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Day 934: A Mind Controlling Perspective

With suggestive content, we often times embody the content in which was suggested, creating new personalities we wouldn’t otherwise consider, if outside stimulation wasn’t such a social defining point, where it has become a thing to “Change with the times” or risk being ostracized as out of touch/old or dumb, thing is we lose sight on how this is destructive to our reality, for being captivated a contained in a simulation of mind control, It’s the same control that suggest to you that you need new clothes or that something obscene is normal when it’s borderline insanity, but because everywhere we go we see the same suggestions, we become numb to the idea that this will affect all of us.

Like how do you actually know that you agree with something when seeing it for the first time, without analyzing what you’re seeing through the suggestive programing you were already stimulated with, through conversations, messages, social media and television etc. that gives you an indication of what you think something is? Where in real time the “know it all” within us accept it as something we think we know, not realizing that it’s a smoke screen from being inducted into mind-control, I mean what better way to have someone believe in something, than to suggest to them that they discovered it before realizing it was pulsated into them.

So the unaccepted that was unacceptable is now accepted through forced acceptance, slipped into advertisement and entertainment for human consumption, which has become our manifesto for a normal conversation, constructed through gossip of how someone just doesn’t “Get it”. And so begins the difference between being mind-controlled and brainwashed, where things’ being pulsated is a mind-controlling technique, but the more we push the narrative shows our level of brainwashing, to bamboozle the unaware into our spell of mind-control.

Now the most profound output of mind-control is fear, where the person pulsating the mind-control is actually in fear themselves, but have just enough power to coerce others to believe in a looming narrative, plus a ‘Bullhorn’ to broadcast it onto an accepting population, and here the priming is done through graphic imagery selection, then immediately after showcase a happy/positive message, rinse and repeat as many times as possible, so when the narrative is then implemented we say I knew that was going to happen, not realizing that the shock and awe was nullified through the graphic imagery selection, so now when seeing the horror it more digestible to accept, until this acceptance comes back and smacks us in the face, but by that time it’s too late to try stopping what we accepted.

It’s mind-controlling to think we are such free thinkers, without knowing where your thoughts actually comes from, as the engine that generates the mind-consciousness system, and still then we think we are getting our way, even those that wants to control what you say/see/act on and feel, are following a divisive plan that would keep them from seeing the truth about Life - the how to become equal to and one with Life, believing that the idea of reality is to be controlled by the system.

Could be why most wants to live forever, that shows how their minds is being controlled by fear, I mean what is it really that the worst of reality is showing us, but the level of incompetence we’ve limited ourselves within, it’s like forcing to fight our way out the bottom of a wet paper bag, when all we have to do is turn around and walk up out of it, as there will be a time we will all come together, but only when correcting the idea of controlling the mind, because have you ever considered the point of directing your own mind, that’s as easy as watching what comes up and correcting our own experiences, by experiences meaning our reactions and interactions in our relationship, that best fits when consider every human-being as equals.

But first to realize, with plausible acceptance we’ve authorized others to take control of our minds, through the belief that things will change for the better if we just suck it up for a while, not realizing that that while’ would become days/months/years and even decades, to experiencing a generation of hardship that we now know didn’t have to happen, so being that it’s our responsibility to correct what we let happen, have a look how we love to control the things and people around us, instead of showing/sharing and talking about the equality in us all, we’ve submitted to the feeling of dominance with followers to boot.

And it’s true that we can salute a solution that doesn’t require abuse, as abuse is something we’ve allowed ourselves to go through being divided, the mind-controlling perspective that we should divide and abide is just to hide the power we have as a collective when coming together.

Therefore, to investigate before accepting what we see by asking “Why”, and do I really agree with what I’m see in my mind, can I touch what’s coming up that would support the best of another, and if not I should lose the idea that this is for my betterment. That way I stand corrected and able to give a common-sense perspective, when approached with a narrative that doesn’t seem to make sense, no longer with I bury my head in the sand or remain neutral, as this would only exacerbate the erosion of human life.

Thanks for reading.

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