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Day 5 – Reactive behaviour

Postby Gian » 21 Aug 2017, 23:44 ... viour.html

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as bad when and as I go into reactive behavior.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I go into reactive behavior judge myself as already being too late to stop the reaction.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I go into reactive behavior of what some has said, where I got triggered to react and to in that moment not feel like I can hold myself back, go into the energy and possession of the energy and to follow the energy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I follow the energy of being in a reactive possession believe that it is good, that it has a point and to within that get carried away and speak and behave in a way that I cannot take back what I have said or done, and so go into the feeling of now it is too late, I have fucked up, and to start identifying myself with the reactive behavior as who I am and that I am now bad and cannot change and so already create the next reactive behavior moment where I will now trust this behavior and believe that behavior is good for me, because it allowed me to let a lot of things out where I feel good yet disregarded the other person or people within my behavior.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I am in reactive behavior to believe that this reactive behavior has come up for a reason and thus it must have a point, and thus act out the point and impose this reactive behavior onto others, when in fact the point was for me to stop the reactive behavior and to take a look at what someone else has said and why that made me react and what is the point within me that I need to look at and that it has nothing to do with the other person.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I go into a reaction where my behavior changes, my voice changes, my beingness changes and I start resonating off a certain energy of dominance, self-righteousness to FLAG this as a red flag, to not go into it, to not speak further, to rather stop, breathe and low down, see what is here within me, and to within this FIRST sort out myself and then only speak, if I find I am unable to in that moment stop, I commit myself to not speak, to not say a thing until I have taken the point back to myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to harm and hurt others with my words and my physical behaviors that change in how I hold myself with my words and through what I am saying by accepting and allowing to take on this reactive behavior as who I am and that it means something, that it has a point.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see the harm that I cause when and as I go into reactive behavior when and as someone else says something that activated reactions within me, that is of me inherently, and to within that take my personal point and super impose it onto the other person and to within this disregard the other person completely and thus hurt them, harm them in ways that I do not understand as I was possessed and consumed only within y own energies only thinking about myself and not what is best for all life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be mean and ugly when and as I go into the reactive behavior and to within this take on a totally new and different character that I do not like, yet I play the character and afterwards I do not know myself and can only them play into a polarity game of how I feel and how I make others feel the whole time, always trapping myself between good and bad and never standing as me as life one and equal as clarity and as best for all life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel and believe that when and as I am within a reactive point as my behavior that I am acting out that I am in some point of power and thus within this attach and learn and believe that this reactive behavior gives me power and so start to enjoy and fear it at the same time, as it can be unpredictable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deceive myself within the point of playing out reactive behavior and to allow it, to go into it, to NOT stop it, and to then create consequences that I yet do not understand but will have to live through and feel it and learn and see it, instead of seeing and realizing that real power is here within me t STOP the reactive behavior and to breathe and to rather be still till I am clear and only speak once I am here as what is best for all and not my own personal reaction and personal points of flushing my shit out onto another.

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Day 6 - What stops me from cheating?

Postby Gian » 22 Aug 2017, 21:11 ... ating.html

Before reading this blog – please, if you find any point you judge yourself on or comparing with me, do not do so, but if it comes up, rather at the end leave a comment, ask and discuss. This is but a Blog, not 9 years of specific details.

I have been in a Desteni Agreement for nine years now. I have not once cheated on my wife, I have not once even tried, or spoken to another women with the intention or the attraction to do so, even after Marriage, even after having a child and sex was very little for a very long time, and still is. So what is the secret?

First, I have to inform you that it is in my programming to cheat, to have multiple girlfriends (women) in my life, this is what I did and used to do before I went into an agreement nine years ago.
The Sexual force was strong in me, and I followed it religiously. I enjoyed the game of getting girls, playing around, taking risks, and always being around lots of women, chatting up dozens of girls at a time, hook up with a few here and there and then see where I can score.

Now, I must first and foremost make something very clear, the Desire comes up within me for wanting to go back into this every now and then, it is actually always here, I desire having more or multiple women in my life, but then how do I do it to not even once follow it, to not be led into temptation, not even in my words by accident, or in my behaviors towards or with other women, even when it is in my design/programming to do it so easily, without effort.

I used to fall in love and be attracted to almost any women instantly after meeting them and I would have the same “love” feeling for all the women I ever met and came in contact with, I could never say to one I love you and not to the other as well, I always thought it was a disease that I was attracted to any women almost instantly, I could in a matter of minutes already see myself in a long term relationship with a girl I just met, and if this same girl brought a friend along, I would equally be the same towards her. I found it very annoying at times, especially that one has to choose and only go with one partner.

The answer is simple and yet at the same time very difficult. The process was difficult as well to get to this point, in fact the first two years of being in the agreement with my partner the habits and patterns wanted to kick in and I wanted out of the agreement a few times through how I behaved and spoke, my thoughts and mind was all over the place.

Yet, here I am.

First and foremost, It is all thanks to DESTENI and the message, the re-education of me with all the information that Desteni provides within understanding the MIND, what are thoughts, what are feelings and emotions, how do they work, and I must say the most important for me within all of this is that I understood that NO thought, feeling or emotion is EVER real unless we act on it, thus I always know that when a thought come sup, a feeling or emotion, it isn’t real unless I act on it, and thus I BREATHE and I let go of the thoughts, the feelings and emotions.

Then, the agreement was extremely important that I had to understand what is an agreement – it is really simple, TWO people walking together this life yet individual their process of re-birthing themselves as life and to within this be physical support for one another, not emotional and mind support.

Here is the catch, I had to actually have NO choice within this, as in do I want to do it or not, because once I understood why I am walking this process of Desteni for myself and thus with another being, there is no choice, there is no do I want to or not, there is simply BREATH and do this.

Here are a few key points that I ground myself with, with having this design/programming and how I stand within discipline absolutely within this specific point.

1. No matter with what women I am in an agreement with, I will always be me, so no OTHER women will change me or make me experience me any different, and thus if I follow my programming I will always end up where I simply follow my programming again and again, and thus never change and actually face myself effectively to change.

2. ALL humans are minds/programmes/designs – thus if I see a picture as the form of another women and I am attracted to that and go after that and base a relationship off of that, I will inevitably end up with again the programmes/design (thus nothing different) and they have to be faced, and thus cheating or dishonoring the agreement will only be me fucking myself up more and more and in the same process harm others and thus nothing will change.

3. This one is more personal and based on who I am within an agreement with right now, thus this one can change for others if for example one person is abusive, physically or emotionally – If I cannot walk with the person I am within an agreement with now, then I cannot walk with anyone else equal and one, it is as simple as that, thus leaving my partner for a design/program will only be me deceiving myself on many levels.

4. Understanding and walking as that understanding daily that NO person is actually different except the form/image and thus the form image can and will change at any time and thus I will always end up facing the same regardless, either sooner or later.

5. Live what is best for all life – basic Desteni principle – this includes stopping ones thoughts, feelings and emotions, ones fantasies, imagination that is NOT within this reality and practical and not bets for all life, within the understanding that all of this was literally programmed into us, as we are organic robots designed and created by the Reptilian race (annunaki, yes you probably do not want to hear that, but it damn supported) as shared in detail by and through the Portal.

Ok, that is what I have to share for now in relation t this point, as I have now walked it for many years and I have proven through space and time that I STAND and that the Desteni tools in fact work if applied effectively, this obviously includes LOTS of self-forgiveness and self-writing on all the points that open up.

Please feel free to ask questions, I have lots to share, don’t be shy. If you are married, if you have children, if you are having any issues – I can support within this, but consider, any advice is useless without application.

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Knowing versus doing - how did Jesus and Bernard do it? my Desteni Process

Postby Gian » 27 Dec 2017, 20:49 ... s-and.html

I am looking at my process and standing by principle, standing as the principle, embodying the principles I stand by and walk as in its totality as who I am, in all ways.

This has been a process for many years now, and it hasn’t been an easy process at all, this I know, yet I am here. Everyday feels like I am just not yet living my principles absolutely, in totality, like there is still something missing, and I know this one thing is me Breathing effectively and walking my process and the tools absolutely, and not as something to do in pass time.

Within many years that I have walked my process I have come across many people that stands against what I stand for, that fights, that harass, that taunts, teases and ridicules and even become nasty and spiteful towards me and the group I walk with.

I still react and take it personal when I pick up someone is being aggressive, spiteful or even plain nasty in demeaning ways towards Desteni and the message, making comments and options based on their ideas, believes and most of all fear.

This brought me to the question of how the fuck did Jesus do it?

Let me take what I am looking at to a bit more of a visual point. Sure, Jesus existed in a much different time than we do, but it makes it all more real, more challenging for what he did.

Today I can sit in front of my PC and I can reach dozens of people with a message, I can do this over and over and reach thousands, in return this message brings feedback, which is resistances and conflicts, and people actually getting it, seeing it and walking with, in Jesus time, he had to actually walk in the streets talking to real people real time, he had to actually face REAL time feedback on a consistent basis, this would be the same things as today people not agreeing, not seeing or being challenged and getting possessed by the new information and wanting to attack and harm for example, today all of this happens online.

Yet, I find myself being put back and in a sort of a negative state each time someone is going on a killing spree with their words and intentions in relation to the group/Desteni and thus all those that walk with and so me.

Jesus got crucified for the EXACT same message as what we at Desteni is promoting, only way more practical and real, plus we go beyond the Jesus message and into the history of mankind, which involves aliens and dimensional beings and Desteni having a Portal, talking about the afterlife, animal communication and I mean explaining a LOT in details, so that we can understand creation, ourselves and eventually walk as creators = as Jesus did, and within this we present tools, re-education and support within all of this. Nothing is going to be spoon fed or remotely being forced onto anyone, it is as the bible says, those with ears here, those with eyes see, simple and direct.

Now, back to my point – I get what is different and standing out with Desteni from most of what “normal” people are used to, and then I also get that at the basis of everything it is the principle, the process, the message that matters, which brings us back to that of Jesus.

Love thy neighbour as thy self
Give as you would like to receive
Do onto another as you would like to be done onto

Manifesting those as ourselves first and foremost and then economically setting the world up where those principles are the guidelines of society to always live what is best for all LIFE.

Let’s go to a more recent example of the message, which is Bernard Poolman, and take a look at what society has done to him in terms of image and likeness, what he spoke and what he brought forward was taken and turned into all kinds of shit, personal attacks by newspapers and by many online trolls were demeaning and belittling, just like Jesus.

Ok, so Jesus was abused even further and made into a religion, so yes that’s even worse, I mean it goes against EVERYTHING Jesus stood for and said and lived as an example, it is the ultimate way of killing a message, by creating a god and religion out of the message that is that of equality for all, to create heaven on earth, and now it is out of reach for all and lived in imaginary worlds as some place after death with some god like figure waiting for people, which isn’t what Jesus stood for or said.

I see and realize that Jesus stood as a Principle absolutely, he stood steadfast in reality, in facts, in what is best for all, and he thus did not take anything personal, nothing was personal, because he did not stand as something personal, he stood as LIFE, and thus whatever came his way as “attacks” as the actions or words of others had no place to find comfort and rest, as the personal didn’t exist, Life existed and thus there is only space and place for life.

How did Jesus get to this point? How did Bernard get to this Point? And why am I not at this point yet? Do I have to first face each and every point of “personal” within me to understand them and to know them as myself, as it is said, know thy self, now I know there are two selves, me as personality and me as Life (yes both are me, all is who I am, yet in the knowing I must stand and live what is best for all and bring that forth, so should I know me as personality in all ways to then know me as Life?

I have the tools, I have the way, I know this, yet knowledge without application is useless, so here is my self-honesty after writing out all of this, everything I just wrote is a justification, it is stalling, it is postponing, it is me apparently doing something, when I know in fact the moment I react, the moment I take something personal, the moment I am in a state that isn’t me as breath as LIFE, I must write in self-forgiveness instead of pondering on the point, instead of taking the point personal and holding onto it, I know, yet I do not apply.

So here I answer myself, how did Jesus and Bernard do it? They applied what they knew and did not postpone, they did not stall or wait, and they acted and applied the knowing as themselves and thus as living examples.

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Daily Rituals - Good or Bad?

Postby Gian » 06 Jan 2018, 01:26

The Blog - ... r-bad.html

I have dealt with a lot of Addictions in my life, from Porn, Alcohol to smoking as the obvious ones. We have many addictions that we participate within, such as coffee, sweets and just spending money.
I have worked with Habits and patterns for the past few years of my life to deconstruct them and to understand them, to see who I am within my patterns and habit, why I formed them, how I formed them and if they are actually supportive or not.

I have found that 90% of my habits and patterns just like the obvious addictions and the not so obvious ones are not best for me or anyone else. in some cases they are supportive.

Yesterday I woke up and I once again in awareness walked through my morning within just waking up, I looked at the patterns and the habits that come up during my morning routine and why I do them, how I do them and what is it all for in the way I am waking up and going about my morning.
Within this the word Ritual came up, I noticed, specifically withing my morning routine that the patterns and the habits of the morning routine together forms a ritual. This brought me to a whole other level of understanding myself and not only how I do things but more specifically the WHY, as the believes and ideas behind the how.

Lets look at the noun for ritual

a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according

to a prescribed order.

Now, here we have to take into account the definition of prescribe as well, as understanding this word within Ritual brings quit a bit to the surface.

Definition of Prescribe - state authoritatively or as a rule that (an action or procedure) should be carried out.

Within the word prescribe we can also simply use IMPOSE, Each morning when I wake up I have a set of patterns and habits that I am imposing onto myself to LIVE as my ritual, as I believe doing things a certain way will make me experience myself a certain way, and this has some truth to it, except it is in reverse. We believe that HOW and what we do changes who we are, so we create certain patterns and habits that forms a ritual that we live to change how we experience ourselves and thus how we will take on each day.

The problem I have found with this is that the ritual becomes a dependency, and if we for some reason can not fulfill the ritual then the magical powers we receive from it will not be there and thus we will experience ourselves differently.

In my morning ritual after getting out of bed, I MUST first Drink water, if I do not have that first cup of water then I have the believe that I will have a dry mouth all day, that my body will be tired and not feel strong. Even if this is true and practical to have a glass of water each morning first, what compromises such practical point i the FEAR attached to it of if we do not do it, thus this practical point has now become a ritual of polarities, where we do one thing to avoid the other, and if we should ever compromise this ritual then we access that fear and we live the polarity. Thus we create the problem and enforce the ritual/belief and limit ourselves to this polarity designs.

I used to have it that if I wake up in the morning I MUST wash my face off with water first thing in the morning, or I will feel tired during the day, this ritual activity was enforced by the negative fear point of being tired, so I wash my face each morning out of fear of being tired, confirming to myself that I am tired each and every morning by living this action, and the same goes for drinking water the first thing in the morning, by drinking the water from the starting point of fearing being dehydrated and if I do not drink it, made me wake up every morning with a dry mouth and feeling dehydrated.

I used to use lip balm, to keep my lips soft and moist. I would carry a stick of lip balm with me everywhere I go. Ever few hours I would pop out y lip balm and I would start putting it all over my lips, while I am doing that I would think to myself, YES, keep it nice and soft, moist. what was behind that thinking was that I feared having dry lips that ends up cracking and looking ugly, as I had a believe behind that, that I naturally had dry lips, weak lips, different lips t others, or that the climate does not agree with my specific and special body. So I used lip balm for years, always enforcing the believes within the actions I took, the rituals I participated within, thus the things I IMPOSED onto myself, such as I am always dehydrated, I am always tired, I always have dry lips, and thus I created these rituals to have a positive change so to say, yet I never realized that my rituals were actually making all the things I believed of myself so, to be so, to be true, keeping it and creating it.

I have stopped using lip balm about 14 years ago, and I have never had dry lips again, I have stopped splashing my face in the mornings with water for years now, and I have realized that I can simply be awake, I just had to drop the believes I had of myself, the ideas and opinions I was imposing onto myself, I did these things gradually as to not compromise myself, I obviously did condition the body, so I simply had to unconditioned them and realize that everything has got to do with WHO I AM and that determines what I do.

Let me explain a bit more, currently we have the mentality that we are defined by what we do, and what we do gives us value. which is the same as saying that a Seed of a tree must first be a tree before it has the value of a tree, yet the seed is created and born with that value already, it did not have to become a tree first to have that value, it is naturally the value of the seed. The same with humans, we are BORN with the value of LIFE, we have it, it is us, we do not have to DO all these things before we have value, we simply had to realize we are the value of life ad then LIVE that, it is all in revere.

Because we have revered everything where we now have believes, ideas and opinions of ourselves within our minds about ourselves, we are constantly living in self-comparison with yourself of being worthless or not, and we try to change these believes and ideas and opinions about ourselves through the things we do, and thus we create addictions, habits and patterns and eventually we have rituals. instead of realizing that we need to STOP the beliefs, ideas and opinions we have of ourselves and realize ourselves as the value of LIFE which we inherently are/have. Thus we can GROW from that as LIFE just like how a tree grows from the seed naturally.

So, take a look for yourself, what Rituals do you have that you believe you must perform each and everyday day during your days to be a certain way, to exist a certain way, to experience yourself a certain way, and here I want to be clear, they can be positive or negative rituals, some enjoy negativity and some positive and both are of the same coin.

Because these rituals are keeping the opposite things in place, they impose conditions and are not what they are believed to be. It takes some practice to see deeper dimensions, to see what things are in reverse and to understand what they are actually imposing, creating and keeping in place.

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Life – When you reach that point of asking yourself, is this all there is to life?

Postby Gian » 06 Jan 2018, 01:27

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Day in and day out doing the same, the same thing every day, the same routines, the same patterns, the same structures, the same short terms and long terms patterns.

You can take a look for yourself, everyone reaches this stage in their life, where the NEW and freshness of “life” is over. When everything we started doing and wanted to achieve either came true or just never do, we then fall into routines, where every day is the same from waking up to going to sleep.

Have you reached this point yet? Where you sit down with yourself and you take a look at yourself and your life, and you ask yourself one simple question that can either bring you to a point of questioning reality and getting some straight real answers and develop some self-honesty and get moving forward, or you can ask this simple exact question and fall into a pit of self-pity and victimization, which leads to depression, anxiety and many other things that flow out from that in our lives.

If you have not reached this point in your life, then the system that is here as the current accepted and allowed way of life on earth for all life as abuse, fits you pretty well. Many find this system very content, secure and relaxed, depending on their position and location within this world which is determines by their financial positions and relationships (sex) and that’s really all some people want and need to remain content and forget about life as a whole.

After I spend already 10 years within the schooling system within this world system, I reached this point as a final destination for myself within this system. I remember sitting in class with all the other kids, about 40 kids in one classroom. I looked around and I just saw all of us like zombies watching the teachers saying things to all of us, like it is important what she is saying, like it has the meaning and value of LIFE itself, and we are all just accepting and allowing it, taking it as a natural progression, way of life so to say. I kept looking at each kid, how they were sitting there by this tiny desk with this massive school bag filled with books, with their pens and books on the table and all of this for what?

I reflected in that moment on my parents, as the end result of what I am not busy doing and what I am doing in school and what the results will be for me after school and some years into the workplace. All I could see was, work. A father that came home late nights from making money, a Mother tired from looking after three kid and losing her own life/time, same for the father and living for the day they can retire and finally live when they are too old to live. (Not to mention all the bullshit and drama and all the other relationships and emotional shit that comes with it all in between).

I had a moment after this reflection in the classroom, and I had a slight fear/anxiety of feeling trapped, feeling like I am being forced into all of this, when did I have a say, where did I take part in these decisions of what my life must be and how it must be, when did I ever agree to the system and wanting to work and live for money, I didn’t get a say in any of it, I mean this system even gives the options and possibilities of poverty, famine and starvation, rape and murder and crime, who the fuck decided this is my options?

There HAS to be something else, something MORE, either the possibilities of it, or I would have to make deliberate decisions that isn’t just “normal”.

How at the age of 16 was it possible for me to already be fucked up? To already be depressed and sad and stressed?

I started to rebel, I refused to just go with the flow of the system. I ended up leaving school early and not finishing, I worked as a waiter to earn some money. In the meantime I started venturing into finding out more about life, about what is here and what are the possibilities on this BIG planet of ours. In my mind I had an Idea of the world and our planet, that there are still parts of this earth that does not belong to anyone and where anything is possible, a place to run away to, to find a new world so to say on this planet. I soon discovered that every single corner of the Earth has already been occupied, and basically it is the same everywhere – what made it the same everywhere was the one thing that was the same, and that is money and the systems revolving around money.

Everything I wanted to do didn’t exist or weren’t possible as I wanted to do it, due to money controlling everything. It is set up in such a way that everything is monetized and that to have or do anything you need money, there is no FREE WILL or FREE CHOICE as I was taught, it is either money or not, and we know how it goes either way.

I then discovered in that time, that there was a new world, a different world to still explore and go into, this was into me, into myself, to journey inwards, as outwards was of no question anymore, everything started to turn sour outwards, I started resenting and hating, I got angry and frustrated, depressed and spiteful, to much conflicts started arising within my world, which wasn’t good either.

This one moment, this one question of “is this all there Is to life” threw me off a lot, and I know most people avoid even going into this question, as it can and will shatter our “world” and we will be forced to face some self-honesty with what we have suppressed and denied of ourselves for so long by just taking it as it comes. It is the same thing as do not question GOD, it Is actually that money is god, so do not question money, because if you do question god/money and actually go into answering the questions for yourself in self-honesty you will find with common sense that it is all nonsense, it makes no sense and we are senselessly going through life, numbing ourselves to reality and forgetting ourselves, real sell outs.

So, the journey inwards is very interesting, and quit a big point within understanding as within so without, as we do not question, and so simply accept and allow, as questions leads to answers that must be common sense, and we can only but act and respond on what we have accepted as common sense, if we do not, we create depression, anxiety and stress, as we are not acting on what we know, so we know we are creating something that isn’t good, that’s why we are stressed, anxious and fearful, because we KNOW we are accepting and allowing brutal dishonest and evil shit, and thus from that point we deserve to be full of fear, anxious and stressed, because we are doing nothing about life on earth and the conditions that we are accepting and allowing, will come to us as they are being done and given to billions of others.
To be continued

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Defending self to not change

Postby Gian » 14 Jan 2018, 12:08

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When and as I see I have made a mistake, I commit myself to not go into defense of what I missed, or did not consider, but to instead take a breath, see the points, drop the energy that I within my body, my chest, and to relax, stop all words that want to come out of my mouth in a natural way, to instead look within, see who I am within this, and allow growth, expansion by admitting my miss take and to take it in and to make it part of my consideration.

My weaknesses are exposed through others giving feedback, when I take it personal I know I must take breath, see and realize that I am facing a weakness, the defensive mechanism activating within me to want to TELL why and how I made the mistake, is defending the mistake, it is to justify the mistake, and so I cannot learn from the mistake, I will only keep on missing it, not taking it, not expanding and learning.

When I react to others words and how I take them, I know it is MY interpretation of what their words are meaning, how I am taking them, how the words are hitting the notes within me, the notes that are already existent within me, I am an instrument, If I am not tuned in to SOUND, but rather tuned in to EGO as energy and personality, then words will activate the energy, the personality and the through my reactive behaviors I will play music accordingly, where I can play the SOUND of life as self-responsibility, or I can play the Sound of energy and characters where the words are swords, meant to get back, defend and not grow and expand.

When and as I read or hear the words of another that is directed to me, that is meant for me, and I pick up a “feeling” that there is something else behind their words, such as frustrations, anger, annoyance or a certain energy that is sharp as to stab me, to then stop this “feeling” that Is a defensive mechanism of MY personality/Ego already having a military grade defense system build in that is already ready to attack, where the energy then possess my body and shakes my body to possess my words, where my reaction isn’t a direction as a direct action of me anymore, but rather fulled with energy as something else that now in return will have a sharp energy to stab the other person back with anger, frustration or annoyance, thus not standing as self-redirected principle as breath, but rather only existing as a limited organic robot with automatic responses enforcing an abusing cycle.

When I react and find myself possessed within an energy of self-righteousness, I stop the words that are ready made, ready to just slip out and respond, I give to myself the moment, the breath, to swallow those words and to stop that energy through breathing, to then remove the personal, to embrace LIFE, where I am an instrument of LIFE, and the music as the words I play stand as SOUND and not energy, I remove the emotions and the personal, I look within and I calm my waters, the storm that has been stirred, I see and realize in the moment that this storm isn’t who I am, the lightning and thunder does not have to be the answer, I can instead tell the storm to remove itself, and what remains is me, here calm, standing, as the E-motions, the motion of energy is gone, and I remain as the motion of LIFE, so I speak words that is self-responsible as creator, not blamer, justifier or manipulator, I embrace change, that who I am as the energy ends and I can reborn myself within that moment as a new me, as the moment is here, the opportunity, and this I am grateful for, no matter how hard it can be or is, I embrace absolute self-responsibility and to change, as that is the way forward, living self-forgiveness to drop the ego, energy and be humble.

Time manifested reactions. When I find within myself, that I have created a certain perspective, opinion about another Peron and what I believe their perception is of me, where I believe their perception of me is that of lesser, of inferior, of not capable, of not able, due to how I take their words, how I receive their words, how I FEEL their words. I allow myself to stop the stereo typing of another and how I FEEL them being towards me in relation to me within me, as I am the holder and beholder of the perception I have of them as to what perception they have of me, as every word, every action I take around or in relation to that person or persons will always be to try and defend my own perception of myself against their perception of me as what I perceive them to have a perception of me, and thus I always walk in defense and control, never allowing me to drop all perceptions, to drop all expectations and to actually breathe and live.

THUS – I see and realize that I hold perception of others within my mind and who they are based on believes and assumptions of what perceptions they are holding of me, and so I am creating and manifesting these perceptions in reality, as my words and actions are a reaction to the perceptions and thus creating them, manifesting them, so when someone comes to me and says something to me, I already have a ready-made answer, reaction towards that person, as I believe their words and actions towards me is coming from the perception they have of me – which comes from the perception I have of them and what they have of me, so I react and act in ways that makes no sense to them, yet I feel I have to constantly defend myself, my perception of myself. I see this is a battle of illusions.

When someone points out something about me, and I see myself reacting to the person pointing out the point to me, I stop and I breathe, as I realize and SEE that I am only reacting because of the believe I have of that person and what I believe their relationship is within themselves towards me, so I always find their words and actions as an attack towards me, because of hat I am holding within me as the STORY, where I have placed the CHARACTERS in my story as always being the bad guys and I am the good guy, and thus everyone is out to get me and I must fight this great battle to just make it through, to make it to the end of the story.

When I fuck up, make a mistake and it is noticed by others, I commit myself to not make it personal as to what the responses will be, I see and realize that it is always about self-forgiveness and not others forgiving me, as I must change in fact to stop making the mistake, using shame and guild as a defensive mechanism will not change anything but accumulate a negative ball of energy that will manifest the same shit again, and so I see and realize that if confrontation occurs of a mistake or fuck up that I have created/made, that it can never be personal, as I can never actually in fact change by defending myself with others, by justifying myself, but to instead admit the mistake and take self-responsibility, and that It must be TRUE to me, self-honest that I will change, and not something based on how I am feeling by being confronted, by being pointed out a mistake I have made, or how the mistake has made others feel, or what their perception or idea is about me making the mistake, as such starting point for change isn’t valid and based on nothing more than energy that in due time disappears. I see that I must make the consequences REAL for myself, to not avoid them, to face them, to change and to stand up and know that I WILLED myself to change, by my directive principle and decisions to stand for LIFE as all life as who I am to be that which is best for all life.

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Fear of missing out – How Bernard Supported me with this point. Part 1

Postby Gian » 15 Jan 2018, 23:58 ... rnard.html

As a child, every time I heard my mother’s hair dryer blowing from her room, I would get anxious. The thought would come to mind of, where is my mother going??

I have throughout time learned that when my mother is doing her hair, that she is going out. I never KNEW when she was going out, she never informed me of her going out. I would just hear the hair dryer blowing, and I would immediately know she is going out and I MUST go with. I would drop whatever I was doing and quickly change my cloths and get ready. By the time she would pass my room I would tell my mother I am coming with.

My mother would respond and say, I am just going to go get some shopping. I did not care, I just wanted to go with, I feared missing out on something, I wasn’t ever sure what, so I went with to see what it might be. It always ended up with me just hanging around my mother walking around.
In those moments, I would drop whatever I was busy with, even if it was something I was already enjoying, like playing a game, or building with my blocks, or simply enjoying being where I am. In return, going with my mother, I missed out on what I was doing, dropping it half way and not focussing on myself, who I am and what I was doing, I was chasing something out there.

How I developed this I am not sure, but it bled out into all aspects of my life, with friends, with Girlfriends, with so many things, I would always drop ME and rather rush to the event, the thing, the place to see what else is there, fear of missing out. It would always end up the same, me being here with me simply in a different situation or event or place. Sometimes it lead to weird things, or not so cool things.

I got addicted to wanting to always KNOW, to always wanting to be informed, to be up to date to be in the LOOP of what’s happening, even if it had nothing to do with me, or had any relevance to me, I just wanted to be there.

For example: I would be cleaning my room, something I resisted, yet here I am cleaning my room, focusing on me and improving me a bit more, then I hear that hair dryer blowing from my mother room, I drop the cleaning, change my cloths and forget about me and my improvement in a single moment and rush to this other place. Looking for me, something.

Same with wanting to quit alcohol when I was drinking heavily and having to many hangovers, I would give myself a goal of not drinking, but as soon as a party starts and I am informed of that party, I drop that goal and there I GO, and at the party, I drink, because I fear missing out, I fear missing something. Back at square one.

When I came to the farm, the first week after being here, Bernard told me that I will probably not leave the farm for about three months, and he asked me if I can handle that. I looked at him and said YES SURE, that should not be a problem. I had no idea why I would not be able to leave the farm for three months. In that time I did want to go to town a few times, and Bernard would say I can go, IF I can give him a reason that is valid for why I want to go to town which would mean me not doing my responsibilities and postponing them, and each and every time I had a reason Bernard would check y common sense and self-honesty within my reasons.

For example, I would see someone is climbing into a car to go to town, and I would go to that someone and ask, hey can I come with, that other person would say sure, yes, you can come with, and I would respond with saying, OK, let me get my stuff. So I would run to my room to quickly get my stuff, Bernard would see me running and ask WHERE ARE YOU GOING? And I would slow down and look at him and say, I want to go to town, and Bernard would ask why? As I give my reason such as I need cigarettes, then Bernard would say, just give them the money to get it, you need to finish raking the grass in the fields today before the rain comes.

This kind of situation occurred each time I wanted to go to town, I first of all tried to go to town without Bernard noticing me, as I KNEW he would challenge me and check up on me, so I wanted to do is in a sneaky way, YET, he caught me each time.

This continued for about 3 months, where I did not leave the farm. I went through a sort of a withdrawal of some sort, where I got a bit depressed and angry, as I could not go to town for no reason, YET each time I was redirected BACK to what I NEED to do, and that whatever I wanted in town, someone else could just get it for me, so while they do that I do what I could do best and get things done.

So, by now you must know, Bernard pushed this point perfectly, if you look at how I used to live out this point and how he then supported me in facing this missing out point, I was forced to focus on ME and what I am doing, unlike how I used to just DROP what I am doing to run after other things in the fear of missing out.

After those three months and a bit more, I started going to town a lot more, specifically to get my driver’s license that I failed the first time before I came to the farm. I got it in December 2008 with the farm support.

Something very interesting changed within me and who I am in going into town. The first time after three month and a bit I noticed and experienced going into town a LOT different, everything felt so BUSY and stressed and tense and heightened in energy, my stomach was turning and I felt like throwing up. I remember when I went with Bernard he told me to BREATH as I have not dropped the energy to going to town, so now I can actually experience what is really going on, the systems and everything in play all the time, as I used to go to town to PLUG in, I now went to town not plugging in as much, but was more aware of the plugging in from within me, what I went to town for previously to support system and programs within me, to keep me upgraded and to keep my personality in tack by feeding myself in town, the city with mind consciousness systems.

This is quite interesting. Because I used to go to town to literally FEED my ego, my personality, to make sure I am still in check, that I still fit in, that I am not out of date, that I have all the programs upgraded and working, all my apps are running fine to survive in the system. And after three months of not rushing to town, going to town within that energy, I felt WAY out of date, not updated, and wanting to update felt sickening, what I was doing to myself, selling myself out.

Me not updating myself and my programs and doing the upgrades that are consistent within the system, just like the apps on our phones and all their updates occurring the whole time, I lost complete touch for a long time with the system, I would not shower of bath after doing some sweaty work, for a few days even, I would simply take a dip in the pool, put the same cloths on I worked with and wear gumboots that smell like horse shit and go to town, standing in lines where people would literally move away from me and look at my gumboots weird. I did not do this deliberately, I simply did it because I kind of didn’t know better anymore, I didn’t have the upgrades, so I went to town as I was.

I did this for years, never upgrading, never plugging back in, never access those systems. I instead went as me, as me requiring only me to be who I am and living, expressing. It was only possible because of where I was/am, the Desteni farm, and the opportunity was here for me to live this to be this, to stand as this and to see what is here, how it works and going deeper, to in the long run stand as a support for others that might not have the same opportunity yet facing the same points, such as now, now is the time.

I will continue in Part two, sharing more and deeper points as this fear of missing out went from one polarity to another and finding a balance, also how this point was pushed even further by Bernard for me to face in specific moments.

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Fear of missing out – How Bernard Supported me with this point. Part 2

Postby Gian » 19 Jan 2018, 22:18

BLOG LINK - ... rd_18.html

This blog is a continuation of Part 1 HERE ... rnard.html

From Part 1 “I will continue in Part two, sharing more and deeper points as this fear of missing out went from one polarity to another and finding a balance, also how this point was pushed even further by Bernard for me to face in specific moments.”

Fear of missing out has been a big point for me all my life. I would keep myself occupied as much as possible to be out there, to be aware of everything I possibly can, I had this urge to always be in the KNOW, I must know, I have to be informed. I always collected so much data as knowledge and information about people, gossip, and simply human relations.

I did not want to be the guy that finds out later in an impolite manner about something or in an unexpected way. I wanted to have control of my environments, of the people and what they think of me, what is being said about me, what decisions are going to be made or could possibly be made that might affect my life, so I always wanted to know, this knowledge and information I gathered over time from many corners of my life would be used in secret by myself. I would take information I have gathered where I know I am personally involved, or where I can get involved or what might affect me, and I would play with the information in my mind as to how can I manipulate and change certain outcomes, the people and situations to always be that which I feel save with, where I am sort of in control.

I did not notice at the time that I was living this program within “fear of missing out” or even how this program worked within a multi-dimensional play-out.

Why did I fear missing out? Why was this fear within me? I can definitely say that something happened in my life where decisions were made, or events happened that I only found out either in the moment and took it as a shock, as unexpected and it rattled me, it shake my life, it changed everything to a degree for me personally, it took me from a point of feeling secure to a point of feeling insecure. Through such an event (may it have occurred in the first few years of my life here on earth or later on) I now had this fear which became my compass that always guided me to avoid such situations/events or circumstances that affect me personally and my security.

Thus I had to become a secret agent for my own life, I had to gather as much information and knowledge as possible to then have the upper hand as I would make myself believe. So, I started living my life always focusing on fear, fear of missing out. Because if I miss out then feel vulnerable, I feel naked, I feel like I have nothing in my hands to play my cards on the table.

Through this “fear of missing out” I have created a LOT of stress within myself, always rushing and hurrying up to get somewhere, I have created a lot of sneaky behaviors to find information from others in secretive ways. This behavior creates stress and fear in itself.

I never allowed time for ME, and to focus on what I am creating, I rather lived life in a way where I took advantages of circumstances. This meant I had to WAIT a lot, because for the right circumstances to arrive isn’t every day. In the meantime while waiting I am basically spending all my time fishing, finding information and knowledge and filling my mind with so much information of nonsense I had no idea what to do with it except to gossip, to talk and to scheme about others and LIFE all the time.

This behavior and living created MORE stress and a lot of anxiety, as I was stressing about missing information and being anxious about getting information that I can work with, and getting information I can work with meant it affects me, It had something to do with my life, thus it isn’t always great news, so anxious and excited at the same time.

When and If I cot information that I believed I could work with, I would feel like I have a purpose and reason to live, to do something. This in return means that I was creating events and situations through my behaviour that even led to me messing up, fucking up and then creating the knowledge and information to come my way to then work with it. This is pretty messed up in terms of how so many things are interlinked and connected and how somehow it created stuff.

Let me simplify this a bit more with an example. Say my mom and dad are having conflicts/arguing in secret, they do it in their room while we are sleeping and they think we do not know about it, I would stay up till late after pretending to go to sleep. Then I would sneak up to my parents room and listen against the door what is happening, I hear voices but it is mumbling, so I would get “smarter” and go outside, thus sneaking around quietly, my heart is pumping hard as I know I could be found out if they hear me, I am also fearful of what I might hear, so I stress about that. Then I am outside, I am listening in and I find some words, some information, it has something to do with money and spending money and saving money and so forth. I know everything my parents go through involves me, so when I hear money and problems, I go into a massive insecurity within myself and my future, my comfort, my life. I go into ALL kinds of thoughts of what ifs and what should I do or not do.

I then go to bed after this gathering of knowledge and information, I wake up in FEAR and STRESS, because what do I do now with this knowledge and information. I start thinking a LOT, I start going into a lot of future projections of possibilities. Then I start acting, I start living in a way that makes me feel more secure, I act and behave in ways that makes no sense to anyone but me. I can’t tell my parents why I am behaving the way I am as they would then know I was in secret listening to them and their conversations. Now all day at school and everything else I am doing I am not focused at all, I am not HERE and living, I am in my mind thinking about this all day all the time, current reality loses purpose, I lose touch with it, am somewhere else.

This occurred and continued throughout my life over and over and over. This pattern would play out in anything and everything. From relationships, work, popularity and friends, I mean anything and everything.

If you have read Blog one by now, then the next dimension will be much clearer for you. This next point is how Bernard pushed me daily and on many occasions on this point where it hit me real deep and hard and left me in this weird space of the UNKNOWN.
To be continued.

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Fear of Missing out, the Final Chapter and how Bernard supported me with this point

Postby Gian » 23 Jan 2018, 00:32

Blog link - ... r-and.html

Within this blog, I want to clarify that I am sharing the points Bernard supported me in as to give back, to share so that the reader can get the story, the events and flow of things as I did to a degree.

This isn’t to say Bernard is special or that I am holding onto anything. I am being honest within this sharing that I did NOT get to where I am, who I am and what I have learned and how by my own. Giving credit where it must be given, otherwise I am misleading people and praising myself. The consequences for that is something unnecessary.

I owe most of everything I have faced and learned and changed within to Bernard, from my relationship with my partner and everything that entails, to who I am and understanding common sense, self-honesty and LIFE.

Continuing to the Final chapter now.

Previously “This occurred and continued throughout my life over and over and over. This pattern would play out in anything and everything. From relationships, work, popularity and friends, I mean anything and everything. “read the previous one here - ... rd_18.html

On the Farm (Desteni farm), at many points in time there were lots of people here, from 15 to 30 people at a time, people visiting from all over the world. With many visitors that came to visit, many interesting and really cool and deep discussions took place, some of them were shattering and intense, some were very personal for individuals and others were fun and pretty cool.

But, what would I know. Most of the time I was outside working, building something somewhere or doing some maintenance work. Bernard Made sure I was up every morning at 6am, or when the birds started singing, he would sing outside my room (not really singing) but make noise and call out my name over and over, till I got up, he would specifically say Giantjie, giantjie, ARE YOU AWAKE, and I would miserably wake up with not having enough sleep. As I go outside my room looking like I am waking up with a hangover, Bernard would say BREATH, and then he would say to me, Be HERE, no need to wake up, be awake. I would try that but yhea….. Then he would push me to get things done, he would start with asking, are you finishing these rooms today(we were building rooms for a while) or something else, I would say well not today, but we are getting there. But the point is, Bernard made sure I got to things and needed to be done on the Farm.

The visitors didn’t have to work as I did, they helped and worked together in specific things, but me, LJ and Fidelis had to do things every day and had responsibilities to keep things functioning and moving on a Farm.

So, Bernard had any chats with people and he also had quit some intense moments with people, these things would occur in the kitchen when people were there together or in the lounge or on the porch, But I always missed out, sometimes I would walk in halfway through the discussions, and stay for a while just to hear something, or to pick up on something, or to get some cool information I could use. But I was just a little bit too late.

I would hear from Leila or someone else what Bernard just now shared with everyone something on these points, or those points, or Bernard did some Tarot card readings for people, or he just explained the universe to people or someone lol. I would always feel like I missed something out, all the discussions, all the chats, as I was just outside doing work, building or maintenance stuff most of my time.

Here, I faced a different dimension of Fear of missing out. In my first post on fear of missing out I basically say it all, but I am sharing something deeper here, how I physically had to change my behaviors, my actions to actually stop the fear of missing out, to see who I am without participating within those actions, those behaviors.

In 2013, this point was pushed for me, within me one more time from Bernard just before the time he died. On a day, like any other, Bernard was planning to have a get together with everyone on the farm that night to have a nice chat/talk about some very important points, they involved peoples individual peoples process points and direction and also opening up more dimensions within existence and what’s at play.

I was all day curious and looking forward to this get together, as I was expecting something big, I was hoping to hear about something about me, my process and my direction, where Bernard gives on guidance, or a brutal self-honesty check. As the evening approached us all more, Bernard made his way through the farm on a slow passed walk, and he came to our house, where I was standing in the garden. He was telling people to get ready and go down in the meantime. Then he said to me, you must stay here and look after the dogs, they cannot be left alone, plus you need to deal with this fear of missing out, so you will now miss out… That part, where he mentions the fear of missing out hit home, I knew I had the fear the moment he said I need to stay and look after the dogs.

What Bernard said to me made perfect sense, I agreed with a massive resistance, as I really did not want to stay with the dogs, I wanted to be IN, I wanted to hear what’s happening at the meeting, I do not want to miss something cool that could be shared with me or about me. Everyone has gone to the get together, and I just stood in the garden, trying to listen and hear what is being said from far away, but the distance was just enough that all I could hear was mumbling and every time everyone started laughing at once.

Hours went by, and the get together was still going on, I heard all the talking and conversations in the mumbling form I received them, I sat outside paranoid and frustrated. It got late and I knew I wasn’t going to get feedback from anyone tonight, I went to bed to get some sleep, instead of just sitting there and trying to hear something. I already anticipated that the next day I will get feedback from Leila and others on what was said, and what happened, but it will be second hand as my judgement goes.

The following morning, as I woke up and others were awake, I went to Leila to ask her what happened as that was a long get together. Now I wanted to fish out anything important, or if anything was said about me, or if there are some cool new dimensions that opened up I should know about. Her first words to me was, nothing much, but there was this point on characters that opened up.

I already felt the pain of what I have missed according to my perception. Then in that moment what Bernard told me, that I need to work with this point of fear of missing out, came to me, and I within myself decided that I don’t care what happened, what I missed out or not, and I made this I don’t care not to not care for me, but in fact a decision to care about me, and to stop caring for the mind and the fears. I also had a realization in that moment that I am walking in this believe that I am less than, I am weak and useless, that I am vulnerable, that I am not good enough, that I need all the knowledge and information in the world before I can ever be ready to trust myself, instead of trusting myself.

I then took it upon myself to MISS out as much as possible where I knew I was going to go for something or someone just because of a curiosity to find something, and I started living HERE direct with what is here, it was challenging, as I stopped making everything personal to me what is said or done, and I started trusting that I am okay, even if I had to live in a dark cage and all I ever could hear from this dark cage was mumbling from the outside and never being able to reach it, I have to be able to be here still, to breathe and focus on me, trust me, even if something is said about me or not, it does not define me, I define me in every moment and if I use any and all information I get and hear to define me, than I am fucked. As I have proven already how I fuck myself up with what I hear or do not hear, about me or that involves me, may it be fear, survival, money, relationships.

I am tired of seeking drama, seeking a story, seeking things that create bullshit and participating within it, defining myself this way is torture, living according to the information I receive if torture, as nothing is ever practical or common sense then, it is all emotion based, fear based and personality based, nothing real, just chasing illusions and creating more illusions, I am missing reality in fact.

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Goku Ultra Instinct – If you are serious, read this (DragonBall loco)

Postby Gian » 31 Jan 2018, 08:10

One of the reasons we FAIL in our lives in so many things is because we THINK. Here I am deliberate in saying Thinking is a problem, period. I am not saying we think TOO much, I am saying and making it clear that THINKING in itself is a problem.

What is ULTRA INSTINCT, as a level of self-mastery that Goku has achieved? It is basically stopping thinking, it is to NOT think but to instead TRUST your body, trust the PHYSICAL reality that is here, and thus to stop trusting the thinking that occurs within our minds, within secret.

Let me back up a bit more and give more context to where I am coming from within this blog and then where it is going.

I LOVE Dragonball, I watch Dragonball from the starting point of all the lessons learned, all the challenges met and overcome, I watch Dragonball to align what I see makes sense, that I can actually apply to myself and my life, this I do with ALL T.V series of Movies I watch. But I specifically enjoy DragonBall because it seems they got some serious points to look at and consider, besides it just being an ass-kicking Anime for kids to watch.

If you watch Dragonball, I want you to for a moment let go of the usual assumption of what the story is about, where it is all about ENERGY and leveling up, and fighting and becoming better and better at fighting. I want to take the underlying parts that play out in the story that we can actually take and apply to our own daily lives, where we can take the concepts and the practices within the story and ground them in an application within our physical reality, as the real world.

The underlying parts within Dragonball are quite consistent and clear when we see it for what it is and thus the actual reasons for WHY and HOW Goku for example as the main character and leading example always achieve levels within himself that before wasn’t possible or even conceivable.

The ONLY reason Goku has discovered and reached the ULTRA instinct form is all because of ONE point we all have to look at. ALL choice was stripped from him, he didn’t have a CHOICE. This is a reoccurring event that takes place during the entire Dragonball saga, where we can see each and every time Goku learns something about himself and his abilities and what he is capable of is when reality strips him of CHOICE and he is forced to push beyond his own self-definitions and believes.


Why does Goku lose Choice each time? That is because he has dedicated his LIFE to be more than just for himself. He has dedicated his life to LIFE, to serve and protect LIFE, and because he has stepped up to take that responsibility, he is always up for the challenge to live that responsibility, and thus he places himself in positions most do not want to be within, even when he knows he will lose, he still goes in and stand as that point, and so he loses choice and he pushes himself within the PRINCIPLES he stand by, to live and DO what is best for everyone, and so he needs to DROP his personal limitations, his personal quarrels and his personal wants and needs and desires and he needs to go against what he wants and face what needs to be done within that guiding principle.

So, how do we apply this one aspect of the Anime series to ourselves and our lives? First I want you to take a look at your life and what do you stand by? What is YOUR guiding principles that you live by? In our world we have WAR and we are the monsters on this planet, we destroy nature and humanity, we are killing our earth slowly within how we live on this planet. So, what are your principles that you live by? If you had to become Goku in your real life as something that is actually possible, not like in the Anime series, then you can see, you NEED a principle that pushes YOU beyond your personal self-interest, to live for LIFE and to serve and protect life, this will push YOU to live without choice, to live in a way where you are always forced to push beyond your own personal limitations and believes of yourself and to become the BEST version of yourself, such as Goku, why? Because of the BEST versions of ourselves in our daily lives and how our daily living effects the global community as a whole is thus best for all LIFE when we walk within that specific principle of living what is best for all life and living p to it.

Now, this brings me to the Ultra Instinct point that Goku has reached and how fascinating it is HOW this Ultra instinct is achieved, because that is a very big key to understand in our own personal lives, and how we can in our world, in our personal lives reach OUR unique and individual ultra-instincts if only we can be self-honest about this point.
NO THINKING – that is the key, and take a look at how difficult it is to NOT think, we are addicted to thinking, we think about everything, we spend hours upon hours in our minds thinking instead of doing.

Our thinking is exactly what the problem is, it creates the problems, thinking in itself is form of DOUBT, it is a form of no confidence, it is a form of self-defeat, we convince ourselves of the weirdest and strangest limitations and believes of ourselves, and we reinforce these ideas and believes we have of ourselves through consistent thinking and solidifying them.

I dare you to LIVE for just1 hour in ULTRA instinct mode, where you do not think about what you must or must not do, but instead MOVE as the physical, this means not allowing ANY thought that comes up to guide you or any feeling or emotion, to instead be HERE as your Ultra Instinct, where you move your body without thinking, but rather based on what you see and hear and what is here WITHIN your principle of doing and living what is BEST for all life, and thus YOU moving and LIVING without thinking your utmost potential to support what is best for all life.

Do you resist cleaning your room? Don’t think about it, DO IT
Do you resist helping with cooking? Don’t think about it, DO it
Do you resist your homework? Don’t think about it, DO it
Do you resist NOT watching TV or playing games and missing out and rather go for a walk in the park or go to the gym, then stop and go DO it.

Do things that you don’t want to do that you know is in service of life, of others and that is best for all life, PUSH beyond those limitations and ideas and opinions that hold you back as your THINKING, and rather start doing, live your ultra-instinct, you might be surprised the difference you will feel within just 24 hours of living this way, and the difference you see in your life.

Do not postpone.
Do not neglect.
Do not get lazy.

After you have gotten to all your things, then you know you can relax and sit back, and you will notice that you will relax and rest way more effective within the KNOWING that today you lived your utmost potential, and didn’t justify your limitations and false beliefs about yourself, and you will rest and be well knowing you didn’t deceive and manipulate others to believe your own limitations and to not live your utmost potential, BE challenged, live what is best for all and thus best for You, never harm another, do onto others as YOU would like to be done onto, give as you would like to receive, live within common sense and self-honesty and you cannot go wrong.

If this blog isn’t enough or you do live your ultra-instinct but feel you are struggling too much, you fail or fall too much, I suggest you take the road less traveled here at

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