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Re: Mike McDonald's Journey to Life

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Day 735 - Self-Forgiveness
Image result for garden of eden

Self-forgiveness is a Profound tool of and as creation here. It's the epitome of self-actualization. A noble application. A mark of greatness, compassion, consideration and the highest regard. The greatest gift really.

Let me explain.

All Life, is Self-Forgiveness.


Where is the Life?

If all Life is Self-Forgiveness....what the fuck is going on?

Humans are running a muck in the what the fuck fear control and scare tactic programming that prevents the living actualization of Self-Forgiveness Integration.

The interesting thing here is that We Got it to Give.

The interesting thing is that typically our shared world reflects that we have been conditioned to not want to Give...even though we got it to give. There is a lot of irony within this reflection....

Lets look at Money for a moment as a reflection of human reflection on the understanding and realization of self-forgiveness. If you look at all the money in the world and each countries expenses and the standard of living and quality of life of all people here....it is easy to see that as a whole, the world is in Debt. What is debt really but the charges against Life...the burden as like how things have been overdrawn....as like making laws on top of laws that perpetuate a dissonance that is a sort of self-perpetuating motion.

Obviously Debt Forgiveness is a real thing. Obviously the starting point regard for Money can change from that being of debt/slavery/suffering/overdrawn....to, Life excellence in the best of possible ways always all ways...with, an emphasis on creative potential development and encouragement as the what we got to give contribution that perpetuates itself as a constant fine tuning of a fine design that is complimentary in and as the greatest regard for Life as All Existence Here. A caring is sharing if you will....

Lets look at Self-Forgiveness....Why Self-Forgiveness? what's the deal with Self? who is Self? How many Selves are there here? Notice any sound similarity to Cells within and as the Selves? Is their Life potential always all ways within and as the various Selves? Does the starting point of any and all Selves originate from and as the same source of Self Here? Is Self Everything? How many reflections of Everything are there? Is that a specific number? Would it be easy for the practicality of Life regard to reflect the total number of Everything back to number One? All as One? All is One? One and Equal? Oneness....One nest and Equal It Why? Equal I's Here as Everything is I? But Why? Why Not?

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the canvass of self acceptances and allowances that are less than what is best for all life here, represent the debt we are accepting and allowing here as our self-defined canvass being as overdrawn...and it is in fact our very own self-responsibility to Forgive the debt that we have created within ourselves as the markings that have been overdrawn on our canvass here as the think in which we think that has stained our accountability to the practicality in living as Self-Responsibility.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and and understanding the tax system relationship here and self-forgiveness as like a parallel reflection of human regard/disregard for and as our actual Life and the Lives of each One here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding myself as a Life accountant so to speak as like each word being a sound foundation in sewing the regard necessary in and as the garden which is our planet we in fact are plants on planning the ways in which we grow and spread ourselves out over space and time as a result of and as the sewing seeds as the sound foundation which reflects our networking communications here as our place here within and as the community which is Our Self Here in the Garden/Heaven which begins within and as our Self/Life as our very substance and creation here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for at times deviating away from the profound simplicity in and as the magnificence of seeing and looking at the principle starting point law of Creation as, "Oneness and Equality"

I commit myself to the starting point law of Creation as "Oneness and Equality"

I commit myself to share the simplicity within as as the garden of Oneness and Equality.

I commit myself to substantiating myself here within and as the Garden of Oneness and Equality Here.
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Re: Mike McDonald's Journey to Life

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Day 736 - Cat Punching on Facebook
Image result for cat punching on facebook

I learned of the phenomena of "Cat Punching on Facebook" a little while ago. Cat punching on Facebook is just as it sounds.

Now, obviously it is common sense that Punching a Cat in the Face is not a Cool thing to do to a Cat. Nor is it considerate or appropriate behavior for any Human Being. So, Yes, this is mostly common sense to most people. Despite how bad we humans treat one another with our laws and the way we have structured a monetary system....where everyone is a wage slave to one degree or another...and we have a devalued labor system....where there is a lack of regard.....We typically agree that we shouldn't blatantly abuse animals as a point of schadenfreude.

However, Obviously the way our shared reality is structured reflects the ugly truth that we humans as a whole...collectively, don't really give a shit about animals. And in fact we are directly responsible for countless amounts of the most heinous animal abuse.

We do some much chemical testing on animals in the name of science as like a martyr type mentality where it's believed to be for the greater good....because the attitude and idea of humanity is that we are far superior to all other species on planet earth....and therefore everything is for our sacrifice. Now what's interesting within this very blunt perspective of humanity....is that most Humans I have found from my own personal interactions, to be somewhat defensive about such labeling...and ironically enough...an individual human's defense systems kick in and they literally profess their own self-appointed greatness and how there is unfortunately problematic humans but only a certain bunch...and that it's surely not them....and what is so ridiculous about the propagated self-defense is that in point out a blatantly some what obvious in terms of the amount of facts here....this isn't really a threatening point....but the typical human responds in self-defense because in a way...by talking shit about the Human as a generalization...it brings into question One as an individual's very existence and the meaning...and how each individual is a contribution to the collective of humans here...and it's like Humanity moves as One voice as each is the One voice and it is a majority rule as how things operate here. Ironically within this mentality....there is a lot of dismissiveness...the blame game that i mentioned earlier....and so we have a system of a lack of accountability....You Know, toooooo much deniability. Deny, Deny, Deny, is the ingrained and educated shock doctrine police mentality television lesson to protect your innocence and survival.

Now, lets look at the specific humans who deliberately engage themselves within heinous acts....such as for example cat punching on facebook. Perhaps the reasoning behind such activity....is they think it is funny....it makes them feel good....they think it's cool....it's a rebellious thing to do and they're looking for ways to rebel in a world that doesn't make sense. Now these are obviously just some of the possibilities....obviously there is a tremendous amount of possibilities within the psyche of an as one individual.

So, let's look closer here at the point of Education.

Within, looking at the possibilities I outlined as potentials forms of reasoning in and as how/why particular individuals participated in the Facebook cat punching.

So, notice that there is particular and specific relationship definitions in relation to the actions. This goes to show the relationship of words and actions. Have you ever heard anybody ever say anything about "Living Words"? Well, whether you have or haven't, it's in the words as who and how we are in action. See the Action here is the Act I on. Each is in the act...or in the Reaction....meaning there is a cause and effect relationship sequence at play all of the time.

So, looking scientifically at things here as a point of logical computing of systematic data....we can deduce that Input is related to Output...as the source of input is in someway related to the output. So, to see how we have sewn ourselves sown....so to speak as the very specific ways in which we speak/think/behave....as what we have in and as our behaviour is a result and reflection of and as the extent of our education. World and Word Relationships. Now this isn't a blame game because the blame is a be lame game and nobody likes to be lame...I mean really...nobody wants to be lame...yet we do blame...because it's a defense...a Mistake...an error....due to a false positive....a result of faulty computing....crossed wires if you will.

See here, and also consider how the body is a chemical concoction...a potion if you will....always stewing and brewing....real alchemy here...kind of interplay and relationships are very much a chord of the ongoing accordion...meaning everything relates and reflects and influences and impacts...as like we are all here within a container so to speak...so the movement has influence....meaning....if you are moved in a particular energetic way about something...that may compound over time with particular triggers...triggers that you are not even consciously aware of.....so you are moving in a direction that to a certain extent is beyond your conscious choosing because you may not even realize the extent to which every decision you make has been influenced by One's very own emotional disposition and fortitude. Which is quite the realization in and of itself...I mean look at advertising...it impulses off of emotions....particularly primal emotions...and also consider subliminal messaging....many people know the concept....but do you really know to the extent in which you have been programmed beyond you conscious, subconscious and even unconscious mind? how many minds are there even really? Popular scientific rhetoric says there;s 3 minds a conscious and subconscious and unconscious....that information is somewhat regarded as credible because of the Authority that is given to it as being valid....Scientists Professional Opinion...
Do you see how someone' who is regarded to be of authority and a "professional opinion" could potentially negatively influence another individual unintentionally? what if the professional opinion is invalid....it was just an opinion right?.,...well what about the credence give to authoritative opinion? Do You see how this all relates to Education? Everyone is educated....the fact that you are here reflects education....now the quality of education is something of a horror story....because SEE, there is really only One Class of Life here...and that is the Life Class....but the Human within it's authoritative reach within the sciences and our classifications...amongst our own species and our habitat's we have created a grandiose Mind Fuck...which reflects...as problematic reactionary viruses spreading...meaning problems perpetuate and compound when and as nobody is standing within and as Self-Responsibility within and as the starting point Life regard and consideration as All is One and Equal Here.

Stop the blame game and reflect upon yourself how we are all equally responsible for the Mind Fuck we have here.

If you see yourself as less Mind Fucked than others....a question for you...."what are you doing to assist and support your peers to be less Mind Fucked?....who assisted and supported You?...You couldn't be totally not mind fucked without the assistance and support of others here....So, if you were more mind fucked...wouldn't you want the support and assistance of someone who is less mind fucked....?

But hey....forget about the judgement comparison analysis of who is less or more mind fucked...and notice the main point of regard within the consideration,....which is,.."Mind Fucked"

Education and Money are Keys here and we all need both as the words are money building blocks as to how to shape structure a most excellent co-existence of regard and consideration for all inhabitants,,,Compassion is the Compass in daring to care enough to look at the ugly truth and Begin the Journey to Life as the All Ways Best Direction and Decision for Life.

Join us
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Re: Mike McDonald's Journey to Life

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Day 737 - Who's Responsible When Somebody You Know Dies?
Image result for death executor responsibilities

This is a topic that doesn't really get all that much attention...it's like it's just something that is dealt with after the fact. Yes there are precursors you can take to prepare your estate/affairs for one you are dead...but ultimately somebody close to you has got a bunch of labor to do....and maybe...just maybe is on the hook for settling your debts.

There's a really cool blog that talks about the meticulous preparations a father took for his son. I suggest checking out this blog here.

Now there is other points i want to share with you that a friend brought up in regards to this topic:

"The fear of death is so strong that even those who have gone through the ordeal of dealing with someone's remaining affairs can easily turn around and leave behind the same mess for their next of kin.

You can ask yourself if someone in your family dies today and you are the sole person to deal with it, would you know what do do? How would you go about it? Do you know what documents you need when someone dies, how to register a death? If the deceased leaves property behind - are you aware of the taxation, paying bills etc? What if there is no liquid money - are you able to pay for any expenses? Even paying for the funeral arrangements can cost in the thousands. What about others in the family, consider family feuds that ensue when someone dies and there is no will, or secrets that suddenly see the light of day...

So what is the solution? How can we take responsibility for life after our death - by planning for it? - by making it an educational item? What are practical steps? Let's open this point up and come up with solutions."

Interesting topic isn't it?

Some questions come to mind:

Would this really be a big deal if the way our society was structured wasn't built around a lack of money. Like, for example would it be a big deal if lets say everybody was born with a bank account that would last a lifetime and that at death the account along with the person simply ceases to exist. There is no carry over. So in this regard nobody is going to profit off another person's death. Because if we have a look...there is much expense attached to sorting out somebody's death. What comes to mind specifically is the taxation...and the legalities around Law where typically a lawyer is required to substantiate the legality/legitimacy of things...and if you looked at the above link i posted...the lawyer fees can be quite extensive...and really do things have to be somewhat complicated.

Obviously the way money and law exists is entirely interwoven within the checks and balances of dealing with somebody's death....specifically if you are the appointed family member or you are the closest too them kind of thing...and there's a family connection and no other family exists. I mean here...there can be really shitty situations where, for instance...even though you did not even associate with this particular family member and you are the only two related family members left and person A dies...and they have a mountain of debt....Guess where the liability is directed? Isn't that kind of ridiculous?

Though, if we look closely at the specifics of dealing with someone's death...we get a closer look at the ridiculousness of the way our economic and legal system function.

I think if we developed a monetary system where there was a regard and consideration for all Life here.,..we would have laws that support the facilitation of such points.

In a way the way our human behavior exists is rooted in and around our relationships with money, It's kind of like a behavior regulation because Money is attached to our ability to survive here...and the interesting thing about this is that we created a competition about who get;s to survive....which if we really think about it...is quite dumb. Now, it is popular to make sense out of nonsense when it comes to the economics and the laws of our society...where we justify the absurd ridiculousness of things...as like saying things like, "this is just the way things are".

The point of compassionate care comes to mind. If there was a real regard within society...there would be tremendous support for the assistance to those who have lost a love one. I mean...think of the possibilities if we all agreed on supporting the best support? It seems like a far out of this world concept...doesn't it? Which is quite telling of the times we live in....isn't it?

Imagine there was a whole team of people who are staffed to assist and support a smooth moving along of being available as support for all people who have lost someone who is very dear to them. In thinking about this....it comes to mind that we low ball the greatness here...as like we cut corners on how great things could be within mind set mentalities of like, "good enough"....when in reality the perceive "good enough" is not what you would really want for yourself...but deem it acceptable for somebody who you regard as less than yourself...and see it as "good enough".

This is quite the topic really....because it gets us to look at also the housing and the possession of the person who died....some people will have lots of stuff....others nothing at all....I mean if we think about the various people who die...and we look at how there is a dissonance in life regard from the perspective of comparing how well different individuals survived here...as like how much money did the acquire....it's brings the question to mind as like "why do we accept and allow ourselves to function in this survival mentality frame of mind?"

I see the potential for a great future where the movement of humanity shifts from that of disregard to that of regard...and self-expression instead of self-suppression as a result of coping in the survival mentality frame of mind. The easiest way to bring about great change in this regard is through the democratic process....where there is a shift in what we accept and allow as valid here. We re-write the law and economics of the world. We change the game essentially as the operating procedures and capacity of human life here. Which if we really look at the lack of regard for human life at the moment....it is easy to see how there is much room for great improvement to the functionality of Life support and assistance here.

I implore you to ask questions about the functionality of the various points within our shared existence. To look at the practicality of the way things in fact exist. To learn about the laws and the economics...and the politics...of our world. The main area of focus in discussion in bringing about the most immediate change that is great for all life here is in establishing economic policy that supports the sustainability of the best qualities of Life for all Life here....a real Equality here in and as the regard for the One Life here we are all within and sharing....because like it or not we are all connected to this world.
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Re: Mike McDonald's Journey to Life

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Day 738 - Determination
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Determination - "A firmness of Purpose"

Let's play with the word "determination' for a moment here:

Determine a tie on.....like to make the connection.....de terms in at ion.....the terms of agreement.....de term in a shun......determination.....deter mind nation.....de-terms-mind-nation....de-term-my-nation....de-term-in-my-nation....the words in my being...the-words in my life....the meaning i give me....Determination is the terms as the meaning of words i give myself to live.

The specifics of determination is in and as the precise focus of purpose....as a firmness....

Determination is the solid commitment one makes to get it done.

Determination is the set of terms one gives as the guideline principles in walking a point/goal into completion.

Determination is a key tool in and as the solidity of creation here because it's the "I got it" point where the I know this kicks in.,.The decision in I am doing this....I am committed to this...I realize that there will be obstacles along the way....But....Is the Determination factor...as like using the but...as, Yes I am the Solution and my Determination is in and as the Will of as as my way..a path to work and walk to bring about the way forward solution into and as the harvested fruition.

Determination is taking on a point to make work...as become the life force within and as the Will to Grow/live/create...as the Making it happen.

Determination: A decision to in-act potential ability as a new becoming responsibility that is developed and fine tuned.

Determination: The I Get it....I got it Done Attitude.

Determination...a self-willed and self-motivated movement that is cultivated through the roots of firmly planted principles.

The point "Determination" comes up within me here this evening as i am looking at my total blog writing's thus far....and I ask myself the question. "is it possible for me to improve upon my output?"

I would like to improve my blogging output. Yes I realize that this is very possible. I see the value in my blogging contributions. I garner specific support with every word i write. I care to share for myself and for others as myself.

I realize and understand the sound foundation that accumulates through the writing process as practical living support. The cultivation of firmly planted principles if you will. Taking on the 7 year journey to life is a point of dedication. I would like to give myself more from my writing. Meaning greater consistency. I realize that there is many days where my timeline is more packed with things to do than it is other days. I see the point of writing as something that is just so valuable....that even a little bit is better than letting it slide. I've played this game with myself before where i have looked at this point of writing consistency and wanting better results for myself here. The question is, Have i ever really Dedicated myself to better results? Can i dedicate myself to making a blog writing every day? Can i do this...even if i require to share multiple days writing's at one time as a matter of maximizing my tine efficiency within my days? Can i dedicate myself to finishing out the month with a blog every day? If i can finish out the month with a blog every day...can I go the next month with a blog every day? If I can do that....can I go the rest of the year without missing a day in my blogging/writing as Process support here? I want this. Right now i am fearing to say, "I got this"...because then I am committed...and if I commit I know i can do it...and that doesn't leave room for me to fail.....which is an interesting thing...because it's like I have grown accustom to failure...and it's like I have taken on the approach of not giving myself as much as I am able out of a point of greed which is rather ironic...because what comes up in the mind is that I giving up excuses/justifications/rational as to logically make sense of non-sense as the how to way to talk myself out of best potential. The word Obligation comes up...as like without committing myself within the "I got it" point...I am free of the Obligation to get it...because it's like saying i don't totally Got it...and so whether I get it or I don;t get it...oh well...maybe...maybe not....a lack of intensity as the firmness of purpose...the narrowness in focus in completing a goal....the art of self-perfection really.

Let's look closer at the creation of "Obligation" within making a "dedication".

What's fascinating about the word "Obligation" is that it is synonymous with Responsibility and Agreement and Commitment....which are all specific points of and as 'a course of action'.

What is also very interesting and fascinating about "Obligation" is the connection to legality or morality.

So what I see here is cool....is the practical structuring of and as my Dedication...because within and as my dedication is the Determination....and within my determination is the Law of my being here as my Obligation. Dare i say moral obligation from and as the perspective and realization that the best morals are the one;s within and as the realization and understanding that there is more for all here within and and as the understanding of what's best for all is Moral as More All here...as the essence of momentum in a continuous expansion of greatness in and as Creation Here.

To be Continued
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Day 739 - The Terms of Determination and The Education of Dedication

Image result for dedication

Continuing from my previous posting:

"So what I see here is cool....is the practical structuring of and as my Dedication...because within and as my dedication is the Determination....and within my determination is the Law of my being here as my Obligation. Dare i say moral obligation from and as the perspective and realization that the best morals are the one's within and as the realization and understanding that there is more for all here within and and as the understanding of what's best for all is Moral as More All here...as the essence of momentum in a continuous expansion of greatness in and as Creation Here."

Since my writing yesterday the Seeing of Education within and as Dedication has become apparent. Also the correlation between Dedication and Determination. It is interesting because in looking at Determination, I find myself within and as the point of Dedication. And it's interesting because if you really regard the terms as the words as the meanings and values which shape Determination...you very much have an education of principles within and as the Dedication required in and as the effective living of Determination.

It's interesting because I never really saw the interconnectedness between these two words before...and what is so fascinating to me is that it's like you can't have one without the other. I mean sure you can disregard one and focus on the other....but then it's like there is a missing link...a missing stability in assisting and supporting the substantiation of interwoven support. I see these two words as like Oneness and Equality....they are complimentary and integral as like the perfect fucking...they fit together perfectly.

Lets play with the word Dedication for a moment here to support the seeing of the meaning within and as Dedication...so it becomes more obvious:

Dedication is the the education of I....the commitment of Self.

Dedication is the education of I....Dedication is the Education with I.

Dedication is the education in relationship to U and I.

Determination is what shapes the education of You and I as Dedication.

Dedication is the giving meaning of words to something.

Determination is the the practical application of Dedication.

I forgive myself for not realizing and understanding the correlation between Dedication and Determination.

I forgive myself for not realizing and understanding the value of connector words as like complimentary unions of assistance and support to substantiate the best of one another.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent of profound multidimensionality of interconnectedness here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how I can effectively leverage strong support and assistance for myself within and as the meaning of words.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which Words act as the building blocks that structure the building of creation here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which complimentary actions and assistance and support open up as an outflow of self-directed action/determination/dedication.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to See the pathways I create within and as Word relationships.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself fo resisting in moments to examine the history of my word relationships as like the specific structural engineering of why the path I am on is exactly the way it is.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the specific answers within questions are the very Words themselves.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to examine the interconnection between various word relationships as I specifically define the experience of myself that comes up from time to time as state of reaction.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent of specificity that goes into and as the various states of reaction.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for never really considering states of reactions as like types/kinds of locations within myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for never really regarding various states of being as a point in relationship regard to water....as specifically defined Relationships.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate within various reactionary states without really asking myself, "what am I doing?"

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to create my state and status from moment to moment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for being conditioned/educated to just accept and allow reactionary states to happen as like thinking that is just the way things are.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how control is manipulated through reactionary states...as the consequence of accepting and allowing oneself to be in a sort of hypnotic trance in relationship with oneself here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which one exists in a hypnotic trance is a result and relationship to the very and varied methods and points of entertainment that exist here as a sort of distraction as like a take away slip and slide out of balanced stability...as like a going to sleep while you are awake kind of thing where the application is just happening without really thinking about it....programmed self-automation....

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the holistic approach to Determination and Dedication as the harmonious symphony that is the complimentary union of Work and Play which assists and support the Awesome balance of Serious Working Playing Time....as a great combination collaboration where All parts aid in the expansiveness of Greatness as a result of and as a combined group effort for More All as All for One and One for All as the Best Morale.

To be continued
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Day 740 - Self-Responsibility within Dedication and Determination
Image result for response ability

Continuing from previous blog entry.

Self-Responsibility is a gift in and as self-empowerment. It is a gift you give give to yourself. Self-responsibility is part of the epitome of practically living any and all words. It's the Authority self-authorization to move and express oneself here however you see fit.

I am looking at Self-Responsibility here in relationship to Dedication and Determination. What I am doing is clarifying the way to create certainty within and as the development of my full potential.

Some, Self-forgiveness I see relevant here:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding that the commitment to and as the practical living of Dedication and Determination is enshrined within and as the giving and living Self-Responsibility.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for many times shying away from taking on self-responsibility within point I would like to be dedicated and determined within.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how if the Self-responsibility one bestows to oneself is not clear...it is easy to get lost/muddled within effectively living commitments to the best of one's ability.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which Passion exists within and as Relationship to the words: Self-Responsibility, Dedication and Determination.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself having resisted many times how to really establish a structural sound foundation within myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which investigation of the Vocabulary in Relationships is of tremendous support and assistance in being able to know how to live self-responsibility within and as specific relationships.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the complexity of relationships as a result of and as the extent of vocabulary existent.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to always utilize a simplistic approach within and as self-investigation...where I start with a word and i examine the relationship interconnectedness that exists and myself reflection within it all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for fearing to actually give myself the Authorization to create Self-Responsibility for myself as a a Live of Dedication and and Determination within and as the work/play that I do.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for neglecting self-responsibility/dedication/determination within many moments of movement of myself here as like lacking the clarity of purpose within and as my movement.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which I Authorize the Establishment of Self-Responsibility within myself as my Dedication and Determination.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the substantial Life I can create for myself within understanding and knowing how to live the words: Self-Responsibility, Dedication, Determination, Authority, and Passion.

To Be Continued
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Re: Mike McDonald's Journey to Life

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Day 741 - When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired
Image result for push vs pull

When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired

So I am Here in this moment pushing myself to share a bit of myself here in further establishing a new consistency in writing my blogs. I have been looking at the dedication and determination within and as the Self-responsibility to actually walk appoint as the Self-Authority on making what happens Best…Best as in for myself and all others as myself here.

The point is clear here…that sharing is caring through writing antidotes of support as words that assist myself and others as myself. Therefore I see it is paramount that I push myself to make this writing happen on a daily basis.

I looked at the point of time practicality and that somebody's will be much more of a squeeze than other days. This is the nature of learning how to juggle the effectiveness of time management. I mean things wouldn’t bee challenging ever at times if there wasn’t any resistance to walk through.
This evening for instance am I quite tired and would like to get to sleep earlier than is usual. This is somewhat of a consequence of my previous day time management where I stayed on later than expected and had to get up quite early…and I had a full day of activity today. This here is like a point of parenting in a way….I mean if you have a child and the child needs attention and you are tired or were sleeping and the child is calling for you…..you may want to go to sleep but the self-authority point of self-responsibility as that which is always best is to tend to the child in the best practical ways.

I see myself as taking on the parental guidance of my own individual application. I mean I am an adult…yet I see and recognize the child within me as like I am an adult child in a way…as I very much am still intact within and as the playfulness that is a child. I see that we are all children in a way…where even though we grow old…there is still a childish nature about ourselves. This I see here where the harmony is key in and as the balance of self seriousness and self playfulness.
I am quite enjoying myself here as I flow out words a like a fountain of support that is me here taking step by step word by word to substantiate the strength of my character here in ways that are Best for myself and Everyone as myself here.

This writing here today is the push …as like I was facing the pull of the tiredness energy within myself and all the excuses were coming into my mind as like I need to go to sleep now…there’s not enough time for me to write today…I’ll just write double tomorrow as a way to make up for today….these points of immediate thoughts coming up within myself as a solution of sorts that I wasn’t even really looking for are a disguise and a veil of sorts….a trap …an entrapment…where it’s like subtle suggestions in a way to submit to less than the potential I am to stick to the dedication and determination that I am to write myself Here.

I see realize and understand how to push myself through a pull experience in the mind when and as the going gets tough and the mind wants a shutdown experience of suppression as like the overwhelming experience of tiredness where one can easily justify the death of self in a moment…where it’s like believed to be logically rational that one just physically can’t go on any further. I mean here is the self-honesty…this is the equation ….the solution….the Solution as what is best in fact…and here the support I utlize in the moment is the questions as point of assisted and supported guided direction as my moral compass if you will where I see if and as I am in fact capable and able to do more than what my mind as my internal gps system is suggesting for me as the direction for my Life.
I realize and understand that my potential ability and capability exists beyond what comes up in my mind. It is not to say that I can not have a cool supportive thought…or that all thoughts cannot be supportive in one way or another….the point I am emphasizing is the self-honesty within and as the assessment of moment management as the recognition of what is in fact my potential ability in this very moment as Me Here the standing epitome of and as Self-Responsibility.

I am noticing that great questions for myself are somewhat rhetorical as like a question and an exclamation because I see here within and as this regard…that I am so much more than what I have ever believed that I am…and this is fascinating because I am beginning to recognize myself Authority as the writer/player/director that has so many solutions in any given moment as always all ways…and there is a lot of good ways/routes of assistance and support to aid in myself pushing myself as the resistance strength training where I prove to myself that I am in fact here as Substantial Endurance and Stamina and that physical ability far exceeds my thoughts and that I am just learning to get comfortable with the recognition that I am capable of more than I ever thought was possible for myself and all Life as myself here.

Life is remarkable as we are the writers that make the marks as how we exclaim ourselves to be so as the sewing things so as to how to have sown in the best possible ways the assistance and support that is substantially great to aid in the best development of Ourselves…our cells and the whole body of everyone here as to make the self-honest contribution to Life as the realization recognition and understanding of what it means for expression to exist as “I live to Give” At Your service as the best service to myself is the best service to You…as You is me in another Life and I am You in and as this Life.” Together we are both Here. Alone Here and All One together Individuals put together to share as the “I am Here to Give to Life as I am Life.”

To Be Continued J
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Day 742 - Brushing off a Reaction
Image result for Brushing Off

Have you ever experienced a moment where you are discussing something with someone and the person you are communicating with gets upset rather abruptly with something you said?

I have.

I have often reacted within myself to such situations as like taking offense as a form of defense within myself towards the other person. And depending on the nature of the relationship with the other person, I would either project my emotional disdain externally back at them as a form of retaliation or I would just kind of swallow it whole within myself and keep the disdain to myself as like my own nuclear holocaust...as a result of fearing to provoke further conversation with a stranger or just out of not wanting to perpetuate bullshit. Though the interesting thing in both instances is that I didn't really effectively remediate the situation and the situation influenced me in a rather negative way...as i had a stress moment within my body as a reaction and I didn't really do anything with it...other than maybe burying as a suppression mechanism.

Would you like to know a cool way to continue onward with how things were going in communication before the reactionary time bomb went off?

Take no offense or defense.,,,and continue onward with the conversation as to not give added attention to the shit from the perspective of building up a defense/offense within yourself. This is a point that will most likely take practice. What has supported me within this point is practicing real-time forgiveness within myself...where I see the momentary reaction within myself and the desire to be pulled within to it as like a following along within the energetic pull. One is able to become quite effective in actually stopping such points immediately and forgiving oneself for taking offense/defense to such an extent that participating in such an instance is comical from the sense that it is completely ridiculous to accept such acceptances and allowances within oneself.

Now, as you practice/play with this point...you will most likely have some outbursts from time to time...though what is cool here is that you still have the opportunity to catch/hear/here yourself within mid outburst and apply the stopping of the pull energy experience and give yourself a forgiveness gift of removal from obsession/consumption within the point and Now Listen UP...Because Here is where it gets really cool....You can Speak the Solution aloud as the Live Actor/Player Playing/making it up/happen....Where you in the moment take ownership for the situation and speak from a starting point of ease which is the self-trust free from disease...and this is the sound of Freedom is freedom is a sound...Lol. I say this is the sound of Freedom because this is a harmoniously complimentary support for yourself and the Person you are communicating with...Because you are Sounding yourself here within a point of Equality and Oneness which is a remediation and removal from allowing war/conflict to take over and dissipate the relationship flow and continuation.

This approach illustrates a fantastic example within communication where the true Authority Sounds Directs the situation from a sound point of and as Self-Responsibility. What is fascinating about this is that the person you were communicating with who was in a state of disarray will be aided to follow along with your sound as a support and assistance mechanism so that they can be receptive in receive the sound support you are giving as the Sound foundation from and as the Principle "I Live to Give, As What is Best, Always All Way."

See it's interesting here if you examine the development of human communications...we have been so very much accustomed and conditioned to following reactions as like a war of words and so there is often this underlying competition of military power in a way where it's like the biggest reaction/ bomb is the winner....and it's really silly in the most ridiculous ways if you allow yourself to become intimately aware of how you are compelled to be pulled within and as a reactionary experience that comes up within yourself in relationship to another impulsing/influencing...So here to this is to see how Lame this is because it is very much rooted in and as the acceptance and allowance of Blame as like the victim mentality of saying Oh look what they did...what they did to me....which ultimately results in the perpetuation of reaction to a reaction which is like justifying being stupid because they are stupid...which if you think about it is really quite bizarre and dare I say Stupid?

So, remember it is cool ....very cool....to address the point of reaction another person faces but...the key within this is to not get hung up on it...as like to then go into reaction yourself and get all high in mighty in and as the point of being a self-righteous asshole...because that just perpetuates bullshit and it's like war of assholes that just results in a lot of unnecessary shitting on one another....which isn't really the most effective way to directly fertilize the initial point of shit...it's like too much undigested shit...a verbal diarrhea if you will.

Again, remember that who we are here within this physical word is very much structurally sound...and so our sounds are reflected in and as our words....Our musical notes if you will....See the supporting composition to consider the duet of complimentary sharing's coming together where even if one has a slip....the other is there to catch them as like the aerobics of effectively being able to due the tango...because it takes two to tango...so it's an agreement flow point...so yo....don't diss the flow by knocking your partner in communicado by reigning shit fire on them as like some sort of army commando.

See it is funny that we are all it here as how we share...so rather take the care to prepare the best ways to pair up...so that whoever your partner is..meaning person to dance in communication with...whether it's a square or line dance or a prophetic waltz...it's all about keeping things rudimentary in and as the relationship of angles...meaning to See and understanding that we are working/playing here as complimentary angles as the best support and occasionally we will make a blip...but this is the art of the freestyle where we in the moment, Quantum styles do our individualized self-realized Freestyle that comes as the flows of the fountain we are as the water movement sound structurally sound as our Merry go Round be Here Now...continuous planting and grounding process. Success is the Process because Pro is in the Success and we Become Professional as we Says is so so says the Process as the Pro says So.

If I lost You in the last paragraph or so,,,Maybe after this paragraph, re-read the previous two paragraphs as like the chorus in the song you are working/playing along as the Pro-fess-I-On-All...Professional Director Here.

Hear Here :)
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Day 744 - Doing Fucked Up Shit Because Authority Said So

Are you familiar with the Milgram experiment? Click the link to read about how average people will kill people because Authority told them so.

To watch a video showcasing the influence and susceptibility of humans to following along with bad advice because an Authority figure told them so...See this Derren Brown Video on the Milgram Experiment.

Who are the the firs main points of Authority in you Life?

Your Parents

Have you ever asked yourself what qualified your parents to be Parents?

Should you have to qualify to be a parent?

Did you trust in your parents as a child?

Do you see any parallel's with how society is structure with various institutions of Authority?

See, Parents, Government, Medical Profession, Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Police/Military, Media, Celebrities, Popular Journals/Magazines, and Television

Did you know that when you seek the support and assistance of a Professional in any of the above fields of expertise...the support is but a Professional Opinion. Meaning that based upon the knowledge and information they have collected...the believe a particular way forward to be the best for you. This doesn't mean that it is true or not true. It means that is an Opinion as to what you should do based upon how the were in fact giving professional opinions about what they should do...and now they have been trained to give those opinions as an occupation based upon following and abiding by so many previous opinions.

What I find interesting here is the point of Trust. Where thee is often a rational justification to believe what You hear to be true or worthy of your attention because someone who within our world society is defined as being an Authority on Knowledge and Information within that particular field of study.

Is it possible that nobody really knows much about anything and that we have been for a very long time...perpetuating a conditioned behavior response where we mimic our elders and so trust/believe them and shape our Life as a result of what they have said. How valid is anything that has ever been said, when you consider that so much of whatever has been said, has been regurgitated from somewhere else that was passed on and carried on because of the Trust within the person who said it so.

Are we programmed and conditioned from an early age to make sense of non-sense?

Would you dare to really consider the possibility that who you are today is something totally different than who You would be if You didn't trust or believe anyone ever and that for anything to hold true, the point would actually require to be verifiable through self-testing and cross-referencing?

Maybe this is not the most practical approach...or is it? Does it mean that in order to know that fire is hot you must get burned by the fire? The answer is no. Becoming introduced to Fire for example, you will see and feel the warm of the fire...You do not require to touch the fire to know it is Hot. What about that Fire can burn your skin? if one person is burned by fire as a result of making a mistake and getting to close to the fire, Everyone is able to learn from that mistake and see the consequence of that action....that if you are too close for too long to the fire, You will get burned.

Have You really considered the design of Education in our world? Typically beginning by the parents in the home...and then when you leave the home and go to school....and, every other person encounter.

What is also fascinating is that much of the exchanges of information that take place...come as like forms of commands...where somebody is Telling someone something...often it is an Opinion...which in a way is really a form of gossip...as like the spreading of Wild Fire....and it spreads and spreads and spreads...as you share what they said...and they share what they said...and all the while...just kind of operating within and as this perpetuating infections disease in a way....where most of the information that is being exchanged is not of the best benefit to anyone.

Is it any wonder that we are familiar with words like Rape, Molestation, Poverty, Murder, Torture, Punishment, War, Famine, Starvation, Suffering, Disease, Disability, Deceit, Deception, Slavery, Prisoner, Prison, Military, Weapons, Abuse, Fraud, Terrorism, Enemy, Fighting, Survival, Combat, Defense, Offense, Guns, Slaughter, Profit, 3rd World, Sweatshop, Injustice, Crime, Psychopath, Convict.....and the list goes on....

We are directly and indirectly supporting such conditioned behaviors/environments/circumstances as result of how we are accepting Authority to exist here. When you think of AUTHORITY, Do you think of Yourself First and Foremost...or is the point/words separate from You as like the examples I gave above as particular points of "recognized established Authorities"?

Is it interesting to consider and regard that in order to stop the rampant wild fire here, we need to actualize ourselves here as Self-Authority and Question the knowledge and information we have subscribed to whether passively or actively...because We are on Fire here...and The Fire is Burning up the Earth. Is this Hell? Have we become in such denial that we would not believe and know what Hell on Earth is despite being slowly burnt alive?

Let Manifest Heaven on Earth Forever, Wouldn't that be better than Hell on Earth? Are things in Reverse? Each is the Author in the Creation of Heaven On Earth Here. Note, this does not mean You create your own little bubble Heaven where everything is all good for you...is a start sure....but what about everyone else....is this a competition where some get Heaven at the expense of many getting Hell. What kind of fucked up game/idea is that?

Lets Share the Best of Ourselves Here, and Question what the fuck is going On and ask ourselves what the fuck are we really doing to ourselves as Everything Here?

"It's Hell on Earth, Whose Next or Going to Be First" Mobb Deep, Hell On Earth, from the Album HELL ON EARTH

Oh, did I mention that the Authority is You and has Always All Ways Been You?

So about all that Fucked up Shit....
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Day 745 - Supple
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Continuing from the post: Day 743 - The Irony of Effort

"One cannot work effectively well for a consistently long amount of time with a strong stamina to have excellent output performance if One isn't at ease within and as the work/play.

Isn't it fascinating that we often take this approach to stress even within our recreational activities?

Like for instance Golf:

The golf swing takes about 2 seconds to complete. There has been soooo much information published about it. Most golfers or people who have ever played golf....really really struggle with the game. The interesting thing about this...is a correlation to much effort...as like a point over exertion....and increased tension due to the mind chatter within the body while attempting to move through the swing.

The golf analogy is something i will open up more in blogs to come...this is somewhat of a teaser as to what is to come.

Stay tuned, Much to look at here:

Some key words of examination will be: Tension, Strain, Effort, Agreement, Logic, Emotion, Feeling, Golf, Irony, CoIncidences"

I find it interesting to look at the beginning above statement I made about working well for a long time...and i proceeded to give an example of how even within leisurely/recreational pursuits such as golf, where the swing takes about 2 seconds....the same point is true. It's about our relationships within ourselves. Now, perhaps this consideration and example, garners perspective into the questioning of "what is a long time?" Because, 2 seconds is kind of a long time...when you consider that for example you can make a golf swing...and that such movement can move a ball 300 meters.

Some self-forgiveness in relationship to the points at hand:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which Tension, Strain, Stress, Emotion, Feeling can in fact impede upon physical activity within as little or less than 2 seconds.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding to what an effect the thoughts/feelings/emotions I participate in have on my physical body.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding that so much of the Effort about Work is created as a result of having a build up of emotion/feelings conflictual relationships within the body as One's vocabulary that is energetically polarized that contributed to the status standing of conflict/friction/tension/stress....which equates to less than one's actual living potential to express oneself here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for disregarding the seemingly quick moments of thought and or feeling and emotion that comes up within my mind in relationship to participating within any activity/work/play/movement here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the supple quickness of myself here.

I forgive myself for not realizing and understanding how my mind has been assisting and supporting me as a tool of self-support in showing to me many, many examples of "subtle quickness".

I see, realize and understand how I can direct myself in and as a moment as supple quickness.

I see, realize and understand how I can correct myself within a moment with supple quickness....because it's just as easy to correct/remediate a point of dissonance that is revealed to me in my mind...as it is for the point to come up...so in this regard...I see the practicality in balancing myself within time as like to make the decision to no longer linger in time as a continuously perpetuating build up of tension...as a result of resisting to live as "subtle quickness" within myself from and as the perspective of immediate application when and as I see a movement of dissonance within myself that reflects the accumulation of past moment acceptances and allowances that i have stored within my body/mind as moments/points of tension/stress/strain/dissonance

To Be Continued
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