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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby SunetteSpies » 04 Feb 2013, 22:48

DAY 285

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Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe: DAY 285

In this post, we’re for a moment going to have a Look at Redefining the Words Faith, Belief and Believe into and as Practical Living Words – that can bring forth actual real change for self, self’s living and so actually contribute to change within and as Life on Earth.

We’re going to walk this Redefinition Process within the Context of Identifying the Problem, Establishing the Solution and the Reaping of the Reward in/as one’s Practical Living Participation AS such words. With seeing, realising and understand that: As Desteni – we have Faith, Belief and we do Believe; but in such a Way that we are Living Examples of/as Such words as Follows:


The Problem: The problem with the word Faith is that it’s been defined according to, primarily, what/who one believe in in Separation from Self. So, every mind has beliefs that they have Faith in. Faith being this ‘trust’ that whatever they believe in as their ‘Belief’, will come to fruition. Primarily – Faith in a Belief Breeds ‘Hope’. ‘Believing’ itself is a ‘Hope’ and so more Trust is placed in HOPE than Real Self-Responsibility in/as Living Action. The consequence of Faith in its relationship to Belief/a Belief – is No Action. Because the Consciousness of the Human will have their Faith in Belief, creating Hope as Non-Action – with Belief as knowledge and information that’s materialized into an entity/force in the Mind/Mind’s Imagination, connecting that with a relationship of Faith that is a form of Trust. So, this means that – human beings have Trust misplaced into Belief, within the Mind’s Imagination enslaved to Hope; and even gone as far as making Faith/Mind Trust aligned with a Belief – so creating a Belief out of Faith itself.

The Solution: The Solution is a Faith in/as Self that is Certain, that is Real, that is VISIBLE. Where it is not based on a trust/faith that you have in a belief/something/someone in the Mind that has proven NO substantial, real living solutions to life/living on earth; but this Faith/Trust is something you laboured in/as your Practical Living Change, and can provide the Evidence of this Labour in writing, and in Living.
Thus, the Solution as Redefinition of Faith – is a Living Trust in yourself, in who you are, what you stand for and what you stand as; that is physically evidenced in your constant, continuous relationship with yourself, others and existence as a whole. And So, Faith/Living Trust becomes a Presence as who you are.
In this, Faith becomes REAL, Faith becomes VISIBLE and is not just existent as an energy-experience one conjure up in the Mind to/towards a Belief one Imagined in the Mind – doing this, is easy. Actually establish Self Faith as a Living Trust, based on what you yourself have walked/worked for, is something that stand/remain as and with Self. And then assisting/supporting others to do the same; so we can start having Faith in ourselves, and then LIVING that Faith as a Living Trust/Certainty – to start take responsibility for ourselves, our Minds and our lives – individually and together.

The Self-Reward: You reap the rewards of your Self-Living/Labour in establishing this Faith as Living Trust in/as who you are, what you stand for/as and actually bring forth, through Living Action, change in this world/reality. A Practical measure for Faith redefined is that, you have the Trust in you as you walk and prepare yourself in this process, that: who you are within what/how you live will come to fruition and that nothing will/can change unless you put the living effort to do so – writing, communication, expanding, courses etc. – becoming an expert in Living; and so eventually it will not only be self that benefit, but also those that walk with you as a Living Example of LIFE/Living Faith as Living Trust in/as Self. And we come together and stand together to get ourselves / life on earth sorted out, for ourselves and all as ourselves.


The Problem: The problem with the word Belief is that it’s existent in relationship to Faith/Trust into/as something/someone in the Mind that one had made superior. Mostly, Belief is in fact abused for those that do not want to/do not see themselves as capable of doing something/changing something, and so instead create an alternate version/representation of self into/as something/someone else one believe to be more capable of doing it. So, in our MINDS – we create this relationship, envision something/someone else; instead of investigating/introspecting ourselves and developing the skills/means/resources to take Self-Responsibility/Responsibility within certain areas/fields of life/living in/as this Physical Existence.
Like, we created Belief into/as Money – giving money/World Systems the responsibility to manage survival/ ‘life on earth’ and Really believing/having Faith/trust in the fact that it’s doing so...However when having a look at the Reality of money managing survival for humanity/this physical existence; this is not happening – most are dying/being driven to Extinction.
Created a belief in God – to manage consequence of individual human beings’ lives on earth and/or reward for human being’s lives on earth; however this is not happening – on earth/the hereafter and it never has; with the Elite still comfy in their chairs while continuing life-abuse to all living beings on earth in the Name of Money. And, to find out what REALLY happened after Death – suggest listening to the Journeys into the Afterlife Series, which will explain how ‘rewards after Death’ was just a Belief in the Minds of Human Consciousness.
Created a belief in the Education System – to in fact Educate Children, however when one do research on the Education Systems of this world – the “education” children is receiving is appalling/non-existent with no guarantee of a Future in this World.
Thus, Belief as it exist now – is something one shift responsibility into/as within one’s Mind, programmed/brainwashed to believe that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do and then one have Faith/trust into/as that belief in one’s Own Mind – when Reality Evidence, proves the contrary: where that/such responsibility one created to/towards something/someone in one’s Mind is non-existent and so remains a Belief, instead of an Actuality, being Physically Evidenced. So, essentially beliefs exist into/towards all of that, we abdicated Self-Responsibility to/towards – internally and externally.

We’ll continue with BELIEF: The Solution and Self-Reward and BELIEVE: The Problem, The Solution and The Self-Reward in the Next Post…

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby SunetteSpies » 04 Feb 2013, 22:50

DAY 286

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Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe (Part Two): DAY 286

BELIEF (continued):

The Solution: So, to redefine one’s relationship to BELIEF - one have to look at what one created a relationship of belief towards, and superiorized within one’s Mind. Superiorized, meaning – “made to be more than self and/or more than what it/they is in fact ‘promising/doing/manifesting in Physical Reality in relationship to life on earth’ and there’s NO physical evidence of that which one have faith in as the/a Belief is actually materializing/manifesting in/as this Physical Existence. In this essentially, to see/realise/understand how – Faith and Belief, is more / has come to more exist as a Preoccupation in the Mind, with no actual Self-Participation/Responsibility in/as it AT ALL within this Real Physical Existence.
Then – from Identifying what it is, exactly, that one had place as a Belief in the Mind within/as a relationship of Blind Faith, with the Faith as trust Blinding self from seeing the Belief’s relationship/non-existence in/as this Real Physical Reality: to see what part of self, self had separated responsibility into/as. Cause, you’ll only create a belief out of something/someone, if you yourself believe that you cannot do it/manage it/direct it. Then, from there – see how it can be changed, how can you take that Responsibility within/as the principle of/as what’s best for all/Equality and Oneness. So, we use belief practically; bring it back to personal Self Responsibility.
Example being – we’ve created a Faith in the Belief as the Money System to manage Survival within this Physical Existence…not Happening. So, we look at how we abdicated this Responsibility into a System, and we all take Self-Responsibility to stand together for a World System that in fact stand for the people, as the people in/as the Principle of/as What’s Best for All – as proposed by/through the Equal Money System. The Education System – abdicating responsibility to the current Education System to ‘Educate’ children, creating a belief out of it, cause it’s not Happening in this Physical Existence. Here, one can also reference the Equal Money System – how we’d approach Education, incorporating LIFE/LIVING Skills for children, and all have equal and one access to/as Education within this Physical Existence.
Same with our Mind Relationship – we’ve created a Faith/trust in our Minds/Consciousness as a belief that ‘it knows best’ to control/determine our lives/living, which is obviously not showing to be so in/as regards to Human Nature/Living Responsibility in this physical existence. Thus, one take/become Living Self-Responsibility – which is the process that we’re currently within/as Desteni. And so one take responsibility for oneself/one’s mind and so Living to align into and as what’s best for all, and so in every breath know who you are, how/what you live in Self Awareness and really be the Directive Principle of/as one’s Life/Living; and become a Living Trust, have a Self-Evidenced Faith in who/how what Self is in every Moment of Breath.

The Self-Reward: The Reward with changing/transforming Belief into and as establishing one’s relationship to/towards what/who one created a Belief towards and so abdicated Responsibility, instead of taking Self-Responsibility – is that: one will see, realise and understand the Consequences we accepted and allowed individually/collectively with placing Faith/misplacing Faith as trust into and as Beliefs as Systems/People we believe to do ‘what’s best for all’ – when the Evidence in the Physical proves the Contrary. And thus, why/how such relationships in our Minds to which we abdicated Self-Responsibility - is just a belief, cause it’s not in fact happening/manifesting in Reality.
And so we give/Gift ourselves the ability/responsibility to in fact change what’s Here, in fields like money, education for example – as is also Proposed by the Equal Money System, where individuals stand up and stand together as a Living Trust into/as actual materialization of Solutions in this Real World, that is not just subject to faith and belief as now existent in the Minds of humanity that’s bring forth no, real, visible, change – only more Consequence.
Thus, one utilize Belief practically – what had one created as Belief in the Mind, and how can one Take Responsibility for self, one’s world / life on earth – individually and collectively. Cause surely, it must become more and more evident by now, that: Beliefs are Saving Humanity…we have to Save ourselves.


The Problem: Believing is the Personality that develop in relationship to Faith and Belief – where we create a real energy entity/presence as we truly BELIEVE this faith/belief to be ‘right’/real/absolute and it is this ‘Believing energy/experience/personality’ in our Minds, that cause one to not see PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of/as the Belief into/as which one have Faith/Trust, is not in fact Manifesting in/as this Physical Existence for real.
So, Believe – if you have a look at the experience of it, it’s like this absolute possession of I AM SO RIGHT, THIS IS SO RIGHT, THIS MUST BE REAL, THIS IS REAL – standing in an absolute conviction of/as one’s Faith in/as the relationship to the Belief, completely in this Possession not seeing that the physical evidence is showing to the contrary of what one ‘Believe in’ as one’s Belief, within and as ‘Blind Faith’.
Thus, Believe/Believing is like, the Evolution of the relationship between Faith/trust and the Belief in the Mind – that one grow, energetically, through energy-experience in the Mind, the more and more one ‘trust’ as an energy-reactive experience the Belief in/as one’s Mind/Imagination. Then this Mind-Energy experience relationship of Faith/trust and the Belief itself evolve and one REALLY BELIEVE in/as one’s Faith/Belief in the Mind; the Believing Personality Possession. Not seeing one’s own Lie as Illusion in the Mind, when compared to what is in fact really happening in/as this Real Physical Existence.
So the question then, how do one change/transform Believing into/as Practical, Physical Living?

The Solution: To make Believe/Believing real, we have to become the visible, Living force within this physical existence for human beings to really be able to see a prospect of a future for humanity/themselves. This will create a constructive believing in/as human nature to change and there in fact being a future for humanity. Thus, believing will not be something only existent in the Mind, human beings will have physical evidence of change and so, something “Real” to believe in, and then constructively utilizing that Believing into developing a Self Faith, a Living Trust to in fact be able to change, with other human beings Proving this Process of Self-Change.
So replacing current Mind-believing to real physical believing/achieving of change: Individually and Collectively. Thus, for Believing to materialize/manifest in this Real World – one have to become the Living Example of Self-Change – walking the Evidence of this Self-Change in one’s process of Writing, Walking the Courses, Investing in Interviews; accumulating internal and external resources for Self/Life/Living Education; to we can materialize/manifest change in/as this physical existence for ourselves and so for all.

The Self-Reward:
Here, we will encapsulate Faith, Belief and Believe – that, with Self Standing as Living Example, for others to ‘believe in’, from the perspective of recognizing themselves in you as a Living Example, can assist/support others as you and guide them through the same process of Establishing/Living Self Faith as a Living Trust in being/becoming the directive-principle of their minds, their lives and so expand into/as life on earth as a whole. This will all ensure that we stop our preoccupations in the energies and imaginations as Illusions of the Mind and get into and as Real, Physical Living Responsibility in this Physical Existence. ‘Time is of the essence’ as consequence is not ‘waiting’, and consequence is accumulating in our Minds, Lives and this Existence cause we’re not taking Responsibility for it All – but abdicating it. So, time is HERE, as Breath, making a Decision to Change and then walking it.

Thus, with Desteni, Equal Money, Desteni I Process, EQAFE – we establish our Living into and as Responsibility, for our Minds, our Lives and this Physical Existence as a whole, no more accepting/allowing ourselves to exist in Blind Faith, imprisoned into the Illusion of Imagination of Beliefs and possessed by Personality Systems of Believing, but bringing ourselves back down to Earth, the Physical – because, as long as we abdicate Responsibility to imaginations within our OWN MINDS, we’re not only imprisoning ourselves – but ALL Life, as ourselves.

Time to take/Live Responsibility. Join us.

For further assistance/support regarding how to establish Self’s Living in/as Living Trust and Taking Responsibility – suggest visiting Desteni I Process LITE, a Free Course and/or Desteni I Process PRO.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby SunetteSpies » 04 Feb 2013, 23:29

DAY 287

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CAUGHT in the Middle – Balancing Two Worlds: DAY 287

LIFE-Regulation – continued

In this post, we’re continuing where we left off from the Thread we’re Walking as LIFE Regulation. For context:
And HERE – we get to more Dimensions regarding SURVIVAL, where you have an Internal and External Survival Management System that simultaneously attempt/try to Balance the Morality Scale between what’s Good and what’s Bad…essentially existing in Two Worlds, the Mind and the Physical and then trying to use ONE Morality Scale of Good/Bad to manage two completely/entirely different Realities.

We’ll continue with this in the Next Post with the Internal and External Realities and the One Morality Scale of Good and Bad we use to try and manage Survival in Both, and the consequences this Split has manifested in/as Human Nature/Living in this Physical Existence…

It’s evident that we’re existing in ‘Two Worlds’ – two Extreme Polarities: The Mind World and the Physical World. ‘Extreme Polarities’ in the sense that: the Mind World exist within and as ‘Quantum Energy’, the Physical World exist in/as Space and Time movement – the Laws of the Mind World exist in/as the Reverse of the Laws of the Physical World – YET, what Consciousness as the authority in the Mind World has done is superimpose the Laws of Physics into/as the Mind World, to manifest Quantum Interdimensional-Physical Physics. For such relationships – we suggest reading Physics Journey to Life, where these relationships/dynamics are explained/walked in Detail.
The Authority of this Physical Existence, ‘Life Force’ – the substance-awareness of all that is physical that exist according to its ‘natural programming/expression’ is/has been the Authority that has been undermined in the Physical World, by the Authority of the Mind World as Consciousness. So, we’ve been living in Reverse – under the Authority of Consciousness, instead of the equal and one Authority of Life Force as the Physical.

Now, these ‘Two Worlds’: the Mind World and the Physical World has been driven into/as two Extreme Polarities in the sense of the Separation between Energy and Substance/Physicality. For the most part, we’ve created a ‘Positive’ relationship to the Mind and a ‘Negative’ to the Physical, by our mere defined relationship to the Mind in comparison to the Physical. Now, This ‘positive’ relationship to the Mind, and negative to the Physical – one must understand that, whether one have a ‘positive/negative’-EXPERIENCE in the Mind-itself, one is still in the polarity of ‘Positive and Negative’ in/as the Mind-Physical Existence, as one is creating a Positive to the Mind within/as one’s very participation/existence within/as Consciousness, and a Negative to the Physical in/as one’s non-participation/existence in equality and oneness with and as it.
This has left, essentially – the Physical World, one’s own Physical Body “unmanaged”, because of one’s awareness not existing within and as it, and is one of the main contributions to the extent of consequences that manifest in the Physical Body, because human being’s awareness is not existent within and as it, and so cannot see the consequence the Mind World / Consciousness Authority manifest within/as the Life Force of/as the Physical/Physical Body. The point then within this would mean, that: the Human’s awareness is not even equal-to and one-with Consciousness Authority in the Mind World – this evidenced by the fact that Human Beings cannot explain where exactly energy is produced from, as emotions/feelings, where exactly the materialization of memories come from in the Mind-Physical relationship to how they’re even Produced in absolute detail, cannot explain What exactly Mind Energy is, what it looks like, What exactly Physical Energy is, what it looks like.
(This process of What exactly Mind Energy is, and Physical Energy – is walked in the Kryon Interview Series available on EQAFE).

With this evidence, there is a Distinct certainty of the fact that, we’re even in our Awareness separate from the entirety of the Mind World and the entirety of the Physical World, and we’re as our Awareness “caught in the Middle” of the Extreme Polarities of/as these Two Worlds – not seeing, realising and understanding that the Mind World as Consciousness Authority exist, through resourcing the Life Force of the Physical/Physical Body in the depths relationships of the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical. In this, we ourselves know that we’re “Aware” of the Mind World and the Physical World, BUT Not in control/directive principle of either of them. With our ‘awareness’ being aware of and being attached/connected to the Mind World and the Physical World means that we are existing in both of them – so, WHY then – are we not in directive principle of either of them? What is then the directive principle? And this is what we’re explaining/showing within Desteni – that the Consciousness Authority of the Mind World is what is in control/directive principle of itself and the Physical Body regarding how it Resource Physical Life Force for its own Existence – all of which is explained in Detail in the EQAFE Store, where one can make Life Investments with listening to/understanding the relationship/war between these Two Worlds that our Awareness throughout Human Civilization has accepted and allowed, have become, have lived out – without Change.

With this, another point of Evidence of us existing in Two Worlds – is how we can use the Morality Scale of Good/Bad and Right/Wrong, to accordingly attempt/try to manage these Worlds, dependent on within which of the Two Worlds, we’d most likely materialize/manifest our Self-Interest/Greed/Survival. The Consequence, essentially, of using One Morality Scale – for two completely Different Worlds; is/has been one of the causes/sources for/as a Disruptive/Conflictual Nature to emerge within and as Human Beings – with regards to explaining why/how; despite being raised with ‘Morals’ of what’s good and what’s bad; many individuals will do/become ‘what’s Bad’ in the reverse of the Morals they were taught whilst growing up, but to them – they’re doing/have become ‘what’s Good’. So, the problem with Human Beings ‘going off the rails’, so to speak – doing/becoming ‘what’s Bad’ as the opposite of the Morals they were taught during Childhood; or shall we say ONE of the Dimensions that do contribute, is that this Relationship between the Two Worlds is not understood – the Mind World and the Physical World. And that, the Moralities as what is taught within Human Society today – do not consider the Extreme Polarity between the Two Worlds. Where the Morals mostly apply to only the Physical World, but not to the Mind World and so in this Process – the Individual can then warp/change/alter Morals in their Mind World to suit their Physical World, or warp/change/alter Morals in their Physical World to suit their Mind World. Thus, the problem is not within the Morals themselves, or the human themselves - the Problem is with EDUCATION; and how human beings are not Educated within/as the existence and who they are as the Existence in/as the Split between the Two Worlds as the Mind World and the Physical World.

For most part, most of the Morals taught today – what’s Good and what’s Bad, is not applicable in the Physical World, if you live ‘what’s Good’ – especially when it comes to Money/Survival, you’re going to be Fucked; because, this whole System / life on earth / Survival Management is done within/as deliberate Evil/Deception/Badness. This is Why, for example – most Religious people, are economically compromised, cause they try and be ‘Good’ / ‘Nice’ when it comes to Business/Money-Making – religion completely blinding them of/as the Evil of Human Nature when it comes to Money/Survival; and so they compromise themselves Extensively in their relationship to Money/Survival.
To explain another dynamic Between the Morals of ‘what’s Good’ and ‘what’s Bad’ as the conflict between the Mind World and the Physical World, is: a Child is raised with the premise of ‘Alcohol is BAD’ – BUT, they’re forced into social circles in School with other children, other Minds, other upbringing, and with No LIFE-Skills in terms of standing within who they are; to them – Alcohol becomes GOOD in the Mind-World, to substantiate friendships, Personalities, Socializing. So, one then have to consider within this, how Polarities work – in the Mind World, in the relationship between Good and Bad – the Child is in the Mind polarized extremely in terms of Alcohol is BAD, the Mind/Consciousness BALANCE polarities of ENERGIES and so can Polarize Energy to such an Extent, where the Same thing then goes to its Opposite as GOOD and so the Child, now young adult, in/as the Mind World polarize the balance from BAD to GOOD and the PHYSICAL Consequence that goes with it. So, the MIND WORLD – exist in the Polarity of Good and Bad, and balance out such Polarities. The Physical World exist in SPACE AND TIME Consequence…there’s a difference.

We’ll continue in the next post with having a look at the difference between MORALITY education in the Mind World, and CONSEQUENCE education in the Physical World, and how Morality – what’s Good/Right and Bad/Wrong has created MORE Physical Consequence in Human’s lives, than actual learning, life skills, self development/expansion – diminishing the Human, more than evolving Human Nature.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby SunetteSpies » 04 Feb 2013, 23:37

DAY 288

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CAUGHT in the Middle – Balancing Two Worlds (Part Two): DAY 288

LIFE-Regulation – continued

We’ll continue in the next post with having a look at the difference between MORALITY education in the Mind World, and CONSEQUENCE education in the Physical World, and how Morality – what’s Good/Right and Bad/Wrong has created MORE Physical Consequence in Human’s lives, than actual learning, life skills, self development/expansion – diminishing the Human, more than evolving Human Nature.

Within this, we essentially propose CONSEQUENCE Education – rather than MORALITY.

Consequence Education which will Lead to LIFE/Living Regulation in the MIND AND the PHYSICAL – equal and one, rather than Morality Education as the Polarity of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong that the Human then Energize in the Mind as an energy-experience, which their Consciousness Authority will take and ‘Balance’ – from the Mind World into and as the Physical World, which will cause/create/manifest the reverse-effect. As utilized in the example of the previous post:
Educating the child into/as ‘What’s Good’ and ‘What’s Bad’ – for example Alcohol, Consciousness energize it into and as a Negative Energy in the Mind, and accumulate to such an extent, that a multi-dimensional effect/consequence can manifest in reality where:
Because it’s made to be BAD/Negative Energy in the Mind – this becomes, then – the being’s Starting Point in/as their Mind World within the Physical World as ‘who they are’; which brings us to the principle ‘who you are is what you will create/manifest’; and so in that ‘Who they Are’ as Alcohol is BAD/Negative; this is what they will become and so manifest in/as their World/Reality and actually make themselves, their Lives Bad/Negative in/as their relationship to Alcohol.
And/or because the Alcohol is made to be BAD/Negative Energy in the Mind, the Mind/Consciousness will Balance that same Negative-Energy/BAD into and as a Positive Energy/Good for the Mind/Personality’s benefit, and so the Individual will develop, in their Minds/Personalities, a GOOD/Positive relationship to Alcohol based on the value it contribute to in their Social Life/Relationships/Who they are in relationship to others.

The Problem within the Morality System of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, is the ENERGY within and as which it’s taught as Positive Energy and Negative Energy, and the fact that Human Beings don’t understand how Consciousness-Authority work with Positive Energy and Negative Energy within and as the Law of Balance. So, one of the ‘problems’ is Not within WHAT is Taught…it’s within HOW it is Taught.
The Approach have always been in the ‘Name of Consciousness Authority’ – which is ENERGY, instilling Negative Energy into children / young adults Minds, with for example Alcohol; instead of sitting with them, educating them on REALITY consequence – what Alcohol does to the Mind and the Body, to Ageing, Statistics on Death resultant from Alcohol, Mental Disorders that manifest due to Alcohol, Mind Possession, not using Alcohol as a bridge for one’s Mind when problems arise but how to Communicate effectively; you know: REAL Education, REALITY Education, REALITY Consequence – not done within a particular ENERGY, but actual commonsense, reality deducing.

So, we’ll in a moment continue more with the difference between MORALITY and Physical CONSEQUENCE, but for the moment to explain more about the Reality Consequence we Create through Morality and its Polarity of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong within the starting point of Consciousness Authority as ENERGY of the Positive and the Negative:
So, through the Morality System – we’ve CREATED Physical Consequence, in our Minds and in the Physical. Parents, for example, continuing with the relationship to Alcohol would educate their Children on the Morals of Alcohol – BUT, what is not investigated, is: obviously – their parents did/may have done the same; and yet they when they themselves were young adults, flipped the Morality of Good/Bad in relationship to Alcohol to be GOOD for them in their Personality Development in Social Gatherings/Circumstance, and then warn their own Children against the same things they themselves have done – doing it EXACTLY / similar to how their parents did it, which obviously did not work for themselves; and so strange that they would believe that it’d work on their Children…Thus, what is not investigated, is WHY – meaning: WHY – despite knowing the consequence of Alcohol, one still do it? Having being educated within the starting-point of Morality of the energies of Positive and Negative within the definitions of Good and Bad – one still do it? SEE – it’s interesting that MORALITY is ‘blamed’ and/or ALCOHOL is blamed, and/or upbringing is blamed – Various dimensions of BLAME, and the parents blame the Child…however, even the Child themselves do not understand the WHY, all the interdimensional/multidimensional dynamics of Morality in the Two Worlds as the Mind World and the Physical World.

So, everything/everyone else is Blamed for why MORALITY is not lived – instead of investigating the detail of the WHY. And, here is one example – how Consciousness work with Energy-Polarity in the Mind, the Positive/Negative Balancing of Energies, and because the Individual is not in control of the Mind, but under the Authority of Consciousness – the Energies will overwhelm and direct the Individual, through Personality Systems that they will then accordingly live-out; despite ‘knowing of the Bad’ – the Mind World takes over, and the Bad becomes GOOD within the context of the Mind that is then Lived-out into/as the Physical; because, as children – we’re educated into CONSCIOUSNESS, and not into equal and one Physical LIVING, in/as the Physical World. And so, the Mind World easily takes over the Physical World/Physical Body and in this Process – MORALITY as Good and Bad can be/become Warped; as the Mind World will direct the Individual through Personalities in the Physical – into and as Directions of living conditions, through which the Mind can acquire the most ENERGY. And so, if/as the child accumulate so much BAD Energy in relationship to the Bad/Wrong hand of the Morality System in the Mind/Consciousness – this then takes over and becomes lived-out, and the Mind generate even MORE energy through/as the living of the human being in/as this Energy Possession of Consciousness. This is why Most human beings turn out what is defined as BAD/Negative/Dark, it’s the Polarity that was educated into their Consciousness, that accumulated and slowly but surely came in through manifesting into the Physical/Physical Living.

So, there’s a lot about the Mind World and the Physical World that has to be Understood if we want to have a look at how to stabilize our living with the Life Force of the PHYSICAL, because the Mind World/Consciousness has surely not done a good job as directing Human Nature, because our Awareness have abdicated responsibility to/as LIFE Regulation, and so left this responsibility to Consciousness ENERGY that exist according to ENERGY Survival Management – mostly at the sacrifice of the Physical Body, one’s life, future and relationships.

We’ll continue in the next post with more examples of MORALITY and its consequence in the Physical, where we Create Consequence, instead of Learning HOW we’re creating the Consequence in the first place in the Physical, instead of actually producing children/lives that honour Life/Living.

We’ll continue in the Next Post

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby SunetteSpies » 04 Feb 2013, 23:49

DAY 289

http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.co ... ation.html

Survival Management vs. LIFE-Regulation: DAY 289

LIFE-Regulation – continued

We’re in the Process of Understanding our Consequential Relationship to Morality. By “consequential relationship”, we mean that: Morality in itself – our relationship to it, have contributed to creating More Consequence in the Minds and Lives of Human Beings than actually serving as a Directive Principle for Honourable ways of Human Interaction, Behaviour and Living.

We started off the context of LIFE-Regulation, and what it has now become as Survival Management within and without, within the following dimensions:
Survival Management in the context of one’s relationship to MONEY, where one developed a Money-Consciousness that will accordingly determine what’s Good/Right and what’s Bad/Wrong when it comes to Money/Survival.
Survival Management in the context of one’s relationship to one’s own Mind/Personality Systems, where one develop a relationship to Morality in terms ‘what’s GOOD for ME’ and/or ‘what’s BAD for ME’ – in the example that we had walked with Alcohol, initially ‘BAD for me’ as has been taught, but evolved into ‘GOOD for me’ as the Individual’s Personalities/Social Networks evolved.
Thus, the Dimensions in the relationship to Morality that we essentially had a look at was MONEY and ENERGY/Mind and how these two factors, within the MIND / the Individuals interest/greed – essentially their ‘Survival’, can distort, change, alter Morality to accordingly ‘suit Self’.

Within this, Morality in itself has this ‘High Standard’ within the Human Civilization – obviously, dependent on the Culture one is acculturated into Mentally and Physically, will depend on the Morals adopted. However, it seems to be that Morality in itself, with being regarded as something “Good” / “Positive” – is manifesting the opposite in most respects as the Bad/Negative, with having a look at the research done within humanity regarding how young adults are turning out; even though they were taught ‘decent standards of morals / moral living’. Then, parents blame themselves, blame the Education system, blame the Money system, blame the kids – as though, Morality in itself / what the parents taught the children regarding ‘a way of life/living’, like that knowledge and information in their Minds is somehow magically going to make the Individual a ‘Good person / Decent citizen’. In that, it’s believed that: “Living the Morals you are Taught – makes you a Good person / Decent citizen / Honourable part of Society”, when in fact – the truth is that: “Living the Morals you are Taught, means that you’re good at Following/sticking to the rules/regulations of Morals from the Mind into Physical Living”. Thus, it’s not knowledge and information in itself that Defines the Individual, it’s WHO THEY ARE in/as their beingness/personalities of the Mind that will define their relationship to how they ‘process’ knowledge and information into/as themselves; which will accordingly determine how they incorporate Morals into their minds/lives and/or alter/misconstrue it and/or not reference at all.

So, it’s kind of Strange this whole scenario in the sense that: Parents educate/teach the Children Morals – right, like, having Morals be this guideline/reference for the Child; but within this what is actually being said/believed is that: the Parents Words must become the MIND of the Child - as though the Child is not an Individual that can “think/perceive/interpret for themselves” and it is just naturally, automatically believed that: “If the Child is taught proper Morals, they will become a proper human being” – in this, what is Not Referenced, is the “Individuality” of the Child, who they are on a beingness level and through the Mind and Body interpret/perceive/calculate/experience themselves in themselves and in this world/reality. I mean, if this were in fact so – we could just speak the words “Equality and Oneness” to human beings, and WHOOPS in a quantum moment is uploaded into their Minds the principles of Life/Living and so we’re a Humanity Saved…but, it doesn’t work like that, and so it doesn’t work with Morals. Because, it’s become just WORDS, just knowledge and information – it hasn’t become LIVING PRINCIPLES that is a Presence of who/how/what the Individual is as a Living Example, some just follow the SCRIPT very Good from their Minds into the Physical, others Don’t and then are said to be BAD. It’s like, an Imprint into the Mind: “Human, you follow these Morals – you Good. You don’t – You Bad.” Thus, Morals have become just something to FOLLOW, that the Human WILL OVERRIDE based on who they are on a Beingness level, regarding what they Live/Express in relationships to others/their environment.
Thus, what this all is showing is that – Morals/teaching of Morals to “just Follow like a Religion”, is not enough to Guide Human’s Living/Behaviour within who they are; now the question then is: What Is? And this we’ll be looking at in the next post of Survival Management vs. Life Regulation, in understanding the difference between “knowledge and information” and then “what is practically lived”.

So, essentially – one can look at Morality as this “Mind Insert/Chip” of knowledge and information; that accordingly outlined behaviour/etiquette and the general do’s / don’ts within the Guidelines of what’s Good/Right and Bad/Wrong according to the Culture. So, what then – determines why Children, all Children, who are educated within/as their Family Morals – not Follow/Live by the rules/regulations of Morality, both within the Family context and the Societal context; but more often than not – sneakily / deceptively, deliberately, find ways/means/methods to “Free themselves” from Morality as is disciplined into their Minds and their Lives? It’s like, what Morality does is make things “Black and White”; when an individual’s personalized Mind/Consciousness and how they evolve in their relationship to their mind and so to others/their world is Multidimensional. So, trying to impose an Absolute System of “either this / that” onto the Multidimensional existence of the Mind/Consciousness – and you get what has become of Young Adults/children today; that is obviously in their behaviour/living showing that within/during Childhood / what it is / how it is that they’re being educated into/as life/living is “not working” and/or there’s something missing…And this “something missing” as well as why it is that it’s not working, is what we will discuss in Posts to come.

For example, there isn’t a Morality-Guideline/Education book that children are given in terms of, when looking at Alcohol again – they’re educated as ‘Alcohol is BAD’ / ‘too much Alcohol is BAD’; and then okay – but, now what about if they’ve established a long-term relationship with a group of friends, and they want you to Drink and Drink a lot – what then? Some children ask their parents what to do, other children / young adults suppress and rather deny friends and stick to their parents Morals, other children / young adults join in – there’s a Freedom to it, more so than the Fear/Reprimand that was educated into them when Morals were taught, so again here we go from the Negative to the Positive, strict Moral Codes vs. Self Freedom / Strict Management vs. Self Management.
So, as you can see – there isn’t with when Morals are Taught, ALL SCENARIOS and situations taken into consideration when a Child/Young Adult faces a Moral Dilemma – it becomes, in a way, a battle between Morality vs. Self; because Morality is/has become more of just a reference / voice in their head of their parents speaking; and then they reference that in context to what is in front of them in reality, with themselves in the Middle: and more often than not – their own Selves/ their own voices become thunderous over the ‘voice of the parents / echoes of Morals in their Minds’ and so BAD becomes GOOD, for them, in the particular relationships/scenario they’re confronted with.

Within this, Morals – what’s Good/Right and/or Bad/Wrong: is Not Life Regulation / Life Education regarding How to Live/consider/regard others, place oneself in another’s shoes, how to assess Reality Consequence, what are Friends/Friendships REALLY – if/as for most of the time, relationships Lead to self compromise and/or Future Consequence; how to make commonsense deductions from reality play-outs/future Consequence – none of this is practically Taught to Children; and so Children are more Taught through WHAT THEY’RE NOT TAUGHT and so walk through Life making an immeasurable amount of Mistakes, because they actually use ENERGY/reactions and their own Personalities/Consciousness to make decisions, which most certainly override ‘parent’s voice in the head’ / ‘Morals’ that have been taught. So, within this – what has to be understood is How Personalities Develop, what are the Energies/Experiences, the Thought Processes, the Internal Conversations/Backchats that drive children/young adults to, according to parents/elders interpretations, ‘going against Family Values/Morals/Etiquette…when it’s not that they’re going AGAINST anything/anyone per say; they’re simply moving/living/making decisions based on their own Minds, within their own Personalities and what has become GOOD for them, their own interests/survival/greed/desires. I mean, Children/Young Adults haven’t been Educated regarding the Mind/Consciousness, Energy, Voices in the Head, Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings – how they work/operate/function, can take over and possess – and so, they Follow their OWN MINDS, which they believe to be WHO THEY ARE, and within ALL of the Mind/Consciousness – Morality can come to play but a small role, when they make their Own Minds/Lives more important than anything/anyone else…

We’ll in the Next Post continue with the difference between MORALITY as Survival Management in relationship to the Mind/Money, and how to approach Morality rather as LIFE-Regulation within the principle of/as equality and oneness as What’s Best for All.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

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DAY 290 - 293

http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.co ... s-own.html

Automatic Drawing – Channelling one’s Own Mind: DAY 290 – 293

In and from this Post, we’re for a moment going to Direct a Point that opened up – to assist/support with perspective/understanding of how the Mind works with images/pictures from within one’s Unconscious Mind as Memories and how such images/pictures as memories, can be energized to such an extent, where the image/picture itself and the energy-presence one attached to it – whether consciously or unconsciously, can take-over one’s Mind and actually express itself through the Body. Essentially – “how a Memory draws itself”.

The context of this, specifically – we’re going to have a look at when, for example: one is simply sitting/being with oneself, and then suddenly, unexpectedly one move to a pen/pencil and paper and just start Drawing. And/or one was for example “thinking-about / “looking at” something/someone specific and there was just this ‘automatic’ movement and one started Drawing. And/or one had in previous moments been thinking about/accessing something/someone specific and/or something/someone had “been on one’s Mind” of late – yet, only a while after / immediately after, this process unfolded of ‘automatic drawing’. There was no ‘conscious Mind’ involvement, in the sense that one was seeing the picture/image that one was in the process of Drawing – it’s like, it just suddenly, unexpectedly ‘came through you’ directly onto Paper, without you Consciously thinking about the Drawing/Seeing the Drawing in your Mind – as though, what you’re drawing is an interpretation of something/someone else and/or something/someone else ‘drawing through you’.

In this, we’re now going to explain Why and How – in the times of today, such an experience of ‘automatic drawing’, is Not any beings / interdimensional races / aliens contacting you, but that you are in a sense “channelling your own Mind’s memories of images/pictures that was charged with a particular Energy”, that essentially had the power to ‘take over the Mind and Body’ and Draw itself through you.
First, before we get to explaining the Process of Why and How we know that no interdimensional being/alien race is/will be contacting any human being through ‘automatic drawing’, but that such a process in fact unfold in one’s own Mind/Consciousness and Imagination – we’ll first explain HOW the Mind Process work; then at the End will explain the relationship between the Opening of the Portal and the Changes of Heaven; and how each human being on Earth is in Process of Facing your Own Mind ONLY.

To understand thus – how/why one can Draw an Image/Picture from within the Mind, without that Image/Picture being consciously accessed, one have to understand the Mind’s relationship to the Physical Body, and so this Physical Existence as follows:
(Also understand that: how/why we can explain such processes – is because, with and through the Portal, with being able to leave my Body and/or any beings entering into it, we can directly access/investigate and see the multi-dimensions of existence and this include the entire Mind and so the entire Physical and the Mind-Physical relationships within this. Additionally, through the Portal – one can communicate with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in existence, as it all has Always been “aware” – this Physical existence, the Mind, Consciousness everything has an “awareness” only the human has been so separate from everything, none of this was accessed/realised. This relationship of what the Mind is and its relationship to the Physical – one can learn more in the Quantum Mind Interview Series – explaining in detail how your Mind in fact exist, what it is, what’s its relationship to the Physical etc. and can also more Hear about the awareness of the Animal Kingdom in the Animal Life Review Series).

So, in This Interview – Mind Simulate Reality, one will Learn that: the Mind creates an Energy-Replica of Physical Reality into and as itself. This is how memories are created in your Mind. Where, your Mind – completely merged with the Physical Body, essentially ‘take pictures’ of Reality/the Physical as what you physically see, and imprint it as memories into itself. This is done through every eye-blink, with every eye-blink, the mind takes a picture of reality, imprint it as a memory and so construct physical reality into/as the Mind. This is why, for example – when you see a Bird, you’ll not be equal and one with that Bird and communicate with it as you, but will immediately reference an Image in your Mind of the Bird and then have an energy-experience/reaction to it. In that moment, the mind took a reality picture of the Bird, uploaded into your consciousness, connected it with energy-experiences/reactions and/or definitions/words/memories; and so in your Mind – you experience the “memory of the Bird” and have no direct-access to the Bird in equality and oneness. So, your relationship to REALITY has been constructed through the Mind. This is why so many humans believe “reality is Illusion” – lol; not realising that: it’s their MINDS version of Reality that is the Illusion, they’re separate from the REAL PHYSICAL that is your physical body and this Physical Existence.
(This Process of how/why Humans believe reality to be Illusion, when they’re with and as their Minds accessing the Mind’s version of reality/the physical which is the “illusion”, and they’re not equal and one with their own Real Physicals and this Physical Existence – will be walked/explained in posts to come.)

So, with this – throughout one’s life, one accumulate knowledge, information, images, pictures, words that your Consciousness will categorize and organize within itself.
Thus, for example – let’s say you accumulate, throughout your life - knowledge, information, pictures, images of ‘the Dimensions / Aliens’ for example; most/some of it you won’t even Remember – cause, look at this interesting thing: can you remember ALL the thoughts, images, pictures, humans, experiences/reactions you had the Previous Day? In ABSOLUTE Detail? No – you can’t, your Mind/Consciousness does that for you – storing an entire Day into/as the Unconscious where the MIND use most of your Memories for its own purposes in fuelling Personality Systems, charging emotional/feeling bodies in the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind Dimensions – while consciousness keep you busy with the Past, in the Conscious Mind thought processes/internal conversations and reactions of emotions/feelings.
And this is Why, for example – one may not ‘remember’ where the Image/Picture that one is Drawing automatically ‘came from’, in terms of where one saw it, how one saw it, what was one’s experience upon seeing it – on ALL levels of the Mind, from the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical. And so, with not understanding/knowing how Consciousness in fact operate/function, how memories work, how the Mind stores memories in the Unconscious/Physical Body and how they can activate with external stimuli / internal reactions: one would Believe that an Image/Picture Drawn of for example representing an interdimensional being/alien is someone ‘contacting you’ in some way, when in fact: you’re channelling your own Memories that you activated either consciously, through wondering about it/thinking about it and/or that activated unconsciously, where from your external environment – a stimulus activated a memory of an image/picture you saw to which you had an energy-reactions/experience on any/all dimensions/levels of the Mind/Consciousness; and in that activation, took over from the Unconscious and you drew it / it drew itself through/as you.

Let’s get into more Specifics regards these processes:
So, there’s two ways an image/picture from a Memory can activate: Consciously and/or Unconsciously. Let’s first start with Consciously:

Conscious-Mind Activating of Mind-Memory Drawings:

As we’ve mentioned, you will accumulate throughout your life Knowledge and Information about, for example – ‘alien contact’ / ‘dimensional being contact’, how it happens, how it’s done – “what they look like” etc. In this, you within your own Mind – can create an entire reality of accumulated knowledge, information, images, pictures – even from movies/magazines/the internet and manifest an entire System/Database in your Mind as “Who I Am in relationship to Aliens/Dimensions/Hereafter/Afterlife”. That within this, can create an entire Personality System in relationship to the Words Dimensions/Aliens/Hereafter/Afterlife/Other Side etc. – where you will have all sorts of thoughts towards it, imaginations towards it, emotional/feeling reactions/experiences towards All the knowledge, information, words, images, pictures, fantasies that you accumulated in your Mind/Consciousness within and throughout your life.

Now in this, you have to understand that you’re not aware of ALL levels of your Mind’s existence, and so not even in a relationship with your Body – so you can’t remember ALL the things you saw/experienced throughout your life, or created particular relationships towards, or what energy-experiences/reactions you had towards what you had seen/experienced in your Mind-Physical relationship throughout your life; that Consciousness deals with FOR you; all you do in your awareness is participate in the Conscious Mind, within the Thoughts/Personalities Systems that Consciousness Activate For and as You that you Follow as though it is ‘who you are’ – so there’s in fact very little of even your own existence in the Mind that you’re in Control of; and can listen more to How and Why in the Quantum Mind Interview Series.
Also, a suggestion would be Listening to the What is Sex Interview Series – that walk practically how a Personality System in relation to Sex/Sexuality is created, accumulating images, pictures, fantasies, imaginations, energy experiences, how the Individual creates an entire Persona around Sex/Sexuality that is often far taken from the Reality of what Sex/Relationships is in fact about, and so why/how Relationships have become more about Sex; than realising it’s about two Human Beings – walking together, living together, expanding/developing/growing. The same happens with creating a Personality-relationship around the Dimensions/Contact/Aliens – completely taken from the Reality of what is in fact involved in such processes of “contact”.

Thus, with this – your Mind can “animate, alter, change, misconstrue” memories of reality within itself, according to what will suit your Personalities / who you are. Have a look at how often, one can remember something as a memory/past experience and actually change/alter WHAT REALLY HAPPENED and/or how things really looked like…thus, the Mind do the same with images/pictures for example. The Mind can take images/pictures you saw of for example aliens/dimensions, and then in the Mind – can change/alter/misconstrue it to ‘make you feel better about how you saw the REAL image/picture of it in reality in a magazine/movies/internet. So, let’s say you saw an Alien drawing that looked quite ‘serious / stern / frightening’ that you reacted to. Subconscious/unconsciously, you can then change that image/picture to see the Alien smiling / dress the Alien differently to make them seem more ‘approachable’ as you would for example Imagine in your Mind ‘how Aliens would be / could be if they did exist’. Not realising that, in doing so: One is actually CREATING / animating ‘aliens/dimensionals’ IN YOUR OWN MIND, and creating a relationship to them in your own Mind, based on images/pictures you saw, animated in your Imagination and then changed to accordingly suit your Personalities/who/how you are. Even such imaginations, one may not even remember doing, cause they can happen Really fast – but, they will imprint into your Consciousness as remembrances/memories as “Who I am in relationship to aliens/dimensions/hereafter/afterlife”.
(This process of how Memories are created and how the Mind simulate Reality is walked in the following POSTS: Who’s the Boss but Memory and The Organic Memory-Chip.)

Thus, with this – when/as you for example sit and wonder about the Word “Dimensions” / Word “Aliens” or Word “Contact” or anything that has to do with the hereafter/afterlife/other side; and you have connected to that Word/such Words, all memories/images/pictures/knowledge and information And Imaginations/Fantasies that you have accumulated within and throughout your Life, and/or all that you can consciously remember and all that unconsciously imprinted into you: what Activate then is an entire database of such memories and energy experiences in your OWN MIND in relation to that Word. Your entire “Persona” can activate / ‘Mind database’ can activate from/of One Word and/or wondering about / thinking about a Word/an existence based on what you accumulated from THIS WORLD’s knowledge and information.
(We suggest here having a listen to the Following Quantum Mind Interview that explains how Consciousness create Words and from Words, create Personality Systems, where words belong to the Mind/Consciousness – instead of you in/as your Living as Living Words:
Language System we start explaining from STEP 35 in the Quantum Mind Series. Also more interviews regarding Language/Words and the relationship to the Mind/Consciousness: Language – the Sceptre of Creation and How Language Substantiates the Mind. )
So, if/as you Unconsciously – created a particular connection and/or energy experience to want to have contact with aliens/dimensionals, and/or imagined how it would be, and/or READ anywhere how it could be/is etc. – one can Simulate, in one’s Imagination ‘doing/being something like that’; and if/as one had a particular connection to dimensional beings / aliens, looking a particular way from images/pictures that you had seen/accumulated throughout your life that you particularly ‘liked’ – one can actually in a Personality System in the Mind, create a ‘self’ that ‘contact/channel’ an ‘alien’ and how it looks like. So, essentially – with all the gathered information from reality, now existent as memories, one can in ONE’S OWN MIND – create a ‘self’ that ‘contact/channel’ a being/alien, for example:
How this Process unfolds in the interdimensional-physical existence as the Mind-Physical relationship, as one can see it through the Portal – regarding how you can animate memories in your mind, create relationships to it in your mind and then manifest it into physical reality as though it’s “really happening”, but it’s all just happening in your own Mind/Consciousness:
So - One can see the being ‘seeing themselves in their own minds’, like for example a ‘mind simulated version of you coming up in the Mind’ and then a picture/drawing/image of a dimensional/alien that you liked from a memory. In that instance, what is then ‘imagined’ is that Image/Picture Animating into a “Real Being” – that being then ‘come alive’ and one Imagine oneself ‘channelling / drawing’ it as one would imagine how such an Alien/Dimensional would ‘contact you’. Now, understand – the Mind can animate memories, create an entire imagination of images/pictures/words/knowledge and information together with energy-experiences; and so you can Create a ‘self’ that channel/draw/contact/experience aliens/dimensions from within your own Mind. And so, how over an extended period of time of accumulating reality-data, together with your imagination, and consciousness ability to animate things: One can create such a “Self” into Physical Reality. Where, it’s actually happening in one’s Mind, that one is ‘communicating with an alien/being that one’s Mind animated’ and it manifesting into Physical Reality where it then happen in ‘real time’ – doing in reality, what one is doing/already done in one’s Mind: Drawing a memory that one animated. So, your consciousness can accumulate Data – simulate it in your Mind, based on your ‘wish/desire/want and need’ and then manifest it into happening in and through the Physical.

So, here is a Conscious Mind example of what happens, how you can activate an image/picture, animate it – “channel/draw it” in your own Mind and then that version/personality of yourself will then come through in actual physical reality, where you’re drawing your own Memory and not in contact with a Real Alien/Interdimensional Being.

Now, within this obviously is Why and How it is that one then do not consciously see the drawing/image that you ‘channel’ from your own Memories?
This is because, what you’re becoming in that moment is the Imagination of yourself that you constructed by/through your Consciousness in your Mind’s relationship to accumulated data from/of this world/reality; that animated as we explained above. And so, because you already created the scenario in the Mind, you’re now just living it out / embodying it as who you are in the Physical Body and so why/how it’s experienced like a ‘channelling’; you have no ‘Conscious Mind’ reference of any of this – cause it’s all coming from your Unconscious Mind, manifesting through into and as the Physical.

Unconscious-Mind Activating of Mind-Memory Drawings:
Now, we have walked the Conscious Mind activation of Mind-Memory Drawings – where it happens when you think/look a Word such as Aliens/Dimensions/Contact, for example. So, the process Unfold through the Unconscious Mind activation – exactly the same, however – all that change is the “stimuli”.
Meaning, that – in the Conscious Mind Activation, you consciously activated the Personality/Imagination-relationship to the process of Drawing, whereas with Unconscious Mind Activation, an external stimuli such as a colour, or a sound, or a fraction of an image/picture/photograph you see; you can unconsciously react to, that create a “movement” in your Mind and Body, with that movement/reaction in relation to the external stimuli then synchronizing to/as for example your Personality/Database of aliens/dimensions/contact and can through such a way, access the process of ‘automatic drawing’ with activating images/scenes/pictures/imaginations in your Mind.

Thus, essentially - this entire Process manifesting, only because human beings do not yet Understand HOW Consciousness in fact really work. So, I would REALLY suggest – starting one’s process in researching Desteni, EQAFE as we have for the past 7 Years dedicated ourselves to bringing through what is REALLY going on in Existence, Consciousness and why/how ‘life on earth’ is the way it is and HOW we can Change it through the Process of ‘freeing’ oneself from Consciousness as Provided in the Desteni I Process LITE and the Desteni I Process PRO, and returning to one’s Source-Beingness and equal and one Physical Body Relationship.

Now that we have walked the HOW the Mind-Self relationship operate/function regarding ‘drawing Memories’, let’s have a look at How/Why we can say, with Certainty that – one is not Drawing/Contacting/Interpreting any dimensional/interdimensional being/alien:

Now, what has to be seen, realised and understood is that: everything in Human Consciousness regarding the Afterlife/Hereafter/Other side – was Preprogrammed into Human Consciousness and deliberately manipulated; meaning – the relationship between Human Consciousness and the Heaven Existence was regulated/controlled by the Creators of existence; primarily because they did not want Humans to see what was REALLY going on within the Heaven Existence.
Before the Year 1998 – the History of the evolution of Human’s relationship to the Heaven Existence, was still regulated, but much more ‘accessible’. Meaning, a select few Humans did have direct-access to the Real Heaven/Real Beings within and as it. However from 1998 onwards, no Human Consciousness had direct access to the REAL Heaven Existence bar for when some of Heaven’s Elite deliberately decided to access the Mind and the Physical of Humans however this was far and few between. From 1998, the Heaven Existence was simulated and Preprogrammed into the Minds of Humans and so human beings have, and still are, in their own Minds – working with/recreating, in/as the Quantum Multi-Dimensional Existence of the Mind/Consciousness, their relationship to ‘Heaven’.
With the time of the Opening of the Portal in 2005 going onto 2006 – we Found the entire Heaven Existence completely Separate from Earth/Humanity, essentially all beings in their own ‘Heavens’ with no care in existence; while Human Suffering within this physical existence continued without their intervention, support/assistance in any way whatsoever. With this, a Process started in the Heaven Existence – which Changed Heaven forevermore within what is currently understood / still believed to be ‘how Heaven exist’. Thus, now – no more Angels, Demons, Alien Races, Archangels, Guides, Masters etc. exist in the Interdimensional existence at all – only Beings, equally as one in their Process of taking responsibility for the consequence that was accepted and allowed to exist within this Physical Existence. Thus, there are no more ‘hierarchies / dimensional planes’ in the Heaven Existence – ALL beings, upon Death, face their Lives in a Life Review and then return to the interdimensional-physical existence that is here in/as this Physical Existence, just within a different dimension – and walk their process of becoming equal-to and one-with taking Responsibility for what is Here.

We have gone into Detail regarding all the processes above within the Following Interviews for further research/investigation:

The Change of Heaven:
The Dawn of a New Age

How the Opening of the Portal:
The Story of Sunette

A Series explaining what REALLY happened in Heaven, as was discovered through the Portal having Direct Access to All of the Heaven Existence and its relationship to Humanity/the Physical:
Journeys into the Afterlife

In this Series – one get a perspective of the Life Reviews that beings walk upon Death, taking responsibility for their Life on Earth, to from there continue their process of taking responsibility for existence from the Interdimensional-Physical Existence:
Life Review Series

So, with this – with me having the ability, as the Portal, to Leave my body entirely / completely – which one can Understand more of within My Interviews; we have walked a Process thus far of 7 Years, exploring, researching, investigating ALL of existence – from Heaven’s relationship to this Physical Existence, from the Mind’s relationship to the Physical Body and so within this: What Consciousness really in fact is as a Preprogrammed System, separating human beings from the Physical Body, this Physical Existence – that was deliberately done for Humans to generate Energy for Heaven. (This Process also explained in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series)
And now, with Desteni – we’re showing, in detail, how to walk yourself in freeing yourself from this Preprogramming as Consciousness, and return to your REAL SOURCE as your beingness and physical Body from which you were deliberately Separated.
This is Why – we are able to with Certainty say that: No Aliens/interdimensional beings will contact any Human Being through ‘automatic Drawing’, for example. This is not any being’s prerogative within the interdimensional existence, they’re all walking their own process of returning themselves to their Source, their equality and oneness as the Physical – only, they’re walking it from the interdimensional existence, Humans on Earth are walking it from ‘your Mini-version of an interdimensional existence’ as your Mind into the Physical.

With this, some of the Beings that have participated in creating the Mind, the Physical Body and so contributed to the Evolution of Consciousness – are now walking their processes of explaining WHY and HOW they did it, which is walked in the Reptilian, Atlantean and Kryon interview Series.
Thus, the Portal – has been the first Real Access into and as the Heaven Existence – where a being, myself, could leave my body COMPLETELY, and allow another being to Enter into my Body COMPLETELY – sometimes me remaining in the Heaven Existence from 1 – 3 months, the longest I’ve been there is 7 months, while other beings from the Interdimensional Existence occupy the Physical Body, living in the Physical Body; doing interviews and writings as much as possible to explain what REALLY happened in Heaven’s relationship to Humanity; ALL of which one can find explained now in EQAFE.
Thus, previously – because no Human Being had Direct Access to the Heaven Existence in terms of leaving their bodies for real / completely: it was very easy for the Elite/Creators of existence to control human’s minds with regards to what information/beings they have access to, and then eventually to even simulate Heaven in their own Minds to make them believe they’re accessing the ‘Real Heaven’ when they did not in fact. This was explained also in the following Interview:
Why and How Heaven was Simulated in the Mind

Another point regarding Why/How interdimensional beings will not contact one through ‘automatic drawing’ and/or ‘sending their vibrations/sounds’ to be interpreted through the Mind/Physical to be drawn is that: with now Leaving the Body – the Interdimensional Existence is absolute ‘darkness’, lol – not an “evil dark”, but the darkness of Substance, which is what one’s ‘Source’ in fact look like, like an eternal darkness, yet within and as that eternal darkness – everything and everyone exist within you, as you. With this, beings in the interdimensional existence no more represent themselves by image/pictures of themselves, WE ALL LOOK THE SAME in the interdimensional existence, from the perspective that you take on an ‘egg-shaped formation” which is what your Real Beingness-Form look like. What distinguishes us from each other is our SOUND expression/signature, it’s like “beingness DNA” in a way – your ‘individual signature’ of/as your ‘unique beingness’ that has a particular Sound-resonance to it, within and as the natural substance of/as your Beingness. One can listen more to what is “beingness” and how your beingness was programmed into the Mind and into the Physical as the relationship of/as enslavement, when your beingness was ‘supposed to’ be aligned with your BODY that is made up of the same substance as your beingness, you were separated from that by the MIND that USED your substance of your beingness and physical body; instead of us living and expressing our Beingness/Physical relationship in equality and oneness:

Mind-Beingness-Physical Relationship explained in the Following Interviews:
Kryon – Part 10, Atlanteans: The Perfect Mind and Body, and Imperfect Beingness, Reptilians: Replicating the Feminine Beingness and Atlanteans: The Mind-Beingness Mirror

Thus, with this – when moving out of my Body, and/or when anyone dies – they first walk their Life Review, they don’t manifest into any ‘pictured version’ of themselves, they return to their Original Beingness Form as Substance and Sound.
For more Information/Perspective regarding ‘what is Substance’ / Sound: why the Physical is Substance, our Beingness is Substance and how/why that was Separated into the Mind/Consciousness we suggest:
Secret History of the Universe Interview Series (This explains how we evolved from an Energy-Substance relationship, that throughout time – solidified into the Now Mind-Physical relationship.), Atlanteans: The Evolution and Materialization of Sound, Atlanteans: The Physical as Sound, Reptilians: Why can’t we hear the Sound of the Physical

Another Reference, is: through the Portal – when Drawing the Atlanteans / Reptilian Race; they themselves come through the Portal and describe themselves to an Artist that accordingly, in the best way possible in 3D – represent what they looked like. The Sketches can be seen here:

It is difficult in the sense that they were Multidimensional regards to how they looked like before the Change in Heaven. With this, they go into absolute detail regarding WHY certain aspects of themselves look the way they do / why certain features are shaped/designed in particular-specific ways; we started this Process that one can reference in the following interviews below, to show how – they themselves come through the Portal and describe/walk themselves in Absolute Detail together with the History of their form/presentation etc.:
Alien Race Research – The Grey’s Part One and Part Two
We have done the same process with the Atlanteans/Reptilians – walking/describing their Interdimensional-Physical Forms/Shapes/Designs, however they’re not available on YouTube at this stage, as we’ll be commencing them within the Interview Series on Eqafe.

With this, also – when the Portal opened, the first thing that was done, was: to Never accept/allow Any being/ Any thing to “just come through the Body” – I initially Always firstly checked, who’s the being, where they come from, what’s they’re intentions, why do they want to come through the Body, so there was Never and still is Never accepted/allowed for anything to just “automatically come up out of nowhere” in the Body, it’s ALWAYS sourced/checked if/as its immediate origin is not seen in a Moment.
This is a responsibility that one should consider Implementing in one’s Process – and this is essentially the Process that is being walked with Desteni and the Education on the Mind/Consciousness, because you don’t even know where exactly the Thoughts you think come from, how they were created, how your emotional/feeling energies are produced, how they affect the Physical Body, so in a way – you’re always ‘channelling your own Mind’, embodying it and living it out – without being the Directive Principle of ANY of it. Thus, how I would suggest having a Read-through the 7 Year Journey to Life Process that is being walked, where Individuals through the process of writing, self forgiveness and Self Corrective Application – are investigating, understanding the Mind/Consciousness, to be/become a Self Directive, Aware, Living Being in/as this existence, to start taking Responsibility for ourselves, our Lives and so Existence as a Whole.

I Understand that much of the Writings above may bring forth Questions. Please join the Desteni Forums and ask your Questions within the appropriate Threads and we’ll assist/support and/or direct one to relevant Interviews done for further Understanding/Clarity.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Leila » 08 Feb 2013, 13:47

DAY 294 – DAY 296

http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.co ... y-294.html

Alien Voices and Sounds in the Head: DAY 294 – DAY 296

Artwork by: Matti Destonian Freeman

Aliens are the personalities that invade the Orb on top of the physical human body and cause the human to Orbit Planet Earth on Flights of Imagination


Important Self Education about Reality:
The Power Principle
The Trap
Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century
The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines

In and from this Post, we’re going to address the Experience of Hearing ‘Voices and Sounds’ in the Head – specifically within the context of when/as one Believe others in one’s Environment is ‘aliens’ and/or incarnations of interdimensional races/being that is attempting to/trying to ‘Contact you’.
However, all of this is only Happening in one’s Mind to which only self is privy, in the sense that – there is no Physical, Real, Direct, Clear One-on-One Communication in/as this actual, real, physical world through their own Physical Bodies, their own Voices; the ‘communication’ is purely happening within one’s own Mind only. Where one is within one’s Mind – ‘interpreting / perceiving’, based on external behavioural/movement stimuli, that in ‘alternate dimensions’ in this Physical Existence, normal human beings in one’s Environment are aliens/beings from other dimensions/planet Communicating with one.

So, let’s get into explaining / giving Perspective of how your Own Mind generate ‘Voices and Sounds’ in the Head, through your own Personality Systems – and why and how, in the times of today; hearing Voices and Sounds in the Head is coming from within one’s own Mind and is not in fact Aliens contacting one within the Mind and/or through messages/TV-Programs/Music/Codes/Symbols/Numbers/Beams/Sound/Frequency/Vibration in/as this Physical World/Reality.
The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ it is that we can say/explain this with certainty – one can find at the End of this document, and also the Why and How it is that we can show, in detail, how one’s own Mind/Consciousness, through memories, can generate with the Imagination – voices, sounds and beings, and so from within one’s own Mind essentially “distort Physical Reality” to seeing through the Eyes of Imagination, than directly-here in/through one’s Real Physical Eyes.

To understand how one can Hear different voices/sounds in the head – we suggest listening to the Following Interview: Why Music Plays in the Mind. In this, one can reference the obvious point, which I’m sure all/most have done, is that: one can in one’s Mind – hear the detail of a song, the instruments, the artists voice and replay it in detail within one’s Mind. During this moment – one hear the sound of the artists voice as their voice exist, together with the entire ‘orchestra / instruments’. So, here already one can see, realise and understand that one’s Mind can immediately imprint Sounds and Voices of others that one can Hear within one’s own Mind. And, when one deliberately “think about” a particular song/artist – one can in a moment play and hear it in the Mind and sing-along, hearing the song/artist as they exist within what you heard in Physical Reality.
So, with this – one can now imagine the extent of Sounds/Voices one is exposed to in every-day life/living Participation. As we have explained in the Previous Post – regarding how the Mind imprint Physical Reality through one’s eye-blinking into itself, like ‘captures Physical Reality’ and transform it into energy-replicas in the Mind/Consciousness: your Consciousness essentially captures EVERYTHING, all the Detail of what you had seen/heard/spoken/read/experienced in Absolute Detail.
This is also Why and How your Consciousness, your own Consciousness, actually ‘know you better than you know yourself’ in the sense that – it can, for example, capture a Moment in Physical Reality while watching Television and you were so entranced in the Conscious/Subconscious Mind Dimensions while watching Television, that one wasn’t aware of how one was actually on a Quantum Mind level, for example, reacting to the scenes in the Movie.
Let’s say you were watching an Action Movie and you’re so transfixed ‘out there’ that you’re not realising what is in fact happening ‘within you’ and your Consciousness can take the scenes/actors/actresses and your Subconscious/Unconscious Mind reactions to it, upload it into itself and categorize the scenes/images into Personality Systems based on how you reacted to what you were Seeing.
For example – let’s say you have a Personality System where you often image yourself to be a ‘Hero’ of sorts, and the Movie had a particular-specific ‘Hero-Character’, such images/scenes/actions will imprint into that Particular Personality’s memory-database and will contribute to, for example -when you go into your IMAGINATION and then Imagine yourself to be a ‘Hero’ – you will use the Information from a Movie, adapt/change it to your Personal Interests and so it becomes Fuel for your Imagination. You don’t ever Question where the ‘material’ that you use in the Imagination comes from, cause you believe “it’s just THERE” – not seeing, realising and understanding how Most, if not All, of the material you use in your Imagination, come from your external reality to which you had a Subconscious/Unconscious Mind reaction/movement of either positive/negative, that your Consciousness imprinted and channelled into particular/specific Personality Systems FOR YOU and so Consciousness provide you with an eternal database of collected/accumulated mind-physical relationships/data to keep you preoccupied/busy in the Conscious Mind Dimension of the Mind.
Here are interviews we suggest with regards to Understanding the existence of Imagination:
History and Evolution of Imagination
The Dream State Imagination System
My Life with an Overactive Imagination

It’s like, one can see Consciousness and its control over/of your Awareness as an constant/continuous “Media Stream” – feeding you images, pictures, experiences, imaginations, fantasies that is collected within/throughout your daily living/participation, and you simply participate in whatever AUTOMATICALLY comes up within the Conscious Mind…without Question. Without considering/asking/investigating/introspecting HOW thoughts/imaginations, the specific energies of emotions/feelings activate/manifest in the Body, where is the energy created from, cause there is most certainly not a “physical organ” that can be scientifically dissected that show exactly how emotions/feelings are produced; and so here the evidence of an Interdimensional-Physical relationship as the Mind’s relationship to the Physical. Now, this is what we explain/walk/show in Detail within Desteni – what the MIND, what Consciousness Really is, how it is created, where thoughts/memories come from, how Mind Energy is created through the Sacrifice of the Physical, how did we come to exist in such a relationship, how/why it is that you’re “aware” of the Mind, the Body – but not in directive principle of it At all, how did we as a Human Race come to such a relationship, why is Consciousness the CON and must be transcended to return to Real Source as the Physical Body/Substance/Life Force that we’ve been separated from into and as the Mind/Consciousness. Additionally within this, as mentioned above – one can at the end of the document reference why/how it is that, through the Portal – we can see the Mind/Consciousness and its multi-dimensional/interdimensional relationship to/as the Physical Body. The Following Series on EQAFE explain this relationship in absolute detail:
Quantum Mind
Quantum Systemization

Thus, as with Media in the World – that primarily exist as Propaganda and Mind-Control – controlling human thinking/reasoning/emotional and feeling responses to accordingly alter/change their consciousness/behaviour to the Interest of those providing the Mainstream Media: your Mind/Consciousness do EXACTLY the same:
So, within all of this – one have to understand, that: capturing Voices and Sounds from one’s external reality, your Consciousness do For You as Consciousness imprint this Real Physical Reality into and as a Simulated-Energy Version into and as the Mind. In this, the Mind thus have the ‘Power’ to change/alter/misconstrue Physical Reality ‘at will’ to accordingly produce/create “the Best possible scenarios/memories” to chip-into your Personality Systems, to produce the Most Energy-Experiences in the Mind. The Mind’s primary prerogative is to have you experience ENERGY in the form of Emotions and Feelings, that you produce in your Mind-Beingness-Physical Relationship, the moment you participate in any construct/part/energy of the Mind, your Beingness attach to it, from there root into the Physical Body and then resource the physical/substance of the physical and transform it into Mind-Energy. As with Mainstream Media – prerogative is to induce particular responses in Human Consciousness, through warping/misconstruing/changing actual real physical reality/real events that happened – so your Mind do exactly the same, and so why and how your Mind/Consciousness will have an Energy-Replica of Physical Reality within and as Reality so memories can be changed/altered to suit Personalities/your personal relationship to memories/reality to create/generate particular/specific Reactions.

Now, as I explained above, it may sound as though the Mind/Consciousness is the ‘separate entity/system’, but it’s not: the Mind/Consciousness have in fact become our Beingness, our ‘who we are’ as we have through the Generations of Humanity believed that the Mind is ‘who we are’, when there is an Existential History regarding how our Beingness was deliberately programmed into the Mind, and eventually we programmed our own Beingness to become to the Mind. And so, with Desteni – we show the Structured Process and Techniques to be walked, to release/free one’s Beingness from within/as the Mind/Consciousness and return to Source/Equality and Oneness as the Physical Body/this Physical Existence. So, it is in fact ourselves AS the Mind/Consciousness – that take Physical Reality in our Minds, as Memories, and alter/change it deliberately to suit our own prerogatives/intentions/desires/wants/needs/fears etc.
These processes of how to structurally, practically walk oneself from the Mind/Consciousness into equal and one Physical Living is available in the following interviews/courses:
Self-Awareness Steps for the Elite
Desteni I Process LITE (Free Online Course)
Desteni I Process PRO

Now, with understanding more – how we take Physical Reality, imprint it as Memories into Consciousness and accordingly alter/change/misconstrue Memories of Reality to suit our own intentions/interests of/as specific Personality Systems, let’s have a look at how one can, in one’s own Mind, create an Imagination / Alternate Reality and superimpose it into/onto actual Real Physical Reality with believing that ordinary Human Beings are ‘Aliens’ contacting you:

Here, one have to apply the Principle of Self-Honesty – in the sense of: having a look at, how much knowledge, information, images, pictures, ideas, conversations, sounds, movies, scenes one had imprinted into one’s Consciousness, in relationship to for example Aliens/Alien Contact. As we have also explained in the previous post: one accumulate throughout one’s Life an exceptional amount of Data in relationship to reality and accordingly form Personalities around grouped data that is of similar/same nature, and can so, essentially create a “Who I am in relationship to Aliens” Personality.
Within this, one can from an Energy-Experience/Reaction in the Mind – make oneself Believe in Aliens, if one continue “thinking about them/developing in one’s imagination a particular relationship to them” based on what is fed into Mainstream Media regarding the existence of Aliens, and there, in one’s own Mind, one can construct an entire self-relationship to Aliens, together with one’s energy experiences/reactions, thought processes, internal conversations/backchat as one talk oneself into belief; and so because it’s made to be Real in the MIND – oh, but then it must be Real in Reality!!! When this is not so.

So, if one is Self Honest – and really self-honestly look at the relationship to one’s Mind, one will find that one will start “thinking about / wondering” whether people might be Aliens, from other planets – this also coming from what is filtered into society from Media sources regarding that “Aliens are among us”, and if/as you have really fed your Mind with thinking/wondering/imagining about Aliens, Contact and/or ordinary human beings being ‘Alien’ and fed such an Imagination/Personality A LOT of Energy through participating in such things in the Mind…it can eventually come through in a form of possession, and so what one initially wondered about/imagined/though about in the Mind: starts materializing/manifesting into/as Physical Reality.
Thus, dependent on how much Energy one feed a thought, a wondering, an IDEA in the Mind – over an extended period of time, animating it within the Mind’s Imagination – the more and more the Imagination supersede Physical Reality, and so one will believe one’s Mind more than actual, real Physical Evidence. Accumulating data from/of the external environment/Media Systems – internet, books, TV, magazines, conversations etc. of, for example, Aliens, their existence, contact etc.; then start occupying one’s Mind MORE – and one can Self Honestly look for oneself, how much one THINK about things in the Mind, IMAGINE them and the conjure up all sorts of reactions/emotional and feeling responses to what you participate in the Mind and then, until eventually, one start seeing through one’s own Mind instead of directly at Physical Reality.
This is also evidenced in the ‘small’ – with regards to, how one can, from a Human Being behaving in a certain way / doing something, and one react to it in the Mind creating an IDEA/assumption/interpretation of the other, one start back-chatting about it, generating more emotional/feeling experiences, having one’s Imagination go out of control, until the person explains their reason for behaviour/doing and it had NOTHING do with what one imagined it to be. This is exactly how the relationship to Aliens/the Afterlife/Hereafter are created in the Mind’s imagination – reinterpreting reality/knowledge and information within the Mind’s Imagination according to one’s own ‘frame of references’.

We will be, within this Week – walking a Video Interview, explaining in detail the exact steps of how one, within one’s own Mind can create one’s own ‘Alien Contact’, how it all starts with a search/seeking energy experience, then accumulating data/information from reality, then personalizing the data/information through creating a personal relationship to it, from there expanding into the imagination, and creating an alternate reality that can be charged with energy/attention/participation to such an extent, that one’s Mind become more real than what is Real in/as this Physical Reality.
So, in this interview – we’ll discuss all the Steps of Personality Creation – into the eventual design of experiencing alien contact in/as the Mind.

Thus, primarily within this all is to understand: whatever you’re hearing / participating within the Mind – originate from Memories. Memories – in terms of what one had seen/heard/experienced throughout one’s life, whether one was conscious of the reality-imprints or not. And so, why/how people believe / would believe hearing sounds/voices in the head is ‘other-worldly contact’ or ‘other beings/forces doing it’; because the Mind/Consciousness is not Understood, and not seen/realised/understood how you can hear Sounds in your Head from actual reality-memories of sounds in your external environment, how you can hear other voices speaking to you in different tonalities – coming again, from memories in your Mind as voices of others that was imprinted into you, and if/as you unconsciously reacted to another person’s voice and for example imagined them to be ‘beastly’ in a way, can create an entity out of it in the Mind and then suddenly hear these ‘beastly creatures with a beastly voice’ speaking to you, but all of it was interconnected in the Mind’s imagination, the voice of another, the image representation of a beast also imprinted from your external world/reality, attach the two, generate a fear around it and one can generate such a fear/reaction to it, that one essentially create one’s own Beast in the Mind ‘talking to you’ – your own Fear, your own Creation speaking to you, yourself.

So, for example you’ll notice in a following scenario:
You start THINKING that other people in your world is Aliens/from a different planet / reincarnations of interdimensional beings, then you start THINKING about how they’re going to contact you/make contact with you. And this ‘thinking process’ is actually where you are starting to actively create in your Imagination – which you can do through, suddenly, in the Imagination this IDEA comes up of ‘neighbours are aliens’, and now within your Alien-Personality System in the Mind, what will come up as well is all sorts of ways means/methods that you’ve read/seen regarding ‘Alien Contact’ and so in a quantum moment can filter through the memory-data which contact-method is ‘most suited’ for this occasion/imagination and then decide, they’re going to contact you telepathically. Then, based on how you imaged the Aliens to be in the neighbours in your Mind – you will find that, in physical reality, they’re normal human beings, it’s only IN YOUR MIND you now placed in an ‘alien origin’ in your neighbours and now you started animating, in your imagination, your Neighbours as Aliens, as well as how they’re contacting you. So, how this looks like interdimensionally-physically:
You have now in your Mind imagined neighbours to be aliens. So, in your Mind’s imagination – this is ‘real for you’ and you can actually also animate the whole situation, where your neighbours in your Mind can move/walk/talk/be seen as ‘Aliens’. However – this is where IMAGINATION meets REALITY and so your mind’s imagination start merging with reality to such an extent, that you don’t realise that whatever you’re seeing in Physical Reality – is actually being superimposed from within your own Mind.
This also Illustrated in the Example above, where one can in one’s Mind – misinterpret another’s behaviour, and from within one’s Imagination, really make oneself Believe that the person’s actions/behaviours was done in a certain light, and so suddenly –almost EVERYTHING that person does, starts looking like it’s being done within and as the context one created it to be in the Mind, in one’s Mind’s Imagination; until the Imagination was ‘short-circuited’ when the Individual explain their actions/behaviours and the contexts within that.

Now, in your Imagination – you essentially have now your Animated-Replica of Physical Reality in the Quantum Time Dimensions of the Mind. So, you have your neighbours as ‘Aliens’, (which before – they were normal people, only when you started ‘thinking about them as Aliens in the Mind/the Mind’s Imagination’ did they now become ‘Alien’) in your Mind’s Imagination and now you start wondering how they’ll contact you / be contacting you – and you can create/animate the ‘Neighbour Aliens’ in the Mind to have their own distinct voices, their own distinct ways/means/methods of ‘contacting you’ – and so you can create ‘Voices in the Head’, in your own Head from/of conversations/movies/documentaries etc. that you have HEARD that you in any way consciously/unconsciously linked to being ‘Alien Voices’ that you from within your Consciousness can suit to your ‘Alien-neighbours’ in the Mind; and/or ways of contacting – such as beams, energy beams, light beams, sounds, signals, signs – from within the Mind and/or from your external world such as from TV Programs, clips of videos etc. where someone at a specific time says something for example and that you connect that to, in your ‘Alien Neighbour Imagination’ as the Aliens contacting you. Again, here – a representation of how Imagination meets Reality, in sense that – dependent on your ‘State of Mind’ and/or where/who you are in/as your State of Mind – this can change/misconstrue Physical Reality entirely/completely.
Again referencing here the example of misinterpreting another’s actions/behaviours in the Mind, where suddenly – one interpret/perceive EVERYTHING that human being do, as being some sign/signal as to the Idea you hold in Your Mind of them, and NOTHING that they were doing, speaking, behaving or saying had Anything to do with what you Imagined in your own Mind.
So, one can start seeing here the Consequence of not Understanding Consciousness and Imagination, and how in the Quantum Dimensions of Consciousness, one can create/produce/manifest an entire alternate reality, that within the Mind is SO REAL, cause we already exist in such a way where we’ve made our own Minds MORE REAL than what is actually in fact going on in/as Physical Reality.

This process of how your Consciousness can animate people, change their representation, give them voices and/or otherworldly skills/capabilities – we will be walking in the Interview to come in the Next Few Days that will be in alignment with this Blog done of today, where one will see, realise and understand the ‘Advanced Technology’ of Consciousness-itself.
We have also in this Blog explained – how and why, even your own Personality Systems in your Mind, dependent on ‘who you are’ in relationship to different people/scenarios/situations, your own internal conversations/backchats will manifest in different voice tonalities/sounds. This was explained in and from this Blog Multidimensional Inner Voices – regarding what, within your own Personalities, determine different voices of yourself manifesting in your Mind, as well as how ‘Voices in the Head’ is created.

Thus, the PRIMARY point within this all – that must be seen, realised and understood is that: when one start THINKING/WONDERING about something, and one have a lot of accumulated knowledge and information of that something/someone, one can in one’s Imagination create an entire alternate reality for oneself.
For further assistance and support regarding Thoughts and Thinking – we propose the Following Interviews:
Thoughts and Thinking: A deliberate creation of control
How Thoughts Create Physical Reality

And, as we’ve mentioned – one have to reference one’s own Self Honesty and one will see, realise and understand for Self how self started wondering, thinking, imagining things and then it ‘came alive’ in one’s own Mind.
So, in the Interview to come – we’ll assist and support with practical perspectives with regards to how to let such Imaginations go, and ‘return to reality’; and assist and support self to ‘get to know the Mind/Consciousness’ so that one do not create one’s own Possessions within one’s own Mind/Imagination.

Now that one have the basics with regards to how the Mind can create alternate realities/scenarios that is then superimposed onto actual Reality, let’s have a look at WHY and HOW we can see and show such relationships/process of Mind Evolution:

I would suggest referencing the Previous Post, where I had explained and given references to Why and How it is, that through the Portal – we can directly see, investigate, the multi-dimensions/quantum mind-physical existence of Consciousness, the Physical Body and its relationship to self and existence as a Whole. Thus, what we write/show – we can Directly-See. Additionally within this, in the Previous Post – we explained Why and How we can with Certainty say that there are no Interdimensional Beings/Aliens that will attempt/try to contact Human Beings – through for example Automatic Drawing and so also with ‘speaking as Voices in the Head’ that have any context to what Human Consciousness believe Aliens/Interdimensional Beings to be.

Within this, with having a listen to the Journeys into the Afterlife Series where we’re walking the process of how Heaven REALLY existed when/as the Portal opened and we started investigating Heaven, that ‘Aliens’ / ‘interdimensional Alien Races’ for most part existed in their own Existences – far separate from this Physical Space and Time existence. The only Aliens that had Authority to intervene in human’s lives was when the Creators (Anu, primarily of the Reptilian Race) gave them permissions for particular technologies to be introduced into Human Consciousness which was done through interdimensional-physical implants. The control and who/what was allowed access into Human’s Minds/Lives was within/as ABSOLUTE control. And so, one should also consider that – I mean, Aliens – interdimensional advanced races, trying to contact one through snippets of TV Programs/sounds/words…there were really a lot more Advanced Technologies in the Interdimensional-Physical existence that having to go through all such effort…
So, to hear more about Aliens REAL relationship to Human Consciousness/this Physical Existence – would suggest listening/walking through the Journeys into the Afterlife Series. More specifically where Alien’s relationship to the Heaven’s Elite was discussed:
An Alien-Race Implant Servant
Sound Frequency Implants

So, there’s much more practical in-depth processes going to be walked in the Interview to come, explaining – together with an example, how one create Alien Contact in the Mind, this more specifically from 2006 onwards and even before that – as Aliens did not contact humans through means of using external physical resources and/or sound/frequencies/beams etc. Most of the knowledge and information of Aliens circulating mainstream media has been conjured up in Human Imagination, and/or deliberately implanted to steer human consciousness away from the reality of what in fact happened in Heaven, as was also explained in the Previous Post. They had no purpose of ‘contact’ per say, their involvement with Human Consciousness was more to deliberately intervene/change/alter Consciousness under the Authority of the Elite in Heaven.

I understand that this post may bring forth Questions – please place any questions within the Desteni Forums, and we’ll assist/support with clarification/perspective.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Leila » 24 Feb 2013, 14:23

DAY 297 - 298

http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.co ... rough.html

Fighting Resistance vs. Moving through Resistance: DAY 297 - 298

Artwork by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

In and from this post, we’re going to be walking an Practical Example of a Process regarding, for example – where one is in the Process of Change from Laziness to taking/living Self Responsibility, and walk through some of the dynamics/dimensions to consider within and as this process; especially regarding the facing of Resistance within and during the Process. And how to – within Facing Resistance, not “Fight” the Resistance experienced from changing from the “I am Lazy”-Personality to “I Live Responsibility” Living Word – with seeing, realising and understanding that the Resistance is a ‘Part’ of self within self and so Fighting it, would essentially mean ‘fighting yourself’…which is silly.
Additionally within this – we’re going to be having a look at what exactly ‘Fighting Resistance’ means, and how to assist and support self to MOVE through Resistance with Understanding and Self Stability.

Let’s begin:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how – a process of change, is something to be done consistently. Where, I commit to a self-change and then having to walk it consistently into living application until the committed change becomes me in practical living. For example, the movement from “I Am Lazy” to “I live Self-Responsibility”: “Laziness” is what I am/have become and the Committed Change as what I am in the process of becoming/living is Self-Responsibility.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that – who I am/have become as ‘Lazy’ / ‘Laziness’ was done through a space and time process in the physical, where I accepted and allowed myself to more and more and more in instances justify, excuse and validate apathy / postponement in moments of taking responsibility / being responsible / living responsibility. And so, over TIME I have accumulated this “Laziness Personality” with its own distinct thoughts, backchats, reactions and behaviour patterns. I only do not REMEMBER the process of how I created it, because it’s now become so automatic in who and how I am that it seems like “I’ve always been this way”.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that: now with understanding that I have created this “Who I Am as Lazy”-Personality over TIME in this space-time physical reality, that: Changing me, from “who I am as Lazy” to “I Live Self Responsibility” – is going to be a process of space and time dedication, and keeping consistent with and as my commitment statements that I place into Living Application.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand the difference between Self-Movement THROUGH Resistance into Change, and Forcing self with the Resistance as Fighting to Enforce Change, where:
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand the importance of commit-statements, to reinstruct for myself who I am in a moment and to from within that instruction, take a breath and move myself in physical reality into and as Self-Change. Where, if I do not have that reinstruction/commitment, all I am then working with is energy/experience/physical force – which is only one factor I then use to try and FIGHT everything in the Mind into forcing myself into change. When, how the Mind is set-up – is VERY SPECIFIC, and so my commitments has to be equally as specific to reinstruct the previous program/instruction into and as change. For example:

Let’s say – having being introduced to a certain routine every day, of having to – in different time-frames throughout the day, do something different. Where one come from a previous life experience of not having been self motivated/driven in terms of daily tasks/responsibilities and now it has become an obligation to do so. In this, one have to have a look at what responsibilities/obligations has to be done throughout the day/week and map out a prioritization of each of the responsibilities/obligations. In this – one will find that, when one get to the Physical Action of DOING the responsibilities/obligations, one may have a different REACTION within and as all of them. Different thoughts will come up, different backchats, reactions, behaviour patterns etc.- but the general THEME that one will access within one’s Mind is RESISTANCE.

Now, if/as one do not blueprint the different REACTIONS to the different tasks/responsibility and only ‘fight against the RESISTANCE’: one is going to wrestle within oneself, and one’s process of Change is going to become one of constant/continuous internal fighting against the Resistance – pushing, forcing change through the Resistance, without Understanding that the Resistance experienced within each responsibility/obligation has a specific substance and programming to it, based on HOW you in the MIND create that resistance with specific thoughts/backchats and reactions.
Therefore, to have change be a Self Movement instead of a Fighting with oneself – one then establish what thoughts, backchats and reactions come up/manifest within/during particular-specific tasks/responsibilities/obligations, REINSTRUCT what automatically comes up in the Mind into effective, direct, specific Commitment Statements and together with that, the Physical Practical Change/Movement that self will assist/support self with – in moving from the Commitment Statement into Living Change, rather than following the thoughts, backchats, reactions into the Consequence of the Mind.
Because, if there is no definitive Reinstruction within self, and then an actual practical Living Change from that Reinstruction, one is just ALWAYS going to be fighting the Resistance – because the Resistance is only the consequence-outflow of the specific thoughts, backchats and reactions you’re accessing, and so: you’re never going to the SOURCE to change self through reinstruction, from mind programming instructions of Personality Possessions, to Self Living Instructions of Living Application.

So, for example:
Let’s say one’s day consist of:

Having to wake up early
Going to work
Getting the actual work done in terms of all the different tasks/responsibilities/obligations
Preparing dinner
Cleaning the home environment
Other responsibilities – such as school/education, writings, courses

Now, what one can have a look at is specifically structurally outlining your day-to-day living and seeing within WHAT in your day you have particular-specific Resistance to doing, with this resistance having been something that is a constant inner-fight to move through. When any Self Movement – becomes in a nature of a FIGHT, where the fighting becomes constant/consistent instead of one’s actual CHANGE constantly, consistently accumulating: it means that one’s Commitments and Living Application is not effective enough, and the MIND is MORE SPECIFIC than you are, and now you’re trying to ‘FIGHT THE MIND’ without understanding the specificity that is really involved in/as practical living change. And so in this fight – the Mind WILL win, ‘cause the Mind at this stage knows you better than you know yourself. Thus, you first have to get to know how you as the Mind operate/functions within your relationship to obligations/responsibilities in your world, so that you don’t FIGHT the Mind, but change WITH and AS it. As Follows:

So, let’s take the Waking up early as an example:
You identify with waking up early, that: there’s massive resistance – and now you want to specify that resistance, what thoughts goes on in the mind, what’s the energy that comes up, what’s the internal conversations / imaginations that manifest. Essentially, you want to see how you as the Mind move, so that you can change that Instruction, into and as an Instruction of practical living change.
Then you find that the following,
Thoughts come up:
“Seeing yourself Sleep for longer” / “Seeing yourself in the bed sleeping”
Backchats come up:
“I don’t want to wake up now” / “Do I have to wake up now” / “Just a little bit longer” / “I don’t want to face this day”
Energy come up:
Irritation, apathy, listlessness, comfortability, enjoyment, relaxation

With this, one now essentially see what Self in/as the Mind accept and allow to manifest as the Preprogrammed instruction that cause one to not physically move oneself to simply open one’s eyes, take a breath and stand up. From the above, one assist and support self in a process of Writing Self Forgiveness – to release self from the energy-relationships/attachments to sleeping/resting, instead of it simply being a practical action of resting one’s body, it becomes this entire consequential Mind-Process.

From here, now – understand: if/as one do not do the Commitments’ and Living Application specific enough – the Mind/Consciousness can accordingly ‘throw a punch’ in terms of bringing up similar/same mind processes to instruct you back into the Mind, instead of standing with you/who you are in/as your decision. SO – if you have not prepared the way before you effectively enough to STAND within a point, the Mind’s going to show it – and throw that resistance at you, and you can keep on going into that ring and FIGHTING it, and you will always lose. Cause, FIGHTING the mind is NOT the solution, you have to UNDERSTAND it to ‘conquer’ it, if you will. And to do this, is through the process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective action as the living of the self-commitments.

THEN, once one had walked writing/self forgiveness – one have a look at what commitment statements one can establish that one from the Reinstruction, can immediately move one into Living Change. For example:
One can go the direct route of:
“When and as I see my Mind going into any other direction than be taking a breath and opening my eyes and getting up: I WITHOUT A MOMENT’S HESITATION speak to myself ALOUD “I’m UP” and in that speaking actually physically move myself UP – so that my spoken word and living word stand equal and one in that moment. As I see, realise and understand if I even for a moment entertain the mind/thoughts/backchat/energy – it just accumulates and becomes more difficult to move through it. And so, I then immediately direct me to speak the words “I’m Up” and physically move me up to stand up/get up”.

See, now the only step from here: is to actually DO IT. Walking so, commitment-instructions together with the living application, and knowing self as the Mind and when/as one is accessing it, instead of standing by self’s decision - will ensure that one’s internal and external process becomes more a MOVEMENT, a REINSTRUCTION process you have to stand with and stand by constantly and consistently, until the reinstruction becomes a natural living of/as Self.

Therefore, to conclude:
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand the Extreme Polarities of accepting and allowing myself to go into and as Apathy/Laziness as submission to the Mind and my external world living responsibilities and going into and as Fighting towards the Mind and my external world living responsibilities. In both instances, I’m facing two extremes of Resistance – Resisting Change, in the one regarding apathy/laziness as Submissions, and in the one regarding Fighting I am actually CREATING the RESISTANCE to change, as I am fighting the very resistance I am supposed to move through/transcend into and as Change.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that the process of change should be me walking through a Waterfall – there’s going to be resistance as I move through the waterfall, but as I persist through the Waterfall, I move through into/as the Other Side, changed as the process of me moving through the resistance, and as I remain constant/consistent in/as the process of change, I come through CHANGED in/as the other side. Whereas – with submission and fighting – I am attempting-to/try-to either just walk into a wall and fall back the whole time as what happens with submission, and/or trying to hit through the wall with my bare hands as the process of fighting. Not realising that, that wall IS ME I am fighting and fighting myself is really just stupid.

And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that: I will only go into submission and fighting to/towards that AS ME I don’t in fact understand, and in that understanding, being able to Stand AS IT and so change it AS ME. This is so demonstrated in for example human society today, where we have the extremes that just Submit to the World System and those that Fight it through Revolutions – neither Polarity Understand the extent of the System and our responsibility to it and what it will take to in fact change it as ourselves in Physical Space and Time practical living application and commonsense.

Thus, I commit myself:
to assist and support me to get to know the Mind as me, UNDERSTAND it, blueprint it through writing, self forgiveness and see what instructions I have automatically accepted and allowed, and then in the commitments RE-INSTRUCT who I am within myself and LIVE/APPLY that instruction, until I become it as a natural living me in the physical.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Leila » 24 Feb 2013, 14:32

DAY 299 – 300

http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.co ... iving.html

Forcing Change With ENERGY vs. Living Change As Self: DAY 299 – 300

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ZCGfy4dLxY8/T ... da0105.jpg

In the previous post, we had a walk-through regarding the relationship between Fighting Change and Moving As Change.
In this Post, we’re going to walk a Dimension of going into Extreme Energy-Polarities within and as a Process of Change, such as for example walking from Laziness to Self-Discipline/Responsibility and then using the MIND within ENERGY to change, from a Laziness / Low Energy into and as a Discipline / High Energy; to within this – see, realise and understand the Consequence of using ENERGY within the MIND to change one’s Experience in DOING, instead of being/becoming the Physical Natural Movement in/as Living Change. In this, essentially – the tendency that we have to move ourselves within ENERGY, instead of a Decision and a Physical Movement as-ourselves; with the consequence of Moving ourselves in ENERGY being that we’ll go from a Low to a High and back to a Low and then to a High, which create the inner conflict of ‘Fighting with ourselves’ that we walked in the previous Post. So, this post walks, essentially – what it is within us that create that inner-fighting with ourselves, when we use energy as a Force to change, instead of who we are in/as our Living, Physical Movement:

For Context: We’re walking the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment process in alignment with when/as self find oneself having walked from Laziness to Discipline, but that process of ‘maintaining Discipline’ is being done with ENERGY, with Experience in how one Force oneself with Energy into Discipline, what this looks like when this happens, how it is experienced and how to assist and support oneself to ensure that within Change – one do not only Change in the Mind from one Energy Low to another Energy High, but that Change is Real in one’s Living Presence in/as the Physical.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand How I had created a Polarity between Laziness and Discipline, where I reacted to myself as being “Lazy” in all/many levels of my Mind and used that reaction to Fuel my Reason for being and becoming Disciplined.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand How I had used Energy and/or Energy Force to Fuel my motivation for being and becoming Disciplined, instead of it being a living expression of Who I am, as Natural as Breath.

I commit myself to show, how – a starting point of Reaction for Change, and attempting to/trying to maintain that Change from within the starting point of Reaction, where one use a Negative to Fuel self into a Positive, will create/manifest Physical Consequence in the sense of, for example where one was Lazy, reacted to that aspect of self in judgment and then in an anger/frustration/blame towards Self deciding to become Disciplined and then essentially driving/motivating self Mentally and Physically from/of a Negative Starting Point: will manifest/accumulate so in the Physical and may produce physical consequence of tiredness, physical stress/tension – because self is fuelling the negative Energy into and as the depths of the Physical with this Energy being the starting point Motivation of Change and in this Process; one is in fact creating MORE Physical Consequence than Actual Self-Change with not Understanding the dynamics between the Mind, the Physical and Energy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, believe and perceive that Change is “difficult” that it must be Forced – with this “forcing”, being done with “driving myself”, but have not seen, realised and understood how, the only forcing/driving I have come to know How to do: is from the starting point of energy. Building up and accumulating thoughts, backchat and reactions in me to force/drive me from my MIND to change me. Not realising then, that – I AM not changing, but I am only changing me in MY MIND – from one energy as Laziness as Negative, to another energy as Discipline as Positive. And so, took myself to extreme polarities in my Mind; and not really changing in physical living.

I commit myself to show, how – we have mentally and physically been conditioned to believing ‘Change is Difficult’, when we’re in fact creating difficulties in our Lives within our accepted and allowed consequential Mind-Physical Relationship. And that, change is a Process – yes, BUT the Moment of Self making a DECISION to change and then walking/living that constantly and consistently – that does not take time, the only “Process” that does take space and time is that Process of being/becoming the Living Change, naturally, through constant, consistent application/living.
I commit myself to show, how one would use the Mind to change – through, for example, reacting to the Laziness in thought, word and deed, essentially creating a Personality-reaction to Laziness within self, and in that process, ‘talking and energizing self in the Mind into and as Change’, and so create a NEW PERSONALITY with new thoughts, reactions, backchats, behaviours that is the ‘Disciplined personality’, but it’s like within this process – the Laziness is always still there, like a shadow in the mind haunting self; and using that Personality, to fuel the New personality and so creating an Inner Conflict between Polarities as a constant, continuous internal-fight with self that consequentially, over space and time, more affect the Physical Body, than bringing forth a Natural Living Change as Self.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that – Change, yes is walked through a Resistance, because I am initiating my change, directing my change which is essentially ‘going against my preprogramming’. BUT, this ‘going against my preprogramming’ – does not mean I have to ‘FIGHT through the resistance/with the resistance’. As I see, realise and understand that – because I approached changed and faced the resistance to change through FORCING it with energy/driving myself with energy: I actually making the process of change More difficult, cause now I am using Energy against Energy – like, using my thoughts, backchats, reactions to ‘Fight the Resistance’ – lol; like trying to build up MORE energy as Me, to take-on the Resistance I experience as me and so I actually in fact Wage WAR against myself.

I commit myself to show, how – with walking Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments as preparing the road before self for/as Practical Corrective Living, that: in/as this Process – one UNDERSTAND how one created the Laziness Personality, through dissecting the thoughts, backchats, reactions, imaginations, behaviour patterns, physical reactions etc. and then from there, Re-establish a LIVING CHANGE, that do not use the mind’s Personality constructs such as thoughts, backchats, reactions, imaginations and behaviour patterns to change, where one first BUILD UP ENERGY and then WAIT to be motivated to change, No. In this process – one Decide ‘who I am’ as Living Instructions and then actually do/live them in one’s world/reality within and as every moment of BREATH. This is not a process of ENERGY-build-up, but a process of making a Decision and then LIVING it with self as the Decision in Living Action as the actual process of SELF-Movement and not Mind-Movement; thus, using who I am in/as Breath-decision to move, instead of a build-up of energy/energy experience in the Mind to move.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that resistance to change is a Force in itself, it’s an energy that comes up, like a Wall – separating me from actually living, being and becoming Changed in fact. And so, with me now seeing that – me trying to accumulate MORE energy in my Mind, than the resistance I experience in my Mind is actually creating more inner-conflict, where it feels like I ALWAYS have to constantly, continuously “fight to remain disciplined and not go back into Laziness” – creating this eternal battle between good and evil in/as myself: I see, realise and understand that using my Mind, using Energy – the very Mind and Energy that created the “problem” in the first place – is Not the Solution. So, then –what is?

I Commit myself to show - how to use the Force of Physical Breath, as a real Physical Force that can be gentle, yet strong and direct. Where – when/as resistance to change come up/manifest, to actually go into Breathing, using the Physical – the gentle yet strong and stable breath, to not accept/allow myself to participate in resistance/laziness in the Mind, but just naturally move me in the Physical in getting things done. Just sticking to PHYSICAL DOING, while breathing – in-breath and out-breath, and keep on moving PHYSICALLY one foot in front of the other, not ‘paying attention to the Laziness’ in the Mind. See, here – I move “for real” – from Mind laziness, to Physical DOING. There is no “energy fighting” going on then here within this; I simply make the decision to not participate in the Laziness and keep on moving me practically in the Physical.

In this all – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how I had created a Fight between myself as Lazy as the Negative and then Discipline that I made as a Positive in the MIND. Not seeing, realising and understanding how to walk a process of change is FROM the Mind INTO the Physical. This means that, how I now see to approach this process is: FORGIVE myself for the Laziness – or whatever thoughts/backchat/reactions came up towards myself and others regarding Laziness, and establish a workable, practical living commitment to change in physical reality and then DO it. So – I move from energy, to DOING, instead of what I’ve done as moving from One Energy to another Energy in my Mind and then FROM MY MIND try and change me in the Physical. An example here is:
I realised that I was Lazy regarding waking up in the mornings. I do the forgiveness for accepting and allowing all the Mind-participation, thoughts/backchats/reactions that create the Laziness so that I can flag point which things in the Mind I must simply not participate in, but move me physically. So, I then from there DO the practical walking – I wake up in the mornings, and when anything of the Mind comes up; I take a breath – say “No”, take an outbreath and stand up. Thus, process of self change is to be a MOVEMENT of self from a DECISION that is made, to not listen to Laziness, but to stick to Physical Doing.
In this Process walked above, one can additionally reference the Previous Post – regarding how to Move through Resistance, and not create a FIGHT against resistance/change.

Thus, within this – to see, realise and understand the process is not to create MORE Personalities as shifting from a Negative to a Positive and then using the Negative Personality to fuel and drive the new Positive Personality: these dynamics still then exist in the Mind/Consciousness and benefit only the Mind/Consciousness and will throw self into a constant, continuous inner conflict – using the Past to fuel/motivate the Future, will just create the same Past as self will go into lows and highs over and over and over again, never stable, never here, never living.
Thus within this – we suggest investigating the Desteni I Process LITE (Free Course) that introduce you into the Mind, and then Desteni I Process PRO that practically, structurally walk oneself through the Mind and into and as real Physical Living Change as Living Words.

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Re: Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Leila » 24 Feb 2013, 14:38

DAY 301

http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.co ... on_13.html

Survival Management vs. LIFE-Regulation (Part Two): DAY 301

LIFE-Regulation – continued

(Continuing with what we have Walked from DAY 283)

In and from this Post – we’re going to walk a Process of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments – exploring the difference between Survival Management/Morality and Life Regulation / Reality/Physical Consequence; as a proposal of what All Cultures of Humanity can incorporate into and as Living Principles that will serve as a Regulation of Life/Living within Humanity and for Individuals.

Now that we have thus far walked the relationship to Morality – the Polarity between the Positive and the Negative as Good/Bad and Right/Wrong and how this is being Taught with ENERGY with not understanding how Consciousness Balance Energies – where, essentially: the ‘principles’ taught within Morality becomes irrelevant and the ENERGY within which the Words are being Taught DOMINATES and the Individual can make, for themselves, in and as Consciousness, according to Energy-Experience – something that was ‘Bad’, ‘GOOD’ for themselves in the context of the Situation/Environment/Relationships that they Face. In this then, flows the Consequence of how we regard ENERGY-Experience/Reaction MORE than the Reality of the situation/environment/relationships that we Face, how often do we Regard how WE REACT to something/someone, MORE than actually bringing the situation/relationship into and as an Equal and One Solution for all Involved? We do not in fact LIVE WORDS, but words have become ‘Energy-Pockets’ of emotions and feelings to which we define ourselves/react, that have more Evolved Consciousness, and energy-experience/reactions, than actual Living Examples of Living Integrity in our self-relationship and relationship with others.

In this – let us have a walk-through a Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Process regarding this difference between Morality as Energy-Polarity of Consciousness as Survival-Management for the Self-Interest and Consciousness of the Individual, and LIFE-Regulation that regulate relationships and consequence into and as What’s Best for All Solutions:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how Morality as Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, split reality/environments/situations/experiences and relationships into Two Absolute Worlds – together with the Good/Right producing Positive energy-experiences and Bad/Wrong producing Negative energy-experiences. However, how the Bad/Wrong can be changed into being Good/Right and then the initial Bad/Wrong becomes Good/Right and then the Bad/Wrong in fact Produce Positive Energy Experiences. Within this, not seeing, realising and understanding how – Morality has more been Taught through ENERGY, instilling either FEAR or DESIRE within the Individual in relation to ‘what is Good/Right’ and ‘Bad/Wrong’ and so the child/young adult imprint More the energy-experience Reaction to ‘what is Good/Right and Bad/Wrong’ than in fact Understanding the WHY and the Consequence of Both Polarities.

I commit myself to show, how – if one have a look at one’s Childhood years, for most part – learning about Morals, Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, there was always an Energetic-attachment to it, especially if one learned through consequence / reward and the Parent accordingly change their Voice/Behaviour within an energy of either Fear/Praise to Teach the child the ‘difference between what is Good/Right and Bad/Wrong’. And so, we’re taught to Fear certain things and Desire other things, but Never really understanding the exact Nature of WHY we should Fear/Desire that which is Bad/Wrong and Good/Right; it is just accepted/imprinted – primarily based on the Relationship to the Authority of the Parent. THEN, we get to have our own ‘Minds’, so to speak – our own Voices/our own Authority – now trained/imprinted primarily with Fears/Desires as Taught by Parents and have such energy-experiences to Morality in fact ‘Guide us through Life’. Not seeing/realising/understanding that it is THAT ‘Authority’ in/as the Child’s Mind that hasn’t been guided, directed, nurtured and is still not Understood, that will become the Child’s directive-principle that will be able to, within ENERGY and the experience thereof, alter/change/misconstrue WORDS and their meanings to suit the interest of the Authority/Ego/Main personality and so be able to make what was Feared or Bad/Wrong, into and as Desire as Good/Right…

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how Morality of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong will be meaningless if the Individual’s Nature/beingness/presence as who they are in their Living/Relationships is not effectively trained/educated/guided. Meaning, Morality has been taught through a Punishment-Reward System, and the according experience in the Mind and the Body that the child/young adult will be exposed to, such as: if I do Right/Good I am Rewarded, both externally and internally and if I do Bad/Wrong, there is consequence both externally and internally. So, what is interesting here is then, how Consciousness/the Mind will respond is: “if I do something that gives ME a positive experience – it is GOOD/RIGHT for Me”; and so very easily then – the Bad/Wrong as the Negative that was taught into the Child by the parent, such as Alcohol and/or when/when not to have Sex, becomes Good/Right for the Individual later in life, cause they’re having ‘positive experiences’ in relation to Alcohol and Sex and so cannot fathom/understand why it must be ‘Bad/Wrong’ as they do not, personally, with being faced with it – experience anything ‘Negative/Consequential’.

I commit myself to show how, with imprinting Good/Right with the Reward internally and externally and Bad/Wrong with a consequence internally and externally, where the Internal then become conditioned in relation to the EXPERIENCE of what it gets/gets taken away in its relationship to Good/Right and Bad/Wrong: THIS is then the reference the Individual will use within/throughout their lives: the energy experience – NOT the Words or the teachings/principles, but using the reference of Reward / Punishment – what will present ME with reward / punishments and again, as we walked in the previous Posts with the alcohol for example. Parents may have taught the Child punishment in relation to Alcohol, but when the Individual finds themselves in specific relationships/situations, the punishment to THEM will be NOT joining in, and so they go for the REWARD which would be joining in and enjoying the relationships and so their Individuality starts forming their own Morality based on their OWN Mind Authority based on how the parents in fact taught them to use ENERGY and the experience thereof as a reference for/as what’s good/right and bad/wrong.

We’ll in the next post continue with What that Authority is, that has been left un-nurtured within Humanity – that in fact become the directive principle that will direct/control the Individual through Energy Experience, instead of referencing/regulating their behaviour/living according to Reality principles/consequence; and within and during this process continue preparing the Platform of how we’ll change Morality into and as Life-Regulation within the principle of/as equality and oneness as What’s Best for All.

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