telling a raging alcoholic that a new Pub has opened - which overtime will result in a world where nobody has to steal Bread or be an Alcoholic in the first place because we will have a System of Education, Money and Living where we will be supported as Life from Birth till Death, where Nobody is Classified into Poverty, where Nobody is Abused in the Dark in Secrecy again.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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Are you Really though? It's strange isn't it how we have all throughout life accepted in ourselves and in others this idea that we should say we are Fine when we Know we are Not. That we should say this because of Fearing as the Ego what another might think of us as Weaker or Less in Someway if we tell them what our Real Experience is and so will Suppress in Silence.

So then once we have effectively Deluded ourselves and another with this "I'm fine idea" we have effectively created the Secret Mind of Self-Dishonesty, where there is a Foundational Denial that what is inside me as One is also the World Outside.

The Ego tends to Always Proclaim that it is Fine, when you are really not Fine as the World outside Constantly shows us - how could we Possibly Believe that when there is so much Accumulating Abuse on Earth around us that Everything inside would be Rosy? The very idea of that would Imply that our Inner World/Experience has no correlation to the world we See, that our Experience is somehow Separate which Really is the Abdication of our Innate Knowledge of our Connection with All Life, Disregard of our Responsibility/Intrinsic Fusion to the World we See and the Justification of Prioritizing Positive Feeling Energy Experiences through Money ahead of What is Best for All Life. The Ego is Based in Ignorance to the Physical Fact that when there is Pain Another there is Pain in Self Because the Breath of Life that Animates Me is the Same Breath in Anyone Suffering in this World.

We Learnt from our Parents that we Must protect our Life with Money/Skills/Position in the System and that as long as we have these things then Everything is Apparently Fine and thus we don't need to provide any further input in this World to something New that is Best for All - As long as we Secure and Defend our position in the Kingdom of Self-Aggrandizement, then we have succeeded in Life. Even though this Position is Not Fine, it is this very Concept which causes a 1% Hoarding the Heavenly Living and the 99% Killing Each other to enter the gates of the 1% Heaven - Resulting in a World of No Care for Life, a World of Horrors unimaginable Happening at an Accumulating Rate until we Wake the Fuck up, Fix the Fuck up, Group the Fuck up and Fuck up the Global Money/Education/Government Systems by Utilizing what is Here Directing it to a Symbiotic, Organic Life Conducive Structure Within and Without.

I'm Fine! We Say by Default, No matter what - even with with Lurid Tears of Anger, Blame, Judgement and Depression in our Heart Bursting out of our Eyes for All to See - This is Not Fine. Then when we do get to the point of Ever One day Acknowledging we are Not Fine, we can so Easily shift the Polarity whereby we say "It's OK" to Not be Fine so that we have an Excuse to Stagnate and Do Not Grow beyond the Self-Realization of Not being Fine to the Rebirth of an Actually Physically Fine Self in All Ways.

My Partner asked me if I was Fine just the other day when I seemingly at the time had a Business Issue that cost me Money. I was Annoyed and typically its Easy to tell because I might Not Shout and Scream but I will likely go Very, Very Silent for an hour or more with periodic Frowning, Sighing and Grunting. My partner knows this, but she asked me after about an hour are you OK? then I said to her No I'm Angry, to which she responded by saying I know and stroked my arm/back of my Neck. Our Communication is very Physical, very Clear and Introspective so if I said I was Fine, she would have known that my Prolonged Silence/Grunts/Frowns beforehand were clear indicators with Me that I am Not Fine and so I would be Bullshitting Myself and Her. Anyway I listened to some Metal music which I enjoy when Anger reactions come up, then applied Self-Forgiveness, focused on breathing and Stabilized Myself over the Day.

At this point in my Life I Always Admit to Myself and others when I am Not Fine and then take Self-Responsibility to Sort my Shit out, which through Consistency eventually gets you to a point of Increased Stability where Reactions are Less Impulsive, Erratic and Long Lasting because you Trust Yourself to Deal with this Negative Experience in a Way that's Best - it wasn't Always as such though of course, before first walking my process over 10 years ago I would often Tell Myself and People around me I was Fine when Really my Internal World and Consequence in the Outer World was very Clearly Not Fine.

The Point Here though is saying we are Fine when we are Not is Never a Solutions that's Best and Neither is acknowledging I'm not Fine and Justifying Not doing anything about it - We have to get to a point where we can Intimately admit to our self to others around us when we are Not Fine, then take Self-Authoritative Steps to Weave an Actually Fine Living into the Material of Our-Self where All Life is Considered as the Essence of Purity as God in Equality and Oneness where we can Finally have a World that is Really Fine in Actual Matter -

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to Realise in Every Here Breath in this Body that whenever I say I am Fine, it is my Responsibility to Apply the Equality Equation in Self-Honesty immediately to check that I am Genuinely Clear, Actually Stable Here as Breath or if I am Actually Shifting into Ego saying I am Fine to Project Stability and Hide that I am Reacting Negatively in Many Ways Internally.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Many times in Life Say I am Fine when I know in Self-Honesty I am Not Fine to avoid Facing what the Other person will Think about my Real Thoughts which are Most Definitely Not Fine in Majority of Humans as the World Proves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that Not Dealing with and Suppressing my Real Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions is Self-Sabotage that is Never Acceptable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Fear what others think about my Real Thoughts may cause them to Hate or Dislike Me and so Suppression becomes the "solution" when Supression in its very design make sure that the issues will only come around again in my Life via Metamorphic Ways with Accumulating Severity of Consequence until I Stand and Remove this Fear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not Realise that What is Inside as One is Also the World Outside and any Denial of this is Actually How One Generates The Self-Dishonest Secret Mind as Self. Maintaining a world of Self-Dishonest Humans all ignoring the Horrors we see in the World through Entertainment as the Mind which Money Facilitates and so as long as we have Money we Don't give a Fuck that the World is Not Fine which is Unacceptable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not Realise that the Ego Always Demands as a Dictum that its Fine no matter what Consequence - so when someone you know is Always saying they are Fine while there Life is falling apart in various ways, or when a wealthy Human says he is always Fine due to Money despite the Billions suffering Excluded from his Wealthy Kingdom that are Actually Equal as Life to Him - what do you Know from these kinds of Humans? They are of Ego currently and have Not yet developed the Self-Honesty to Live as Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not Realise that when you hear statements from Spiritualists like "I am Always fine because I am the creator" is where Memories are created being OK with all the Lights and Colours that come with the idea of "The Creator" so I can say Everything is an Illusion But I am Real as "the Creator" My Memories are Real Life when it is All a Be-Lief Self-Blinding Light Bullshit.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not Realise that saying we are Fine All the Time when we are Not comes from our Parents where we were taught that we have to just Protect our Love with Fear, to Protect our Life with Money/Skills and Position in the System and if we have these things we are a "Fine Success" when this is the Very Way that Poverty and Abuse on Earth is Allowed in Silence - because Humans are simply trying to create a Fine Life for them and their Genetic Blood Family Without considering that All Life is our Family and Until they are All Fine None are Fine.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Not Realise that if there is No Discomfort in Rebirthing Self from the Physical, then One is Not Facing the Secret Mind - so if My life is Nothing but Comfort in the Realms of the Mind where we can be Superman and Ignore Physical Discomfort then I am a Zombie of Consciousness which is Never Fine.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the idea that As long as we Secure and Defend our position in the Kingdom of Self-Aggrandizement, then we have succeeded in Life, is Really Not Fine, as it is this very Concept which causes a 1% Hoarding the Heavenly Living and the 99% Killing Eachother to enter the gates of the 1% Heaven.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to say I am Fine by Default even when the Physical is clearly showing Us and Everyone else that we are Not Fine

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that when I do admit I'm Not Fine to allow myself to shift into Ego and say things to myself and others like its "OK to not be OK" which sounds like a Lovely statement when Really it is Based in and Facilitates the Human to Not Change for the Better and thus is Conducive to Abuse on Earth and must be Stopped.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a Polarity Friction siphoning Energy for Mind Systems from saying I'm Fine when I'm Not to appear Strong in certain situations, to switching to saying I'm not fine and that's OK to appear a victim making either Positive or Negative to suit me when I as the Ego See Fit in Total Separation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the biggest deniers of the Real Creating Character as the Secret Mind, are the Biggest claimers of "Being Fine All the Time" and will invariably fill their Mind with all kinds of Love and Light Energies/Systems to Not have to Face the Self-Honest Reality of How Fucked the World is because they are Fucked and Will as Such Justify Anything to Not take Responsibility for All Life.

I commit myself to Living the Realisation that None are Fine until All Life on Earth are Truly Fine as a Life of Dignity in All Ways.

I commit myself to Show that those claiming their Life and the world is Fine, those who Claim to Always be Feeling Good while Abuse Exists in So Many places on our Earth - Are Living a BeLIEf a Lie that Collapses when you Remove that person's Money.

I commit myself to Show Anyone claiming to Be Fine when they are Clearly Not is a Part of the Problem instead of the Solution.

I commit myself to Show that when All of Humanity can Individually and Collectively get Self-Honest and agree that things are Not Fine, then we can Finally have a World that is Fine as Heaven on Earth as it Will Be With or Without Humanity.

I commit myself to Show that Only when Abuse On Earth is Eradicated in All it's Insidious forms will we Actually be Able to say that We as the Human Species are Fine.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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In walking this Journey to Life something that has Physically Manifested into my Being and Living is the ability to see Everyone as the same Life-Force. In Practical action this means I am able to find ways to get on with Anyone, as I Place Myself in the Shoes of another better now than I ever have - I Listen Intently, I speak With, I laugh With, I Learn and Grow with. At this point in Life you could pick out anyone on the street and I would go up to them and give the person a Hug were they open to it.

However, very occasionally in Life you come across someone that will Test you Capacity to put yourself in the shoes of another more than most. It could be something about the persons Character you React about, or it could be something about how they look generally that you React to. I would suggest if you are Reacting in your Mind as Harmful Thinking towards another based on their Character or purely on Image then you are Full of Shit and the only reason you are Reacting is because this person you are Blaming for your Reactions is actually Supporting you to show you where you still have not corrected some form of your living to what is Best for All in Relation to what this Being brings up in You, but You don't want to Face that Reality as Fearing Responsibility and so Blame Another which is Unacceptable.

However, sometimes it could be how the Being Physically is as a Whole Package, where they might actually Physically Smell, Look and Resonate a form of Living Contagion where even standing next to the Person is a Test - in these interactions I have found it can be much Harder to Remain Stable even for the most Stoic Stable people we know.

This is something I faced this past weekend, where someone came into the room I was sitting in and the Smell of the person was immediately Noticeable as this foul Effluvium followed and Emanated from this Being even from metres away. Then this Beings obese size, very dirty clothes despite not being homeless, long hair/beard with things stuck in it, and an Extremely Sore looking skin condition all over his body only added to the Physical Resistance experience to this Beings Smell. Needless to say this Being was not he most confident despite being clearly Intelligent although rather Dilettante in an academically naive way. There was also a lot of Justifications and Self-Victimization's around the point of even arriving on time which was not the most Endearing.

My partner is so Warm, Welcoming and stable in interaction with Anyone, but even she was Struggling just being in the same room with this Person. After my initial internal shock I focused on Breathing maintaining my Composure despite the Beings smell being almost Intolerable and Palatable in its depth of Putrefying Nature. I could tell my partner wanted me to ask him to leave, but instead I wanted to interact with him because it was so clear that this Being will not likely have many people that will be Willing to Physically stand next to them long enough to have a conversation due to the smell alone. But to also be so Heavy and have such an aggressively sore/infected skin condition in a world that Fears Infections/Hygiene more than ever before I genuinely felt so Sorry for this Being.

I treated him with the same Honour and Dignity that I do with Anyone, Direct but Fair as I Myself like to Receive Interaction - while much of his problems were clearly Self-Inflicted I still felt Sorrow for this Person Breathing the Same Breath as Me - I kept Thinking, he must be really Alone, how did this Being come to Be like this? How did those that Care for him allow for this Degradation in Another? Is there Nobody Supporting him to see that he is making his own Physical Limitations so much Worse? For me to Disregard him would be not acknowledging that this seemingly Decaying being is also Me Decaying, I am Not Separate from this Being, this Being is Me and thus it is my Responsibility that All Humans are Educated effectively so that Nobody allows themselves or Another to get so Apathetic and Dismissive about Physical Hygiene and general Physical Health.

I considered that while this Being will be viewed as a Physical walking Disease by most, it is Actually how we React to Beings like this that is the Real Disgusting Disease Here. Whats Truly Disgusting in this World is the System we allow that Harms the Majority for the Profit of the Minority.

After 10 minutes of interacting with this Being my partners Olfactory could take no more of his Smell and Interrupted my Interaction with this being, reminding me of "another meeting" we have to go to. I thanked him for coming to see me, shook his hand and as he left his smell actually seemed to stay in the room for a long time after, which was actually a cool Support for me to look at the interaction and check that I did what was Best in the situation which I saw that I did.

My partner immediately congratulated me for remaining so Stable with this being and apologized because although she tried her best to remain Stable, she genuinely was feeling like she might be Sick from this Beings smell which seemed to be some strange pungent mix of shit, sweat, puss, vomit, and rotting flesh like an extremely decayed overflowing garbage bin. It has been many years since I came across a Being where such reactions of Physical Disgust came up so Strongly and it was Cool to see that I am Stable with people no matter What or Who they are, that I can be Understanding with Anyone and I Trust Myself to do that Time and Time again until we have a world where Everyone is Acknowledged, a World where Everyone is at their Peak version where Nobody will have any Justifications to treat anyone Differently.

One thing that maintains the Continuum of Capitalism is that those of us in the Elite won't Touch, Interact with, Learn about the truly Disgusting Outflows of a Money System that Harms the Majority to Satiate the Desires of a Minority 1%. We say its "Too Depressing" to Justify doing Nothing, so we rather Ignore Pre-occupy and justify through Fearing Infection, Fearing the Bottom, The Dark, Fearing to interact with those who are Forgotten and Ostracized by the System - I Will Walk Equal and One with Everything that Exists Here and Direct it to whats Best - Till Here No Further.

As a Species we Learned in the past that Effective Hygiene Prevents Disease, but now in 2021 Hygiene must include Transcending the Disgusting parts of our Mind. Our Putrid Mind must be Defeated and Equalized as we take Hygiene to this Higher Gene as the Living Awareness that All Life is of Equal Importance.

Lets be Honest Examples with ourselves about what is Happening in our Mind, Being, Body and Earth Removing all Prejudice, Persecution and Dimensions of Disgust from our World Within and Without until we All have a World to Share where Nothing Disgusting Exists as the Abuse of Life in Anyway in our Species.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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https://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot ... eness.html

Mirror Mirror on the wall going On and On in All. True Beauty replaced by an Idea of Beauty Always Looking for Followers of our Image and Likeness and as long as we have some Followers then At least we don't Feel Alone. All these Intellects of Consciousness planning, scheming, accepting deforestation of our Trees, the Abuse of our Animal Kingdoms, to enhance the Self-Absorption, the Vanity of this intelligence with things like Beauty products so we can have a Shiny Image and Likeness that People will of Course Like!

Yesterday Me and my Partner were in a situation where we were sitting on a bench and we saw a Homeless guy sitting next to a bin and an attractive Woman dressed in a very revealing Ostentatious outfit seemingly getting annoyed waiting for someone while complaining down the phone to someone.

We considered that the homeless man really had created his image and likeness of "being worthless" of attention as he stared at the ground incessantly while sitting firmly against a bin, when it was clear that despite what he was trying to portray by sitting next to the bin, he really actually Did want Attention which is possibly why he chose to sit next to a bin in the middle of the street, a street full of Expensive restaurants knowing that someone Rich with a Heart to give might give him some Money after having an expensive meal. Then this Woman had clearly created her image and likeness around being Worthy of gaining Attention and expecting others to Acknowledge this as she was noticeably Annoyed that her friend had not turned up on time - as you could see her expression being that of "How can you leave Me on my own?"

You could see endless people walking past ignoring the homeless mans Image and Likeness, but we watched at least 10-20 men some with partners staring intently in Sexual Desire at the woman yet most of them were trying to pretend they weren't looking lol. You could see a few of the Mean hovering around the Woman in a clear attempt to get her Attention while also "building up" the "Strength" to talk to her. Do you like my Image and Likeness? Because I like yours as it Makes me Feel Good and maybe "My Image will Make you Feel Good" so lets get together and Satiate each others Loneliness of Not having our Image Noticed.

Fascinatingly Fucked up how much Focus we put on image I considered in the Moment, how we Trust, Smile at, try and get the Attention of, Feel Attracted to those that "fall in line" with our Idea of Beauty as opposed to acknowledging the Natural Beauty as Life encompassing each one in Existence. Completely Unacceptable.

We do not Honour and Respect Life in our Vanity, where we take the name of God in Vain by not allowing Ourselves to Stand Equal to All Life but instead Create our Image and Likeness as More or Less than Life.

We Abuse our Power to create the Living Word as Flesh through this Vain Vanity in the creation of the idea of ourselves and the Relationships with others we have collectively forming the Image and Likeness of Humanity not being in alignment to what is Best for All.

This Positive thinking Disease where we get Desperate to receive the tiniest Morsel of Praise from another and this tiny Morsel can feel like it has moved a Mountain inside us thankful that the time we spent on this "Light" Contrived Image and Likeness of Myself was not all in Vain - now that I have some Positive Praise it was All worth it. Fucked.

Whenever I say anything is "Beyond me" or "Below me" I am accepting myself as a Lesser or Higher Being where in either scenario I am obviously not Equal as the Image Likeness of Creation as Life - I am In fact using Living words in Vain as a Myriad of Self-Interested Personalities instead of Living words as Life in Self-Honesty.

Like there's this House of Mirrors in our Head, where we only look at ourselves as a Light Reflection in our Mind expecting to go to some Reality of Light for Special treatment as the Idea of Our self commands when we Die, without considering that our Mirror image of our self in our Mind Cannot possibly carry past Death, because without this Body/Brain we have - all our Reflected ideas of yourself will of course Shatter because they were not Based on who we Really are in Awareness as the Sound of Life.

But do we question these Mirrors in our Mind? Usually not because it makes us Feel like Shit and we all Know Humans in society historically tend to only like doing things that make us Feel Good. Its like How can I Question the Only thing I Truly Trust? I Trust myself as the Light of a Good God and you cannot Question God Right?! So rather then question these Self-Interested Mirror Characters, we instead ask the Mirror - How can I be nicer to myself? Self-Interest. Please like me now First! Self-Interest. How can I get what I want now? Self-Interest. How can I Maximize Attention from others? How can I make them Feel Bad for me so I can Profit in someway? Self-Interest. You can just go on and on through the points and you will have a huge list of Self-interested shit from this Idea of Self as the Hall of Mirrors in our Head that we do Not question as the Image and Likeness of Me in Separation from Life.

Reflecting Images everywhere in this world still operating on Consciousness, this Image and Likeness creation as Consumerism. But until we Base our Image and Likeness on Integrity to Preserve and Enhance Life in a Symbiotic manner giving as we like to receive then a we will not have a world that's Best for All. Lets allow a World that's Best for All Life Proliferate where Everybody has an Image and Likeness based on who we Really are as Life Conducive Sentient Beings of Earth, Sticking to our Commitments and all in Unity Speaking and Living the Statement - Let's Walk Till Here No Further.

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