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Re: Andrew's Journey To Life

Posted: 27 Apr 2017, 05:26
by Andrew
Infinite Moments of Patience – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 801
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In my recent blogs I have been opening up the mysteries of “Patience” and looking at what stories I have missed and how I can create myself to be more patient within myself and my life. I ended off my last blog looking at the dimension of “Personal Patience” which I see as where patience is lived within self on a fundamental level of self and isn’t so much related to external points, such as for example being patient when starting new projects or when walking towards ones external life goals.

For myself I have noticed a tendency for me to always be looking at or thinking about “how my life could be better” and also how I could make more money or achieve more external successes where this kind of preoccupation has become a kind of obsession in a way.


Why am I so driven to achieve these external successes to the degree where I experience a desperation, essentially feeling like I am missing something without them?

So this is why I have here been looking at this word Patience on a more personal level or would like to explore this a bit more. Like how do I walk/live patience each day?

When I am at home, when I am communicating with my partner, or someone else, when I am doing the dishes, reading a book, walking to my car, driving, listening to music. Am I impatient within these tasks as well? How about when I am writing a blog? Am I patient with myself.

Last night I did get a bit flustered at the end of my blog where I felt a bit hasty at the end.

So perhaps this is where I could focus my application of Living and Integrating this word Patience into myself and life more. I can focus my application on my day to day, moment to moment of who I am as this word Patience. And here I can practice walking Patience in ALL moments in my life, not just in the big projects or opportunities that open up. But here I can investigate how to Live Patience from moment to moment, breath by breath, because I can see there is multitudes upon multitudes of moments where ‘Patience’ can be lived. Ultimately the moments seem infinite.


To Live and Express this word as myself is to ‘take a moment’ and settle down, and breathe, when I see myself becoming anxious. And this is definitely a key indicator of Impatience, when I notice that flare of anxiety flowering up within me. Here I can take a breath and settle Myself back into my Physical Body so that I am settled and calm and GROUNDED in relation to what ever point is causing/creating the anxiousness. And What ever point I am facing/walking in the moment.

So here I do see these 2 experiences, where when Patience is where I am STILL, and Settled and GROUNDED within myself, and centered. And Impatience is where I go into anxiousness or restlessness.

So here I can practice creating and directing myself into and as this Grounded, Settled, Centered, and STILL experience/stance within myself as I walk/live moment to moment.

So I have some DIRECTION with this point and with this experience that initially started off these investigations into patience where I found myself Rushing at work a few days ago wanting to just get everything done already where this rushing and FORCING things actually caused a strain on my Physical body, and so here I am after walking through some dimensions of this point to here where I am moving forwards and remembering in a way to implement and practice Living the word Patience more in my moment to moment life.

Now another WORD that is coming through here that I can explore in blogs to come is related to this word patience and I can see more specifically in relation to just wanting to have all my projects complete and done already and just wanting to know if everything is going to work out or not is the word COMPLETION. Or even the word CONTENT because yes, I am often busy pursing my external and even my internal life goals and within that I can practice living this word PATIENCE, but also to consider how at times I am driven by an experience of lack, of feeling like I need to arrive somewhere or that when I have gained this or that, then I will be satisfied and complete and then I can rest and take my time. So here the points I see is Living Completion and being CONTENT in each moment. So this is something I will explore in blogs to come or perhaps within my own writings I do in my notebook.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2017, 07:38
by Andrew
Life Doesn’t Move in a Perfectly Straight Line – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 802
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Today at the end of the day at work today, I decided that I was far enough along in my stone sculpture that I wanted to get a good look at the coloration of the stone and what it would look like when it was finished.

So I retrieved some water and poured it over the stone which for a moment enhances the color of the stone until it drys again. Right away I noticed a marking that ran along the sculpture in a certain way and I started to react.

The reaction was strong.

I was frustrated, angry, and enraged at this marking on the sculpture. This is not the first time I have actually had this experience in relation to a piece that I am working on where I start noticing that the natural markings and colorations of the stone are aligning, from my perspective, in an undesirable way.

I was so frustrated.

So I got home and a couple hours later I was chatting about it with my partner and my starting point within the discussion was still based on this reaction that I was having where I was quite disgruntled and telling my partner how “now my sculpture is ruined” and I was just so angry and frustrated. And basically everything within me and coming out of me as my words where infused with an energy of resentment, blame, frustration, angry, hopelessness, irritation, ect.

Now obviously the sculpture isn’t ruined, I was actually just stuck in this reaction. And so for a moment as I was speaking with my partner, I stopped and asked myself what this reaction was showing me about Who I am and where I am from the perspective of how and why would I be having such a reaction. And so I looked at what it was showing me, and essentially that is what I am here doing with this blog. I am opening up this reaction and looking at why I would accept and allow such a reaction within me and what it is showing me about myself.

One point I notice here straight away is that one reason I would have such a strong reaction in relation to this piece is because its like “I have everything riding on it” where I can see that I have kind of tunnel visioned onto this piece and in this made this one single project into A MAJOR POINT.

So here I can acknowledge for myself that my life isn’t built on ‘one single point’ but is constructed of multiple aspects and points and so things don’t often really ride on ‘one single point’. So this is a cool point to take with me moving forwards as the realization that there is always many elements that go into my life.

As I mentioned, this is not the first time I have had such a reaction towards one of the sculptures I am working on.

However, this is something that I see I can change and would like to change. Meaning I can see that I have ‘placed everything into this sculpture’ and basically made this one piece a “make or break” situation where “if this doesn’t work out I am doomed”

Self Forgiveness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel and experience myself walking such a thin line within myself and my life in relation to success or failure where I feel like things are always so fragile and teetering on the edge in every moment, here not acknowledging the actually Stability of My life which I insist doesn’t exist.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be angry when one of my sculptures doesn’t go exactly as planned and work out perfectly, because in my mind, I have equated this to a set-back, where then I go into a reaction within me and think “why does this always happen to me” and essentially go into a point of victimization and disempowerment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel like my life is always hanging in the balance, and that If one thing is out of place, then everything will fall down and collapse where this experience was reflected to me in my sculpture where the natural flow of the stone was not what I wanted, and I reacted in thinking “everything is ruined” and that this one apparent misalignment will now be my doom.

Here I can also consider how this experience I was having in relation to my life, exists also in the “inner self” so this can be a mental note for myself to see if I can pin-point this “things hanging in the balance, state” existing in my inner reality and how I deal with or direct my inner world, where one wrong move can throw everything off.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be grossly impatient with the growth of my business venture/ art business which was indicated by my reaction today where I reacted to my sculpture not looking exactly perfect because to me this represented a ‘SET-BACK’ which I just couldn’t handle and went into a reaction of frustration and anger.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire things to be different in my life to the degree where I react whenever I perceive I have a set-back that slows me down from reaching my goals and creating my life the way I want it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not accept the fact that Life isn’t perfect, meaning that the process of creating a business or creating my life the way I want, or creating myself, isn’t just going to go from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ seamlessly without anything in between. In fact, life presents many obstacles, and so I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to be more patient with myself within creating my business and life where I see, realize, and understand that things don’t always move in a straight line.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that I was too focused on where I was going, that I forgot about LIFE HERE, in the moment. And how life actually functions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to subtly not want to be in my life, and so desire things to be different to the degree where the desire becomes dominant and then I react when outcomes don’t materialize as fast as possible or along the shortest route, here essentially I am judging where I am at in my life as not good enough and that “things will be better once I achieve this or that”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that I was focused too much “in the future” which was shown to me by how I reacted to a perceived set-back where it was like “I couldn’t handle it” I couldn’t handle having to re-walk a point or take longer in my pursuit of a goal, and so I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to find a better way to creating goals and outcomes than to ‘pursue’ them where when I am in pursuit of such points, I forget about my reality right here, and I forget to LIVE HERE walking breath by breath and moment by moment.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to embrace Set-Backs

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create set-backs in my life through by approaching things the way that I do where I perceive a mistake or an unexpected turn of direction as a set-back instead of simply a natural process of life.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to account for the mistakes, and unexpected turns which are natural within life expression and so I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into CONTROL in relation to my life and creating my life and business.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to write about being more Patient, but then ‘lose it’ when something goes wrong because I am actually not being Patient in the grand scheme of things, meaning where creating self and life takes time and takes a process and isn’t always going to be a straight line.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel stressed about money, and so when I experience a ‘set-back’ in my mind that is an obstacle or “more time” now until I am satisfied with my life and business instead of practicing this point of being Satisfied with my Process of Self Creation in every moment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become invested in a “Future Projection” instead of just taking things day by day and moment by moment, and EMBRACING and LIVING ‘IN’ My Days instead of just using my days to get somewhere else in the future, but within this forgetting to be and live HERE.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to give more attention to my Day, and stop seeing it as ‘just another day’ to be used to get somewhere else, and so ultimately am missing the day where I am just seeing it as resource to get to some future point, but within this kind of judging where I am at, and judging the elements of my life instead of Embracing them, and Embracing all the parts of my life that comprise it.

I commit myself to STOP, to Breathe, to BE HERE, to Embrace what is here as the moment, and as each day and stop being so hell bent on getting somewhere else, but rather practice Honoring Each Day.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself reacting to one of my sculptures as if there is something about it that is “going to set me back” to stop in such moments, Breathe, and realize that if I am having that experience than this is showing me that I am not Honoring and Truly EMBRACING where I am at in my life/process of Creation, And so I commit myself practice Embracing MY Day, and VALUING my Day more than I Value a future Projection in my mind that is not even real.

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Posted: 29 Apr 2017, 07:21
by Andrew
Realizing A New Moment Requires a New Approach – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 803
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Today was quite a challenging day at work. I kept having to go back into a particular area of my sculpture I was carving and adjust the proportions to get it aligned correctly. It was challenging because usually I get the proportions where I want them after a few adjustments, but with this one it just wasn’t quite aligning the way I was wanting and had expected based on how things normally have went in the past and so I kept going back and making adjustments and each time it was getting a little better, and a little better, and then Id tell myself “Okay this is the last time, after this it should be good” and I wanted it to be better, and to be done, and I really tried to convince myself that “it was fine” but within myself, there was still this nagging point where I could see that it just wasn’t quite where I want it yet. This adjustment process gone on around 6 or 7 times the past 2 days and as I was walking this point today I was experiencing some disbelief. I couldn’t believe that it just wasn’t aligning, even after all the adjustments I made. Then finally after I was certain I made my final adjustment to get the proportion just where I wanted it, I noticed, that…….yes…….it still needed just a bit more refining…….. so at the end of the day, I made one final adjustment and yes, FINALLY I am satisfied with the proportions…Hopefully, lol.

I will see Monday when I get back to the project and can look at it after a couple days off when I am well rested and can slow things down and make sure it is exactly where I want it.

So it was an interesting process that played out today and a good reminder that no two sculptures I create are the same and that I must be able to adjust my approach each time to do what I need to do to get the structure how I want it to be, because I can also just say “aw its good enough” but then there is a point of compromise there, not taking the necessary time to align the structure and form to the best of my ability and in a way that I see I am able to do, which is really the point with creating these sculptures, the point for me is to do my best and live to my utmost potential. So overall, I am glad I decided to push this point today and keep going back as many times as I needed to get the sculpture where I wanted it to be.

So yes, a cool reminder here that its important to walk IN THE MOMENT and do what is necessary and what is called for in the moment where you can’t rely on how things went in the past but must be PRESENT and make sure you are assessing things in Real Time and be willing to step outside of a systematic way of operating and simply direct oneself according to each moment being a NEW Moment.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2017, 08:56
by Andrew
Reaching a Boiling Point and Lashing Out – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 804
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Today my partner and I had a ‘cleaning day’ where we spent about 6 hours doing a deep clean of our apartment. It was something that was definitely ready to be done and now after its done I am quite grateful for the clean space, however I have noticed today throughout the day that I was easily becoming irritated with my partner, who for the most part seemed her normal self.

I could tell that within myself that there was something going on, meaning where I already felt a bit ‘low’ and kind of already in an experience of frustration that was taking place within me since I got up and so I saw how this presence that I was already in started coming up during the cleaning process with my partner where I began reacting in irritation towards her.

I also noticed this irritation experience coming up yesterday also, and so see this point as entirely Self Created where this experience was already coming out in relation to just the basic tasks and activities I was participating in within my day where I would just get so frustrated and impatient and angry at what ever it was I was doing. So this ‘high-strung’ experience was definitely obvious and prominent within myself.

Despite knowing that I was already experiencing this point within me, I still tended to allow myself to blame my irritation on things my partner would do or say today, even though I had already noticed this experience within me the day before where I was reacting to the smallest of things.

So I see the point for me to practice here is to in fact Stop accepting and allowing myself to take experiences that I have clearly identified and understood as originating within myself and stop allowing myself to blame my partner for this, because this is what I essentially did.

It was like, I saw the experience within me, and already noticed my tendency to react quickly in irritation to whatever it was I was doing, so I knew my partner had nothing to do with it and so also here within me was an awareness to not allow myself to react to my partner and yet, what did I do? I reacted to my partner and allowed this point of blame to step forth within me and to let out my experience as a reaction unto my partner when what I should have really been allowing to step forth is my point of Self Responsibility, taking Responsibility for myself and supporting myself to release this experience through directive means, instead of allowing those moments where I just went ahead and blamed my partner.

It was interesting because I felt a bit powerless, and hopeless, and helpless in relation to this experience, like it was so prominent that “I couldn’t help myself” and at times I just allowed the irritation to boil over and come out in my words and tonality instead of finding ways to release it on my own through breathing, and stabilizing myself and NOT allowing myself to VENT my reactions but rather to pause in those moments, Breathe, and release that irritation energy on my own, or even to have addressed it more directly when I noticed it the day before, instead of just allowing it to percolate.

So this is something I can work on moving forwards where I can practice Directing Myself to release my experience without VENTING or Reacting in how I act or speak towards others where the energy experience I experience within me comes out as reactive words or behaviors. So this is something here for me to work on and to Rather than live the word VENTING and Reacting and essentially giving up on my ability to direct myself, and can practice living such words as Self Direction, Self Responsibility, Stabilizing, and Persistence in where I stand persistent in my application of not allowing myself to vent my experience every time it comes up instead of stopping once or twice and then allowing myself to vent after that, so here I can practice Stepping Up and releasing the experiences that I have created within myself without allowing them to end up in reactions that have consequences not only on my own life but others lives as well. So yes, a Key here I see I can apply for myself is PERSISTENCE as being Persistent and Consistent in DIRECTING myself and my experience each and every time it comes up, remembering to in that moment of where I want to react, to stop, and just breath and stabilize myself and not allow a reaction or energy to DIRECT me.

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Posted: 01 May 2017, 06:20
by Andrew
Expanding Your Supply of Solutions – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 805
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So lately I have been walking this point of ordering more supplies for my business which allows everything to continue to flow normally. But there is a delay on the supplies arriving which isn’t the first time this has happened with some of the suppliers I work with. So when and as this is happening I have been firstly practicing not allowing myself to go into a reaction towards the particular suppliers and essentially start demanding that my supplies arrive in a reasonable time-frame. There are moments where I see these reactions coming up within me, but I continue to support myself to not act out of these reactions.

So one dimension of this that is coming up now as I write, is the questions of “Where do I do the same thing” Where do I procrastinate with certain projects, tasks, and points that not only affect me but affect others as well, because I can see that I still do allow procrastination in my own life, and so this is a cool Starting Point for me to create a Solution for these outflows that I am walking now where my supplies seems to be arriving late which has been a pattern now for about a year.

For instance, I could actually just order my supplies doubly early. If I have identified a pattern of the movement of certain supplies, then I could make sure that I am keenly on top of it, and essentially doing what is within my power to Ensure that I am always stocked on supplies.

I also noticed that I can also branch out and reach out to other suppliers who could provide a supplemental support for when I need certain supplies within a specific time-frame. This is something that I haven’t yet done.

Because if a few months down the road I am in the same boat, it is obvious that it has nothing to do with the suppliers but rather my lack of action to find solutions to the point.

So here is a good example of how its so easy to blame others for our experiences and problems where we do this without getting to the point of doing everything in our power to Take Responsibility for Our Own lives to the best of our ability.

So this is has definitely been a Key for me in the Process that I have walked with Desteni over the years where I have been supported to and have since began to bring points back to myself and look at where and how I can support me to find Solutions and Take Responsibility for my life instead of just going into blaming someone else. This has actually had quite a massive impact on my life because here even in this situation with my suppliers, this could have easily in the past ended up with me just going into blame and so not bringing the point back to myself which is a missed opportunity for self expansion because in bringing the points back to myself I am actually EXPANDING myself through looking at WHAT I CAN DO for myself and for others in terms of Living Solutions and trying out new things or changing my own tendencies and patterns to be overall more supportive.

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Posted: 02 May 2017, 07:38
by Andrew
Determining My Outcomes Through Daily Living – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 806
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Today is the beginning of the work week for me. I felt a bit depressed this morning when I woke up. The experience seemed to be ‘out of nowhere’ though last night I was discussing a few points with my partner about some stress that I was experiencing in relation some aspects of the responsibilities associated with work. So this morning as I got ready to go to work, I related this seemingly out-of-nowhere experience of depression to these work related points I was discussing the night before.

Self Forgiveness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become overwhelmed with stress in relation to directing and walking the obligations and responsibilities in relation to my career.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to still feel the need and desire to control my reality and force it to move the way that I want it to when working with other people, expecting other people to move how I want them to because its convenient for me where I am not considering that people are entire universes unto themselves where their lives are vast and comprised of various relationships and so I cannot expect them to move according to my wishes and desires just because it would suit me best, and so here I commit myself to remember to consider that People are complex and have much going on within themselves and within their lives and to within this, be more patient and understanding.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear my life not working or my business failing where this fear drives me to try to control people and push things to move how I desire to have them move, where I become much less flexible and flowing, And so I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to try an achieve success from a starting point of Fear of Failure. And so here I commit myself to walk and live the word Patience where within living the word Patience I stop accepting and allowing myself to exist within my default setting of “expecting to fail” and so thus I commit myself to stop expecting to fail and then having a fear emerge of fearing to fail which then drives me into control and desire, as well as being more rigid and inflexible.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not consider that I could potentially still achieve success or desired outcomes through being more easy going, patient, and flexible. Wouldn’t that be awesome considering this is often how I find things move in physical reality where things move slowly as there is multiple points coming together.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not consider that perhaps success can be achieved through living and walking the word Patience where I allow things to take time and not go into that point of trying to control or force them, and while I wait, I can give my time and attention to projects and tasks that are HERE and that I can DIRECT , Here and Now in the moment instead of feeling stuck like I am waiting for things to move so I can move.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear writing the word success, and so thus fear the word success.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear even mentioning the word success, because to me I have accepted that this will only mean failure. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to Fear Failure where I see it as a bad thing, and so creating ‘failure’ to be this ‘big thing’ and something to fear.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to function within my life based on a pre-programmed setting of an expectations of failure.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that failure is permanent and so fear failing because I perceive this as the end, instead of considering that I can simply continue on and continue testing new ways and solutions, and that failure is not this big thing that I have to fear constantly day in an day out.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that failure is forever.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that failure means the end of the world.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to live in constant fear of a massive failure taking place, where its like I am constantly in fear of everything just collapsing in a major way. (What a tiring way to live, phew)

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear losing opportunities

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define others and different opportunities as the determinants of my success or failure instead of realizing that I am responsible for the outcome of myself and my life meaning, that if the success or failure of my business is based on luck or what other people do or don’t do, then its bound to fail anyways. Rather I commit myself to remember and to stand within the starting point that I determine the different OUTCOMES of my business, meaning where I commit myself to become the SOURCE of my ability to grow, expand, develop myself and my business where this is based on MY actions and what I do or do not do, and so within this GROUND my approach to walking my current path with life and business where I LIVE SUCCESS, not through ‘where I end up’ but through Who I am and How I am LIVING and DIRECTING MYSELF Daily, and to simply walk day by day, pushing and directing myself to Live to my utmost potential where this becomes the foundation of my Living and my Self and Business Development.

I commit myself to take the attention that I have placed ‘out there’ onto what others are doing and how that affects my me, my life and business, and bring this attention back to ME, and to focus on what I am doing and what I can do and live daily to assist and support myself to LIVE MY UTMOST POTENTIAL every day, and so support myself to Give myself back my Self Directive Principle and Responsibility through by focusing on Who I am and What I can do daily to live to my utmost potential and expand, develop, refine, push, express, support myself and what I am doing within my life.

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Posted: 09 May 2017, 06:16
by Andrew
Trying to Preserve my Energy For my Job Only – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 807
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I have been noticing lately that I seem to be more ‘checked-out’ than usual. For instance in the mornings when I get up for work, I have noticed that I kind of just zombie out of bed and into the kitchen to make my coffee and go. And I noticed within me this morning that I wasn’t very engaged. Its like, I have no spark, no pep.

Then today at lunch I noticed it also. I was sitting there with my some people and where I normally would make conversation, I just kind of ‘didn’t bother’. It was like I just didn’t care to. And I kind of just wanted to go, because I wasn’t interested in motivating or even carrying on any kind of dialogue with the people at my table. I didn’t want to make the Effort to strike up conversation.

One reason that could be contributing to this experience of myself is just my focus at work these days. I have been pushing to get some projects done, and I find that it kind of takes up my full attention and then I don’t really feel like doing anything else.

Also I can see this other aspect of how I have become focused on and invested into this particular pattern of just concentrating exclusively on this work project where even when I go home, the pattern is still more about just preparing for the next day at work and I can see how lately there has been a bit of a disruption in that pattern where I have had to step outside of it and that I just really don’t want to, and so its like I have a hard time Changing the Pattern of going to work and then coming home and resting and then going to work and then coming home and resting and then going to work and coming home and resting, ect…

I haven’t wanted to put any effort into anything but the project I am creating at work.

So I see that I actually have to put effort into other parts of my life also, and I cannot just put all my energy into my work project and then give myself to nothing else in my life.

So now having identified this, I am going to support myself to actually engaging with other aspects of my life instead of just trying to save all my energy for the project I am busy with with work.

Okay going to make this a short blog for tonight. But cool to even write these points out to see this dimension of single-mindedness that I has come up recently and how it has been challenging for me to ‘find the energy’ to give to other parts/areas of my life outside of work.

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Posted: 09 May 2017, 06:17
by Andrew
Pillars of Motivation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 808
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Its interesting that as I sit here looking for what topic or point I can write about tonight from this past day, I am drawing a blank. Its interesting because a single day is actually long with hundreds of moments. So the fact that I would be drawing a blank is kind of telling me that perhaps I am dismissing a lot of what happened in my day today, thinking its not worthy to write about.

One of my co-workers today expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards me in relation to my art and the motivation I have lived in relation to my process I have walked the last 4 years as a stone artist. He wondered outloud why the others don’t do the same as me?

There is a few factors that go into my motivation within my art process though one of the main ones is the process I have been walking with desteni the past 10 years which have indispensably supported my process with my art as well.

So these comments from my co-worker did cause me to reflect on my process I have walked with art as well as just my overall process I have been walking with Desteni the past 10 years and the support and guidance I have received through this process which have supported me to Live in a way where I am supporting myself to Live to my Utmost Potential.

So when he expressed is gratitude towards me I immediately thought of how what I am doing now with my art has been created upon the foundation I have developed and established with my personal process with desteni. I also wondered about how exactly this personal process I am walking is translating into my real-time physical living ‘out-there’ in the world.

Essentially SELF is always the foundation and then the other points emerge from this.

So yes, the guidance I have received as well as the tools and applications I have developed through walking the desteni process have been absolutely paramount to what I am doing with my art now.

There are so many nuances to process and so many things I can see that have become some of my ‘pillars’ so to speak that support me within my life.

Some of these ‘pillars’ as principles that I have utilized to support me to Live this word ‘Motivation’ when it comes to my art expression and what specifically I have been walking the past 4 years are

Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1
The principle of Whats Best For ALL
Self Direction
Self Forgiveness
Self Honesty
Bringing ALL points back to self
Self Responsibility (never blame anyone or anything)
Breath (one breath at a time)
Live In the Physical
Don’t Compare
Do what you must and within that create what you would like it to be
Lead by Example
Live to your utmost potential
Personal Process First
Do unto others what you would like done unto you
Be Solution Oriented

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Posted: 09 May 2017, 06:17
by Andrew
Showing Up! – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 809
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In my last blog I began opening up the point of ‘Motivation’ which was prompted when a co-worker of mine expressed his gratitude towards the motivation he saw within me over the past 4 years as I have been developing a body of stone sculptures.

What is interesting is that I feel in a lot of ways that I have actually struggled with motivation at times.

In fact if I look back over the past 4 years I see many times where I really struggled to stay consistent with going to work each day to develop and create my artwork.

But I have stuck with it and continue to develop my consistency within showing up to work to create sculptures because they surely do not carve themselves. I mean, the art and creativity stuff is actually the easy part. The difficult part is SHOWING UP.

In my last blog I listed a few principles that I have utilized to support me in developing my sculptures over the past four years.

Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1
The principle of Whats Best For ALL
Self Direction
Self Forgiveness
Self Honesty
Bringing ALL points back to self
Self Responsibility (never blame anyone or anything)
Breath (one breath at a time)
Live In the Physical
Don’t Compare
Do what you must and within that create what you would like it to be
Lead by Example
Live to your utmost potential
Personal Process First
Do unto others what you would like done unto you
Be Solution Oriented

Okay so in this blog I am going to expand some on the first principle: “Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1”

This principle was introduced to me almost a decade ago. It is similar to that saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I have utilized this principle in many things in my life and also within the development of my art.

For me I see this principle as embodying a simplicity. It literally meant for me to just SHOW UP!

For the last four years I have been developing a collection of stone sculptures which I sell. Now my approach was to keep it simple and just show up to work each work day. There were a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and go and carve, but I did. And there were also a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed to carve, and I didn’t….but then eventually did and got myself to work. There were also days where it was easy to get up and I looked forward to it, and there were also days where I just didn’t go. So perhaps my co-worker observed some form of Motivation in my process that I have been working on of getting up in the mornings and going to work and being consistent with that. Learning to go and work even though I might not feel like it, essentially focusing on the Principle of the matter rather than my experience which often would shift once I got to work where suddenly it really wasn’t so bad as I initially experienced to be

The Accumulation affect is how one creates something where if one does a little bit each day then eventually it accumulates into a bigger point. And so with this AWARENESS I have had of this principle, I have utilized it as a guideline when approaching this whole process I have walked with developing stone sculptures. I just kept it simple and each day I carved, would be time that I would be putting into the creation of these sculptures, and so I just walked one day at a time, one sculptures at a time and continue to utilize this accumulation affect within this point.

This affect also goes hand in hand with CONSISTENCY which I have at times expressed as “The most powerful force of all!” It’s nothing fancy, it’s just Consistency, one day at a time, one breath at a time. Brick by brick.

I began developing this tool of consistency actually within my Journey To Life Blogs. I had actually began before that, but this particular process I have walked with this blog has been a commitment of consistency and learning how to and developing my ability to be consistent. So Consistency is definitely a PILLAR of ‘Motivation’ so to speak.

Now its interesting that my co-worker perceived me as ‘motivated’ I guess my motivation is that within my art I always want to SEE WHATS POSSIBLE and so I move myself to create it and see what Is possible within my creation. And then so the Accumulation Affect and Consistency are more the Practical ‘how-to’ and LIVING of Motivation. But I do see an underlying curiosity within myself of wanting to see what I am capable of and see what my utmost potential is, not just in my art but in MYSELF and My LIFE. I have been fortunate in my life to meet some great examples of human potential that has been a guiding inspiration and motivation for me. And having the Desteni Process has really been an incredible TOOL for me to be able to understand how to and what it means to live to my utmost potential as Life and understanding all the various dimensions of this process of creating myself to be my Utmost Potential.

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Posted: 09 May 2017, 06:18
by Andrew
Creating Stability in Myself and My Own Life First – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 810
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Today an unexpected guest stopped by the carving studio as I was working. It was a fellow artist who used to carve with us a couple years ago. He was driving through the area on his way to do some travelling.

Seeing him caused me to reflect upon my life and my life style and how I have approached my life and situation the past four years where since getting the opportunity to create sculptures for a gallery here where I live and to sell my work, that has been my primary focus for the past four years, with very little deviation in terms of my direction and pursuit of creating and building this point up into something stable and substantial.

For me, this opportunity to create art is significant and I have been really quite single minded in developing it into its full potential which I do not see I have reached by any means as of yet.

For me, early on in my life I was a bit more transient where now my focus is more on getting grounded, stable, and establishing some roots.

I suppose this ‘mentality’ or direction with my life was birthed out of my participation with walking the Desteni Process where I have been introduced to many principles which I have taken to heart and began implementing in my life.

As I have continued to walk this process with Desteni, I have more started viewing my life as an opportunity to take responsibility for myself, my life and others as well.

This approach I can see stems from the principle of “Doing What is Best For ALL” where I have began to align my life to this principle, where to begin Doing What is Best For ALL, I see this point of first being able to Support Myself and to Learn how to create Stability within my own life and so this is what I have been developing and creating and practicing.

So for me, creating myself and my life into a point of Stability is something I see as valuable for myself and others.

This doesn’t mean that I am not able to express and live and explore different aspects and ways of life. But I do see that this approach of Taking Responsibility For Myself and My life and Doing what is best for all, lead me to focus on creating and establishing the point I am walking now with my art business into something that is stable and can support me to live in this world and be a functioning member of society. Its like, ‘step 1’.

So when my friend showed up today and caused me to reflect on my own life path. These are some of the points that came up in terms of looking at why I decided to stick to this sculpture point where this has been my primary focus for the last four years.

And it really is still a day to day process where I just walk day by day and do what is here and direct what is here and move myself within this Principle of Doing What is Best for ALL, which as I mentioned I see means firstly that I must Direct my own life and create a certain stability within Myself and my own Life.