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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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Have you noticed the increase in Ecological focus of many Governments, Businesses and Individuals in recent years? Now while we all have an Inherent knowing that the way Humanity treats the planet is unacceptable, yet do you notice some Clear Problems with this "Eco Green Planet" "Climate Pledging" Friendly seeming movement? Something I keep noticing is our focus on Externalizations, to "Protect" our Inner Self-Honest Pollution. This Abdication of our Self-Responsibility to Life because we Live as Systems, which then produces an Eco-System an Economy as an E-Con-Know-Me, as Ecology-is-Not-Me where there is No Life Acknowledgement and Improvement for All Equally.

I saw this advert on TV yesterday and it was Focusing on highlighting the Importance of cutting Pollution and Carbon Emissions to Zero and that we can All do our part. I mean Yes of course it is Crucial we All Participate in Making a World that Best for All, but then the Advert began to suggest how we can make a Real Difference by wearing Green Made Clothes, eating Organically, Recycling Accurately, Saving and Reusing packages, by Driving and Flying less etc.

My immediate response to these suggestions was - most people in this World do not have enough Money to Fly or Drive often, to have Access to Specially made clothes, to decide the quality of the Food they eat, to Recycle effectively or even Saving/Reusing boxes which tends to be much easier when you have a Big House for Storing all of your Eco boxes. What does it Always tell you when an Apparent Solution cannot be Equally applied by All in this World? That The solution is Not Best for All, or even if there is anything Valid within the Solution, until we have a System where Everyone can Apply the point Equally it is Not Relevant.

So behind this adverts Eco-Hero Facade was an Undertone of Money of an Unctuous push to Sell the viewer on how Good BT are for this Magnanimous, Altruistic Mission and why you should be a Fan of and Buy more BT products. Money. Prince William and Kate Middleton did a Great Job with this same Point recently marketing themselves in a Refulgent, Benevolent light Effectively for wearing "Zero Emissions" Clothing. William recently set up the "Environmental Earthshot Awards" after stating how Disheartened he was about Lackluster efforts to Combat Climate Change. The Prince will make statements like "In the UK Hundreds of millions pounds of clothes are unnecessarily thrown away every year" now he is correct about this and it is Unacceptable. But what is his Solution? to Parade around in Old Clothes, to Paint himself as some Saviour for Popularity Points and give Rewards to other Friends in his Money Cult who come up with "Innovative" meaning Money Making solutions to Climate Change. I would also suggest that given Williams Father Charles, who has been a part of "UN Green Initiatives" and the Like for a Long time I would suggest there is more Nefarious reasons to Williams interest in "Helping" the Planet.

It is a waste of time to Act as though your own Self-Aggrandizing Martyrdom can Supersede how things work Here - This is why Many people who are Vegans or give to Charity may have their Heart in the Right place so to speak, but have the Missed the Crucial point that - You can be an Individual stopping eating Meat, or giving to Poverty Charities, but don't turn it into a Fucking Religion or Act as if you are Morally Greater when without Money or Education you would have not had any of your Profound Eco Realizations, or that just by Stopping Meat or giving to Charity will Magically make the System that Produces that Abuse in the First place "Go Away" over Time.

In a world of Unequal Money, we get the Results of everything else being Unequal including our Education. So when people watch these kinds of BT adverts, Many will React, Cling onto and Polarize words like: Hero, Save, Green, Activist, Change, Fight where one can quickly become a Zealot like "Eco Warrior" who will Fight with, Judge and Blame Anyone who is not wearing Eco Clothes, Eating Green or actively being involved in my Eco Green Cult Generally.

The Green Political Party in the UK is another Classic example to me of an Organization that uses Climate Change to paint an Image of themselves being the "Good guys" in British Politics. Yet when I look closer at their Policies and Manifestos while there is the Odd Cool seeming point, they still display exactly the Same Support for the Banking industry, Corporation rights ahead of Citizen rights as any British Political Party does, with a Plethora of Knighted Royal Agents again as Any Major Political Party in the UK.

There is a Clear Misunderstanding with Humanities current Cognition around Global Warming, Pollution, Carbon Emissions and how to Deal with these issues. Where is the Origin of All Pollutionary Harm to Nature in this World? Humans. What is the Origin of the Human? Thought as a Polluted God of Self-interested Consciousness. So Pollution Begins inside Each and Everyone of us, not in the Horrific Actions we Create from our Acceptance of Polluted thoughts such as Rape, War, Starvation and turning Nature into our own Rubbish dumps. Therefore Any Ecological Nature Nurturing Solutions that Do Not Start in Correcting the Humans De-Evolutionary Thought Process Will Not Work. Yes the Air is getting Worse, Yes the Oceans are becoming Toxic Globally, Yes more Animal Species are Disappearing, Yes we are treating Each other worse than Ever, Yes the planet is Heating up in Many Ways, but once you Realise the Outer World is a Reflection of our Inner World, you will Know with Certainty that Aligning the Inner Me and All in Me as All Life to Life Support is the Only Solution that Will Really Work to End the Climate Crisis we All Face. Life will Continue to Stand up With or Without Humanity though.

The Eco-System of Life on Earth is Given as One Body, for Support for All Bodies on Earth. Therefore Anyone who claims an interest in the "Economic Climate" should have a Passion to Formulate and Share Ways that Provides Unconditional Support for All Bodies Born into this World from Birth till Death. This idea of Morality based on Achievements and Ownership for the Minority and Justification for the Majority Not having Ownership, while Competing with each other to get into the Minority Money Cult can No Longer be Accepted. The Real Start of Truly Green Economy is to first get All Life Living in Dignity as having Equally Effective Financial Support, Healthcare, Housing, Education etc as an Equal Money System. Then All Humans will No Longer have the Fight to Survive to Deal with and thus, All Humans will be able to Focus on Correcting our own Polluted Minds which Over Time will Actually cause a Real Noticeable shift where there will be No Pollution Spewed into Nature from Any part of our System - No Businesses, No Governments, No groups, No Individuals because all will take Self-Responsibility to Uplift Life Symbiosis on Earth and the Governments of Man by this point would be Instituted to Encourage people to do this in Everyway.

We Will Find that once Humanity is All Pulling together on the Same Page correcting the Real Root of All Pollution, that our Air will become Purified, our Waters, our Forests will develop more Foliage, We May even Find that how Animals, Plants and Viruses Interact with Humans will Change to Something on a level of Symbiotic Fusion Never Seen Before.

We Cannot Claim to know Anything about this Economy or Any Effective Ecological Solutions, without first Understanding that Real Economics is the Eco System of Equal Co-Existence for All Life which is what we All want Really. Yet because of an Economic System based on a Value System of Winners and Losers that we have All Accepted the Majority Live in conditions that are Not Equal At All to what is Provided by Mother Earth to All for Free. The Winners of course are the Minority and Do Not want to Give Up their Possessions and so keep Possessing Themselves and their Children with the Spoils of Self-Interest where a Rotten Tree is Engineered, Rooted and Repeated while Claiming to be Eco Saviours, In-sighting Hope and Desire in each one to be Close to the Eco Leader in the Eco Leaders club, or become my own Eco Saving Leader Betraying Life in Everyway.

In an Economy that is Best for All Life we would see what? An Interconnections between the Resources of our Planet and All Living Beings Upon it Woven into the Economic Eco Systems Fabric. In this System there will be No Individual Profit, Instead Everyone Profits Effectively and the Contribution of Each Person will be Essential as an Ongoing Education of how Reality Actually Works as One Lifeforce spread among Billions of Human Vessels.

Do Not be a Loyal Zombie Consumer Basing your Brand Loyalty on who has more Green Coloured Logos and Recycled Straws they Give you for Free. The Eco System of Corporations in Capitalism is Profit and Not Life - where Animals, Trees, Water is Slaughtered, Cutdown and Poisoned in the Pursuit of the Happiness of Profit and this Fucked system can Only Actually Exist if the Behavior of Consumer Clones is Predictable and Repeatable as the World shows. Time to Stop. Basic Income, Equal Money Capitalism Shape-shifting into a Full Equal Money Systems is The Solution.

Everything is Based on Money in this System we Humans Accept on Earth. Don't See how Money is Connected to Everything including any "Green Movements" on Earth? Well try this Test - look around Every Room in your House and see if you can find Anything that is not in some way Constructed through, Purchased with or Containing - Money. So Every "Green Product" Even the very Air we Breathe, its Value is based on Money which you can see when you look at Carbon Emissions, the growing Global "Carbon Taxes" that Governments are Imposing on Businesses and Citizens. Or In this Coronavirus Lock down, it has been shown on Numerous Occasions Celebrities, Politicians, Royals - those with Money completely Ignoring Lockdown measures such as Masks and Vaccines, the same Masks and Vaccines being Forced on those without Money.

Everything is Money, even your Ability to read what I'm writing Here is based on Money, which is why Education costs so much Money. Maybe you say Oh fuck Money it is just Evil anyway and yes the Money as we have Allowed it is Evil, yet notice how the Greatest Desires in Humans is to Accumulate as much Money as possible because of the "Freedom" you Know it will get you. Freedom to do What? Being Free is Evil? To Free my Evil? and be Generally Free to do Whatever I want at the Expense of Life.

Lets Build Ourselves, our Communities, our Governments and our Planet based on an Economy of Life, a Real Ecological System where our Economy is Based in the Logical Common Sense of what is Best for All Life as an Equally Cohesive Harmony on Earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that Any Solutions to Climate change, to the Pollution of Nature, Carbon Emissions or anything of the sort that is not Based in Redesigning the Flesh of the Human to Purify Pollution in our Words, Thoughts and Deeds to what is Best for All will Not be Effective. This is Fundamentally because anytime there is a Root cause of anything Harmful in existence, it is the Root and Only the Root that must be Removed to Truly Stop the Recycling Issue. Trying to patch up the Consequences with External Solutions as you see in the Growing Eco Climate Cult growing Globally is Not Effective.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that me wearing "green clothes" or "eating green" is All based on Money, so only those with Money can Participate as those without it are too busy Fighting to Survive - and I realise that All these External Solutions do Nothing without Developing, Living, Sharing and Expanding actual Solutions to the System which Creates the Abuse in the first place.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe pollution exclusively means smoggy Car Engines spewing fumes into the Atmosphere without realising that all Pollution on Earth is Really Deriving in when the Human is At Most Fear Spewing the Selfish Horrors of Consciousness onto Reality - which highlights again that the Solution to All forms of Pollution starts inside Correcting the Programming of Humanity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the "Good guy" always gets the most Support in films which is Analogous to what is Behind All these Businesses Presenting themselves as Green Eco Defenders of Earth - Fans, Money and Profit at the Expense of All Life which is the Real Evil in this World.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that Humanity Living as Pollutionary to Life started in our Childhood, where our Parents showed us how to Embrace a Rotten Nature of Winners and Losers, where we Must Compete and Become a Winner at All Costs while Painting ourselves as a Posing Captain Planet Life Saviour Despite the World proving the Horrors this creates on Generational Repeat.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that Companies Actually get Paid more Government Incentives as Money/Tax Relief from Holding "Carbon Credits" and Generally Playing Along with the Charade of the "Green" Movement.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that behind the whole accumulating Green movements globally are actually the same people/groups that created the Georgia Guide stones - Psychopaths with too much Money that have for a Longtime had Slowly Deploying plans to Significantly reduce the Population of Human Life as an apparent Climate saving Solution, when Really it is simply Equalizing of Global Education, Ending Child Slavery, Abuse and Poverty that will be the Best Solution for All on Earth.

I commit myself to Show that the "Green movements" is all fueled by Money.

I commit myself to Challenge anyone who claims to be an Economist if they are not Producing and Sharing a Real Eco System that is Best for All as Equal Money.

I commit myself to Show that a Real Economy is Not based in Profit for a Minority but Profit for All Life as an Eco System of Equal Co-Existence for All Life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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Can our leaders be trusted with Life? No. Has Humanity ever been Saved by a Saviour? No, but do you notice the increasingly obsessive narrative in the Film industry, in Religion, in Politics and Culture generally with a “special saviour” in the form of one being? How a single leader, who “guides” others is painted as something grandiose instead of the autocratic tyrannical consequences one leader causes in this world. The design of consciousness made it possible for this to accumulate in the way it has, this hope that someone great will come and make our choices for us, because we can’t do that ourselves Of Course - to get to a Mass Choice we can all agree on.

Why do I say All Leaders cannot be trusted with Life currently? This is because in Capitalism in order to be a Government and Business Leader you need to be willing to violate Human Rights in Many Ways. Only Fear can be spread in this situation obviously revealing that the leader is not actually worthy of leadership that's best. This is why some throughout History have questioned any form of “Saviour Leader” figure that emerged at any time because Faith and Sanctimonious Reverence of a Saviour is by definition based on invisible irrationality that never considers the whole.

This world is a reflection of everyone our leaders are no different, no matter what anyone claims this world is a hell like fuck up, even though the Zealot like Idolatry of these leaders will completely ignore this truth despite the world painted blood results we see. If we want a world that's best for all, we first need groups of leaders who embody this.

But what do we see in this world everyday? A World of Know - It - All's looking for the most Knowledgeable leader to follow, the most Legendary All Knowing Man of Know-Ledge. We all climb the Pyramid in this Ravenous Desire looking to get to the Apex to stand as this Omniscient One, The One saving those more stupid than you from their own stupidity, because You the Great Emperor of Man who Knows Better in All-Ways and will Bellow this to All in your Great Kingdom. Throughout Human History Leaders have been proliferating in their frequency and psychopathic tendencies.

I would say the manifestation of Viruses Malignant towards Humanity in recent generations is likely a result of this Saviour chasing fuck up of Humanity wanting to be the Best Species that knows the Most and Wins the Most, completely missing that in our dogged pursuit of the “Greatest Knowledge” outside of ourselves we didn’t see that we didn’t know, Truly Unconsciously Incompetent and that the Greatest Knowledge was always Right Here as Equality and Oneness for All Life.

Have you considered that within the most abusive elite groups there has been a plan for a Long Time to produce an actual Emperor of Mankind? Evil Jesus as a Scientifically Manufactured “God in the Flesh” to lead a misguided man into a “Kingdom of Light” so to speak. A Leader that will Claim more Benevolence and Authority over Life on Earth than any Leader in our History, while actually causing more Misery to Life than any leader in history. This being will likely be Abnormally tall with a voice powerful enough to vibrate physical bodies in a way that Commands All to Listen.

This being will likely have an actual golden eminence surrounding their body to match the historical idea of a "divine being" where their very presence will make men fall to their knees in awe and servitude. A being with “superior” Genetics, Intellect, Strength, life span with a superior army that will destroy all others with ease and install a one world government where a new religion based in “Science and Logic” will be enforced on All, which will be whatever this Emperor of Life Abuse and those close to him deem Scientific and Logical.

There will be no Vote, this will be a Dictatorship on a scale never seen before in Human History. There will be no shred of Common sense left in this world in this scenario as the Mass Choice Hails and Believes the New Emperor of Man to be the first God Incarnate to Truly Lead us better than any before him. That we can forget all other Kings, Gods, all other Religions in Human history for it is our New Emperors Logic that will apparently Lead Mankind to become a "greater" species and create a “Holy Empire” of Humanity on Earth and Expand his Imperium throughout our Solar system and beyond with a mighty "Crusade into the Stars" with the help of AI and Machines. This plan despite any glorious star wars imaginations and desires in the elite will be an absolute Catastrophe for All Life in Physical Existence which must Not be allowed to pass.

In the World of Movies, Books and Entertainment I highly suggest one looks closer at films/games/books like: Star Wars, Dune, Lord of the Rings, Alien Covenant, The Matrix, AI, Bladerunner 2049, The Fifth Element, Midnight Special, Elysium,The Terminator series, Hunger Games, Flash Gordon, Masters of the Universe, Akira, Game of Thrones, Babylon 5, Avatar, Stargate, DC, Marvel, the hundreds of Warhammer 40k books and tableau's - all this content was directly or indirectly created by elite occult secret societies and all give you heavy symbolism of the desires and machinations in the elite to create a "special leader" through the Magic of Science to save our Ass.

If you have been unaware of this Emperor of Humanity plan you may not have noticed that Xi Jinping anointed himself the “Emperor of Life” recently. Vladimir Putin has often called himself an Emperor, Prince William is now Eco Captain Planet, Donald Trump being perhaps the most accussed president ever of trying to paint himself as an emperor whether you agree or not.

If you look closely you will notice that this world now has more leaders who will claim to be some kind of special “Leader of Leaders” than ever before. This accumulation of “Special Leaders” game can only end Equal to its calamitous starting point, we all inherently know behind all our Pre-programming as Consciousness that we all are Equal as Life, that Nobody Truly is Greater no matter what is created or claimed - which is why the Emperor of Life Abuse plan is a Great support for any to understand the importance of Equality and Oneness as the Only Solution that is Truly Best for All on Earth.
What must be understood is that this “Emperor of Life” Plan must not be reacted to in Fear as it actually exists in all of us in Self-Honesty, where we have these moments of wanting to stand as the Supreme Authority of something. This extensive Hubris to be able to do things that someone else cannot do to make ourselves feel more important, unique and apparently have more Authority/Right to Life Than another in our Self-interest.

A classic that I have seen in myself and many Humans is this idea that because you are knowledgeable about something that you do not need to listen to someone you judge as being “Not on your level” of knowledge on the same point because you judge yourself based on your accumulated knowledge, lived or not. Where you speak like you are the central character in a Stage Play with this Larger than Life voice, then as soon as the other person starts speaking about the same thing you disregard their word, perhaps not even giving them a chance to finish their sentences. Claiming to be an All Knowing n Emperor of Life while creating Abuse, demanding fealty from all as you kneel to my Almighty Knowing, because it's My way or the Highway.

If you think you are too holy to think you have more importance than another in a myriad of moments in your life - I suggest you trace the timeline of your life back to your childhood and how parents/families will often view a child being born as a Miracle Saviour for the parents/family. The parents always will go on and invariably impulse the importance of being “the unique one” into the child.

So Grow up and Give your energy to the God of Money and Belief and Pray for a Jesus Saviour to fix the things that need correcting in mine and others lives, where I turn myself into a Labour Zombie for the Money God Endlessly Projecting into the future to be Saved as Energy instead of Living Here as this Breath as a Self Responsible Self-Leader.

Time to Stop all these Super Hero Clown Leaders, Stop trying to be Right, Stop planning your own Kingdom to Enforce on others, Stop claiming ownership of that which you Do Not Own, Stop using Intellect to compete, Stop trying to Win at the expense of others, Be Here as this Body. Fuck All Leaders, lets create a World of Equal Self-Leaders through an Equal Money System where the Authority of Life is Bestowed Upon All as was given to All by our One Earth as an Ecumenical Birth-Right.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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https://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot ... d-out.html

All these mapped out Image based lives going nowhere, so I was looking at the walls the other day considering that we have not put any pictures up in the house. Now during my process I have noticed how over time I have less value in pictures generally, so taking pictures, hanging pictures has become rather pointless to me in many respects as I noticed how so many pictures/posters/photos/Images in my life were in some way connected to something Pre-determined as my pre-programming creating positive images in my mind to avoid facing the negative shit inside myself.
Now of course it is who we are within what we do, not what we do that is the issue, so its not that taking and owning loads of pictures is a problem if your starting point is clear. However, Images are stored in the body and its always fucked with me how we Humans individually have trained ourselves to only accepted our specific self-interested projected image as real and ignore the real Image of this Physical Reality and even define it as an Illusion as you see with these "Simulation" claimers and certain nonsensical religions about this existence. Fascinating how without Money it is not possible to ignore the real picture of physical reality as money literally gives you the ability to choose what images you store in your body, which obviously becomes the ones that give you the most heavenly feelings.

There has been many countries and situations I have been in where I had a compulsion to start taking loads of beautiful pictures based on feeling good and trying to impulse reactions in others, yet I decided to forgive myself instead and opt to mainly take pictures in life when there is some cool self-realization within this picture that will support me and others to live whats best for all as Equality and Oneness.

Outside of clear Nature/Wildlife Images and Cool Humans impulsing best for all points, most images in this world seem to be created through our individual collective allowance to impulse/appease/enhance our fucked up pre-programming. However, while we were discussing this I mentioned that there is an Image that I do enjoy a lot which is a Map of the Planet.

I shared how when I first started walking my process years ago, I noticed that when I looked at World Maps I would get this retrocedent experience of "I am so fucking small in comparison to the world" this Fear of facing Everything in the World as being too Gargantuan in scale for me to take on. Also that where I am now, where I have been and where I want to go is all that matters - so my wants and needs in "My country" is the "Primary" importance Now in the world, then holding onto memories of my most prideful achievements in travel, or planning my most desirous future holidays that would make me feel good. So I would basically always go into the Mind when looking at Maps.

Then as I started looking at these various thoughts coming up every time I looked at a Map, pulling apart the layers till I found the root, I applied self-forgiveness in self-honesty consistently removing the reactionary thought patterns over time and redesigned my cognition's around maps - where here instead of seeing myself as small in comparison to the world, I could now see how incredible it is to be able to encapsulate a visual example of this planet physically in my room on a wall with me Here.

That if I was actually so small it would not be possible to do this in the first place, to see the world equal in actual size to me Here. I mean viruses are so small yet can cause such incredible impacts, we see how a grain of sand alone is only a grain yet with all other grains creates the beaches in every country, how every planet is a speck in the scale of the universe, yet combines to make existence, so the big fits into the small and vice versa. So now Maps become a great support to see that the size of anything is Irrelevant as we are all interconnected in the equal web of physical life on our One Earth and thus are All Equally of Value in the One Real Picture of Life.

Why would we compare our self as small to the world? Well in my experience when you define yourself as this little piece of consciousness you cannot see your own or anyone else as life, where you can pretend your thoughts, words and actions have no correlation to another. By saying one is too small to create a difference in the world that's best you create a perfect excuse to stay in your mind heavens as Ego while claiming you are "being humble" when really you fear to let go of memory and live as Life in cohesion because memory is all I have known.

Then of course the Realisation that Life has no "Country" to claim, it is only the idea of myself as my pre-programmed nationalistic characters of the mind that dares to separate physical existence into a economic eco-system where certain countries are apparently more important than others. In our Mind we can always justify why we believe our wants and needs are more important than others, in exactly the same way our larger governments do to smaller governments.

Once we remove this idea we see that there is only one life-force on earth a group of beings all with the same needs to live a life of dignity, we all need a house, an education, we all breath, piss, shit the same. I mean have we ever considered if everyone in every country woke up everyday and said I am Life, not this nationality/culture my mind claims, then how quickly we would solve so many tribal divisive problems of separation in this world.

Travel is Always cool for learning in life, yet going on holiday to follow desires and feel good consistently is unacceptable and only keeps the status quo of my pre-programming in place as well as the global system of individual humans all selfishly pursuing money as consumerism at the expense of life to live out their own tailored dreams. My achievements claimed in travel are meaningless bullshit, as long as there is one Life form on my one planet that does not have the means to have fun holidays like me holding onto and embellishing my memories only serve to perpetuate this fuck up.

I listened to the Resonant Seed the other day, which is a true Bernard classic recording and it really is measurable to see that there is a map of existence inside each one of us, our body our mind, everything we are as DNA is pre-determined. So it is all mapped out where we can see our position now, where we have been and where we will go based on our current path of allowances. It is a blueprint, a blueprint though that when we give up thinking and take Self-Responsibility for can be forged into a life of worth as whats best for all where anything can be achieved.

Our Blueprint must become a continual consequence of geometric mathematical precision of life support and breathing is a Map, a compass to always show us our self-honesty. Breath is required to keep the body functioning in this reality, yet all our imaginations, ideas, fantasies all of the pre-determined shit in our mind has no correlation to our existence in the flesh, because if you stop all of that mind candy your life goes on, you try and stop breathing you quickly realise this cannot be done.

The Virtual reality of the mind has no consequence and of course we have the "free choice" to decide to stay there and not support all life equally - when in reality we don't have this "free choice" but we gave ourselves the idea we do through having enough money to give our self the option to not have to actually be Self-Responsible.

Pre-determined thought, images, feelings, emotions cannot serve as a road map to a world that is best as our world shows. Lets make the Best Map of our self as the world, because when we have a world of all Humans on Earth Understanding clearly that I am the Breath of Life, that I Map myself out Here, that I am the directive of this physical world, and this map no matter how many failures I Incur Is the road to self-perfection equal to my starting point, then we can have a world of unimaginable harmony for all life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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We all roll our eyes when we here "you can never get away from yourself" quotes, its something we all innately know, that no matter where you go you cannot get away from the consequence of your decisions, that every thought allowed has a consequence, every word spoken, every action allowed has a consequence, yet we humans tend to enjoy racking up consistent condemnation as the Minds hubris of the mathematical sequences of living that produce what is best for all while claiming to "learn through" consequence. We really like re-spawning on this computer game level, its a hard level and this idea of having endless chances to fix something so why give my full effort now?

It's all fucking consequence throughout Human history, after the fact going - "oh fuck that's what I should have done, why couldn't I see that at the time?!" one can take responsibility to change who we are, but yet we cannot stop the consequential outflows of division and abuse what we have been allowing for sometime through reliving of the past. The wave must crash once it has built up. Let me Feel now learn later tends to be the problem.

We were punished as kids by our parents to whatever degree as consequence, the global court systems will discipline people as consequence, when a person losses a job, a relationship, a friend, a business partner its all based on an accumulated consequence.

Harming Nature to an increasing degree overtime will likely have the consequence of the end of Humanity, where we can point fingers and wish harmful consequences at each other and on those we deem more responsible then us for this environmental damage on our planet.

You see how as a species we avoid looking at the consequence of what happens after death, even though it is certain for us all. Its clear that we Humans base our relationships in energy that always leads to frictional, judgmental abusive consequences. So why would we think that wouldn't have the most serious consequences in the afterlife? Consciousness, because within consciousness we can con ourselves hiding in benediction based beliefs and opinions where there is no awareness a complete dulling of the inherent reality within us all as Life that the afterlife in common sense would likely have a form of measure as to how effective we were at supporting all life in this lifetime.

Yet we see in our abusive economic system how money stops consequence happening to those who are the worst of autocrats and dictators in living, so those who are innocent as life are treated as "weak" thus abused and those who are of the ego as money as seen as "strong" and are thus supported by the system. From the actions of the elite in this world this seems to be a clear issue, where rather then accumulate money to do what is best with that money, people tend to tell others "I want to get money to have nice things and be happy" while this "happiness" includes having enough money to indulge and avoid consequence for the most abusive of thoughts, thoughts you secretly never dealt with and were looking for/hoping for the conduit of money to make them manifest.

I notice during my process that I had had this relationship in energy that developed around the point of loving and fearing consequence as polarity. Within this I find this subjective standing where with some points of pre-programming I am immediately Self-Honest, I forgive myself effectively and transcend the point overtime through re-scripting self, breathing and living in a way that's best.

Yet with other points my mind has more value in I notice its like being some sort of end trails as me as secretive petulant teenager fearing/desiring to face the consequence of parental punishment under the ambiguous pretense that I can learn through the experience of the fuck up with some things in life right? I mean how hard can the punishment really be? No matter how bad it is I would deserve it anyway if I'm guilty right? It's kind of exciting thinking of how hard the consequence could hit me. Also the Consequence won't be immediate now will it? So I don't have to realize Here with Real-Eyes or consider now, I can procrastinate that point and learn later the hard way, sounds more fun anyway. Or I will tell myself I have forgiven a point when really I have suppressed it in Fear and I notice how I can be hard on myself at times when I keep falling on a point where each falls feels harder and one can easily start defining self as that fall and thus justify not taking responsibility for that point in anyway now and again just let the cycle of consequence play out of Isolating myself in this thought, let the damage of this consequence play out because when I lose something I care about through this Self-I - Cell - Hate then I should get it right?

Yet when we face consequence and go through the fuck up later do we really learn and change from those points? No the world shows that is not the case, we often define ourselves as those fuck ups giving up entirely, or blame someone else for the fuck up, or suppress/convince others we have changed, go into the mind to be consoled and feel better about our mistakes - where inevitably the Individual and Global process will accumulate and come round again in a different form because as with starting point of any unresolved pre-programming the point will accumulate in the silence of the allowed thought, in the secret mind running the background like any other allowed systems, so you won't see the consequence straight away and can as the mind again justify procrastination. Then this apathy can feed into the justification that maybe with some points I will just be better facing these in the afterlife. Yet repeatedly accepting a point of pre-programming here in the physical thinking you can get rid of it in the consequence of the afterlife magically is mathematically not possible, because your limitations accepted here would be limitation accepted anywhere hereafter, how can one claim Life that has never lived as it in Awareness?

However, True Self-Awareness though knows its interconnection to all life so has no selective self-interested backchat deliberation/justifications of "I will learn later on this point by facing consequence" because obviously If I'm waiting for something else to happen in the future before I take Self-Responsibility then clearly I'm not here and having a back door for Blame/Abdication of Responsibility, where I am thus not Self-Aware.

Those of us in the elite don't immediately see the consequences of feeding into a reward based money system that does not produce whats best but only consequences of harm for the majority and heaven for the minority. Our laws are a joke that produce subjective consequence based on the power or lack thereof of the individual as money, instead having laws that prevent consequences of abuse equally for all life, which shows that Self-Awareness as Life is not existing in our governments.

In the church and spirituality you see the same where there is no consequence for the abuser in this world, because both the cult leader light-worker and the catholic loving gangster can claim this world is not real, its the plan of a higher power that will tell me my lessons that I will learn from later after this lifetime.

Learning is never a future event it is in every breath here, input, output, learning is investigating everything of me and only keeping that which is best, preventing outputs of abuse which is for those of us in the elite within our free choice.

Now for some Self-Forgiveness, yet I must always be clear that Self-Forgiveness does not stop consequence accumulated to get to here, It is only merely my new script of responsibility, my showing of acknowledging and owning this consequence, which gives me the potential to face the consequence truly and avoid the consequence on the next cycling round. This is where I actually am beginning to change my future with more effective pathways here, yet I cannot change my past , I can't get away from it, it will keep coming back around as consequence until I face it in Fact, Forgiven and Proven to myself as Life that I will not Recycle this point Again, That i will in fact Stop and stand for whats bets for all life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as energy as polarity friction through fear and desire in connection to consequence at various points in life based on inconsistent standing of myself as life in the totality of me Here and the idea of free choice to pick/choose what pre-programming I take responsibility to face now and which I can face later or in the after life as Consequence, when I realise that Self-Awareness is not subjective, not looking for another event before change can occur - so when I stand as who I am as Life as this Breath in consistency living as a Self-Directive, Self-Responsible being creating myself Here as outflows that are Best for All to prevent Harmful Consequence - then I can speak of Self-Awareness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in moments view my process as a computer game where I have apparently unlimited lives to realise any level, creating an apathy in effort and embracing of consequence, gravitating to levels I like to play more that make me feel good, trying to avoid harder levels that require more consideration, saving the hardest till last, let me cruise through the easy points and build plans and strategies around the last hardest levels, believing that if face consequence enough on the last hardest points I will get that "aha!" moment of working out the hardest last level through logic, that or give up on the game. In reality there is no "scaling up" difficulty in this process that makes any sense, because All systems are equal as such and living what is best for all life is a Self-Honest decision where you take responsibility for All that is Here, not some of what is Here now and the Rest Later.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that this fear and desire to go through consequence to learn started in childhood where I would bounce around between energies of fearing and loving consequence as punishment from my mum or granddad often being surprised by the seemingly soft punishments.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise In all breaths that one can take responsibility to change who we are, yet we cannot stop the consequential outflows of any point that what we have been allowing to get to here through reliving of the past.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that anything based on the past which is typically how we humans trust ourselves to be is of Consequence as Consciousness, where as anything life force based is of Physical Awareness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the fundamental damage to ourselves, others and the planet is all based on allowing harmful consequences, causing the consequence of accumulated severity of consequence to the current point of Humanity being in danger of extinction through Self-Genocide and Earth standing up for itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that we Humans Fear looking at the consequence of Death, the system even ostracizes earnest research in this area, while Loving pretending to be experts about the consequence of the afterlife through Beliefs, Feelings and Opinions completely unaware of what the consequence of existing as those Beliefs, Feelings and Opinions based on Energy in The Mind would be in the afterlife if you have no more Body.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the economic system stop consequences of punishment for the elite, while the majority suffer with lacking money, food, shelter and education having no way to stop the consequences of punishment from the system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that most pursue Money only so they have a conduit to explore their mind possessions free from consequence which is what is implied with the age old idea of if "I was rich I could do whatever I want" which is unfortunately exactly what we still see in the world - a tiny group of elite humans, scrapping for the most money to do what they want at the expense of the whole, without consideration that in a system where everyone had money and that money had the value of life, Money would no longer be used as conduit for mind fuck ups.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that on certain points in my life I through fearing certain consequence I hastily convince myself I have forgiven the point with a few cool blogs and statements, avoiding testing this truth in Real-Time because of knowing In Self-Honesty I have suppressed it really while giving myself an illusion of transcendence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that on some points I have defined myself as the fall Itself, where I see within this I can justify having to go through consequence again.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify procrastination on certain points through an idea that some points can't be corrected in this life, or are extremely hard in one life. I realise that regardless if that is true or not for any of us, this does not consider that something cannot transform into life-force based in the afterlife if one has never lived as life it in totality Here, which is why procrastination of standing as whats best for all never makes sense, because the best me emerging would have an unnecessarily delayed result of Physically Manifesting and make the Standing itself more difficult over time, thus make a world that best for all harder to achieve with every delay.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the world proves that facing consequence later does not guarantee improved learning the next time round, or thus produce a measurable better human.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that I am only self aware as life once I am responsible for all of me as life, where consequence is prevented in all ways with no back doors instead of consequence being used as an excuse to learn later instead of learning and applying change as self here as this Breath which is Real Learning.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that because we are not Self-Aware as Life we do not see our own consequence clearly, thus do not see the consequence of participating in a consequence based money system, or the consequence allowed in each one even the so called leaders comprising our Consecutive conspiratorial governments.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that all religion and spirituality accepts instant bliss here with no consequence through accepting a belief that this world is not real but an illusion, when in reality this delusion in the mind cannot exist mathematically without the physical in self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that free choice to do what is best for all life is a luxury so few people have in this world, that as a member of the elite I have the time, support, responsibility and choice to create a world free from consequence as me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise in every Here moment that Self-Forgiveness does not stop consequence accumulated to get to here, It is only merely my new script of responsibility, my showing of acknowledging and owning this consequence, which gives me the potential to face the consequence truly and avoid the consequence next time.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that I have been carrying a belief for sometimes that some issues aye I cannot face in this lifetime and need to do it in the dimensions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise one can take responsibility to change who we are, but yet we cannot stop the consequential outflows of division and abuse what we have been allowing for sometime through reliving of the past

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that if I sell out the Physical for the Mind the Consequence when I die is that I will only be an Illusion no longer Here as I had never lived Here only the idea of being Here as the Consequence of Consciousness.

I commit myself to Remove All Fear and Love in Consequence.

I commit myself to show that anyone claiming Consequence is how we learn lessons to become a better Human is not looking truly inside themselves or at this world, a world which shows time and time again Humans not learning from their mistakes.

I commit myself to living the Realization that Only a system as the past relies on consequence, me here as Life in Awareness does not wait for future events of learning through consequence as I stand as the change in All ways Responsible to Prevent Consequence and only keep what is best.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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https://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot ... igger.html

I asked a friend recently if they have fired a gun before and they looked at me with a certain level of disdain replying "No, why would I do that? Guns are Bad" now given my historical compulsion to challenge people sometimes too harshly with any hint of fear justification, you can imagine the field day I had with this person after they said this lol. I ultimately brought through the point of guns themselves killing nobody - because if you remove all humans from this world no guns could kill anyone, remove all guns from this world humans would still kill each other with swords. Not that this justifies the creation of guns in the first place, because it doesn't yet it must be considered.

Then what I realised within this interaction, which I have seen before in myself and others is this idea that you should not trigger people, because it will be your fault if you get shot and that people should not trigger you because you will be justified in shooting them if they do. This results of course in a world of endless Mexican stand offs based in who is going to shoot their judgment at each other first. The reason why all these guns get their triggers pulled and are fired at other humans to an increasing degree in the past 100 years is because we do not bring Responsibility Here in Self-Honesty and remove the Triggers within us in the Ravenous pursuit of Profit.

This extensive blame and abdication of Self-responsibility based on the words of others that trigger us and you notice how in society all the "woke movement" nowadays has introduced more measures on "unacceptable words" to say to each other. Words that could "potentially" trigger a negative emotion in you and thus be apparently bad. Is it really bad to pull on the trigger of a negative emotion? Why do we not ask why do we have any negative triggers to pull at all?

Now of course going out of your way to shoot people by being an arsehole to them, bringing up their issues to exalt self-righteousness while demeaning, denigrating and dividing people based on their limitations is unacceptable. Atheists can be an interesting example of this supercilious hostility towards the limitations of religious belief in others without seeing their own Sanctimonious reverence of Science. Same as shooting a living being with a gun is unacceptable as it will obviously harm/kill them, yet when there is actually no harm to life occurring as in shooting targets in a firing range that is another matter. To give an example of just one trigger within my body that I have been thankful for being pulled and that I corrected during my process of birthing myself as life from the physical is the word Nigger and any associated words based in racial division.

You see a long time ago when I was a neurotic, misanthropic angry teenager anytime people would use the word nigger directly or indirectly around me, a trigger would be pulled in me and I would explode inside myself and then create an increasingly explosive situation with the person who said nigger until they apologized or I got some kind of satisfaction from verbally and/or physically intimidating/hitting them in someway. Completely unaware at the time the same as the "woke" movements of today that we all have been racist to a certain degree in different situations in our life.

Why would this trigger happen? When I investigated this trigger after coming to Desteni, I found that I had memories stored in the body from childhood of my mother and other adults in her circles telling me that racism is bad and also watching her get angry at people being racist in more than a few situations. Her indignation on the point was palatable and would always be based in protecting me. I can still see the way her eyebrows would frown, her mouth would open and draw a sharp inhale when the word Nigger was used by anyone, or a disapproving tut sound when we would watch films and Nigger came up. Of course my mother knew no better at the time, it was not her fault as she always did her best as a mum, but do you see how this imprinted on me? The idea of protecting myself about my race, that it is okay to get annoyed at people treating me differently.

I was also the only mixed race kid in my family, one of the few in my school where more than a few school yard fights happened with a racial undertone starting point and my grandfather had very strong principles around race all of which only added more confusion, doubt, angers and blames around my race.

Years later here we are in 2021 where racism and words like nigger are being charged with more negative connotations, more emotional polarities than ever before in history. Yet for me, due to years of removing triggers around words like nigger and associated terms, I am now unable to be triggered in the first place because there is none to pull - you could be two inches from my face making racist jokes, or screaming nigger incessantly, or to someone else in the room and I will Not React. I Breathe, smile and try to support you with words to reconsider trying to treat me or anyone else differently and instead acknowledge our equality as life. I do that or breathe and leave the situation peacefully. I have tested this in multiple situations to know that I trust myself to not react to racially motivated words from any now in life. Sure, if someone physically attacks me actually punches me repeatedly and will not listen to words I will defend myself with necessary techniques in a stable manner until they calm down and we can continue discussion or I can leave the situation without further attack.

However, can you see how dangerous it would have been if I did not take those triggers out of me? My triggers leading into attacks on "racist people" that started in teenage years would have accumulated and caused untold consequences of destruction in mine and the lives of others. Considering this race issue was so connected to my gangster issues at the same time, it is highly likely that I would have been put in prison for a longtime years ago or have been dead now not able to write this blog.

We see on a daily basis someone losing their cool and attacking someone else based on race in the news and is fundamentally why I do not support groups like BLM as they are only protecting/enforcing the emotional racial triggers in black people with immense hubris rather than providing Real Solutions to Racism. I mean are we Individually and Collectively considering/understanding that if everyone removed their Triggers around race we would have a world where anyone spewing racist dogma would soon lose all racist motivations because nobody would be getting offended by what they say and everyone would be trying to support the person to stop. So since transcending this nigger point I have supported many of my friends from different ethnic backgrounds to face and clear triggers around Race.

These thoughts that we carry around justifying protection of our triggers as some Holy Grail is asinine nonsense and is the self-fulfilling recipe to never change into a more effective living being for all life. Yet if we only realised that we are not thought, that thoughts are just based on memories that trigger off in certain situations and if unresolved will keep spewing repetitive robotic self-interested bullets of abuse directly at life. The day we were born we had no Triggers in our body, but the body overtime becomes kind of like a gun storage bunker, where as the mind consciousness becomes the totality of the being, more fear triggers and gun purchases occur. So overtime there is a store of thousands of triggers all over the place as memories stored in the flesh and once we Real-Eyes ourself as Life we have to face and pull the trigger of them all inside us, removing each trigger/gun from the store room while not allowing unnecessary new triggers/guns to be added to the store room.

You see how in system relationships and fake friends in the world there is this pervading idea that your partner/friend should always make you feel good first and foremost, not annoy you, question you or push you to question yourself - when actually everything is in reverse so the one that seemingly annoys you, questions you, triggers you the most is actually the one that would support you to change for the better the most. People we react to are in many ways the keys to our freedom so to speak, where as the ones that support/feed into our secret mind shit only further our own self-enslavement as consciousness in separation from Physical Reality.

I always find that looking at ones relationship and the friends/business partners you have around you as to how much they trigger you, or don't always speaks to our own self-honesty or self-dishonesty. There's an old saying as an example in most martial arts gyms of any discipline, which is when a specific martial artist that keeps losing and/or is not performing well, could be because they are only training with "Yes Men" around them - meaning those that do not question them and only agree with them on everything, hence their skill development in all areas as a martial artist stagnates and begins to degrade/regress over time.

Or let's say you had some extensive trauma with one person in childhood, where a horrific memory built into the flesh with specific triggers. Now if you do not get to the bottom of those triggers and remove the whole fucking system at its root, the mind will create this automatic defense mechanism with many layers over time where the physical will tighten around certain people that trigger memories of that horrific event/person based on what they say, do, dress or look like and you will automatically assume that this person will hurt you - so you make up reasons to get away from them, essentially blaming the body of this person, presuming guilt in your mind as thought for the crime of triggering you. Then as long as this trigger is not removed, your interaction with all life will always be limited to those that do not trigger you so you can justify not changing into a Real Life-Force embodying a world of no triggers. It's a fuck up not worth the time.

So if you have not, Realise as I had to and what I am still learning about that when someone is triggering you they are actually your greatest support, so embrace agreements with any who seem to "make you shoot them" more than others because it is in the remaking of yourself through finding the origin story of your triggers and forgiving them Truly that will shoot forth a Life and a World that is Best for All Life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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https://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot ... focus.html

Focus, interesting I have been telling myself this in the past few weeks then today when I got home the car parked in front of mine was a Ford Focus. Also there was this car advert I've noticed and laughed at in the past few days and to paraphrase it said something like - "we know you lose your focus and that's OK because we can focus for you"

Now the word Focus means - the center of interest or activity, the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition, a physical grounding of attention. Now in terms of my own experience/living in relation to this word a lot comes up and in the world generally we see that being effective in anything be it birthing yourself as the physical, running a business, having an effective relationship, being an effective athlete, being an effective parent anything in life - one will without question require Focus.

Now when writing fast I like to look at words I misspell often and Focus is certainly one which when I rush always comes out as Foucs or Fucous which is interesting almost sounds like Fuck Us of Fuck Up showing me there is something Fucked in my Focus.

When I look at how the word Focus has been lived globally and in my world it clearly has been a fuck up. I notice all these moments in life where I do not bring the word Focus Here and instead say to myself I will Focus on that point later, I will have fun now as if they are separate. Or other moments where I start viewing focusing as something Negative or Positive depending on the situation creating friction - where for instance in moments I will tell myself I'm being Focused now and I will do for example writing for hours or focus on one task for hours telling myself this is "good" Focus man I have spent so many hours on this! This will sometimes then become this possession point where I will take it to the extreme with tunnel vision ignoring other responsibilities in my world that need attention.

Or in other moments I will say I don't want to Focus and will go into some form of purposeful Self-Distraction because I know in Self-Honesty that in order to Focus effectively I must be Here as Breath as Physical awareness to see what requires my Focus clearly in the first place and knowing that when I Focus I cannot fuck around in sporadic energy movement, I have to be disciplined and I don't want that in this moment because I'm a "fun wild child of life" so "I don't need to focus" I just "go with the flow" mainly etc. Interesting how the idea of you should relax sometimes can create/feed into the unnecessary disregarding of Focusing on things that Matter in Matter and instead focusing on things that don't Matter in Matter but only Matter to the Mind. So I can see in my process how Focus has not been clear and has fucked me up many times through my allowance.

I see in all these moments where I will judge someone for not focusing, thinking "I can focus better than that" when I know that while I might be focusing more on the point that I'm judging the person for not focusing on - in Self-Honesty I know I'm also not focusing effectively on everything I need to in my life and the person is an easy target for Blame. Or in other moments I will congratulate someone for Focusing well while asking myself in this jealous/self sabotaging tone of thought like "Why am I not Focused like that?" this harsh self-judgment based on my knowledge and access to the Very Best Tools/Support that I know I know Better and should Do Better, yet this person is showing me a more Effective Living of the Doing Better Part.

In some moments mainly in relation to business, but sometimes in conversation with anyone whose word I respect I will Fear coming across as Unfocused - or in other situations I will Fear seeming too Focused and Serious based on this idea that if you Focus a lot that means you're learning and thus apparently not smiling or having Fun. I was so Unfocused in school as a child reflected in average results in most areas outside of Sports, Drama and English which were more natural aptitudes for me, and you know when you're defined as one of the cool kids at an all boys school it is apparently a strength to be Unfocused, unruly, loud, brash etc.

I can focus very Effectively on some things, like Driving, Training, Challenging peoples ideologies, more generalized writing, cooking or the obvious money/sex for example. Yet other things like running my business, working hard to get money, my relationship, specific consistent focused writing, avoiding conflict, energy addictions, being disciplined with myself in all ways I see that my Focus is not always Effective.

Focus when I say the word Discipline comes up next which I define as Serious and Hard which my mind uses to justify avoiding Focus in all areas of my life. I remember this was my problem in martial arts growing up, because although I enjoyed martial arts I would never Focus on one specific form, which is why I ended up enjoying Mixed Martial Arts so much - I would spend a year or two in one type of martial arts gym then way before any level of mastery in that form I would switch to another type of martial arts. The eternal ronin warrior does not stay in one place and Focus on one point for long right, he has to Focus on his "Own" journey apparently lol.

In Childhood there was many moments where I saw adults not Focusing and being much more unstructured wild type of people. As I grew into Adulthood I noticed that everyone was just Focusing on winning for themselves while telling others they Care, which I then adopted in life of course where this becomes my Focused intention - disregarding all that do not "add to my focus" of Winning.

We see how in the world collectively in capitalism Humans Focus on the positive mainly even when many say they don't, which then gives positive results of course but actually enforces ignoring the reality of the Darkness of this world in the Hubris name of Self-Interest.We see in Religion and Spirituality this idea of focusing your intent on what you want, what is positive for you despite the horrific results is so pervading.

So there is a lot of mind systems, ideas, fears, polarities, characters in relation to the word Focus that comes up for me. Now in order to remove this shit and all dimensions of shit inside me I require to Completely Focus on specific points, Focus on the cause of the mess to pull the root out and embed more beneficial consequences for all life -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that I Fear focusing on everything I need to in Life to make the corrections I need to live what is best for all in all moments based in Self-Interest as various ideas that I have more fun when I am unfocused, people like me more, I can focus later instead of bringing the Focus here living it in all areas of my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to try to be Unfocused at times to have Fun now without realising that Fun is not separate from Focus, or to procrastinate Focusing on what I need in order to get the best results as the best version of Me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not realise in every here breath that every unclear word in us is exposed when we write and must Never be disregarded, it must be Focused on to clear the shit out of the word and put in a living into me that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not in All Ways Focus on giving to myself as I would like to receive as anyone else which is to be acknowledged and treated in Equality and Oneness as Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Fear and Love Focus.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a polarity friction in relation to the word Focus where I shift in different moments from defining Focus as Positive or Negative - where I base "Positive" Focus on how many hours I spent on one point in incessant tunnel vision even if its irrelevant and other things require more Real Focus, switching to a "Negative" Focus as I apparently can't have Fun as a Wild Child of Life as I have defined myself as.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that Effective Focus is not based in how many hours of tunnel visioned Focus on Selective tasks I Martyred myself with - it is based on seeing Clearly what I need to Focus on inside myself and in my environment/world that will manifest what's best allocating adequate time to each point, instead of getting obsessed by/disregarding certain points.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Define myself as a wild child of Life, an Unbound Force in this world that requires no Focus apparently, because I'm busy "Riding the wave" of Life where I "go with the flow" while also jumping into exciting wild things along the way, having selective Focus, but never Truly Focusing on Being the very Best version of myself possible in All Ways because of Existing as Ego as Fearing letting go of this Wild child Self-Definition and getting to the Real Me as Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise in every here Breath that while it is true we must relax our physical at times, creating an idea of justifying procrastination through not Focusing effectively/focusing on things that don't Matter in Matter only in the Mind, is not best to allow in connection to Relaxation - I realise one can Relax and still Focus in Physical Reality once this Separation is Removed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Define Focus as Stressful, Hard, Not Fun, Serious - or spending many hours on One "All Important" Win, all of which are in no Dictionary next to the word Focus. Interesting.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not Focus effectively at times when working through more complex systems of the Mind, where some of my writings will be generalized, not specific enough, not Focused in on the root causes, where without knowing the root intricately it is not possible to walk them Truly Out.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that contrary to Beliefs I have Carried through life and what is Impulsed in Capitalism - Focusing Effectively is actually how you can achieve Real Fun, because when in my Mind Fun I do not focus on what is Best for All. Yet, when One Redefines and Focuses Effectively One will make sure that all points are considered Equally, creating a world where all are treated as I would like to be treated and thus can Smile and have Fun with me in Equality and Oneness as an Equal Money System.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not always be Honest with myself when I am criticizing/judging the Lack of Focus I see in another getting a kick out the conflict, is purely because I see my own limitations of Focus in this person which is a convenient Hypocritical conduit of Blame/Judgement.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Fear taking responsibility for my own Focus in all moments and to instead judge/blame others lack of focus, instead of bring it back to Self Focusing on my own.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be extensively disappointed with myself when I see someone Focusing Effectively, where I will congratulate them but be comparing/sabotaging myself in thought that based on my experience/tools I should be as effective as they are at Focusing, questioning if there is just something wrong with me, where I doubt I can Focus like this person is showing me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Doubt that I can Focus Effectively and to go into Self-Sabotaging thoughts about this rather than just getting over it and fucking walking where I create Effective Focus as Me instead of seeing Focus as separate to Me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Fear coming across as Unfocused in some situations and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Fear coming across as Focused in others, yet both based in Self-Interest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that in Childhood due to being Unfocused at school and being a cool kid to justify it, is where I see I started defining Focusing as being connected to school education and thus not fun and too serious for my Focus, when actually Learning and Focus and Fun are Integral to each other when we have the right tools and support our self in the best ways slowing down as Breath, pulling apart the Real nuts and bolts.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spend too many years separating my focus in a self-interested selective way which has had selective self-interested consequences unsurprisingly.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise in every breath that despite my natural athleticism for martial arts generally, part of the reason I enjoy MMA so much is actually because somewhere in my mind it justifies that there is no single martial art form that should be Focused on, all are equal, therefore why Focus on any one thing in Life generally right. I mean yes all forms are equal as such, nobody deserves more attention than any other, yet this does not justify living separation as the word Focus/Unfocused.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that seeing a lack of Focus and wild behaviour in many adults in childhood was the starting point of my fucked up layers/integration/living into adulthood of the word Focus.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to from a young age Focus on winning ahead of anyone else in Life and to disregard those that do not Focus on my winning with me. I forgive myself that I have not realised in every breath that Humanities Focus on Winning is why a system of Haves and Have not's exist in the first place.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise in every Self-Honest moment that I must Focus on specificity within facing myself and Focus on Pulling the root out and Focus on creating Consequences that are Best for All.

I commit myself to living the realisation that Focus is needed to be effective in literally anything in life, therefore allowing separation in relation to this word makes no sense in anyway.

I commit myself to not Fearing Effective Focus or being Obsessed with martyred Focus where not everything is considered.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to Focus on things of Self-Interest that do not Matter in Matter.

I commit myself to embracing focus in every way.

I commit msyelf to living the realisation that Focus is not separate from Fun in anyway, but rather the contrary because Real Focus considers all and therefore creates an environment of Fun for All instead Fun for some which is what happens when you separate Fun from Focus.

I commit myself to accepting and allowing myself to acknowledge all limitations I have in relation to Foucs and to walk them all out no matter what.

I commit myself to show that Focus has been lived as Self-Interested intent of Winning in this world rather then in a way that supports each one to be able to Focus on being the best version of ourselves.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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We Humans love to define ourselves, that we are either this or that, that our opinion is really important, to claim we are something more than the physical as the various characters we play as ego as the pre-programmed mind.

I have realised in my life time and time again that when you invert the point, when you reverse what your thoughts say, when you reverse what others tell you, when you reverse what most big governments/big corporations say in public you find the truth. So the reverse of how we define ourselves give us a road map to face all of our most destructive fears - I have seen this so many times in myself in process, an interesting one for everyone to look at is musical taste for example.

People often proclaim being defined through a certain type of music as a strength - yet for me I noticed that through defining myself through certain types of music in different periods of life was actually just based on having fears/judgments around facing certain sounds, certain parts of myself/this world, reacting to/resisting the sound of certain music instead of standing equally with and enjoying, that certain sounds push me to introspect/question my definitions around music, my definitions generally and who I am within them. I cannot speak for anyone in life other than myself but I have certainly noticed that my musical tastes now compared to before I was walking process are completely different - Now while I still have some preferences, I literally can create enjoyment in any genre of music I hear.

There is no strict black and white in most things, there is so much grey matter in everything that goes into who, what and how we humans allow ourselves to be and the creations we manifest while here in matter.

You see idea that in life you are either defined as an extrovert of an introvert, which when you look at it is exactly the same as when we say we "are a lover not a fighter" not seeing how we individually and collectively in the myriad of our "Love" opinions/definitions will fight for our "Love", or the classic "I am this star sign with these tendencies and you are that star sign so we are a great relationship match" not seeing that we all have moments of every star sign in our habits. See how defining yourself as being spiritual by itself automatically spirals into the creation of another definition of "this reality is not really real" apparently. Amazing how many Stereotypes are created as the Archetype for another stereotype of separation to be born that replicates and spins a web into another and another like a slow spreading malignant plague.

You can literally look at the steep acceleration of this point across human history as a verification that consciousness accumulates overtime with worsening divides. The vaccinated and the non vaccinated is a pervasive dichotomy of this kind currently, where many who have had a vaccine will not realise through lack of Self-Introspection that the self-definition of being "vaccinated" is actually just based on fear of being "unvaccinated" as getting punished by the government or the virus killing you and so apathetically accept all measures of the system - whereas the self-definition of being unvaccinated is based on the fear of being vaccinated as the government killing you with experimental technologies and so resist all measures - but both definitions are then projected onto others as judgment/blame instead of reversing the self-definition from the mind into self-refined livable practicality, where I stand equally in the shoes of that which I define as an opposite, I see their perspective as me through equal understanding and now there is no unvaccinated or vaccinated in who I am and allow myself to be there is only Life.

You see how the words introvert and extrovert are commonly known, yet words like omnivert, ambivert or any words based in the merging of introvert/extrovert tendencies are less known as an outward expression of how we do not see everything within everything as what is physically here but rather divide and conquer everything here as Mindful Classifications - thus, we do not generally realise that what we see/define as outside/the world around us is the direct reflection of everything we see/define inside ourselves and so from this starting point cannot see ourselves in all things equally.

We hear these ideas that those defined as extroverts have an ego problem who speak loudly about everything in their life while introverts have confidence problems who keep all their thoughts secret to themselves and so both have to have this apparent role and physical movement in alignment with what society deems acceptable for either definition. When in reality the opposite of who we think is confident/lacking confidence is often the case despite what is claimed because many people who seem extroverted/confident are only doing so out of fear of not being seen as confident by others so will spew out every thought that comes up and ostracize those that "don't talk much" - while those who seem introverted will often define confidence as being "full of myself" thus will fear talking more and will say nothing keeping myself "full of my own thoughts" in secret while claiming the extrovert is full of himself lol. and regardless we all have moments where we have been very confident and others times when we are lacking confidence thus neither is separate from anyone. I enjoy the word Ambivert as it includes all, as in I Am-Built of All Inverted Symbols both the Introvert and Extrovert.

But when we say we are one or the other we are Fucked within feeding the mind through the very classification of introvert from extrovert itself making them dependent on each other for friction which produces energy to feed our systems and the global system of Humanity as consciousness. Everything is so simplistic in physical reality regardless of how our mind wants to complicate and define everything - so again with introvert/extrovert - the characters society connects to these defining words are irrelevant fantasies, because common sense shows that for either the "extrovert" or the "introvert" 1 + 1 still equals 2 - so in order to be effective in communication with others I must first be effective in communication with myself and to communicate with myself effectively I must have an effective vocabulary which will obviously give me more words to express when around others also.

You see how people like to define their relationships as this or that, but it's always just based on Image/Love/Feeling/Energy Systems/Frictions, where the harm of the past repeats endlessly - when really if we just redefine the word Love to be based in what is best for all life as a living expression with another you would see all vacuous image/fake love based relationships become extinct in this world. Most do not realise how damaging their relationship is until they lose it, so if you ever find yourself in this situation take it as an opportunity to commit to rebuilding words/relationships to be based on life support as the physical - there are many incredible couples I have met in my life that serve as an incredible support for all to see what Love can be when you Define it as a Physical Living of what is Best for All.

We see how parents generation after generation enforce pre-programmed definitions upon their children that will "protect their love with fear" and inculcating ideas that I am more unique than another, that things are defined and that's "good" things can't change and that is good - which then of course fucks everyone feeding into the global narrative of capitalism that Human Nature cannot be changed when the Desteni group as an example has proven from Day one that this is not true, because each one the applies the Desteni material in their life in Self-Honesty can see for themselves that Human nature can very much in Fact be changed for the better.

Our world is a world of sound and it is structured through the sound pockets as words integrated into the body and how we live these words - the words we have individually and collectively lived are clearly not best for all as we see with a manifested system around us that is not best for all.

So we have been living our definitions in ways that keep us Deaf to Life on Earth - when actually definitions are not the enemy because definitions are the problem and the solution, by reversing our definitions we see our map to face ego/fears protecting harmful mind systems, then by redefining words in the body as whats best for all Life and physically living them Here in each Breath we actually vibrate reality around us to change where the hundredth monkey effect to heaven on earth is ensured over time.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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https://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot ... s-you.html

Missing people, experiencing a discontent that something or someone is not here now and that it would be better if they were. Separation. We have all had it come up before though - an experience of deficiency here perceived as being due to and that is believed would be remedied by the addition of that something or someone.

How do we justify our Missing experience? Of course it will be usually be based on memory of how many great moments we have with that person or thing in our lives. Often it can be related to the inherent knowingness we all have that communication and amalgamating with others is so key to living a life that is best for all, that when that person or thing is not sharing the same physical space with us anymore that you have one less person to continue physically joining with and one of your favourites no less.

It is an overwhelmingly emotional cold experience like a void has been left by that person or thing, that me as life is diminished by them seemingly vacating and the more this experience is fed into through thought overtime the more the consequences occur as - slow, apathetic, procrastinating physical movement, a falling in love with sadness character develops, the self-victimization of "Life is punishing me" as if the death of our relationship to things we care about is exclusive to our own life, that people "don't know" how hard it is for your particular case of missing this person or thing, an acceptance of it being pointless to try to improve things here without my special person to enjoy it here with me, so limited communications with new people can often happen, or a stuck in constant comparison/judgement of new people that "they will never be better than my special person that I miss".

The point of missing things has come up recently as earlier today I was watching the film Moon in which the central character spends a lot of time missing his family on Earth, I listened to a track called sitting on the moon which evokes a fascinatingly accurate sound to me of what the experience of missing someone is like and the comfort of knowing that a person has not really gone anywhere they are just a bit further round the corner then usual.

Hannah said I miss you when we spent a few days apart recently and I said the same to her, yet she knew from how she experiences herself around me that she doesn't usually get the impression that I Miss things really intensely. Then I shared with her how she was right to point that out because the point of missing things is something i have given much time to consider/redesign in my process.

As an example I went to Bournemouth for christmas the past few days after being away for over a year and even though it is the part of planet Earth that I have spent more time in than any other, I did not have any energetic movements leading up to going, while I was there or when I left. No thoughts of Oh I can't wait to go "home", no I want to stay in Bournemouth thoughts, no I have to go back as soon as possible thoughts after leaving. Why?

Purely because of my own self-corrective application around missing people, places and things in my life trusting that the physical is always here, it develops a level of constant comfortable stability knowing that my home is always where I am Here - that I am a Lifeform on Planet Earth and as long as I have what I need to live in dignity, my home is actually anywhere my body is at any given time, my mind cannot miss what it does not claim ownership of.

Thus on the way to Bournemouth I was calm knowing that the beaches of Bournemouth will be here same here as always, that the forests I have walked in so many times in the past will still be here - no matter how many days the sun is not seen it is always still here. The physical is Eternal, the experience of missing something is not and I have seen many times in life where I believe I miss something, when really i Self-Honesty it is mainly just the feeling that I miss from that person, place or thing. It is fascinating how much our mind can claim to miss people, places and things when really it is the constant appeasing of our self-interested feelings we siphoned from that thing that we miss.

Once you truly understand all life is equal, you will start to see everyone in everyone else where the systems idea of missing things ceases to exist - because I see all the people I have "lost" in others so often when I am clear when I am silent as life and truly listen in self-honesty. As an example I see dogs with very similar physical expressions as dogs I have had in the past, from a ball chasing passion down to the exact fur type and even breathing pattern, or lets say I am speaking with a man who has a great knowledge of science and is in his 50's or older I am reminded of my Grandfather, I see my Grandfather in them or a general similar beingness point even if they know nothing about Science.

When this happens I taught myself to not allow any "wishing they were back" thoughts, to not react to the similarity occurring in front of me and instead I smile and have gratitude at the synchronicity here occurring as a beautiful reminder life provides that we are all within each other, thus how can we miss anyone when you can literally see each other in ourselves when we look with clear eyes? It would be the same for anyone close to me if I died, if they were living as Life in awareness, they would see that they can see pieces of me all over the place, my habits, my, skills, my body, my beingness. Yet if we are not looking into all areas of our self how could we see all areas of ourselves in each one? This is one reason why it is so important to do consistent self-supportive writing in reality.

The mind holds onto ideas, develops entities/characters about things, valuing certain people more than others, a hierarchical existence which is where the potential for missing someone begins - in reality though when you strip away the mind, you see clearly that we are all just vessels as life arriving and departing. Of course we do not want people we enjoy to die, yet we have to truly understand this is the reality and thus - the smile of a newborn baby, a powerful final realisation of an elderly person in the twilight of their bodies timeline are both incredible moments to see why missing people as the systems idea of it makes no sense at all.

The mind has to panic about death and losing things wanting to always be center stage and exist in energy forever which is impossible, whereas life as the physical is actually eternal and thus is always calm understanding the seasons of everything, the timeline of one vessel returning to the earth and the new timeline of another starting its growth, the in and out sound of everything here. So removing Fear of Death will automatically support the dissipation of all thoughts based in Fear of Loss/Missing point.

In the past if I still have any strong emotional missing experiences coming up inside myself it only has ever showed me that I have yet to truly understand and live the realization that If I am here all life is here, that if all life is here there is never life not being here and any experience to the contrary would obviously be of the mind - I mean how do I ever Miss a moment of self-reflection? How do I miss truly understanding something? How do I miss opportunities to stand in another's shoes and give as I would like to receive? Being trapped in consciousness where things are "missed" in varying degrees of value in each ones mind. I have realised we only "Miss Life" in our Pre-programming as opposed to Living as Life which embraces, embodies All Parts in every moment.

Now this is not to say we are "not allowed" to miss someones physical presence, to miss an activity you did with that person or a great house or car you had in the past in moments, to look back and smile, but to become effective at making sure they are just moments and the moments are not based in daydreaming thoughts of "it would be better here if that person or thing was here" through effective stabilization as breath here - to make sure that the moments of nostalgia we all have do not increase in severity, do not become polarised, do not seep into possessions, attachments, characters, entities of the mind that limit us as the Isolation of thought to be trapped in an endless state of missing something Here.

How do you know breath is the key to not missing someone? Go without any person, thing, or place you miss so much in your mind for two minutes and you will still be breathing - try stopping breathing and in less than 2 minutes you realise how much you miss breath right? How nothing else matters until you get your Breath back, that point alone is so crucial to not Miss and understand/apply in every way.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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So I watched the film Don't look up last night which I had a resistance to watching due to its popularity and the cast as I am not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, and Jonah Hill specifically from this film. This is purely based on some of these celebrities fucked up real life decisions, some of which the public can freely access online easier than ever before with some diligent research. But as to understanding the true extent of the depravity that has been allowed, unfortunately that is still tightly held in "classified" secretive little groups with money. Yet, nothing can be hidden forever.

However, this is a problem I have with many in Hollywood so it is not exclusive to these celebrities in this film. I enjoyed watching Ricky Gervais calling out Meryl Streep's Zionist heritage/lack of creativity in acting, Leonardo Dicaprio being a pedophile and many other celebrities at the Golden Globes in 2020 for example. I suggest you watch that video on YouTube if you haven't because that was a specifically planned and protected speech which is why YouTube have still not taken it down with over 43 million views on the video despite how embarrassing the speech is to the most famous in Hollywood.
Anyway the film itself while having a sycophant, unctuous, facetious tone is actually well done in many areas, now for those of you who haven't seen it yet you may want to stop reading as I am going to highlight a few specific points from the film. This film does a great job of showing how when you have a common sense message of serious gravity, that it can be excruciatingly hard to get that message into the mainstream, which has become increasingly focused on entertainment ahead of actual factual news for a long time. There is even a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's character is shocked when he learns that just telling the truth of scientific data could result in imprisonment for him because many still do not truly understand that mainstream media outlets are actually controlled by intelligence agencies of the largest governments.

While the viewer may laugh at the scene, this is something that has been happening to the best scientists and researchers in our world for hundreds of years now as the top 1% of 1% has tightened, compressed, become more spiteful and selfish. My grandfather even in his day around WW2 would complain how hard it was to talk to newspapers about his work where taking his words seriously was a problem. Even in the Nikola Tesla days before WW1 you see how much Tesla was censored and laughed at in newspapers despite his incredible findings.

Politics being purely a popularity contest of blood sucking tics magnetizing the biggest poles, as opposed to democratic leadership was well presented. Also the Sir Peter Isherwell character is a genuinely funny allegory of the tech elite through highlighting how dilettante and out of touch with physical reality they can be at times, believing technology by itself will literally end all Human problems to justify us not taking responsibility to fix ourselves highlighting our tendency to always want an instant cheat code of instant gratification, ignoring physical mathematics of reality in pursuit of profit through the newest entertaining yet pointless technology.

The main point I want to look at in this blog though is the point of presenting to the viewer a choice as two opposing points of view/opinions - one being the look up cult who believe that we just need to keep staring into the stars to do what what is best. Vs the look down cult who believe we need to just focus on things on our planet and completely disregard planetary issues. Both are fucked though because one only exists to balance the other out and create Energy through combustive friction of the Polar opposites accepted as Thought which became competing characters in each one, which created the system as we know it.
I see this being done in the psychological operations of film designs all the time, as films only mirror our allowances as Humans - where some element of the narrative is mirrored directly from two opposing groups in reality which allows the films to impulse/add layers to the separation in each one. The look up cult vs the look down cult for example are identical to what is going on in reality with vaccinated vs unvaccinated, with eco warrior oil hating activists vs oil loving corporate protecting jingoists everyone fighting for their righteous point of view.

All Energy games where we always miss that in order to transcend Fear we have to also transcend Love as its Polarity while making sure that we do not get addicted by the energy produced by this relationship, because no fucking matter how you slice it - Energy never creates awareness it can only create what it started in as Consciousness and as teh world proves Consciousness very clearly ignores Physical Reality.

Both the look up cult and the don't look up cult are both not considering things though from the simple perspective of defining each other as evil proving that nothing is strictly black and white everything is based on what we actually accept as creators. Does the look up cult consider the consequences of always concerning ourselves with things outside of ourselves? Does the look down cult consider the consequences of always disregarding the impact of our actions on other Humans/species/planets etc? Do the look up cult or the look down cult truly understand that it is through first effectively looking into Self to see who am I now and how can I move into a physical version of myself that is measurably best for all?

The film likely intentionally misses this point that both groups miss Self. That we cannot effectively in physical awareness see/stop the damage we cause in our outer reality as family/society/our planet /the universe if we are not focused on seeing/realizing this originates from our inner reality and then cleaning up our inner reality.

The same way that we can only be self-directive with our life, when we are not being constantly distracted by the outside world where we again bring it back to Self first. This for me is a clear cool point of learning for all who watch this film - that we can only become the best species on earth or any other planets in the future by taking self-responsibility to embody what we are all looking for - true happiness as a world where all have what is required to enjoy every second of our life which is the only true happiness that exists, when all are free.
The film does a great job at generally voicing things most Destonians have directly been experiencing for years, having the most important message ignored repeatedly by the mainstream of capitalism as the family home, work colleagues, childhood friends, society generally etc. That all principles based in solutions outside of the Human changing is always going to be flawed. This film ultimately also shows how important it will be that as this ignorance to physical reality increases in the world, that we who know better remain stable instead of reacting to what is here, it is our choice and our choice alone to stay in the choice of spiting whoever I want as the pre-programmed mind, or choose to live what is best for all life no matter what - I suggest the later - Look within Self First, make that what is Best then the outer will Reflect that as the principle of input-output proves.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

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https://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot ... ition.html

Open up any dictionary and the word superstition will usually have a definition starting with "irrational belief" then while I was watching a football match yesterday the commentator at one point said "football fans love a bit of superstition" implying something good could happen to one of the teams in the match based on this "good" superstition alone.
I laughed at the stupidity of the point, that superstition as it exists could ever be defined as strength when throughout Human history superstition has caused endless abuse and idiocy. Then I looked more at it brought it back to Self, pulled it apart.

What do we notice when we look at Human Superstition? Many things, for one I can literally turn anything into a superstition in my mind and every superstition I noticed I had in my life was defined as either "good luck" or a "bad omen" that is superior to self in some supercilious way and no matter what the superstition it is always based on a Belief that I cannot do/change something myself, that things are being "done to me".

So because I can't do anything apparently, I then create a superhero version of Self into something that is more capable of changing my life for me that I can shift responsibility onto if I Believe, Hope and have Faith that I can - call this entity Superstition Man if you like. Where I can use my great Power in a clairvoyant oracle sounding manner to "read the signs" around me that "give or take" power from me so I don't ever have to take Self-Responsibility to change. It's horrific and hilarious at the same time how people so often say something is "good or bad luck" as a set in stone Belief and its often said in this Sanctimonious tone of "its like the karmic higher power laws of god" and nobody can be above that, no choice can supersede this "cosmic" message that decides for us.

You see the same in the money system where there is this set in stone Belief that the money system is Responsible to look after Life and we should have Faith it is doing so or at least have Faith it is "doing its best" to mange - when in reality most of Humanity is living in Extreme Poverty being forced to Extinction and so our money system is based on pre-programmed beliefs that are Not Real the same as we are. We have not been making the Real Decision to individually and collectively live as Life producing whats Best for all, so our Decisions with Money, Education, Politics everything is also not based on Real Free Choice as supporting All Life in Physical Reality Equally, literally every single point of abuse we humans see in our self is Reflected in the world around us.

So if all superstition is based on beliefs that do not produce the physical responsibility they claim, then what is the solution? To end them of course however, I can tell you from personal experience that just saying fuck belief "I'm going to stop believing in anything now, I will turn it all off like a light switch" is not effective because you will start missing self-honest moments where irrational belief still exists in you that may have been laying in wait for a long time and likely you will create another point of belief/separation where superstition/belief/faith/hope will be turned into the bad guy, not advised.
The Beliefs we have are essentially a road map of everything we abdicate responsibility towards inside ourselves and in our global systems, everything we do not trust ourselves with and faith in these exclusionary beliefs creates hope in that thing - then within Hope you are always Fucked because there is no Self-Responsibility in living action whatsoever because hope can always save the day in the future to delay creating belief as Self here as a living Trust/Responsibility for All as Self.

You see when belief is not real simplistically because its not in fact manifesting in reality through abdicating my living of responsibility. It's like when people say - I believe I will find the perfect partner one day through believing it hard enough yet nothing ever physically manifests, because the belief itself is really you avoiding facing your fear of taking responsibility of changing, integrating the education and walking the steps necessary to actually make that physically manifest.

So a solution I suggest in terms of redefining in ones living of superstition/belief is firstly truly understanding that if I do not believe I can do something, then my mind will automatically look for and fill in something or someone else that will apparently take responsibility for me and do it for me with no provable results. Then I locate all areas where my mind has shifted responsibility into various superstitions, beliefs resulting in faith and hope in another as non action - then see within that how I can bring every point of abdicated responsibility of doubted trust in myself through these illusionary beliefs back to self in every breath, where belief becomes a practical self-responsibility of provable physical results in awareness as a continual living trust expression of who and what I stand for as whats best for all life.

Within taking on knowingness in living that I trust myself to do whats best, that I am always the one responsible for self, that I am living my responsibility here as whats best for all life as evidenced through my relationship with self and all life - you develop self-faith/self-trust that has been laboured for in my actual living change and is actually visible in physical reality. Living the faith in ourselves as the certainty of trusting me to mathematically do what is best in every moment.
Time for Humanity to stop feeding superstition as it has been defined because it has caused an accumulated travesty to life, all the signs we think we see outside our self is always pointing to a sign inside we need to introspect/correct - if you want to look for "meaningful signs" around you, rather then avoiding "bad omens" and desiring "good luck" just see in every moment of awareness as breath where can I support myself even further as another in expanding my responsibility, trust and my living of equality and oneness in this world? As an example, any moments someone is struggling to physically do something, struggling to learn something, struggling to speak something, any moments you see someone standing for whats best yet being taunted/ignored, anytime where you can build a relationship with another, anytime you can work on a project with another - take these as the truly lucky moments, make the most of them, for these are the actual meaningful moments of opportunity in life to stitch together a super reality of heaven on earth 1+1+1+1 until its done.

I commit myself to show that Real Free Choice, Real Trust and Responsibility is actually in ending all forms of allowed Superstition and baseless Beliefs which only cause suffering while claiming responsibility for life in this world. I realise that all Choice claimed, all Belief, all Trust claimed that causes some to not be equally supported in not Real at all - Choice, Belief, Trust anything is only made Real when we remove all mechanics by which all past decisions have been dictated as the pre-programmed mind and instead stand as the directive for Everything of our self as this breath mathematically showing that every decision made will benefit all life provably in its results, where irrational belief is replaced with complete Living Self-Trust and Living Self-Responsibility.

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