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Re: Williams Journey to Life

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Self Denial Dimensions


Typically prominent when I am confronted and/or speaking with another person, yet also occurring when I am alone. Example memory - I recall when I was young, a situation where person x getting very aggressive with me.

Being in daycare at the time, it was winter and I had a full face mask to protect from the cold. Perhaps out of nervousness of attending daycare (I cannot recall), I chewed on the mouthpiece of the mask. Person z was asked to wear the mask by Person x, and did not want to wear it because he thought it was gross (it was all mangled up). Person x asked me why I chewed on the mouthpiece, and I replied “because it was juicy…” (lol). Person x immediately went into a rage, grabbed me by my jacket and threw me into the front seat of the car from the back. Person x began cursing and yelling at me “Why the @#$% did you do that!?”. Being in fear, I did not know what else to reply or what Person x wanted me to reply, so I kept repeating I don't know.

There were many similar occurrences in which I allowed myself to go into self-denial/suppression. In so I developed the personality character of Self-denial, preferring not to speak or express myself due to fear of others being disappointed with me or reacting in rage/anger that would potentially cause an uncomfortable or stressful situation which I sought to avoid.

Thoughts - Justifications and excuses

“I don't want to cause a conflict here”

“I don't want to hurt anyone”

“I will talk about/deal with that later”.

“I would rather not deal with that right now”

“I don't want to deal with that right now”

“I don't want to waste my energy on describing this whole thing”

“I don't want to impose my beliefs on x”

“I don't want to offend x”

“I deserve what I'm getting, and so I have to deal with the consequences”

“They will not understand”

“They don't/won't get it”

“Situation x will fail”

“What if situation x happens” – playing out worst case scenarios

“What if desire x does not happen”

“I don't want to expose myself”

“I don't want person x to hate me”

“I don't want person x to think I'm using them”

“I don't want person x to be upset”

“I don't want to be a bully”

“I want to give others the opportunity to be responsible for themselves”

“I don't know the answer”

“I don't want to go there”

“What if I realize that I am at fault/guilty of x”

“Its easier if I just play along”

“I can't wait to be alone/free of person x”


Resistance/Reluctance to direct myself. Frustration. Awkwardness. Sadness as self-pity where I create a positive energy experience of myself – to compensate for the negative experience I had of self-denial) within the point that I can blame someone else, and then enjoy going into my 'happy place' in my mind, where I can create all kinds of fantasies of imagining the other person suffering, and myself playing out and enjoying all of the things (expressions and dreams) that I feel I have been denied in my life by others - through blame.


Through taking directive principle in a conversation this evening, I realize that it takes a considerable amount of effort on my part, whereas before I could just relax and let my mind do all the work for me, only speaking to appease the other, or facilitate the conversation when I wanted to get an energetic high. Also noticing physical resistance as tiredness, and wanting to slouch back in my chair. Scratching/Rubbing my head (for luck hhh).


Belief that I cannot change the situation. Belief that I am stuck in this situation. Belief that I've done everything I can do. Belief that there are no consequences because I do not see them here now.


Desire for personal experience in self-interest, and so fear losing personal experience. Desire to fantasize what it would be like if situation x happened in real life, how I would express myself – yet only creating it in imagination dimension.


Fear someone will be disappointed or 'put out' if I express myself. Valuing others as being of more value than myself, as playing out the inferior/submissive personality character based on the perception that to be inferior is to be humble. Based in the starting point of me allowing others to take responsibility for themselves, not realizing that I was avoiding taking responsibility for myself, not understanding myself as an Equal participant or how I had been suppressing myself.

Fear someone will criticize me, and cause me to go into a reaction of anger and consequently self-punishment, which I also feared, as I have seen the destructive consequences of my anger. Fear others will use my expression as leverage to gain advantage over me and/or make fun of me within the context of fear of not being liked and/or accepted by others. Not accepting myself for who I am. Fear of having to put out all kinds of effort, but believing that nothing will come of it as everything has failed in the past.


Finding myself in situations I despise and desperately do not wish to be in. Being in situations where I am forced to do something regardless of whether or not I wish to do it or not. This has the resulting consequence of me going into stress, frustration, and anger with more spin-off consequences of those patterns/systems of enslavement.


Move and direct myself to take directive principle

Self Forgiveness and Correction to follow in next post…

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

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We can see from the dictionary definition (provided below) that confidence can, for explanation purposes, be simplified to be a matter of trust. Trust that is placed in something, someone or oneself. Therefore we can say that, for a person to have confidence, one must have trust. So to understand confidence, we must first investigate trust…

We can see that our participation within this world functions within this very principle of trust, in duality to its polar opposite - distrust. Additionally, there must exist a relationship or an agreement between two parties for trust to be established. For a person to trust one, another must be considered less, or ‘un-trustworthy’.

The existence of trust if facilitated by, and has in fact created distrust, as one cannot exist without the other – because if distrust did not exist, there would be no need for trust, as all would be equally ‘trustworthy’, and so not defined within the context of trust/distrust.

Interestingly, due to the fact that we have not understood this very simple point, we have created systems (legal, financial, political etc.) in which everyone is conveniently ‘educated’ to accept as the basis of trust, and thus are generally accepted as trustworthy – These systems however, rather than supporting the equal trustworthiness of all, imitate, replace, and subvert the actual inherent trustworthiness of all, through perpetuating, and repeatedly re-iterating the dualistic system of trust/distrust. All to preserve and maintain power and control, and so no one ever questions or understands this of course.

Religion is another system which would have us believe that there exists some external god out there wanting us to place trust in it/him/her. That idea is endlessly debatable, and there is absolutely no credibility as to it’s validity, as there is no physical point of cross-reference – See for yourself, religion serves no physical purpose other than to delude man, as anyone can create their mind’s wildest fantasy to serve nothing but their own fear, desire for revenge, and self-interest.

So what can be trusted?… and how can we quantify, or measure trust? How can we know for certain if one or another is trustworthy?

Many would say “oh I trust so and so… he/she is my husband/wife/friend”. This type of relationship trust is limited, because, no matter how much we want to believe and place our trust in that person, we do not fully know and understand what is existent within them, as their entire life experience. Due to the nature of this type of trust as having a massive ‘unknown’ factor, this type of relationship trust is not measurable or verifiable, and thus cannot be considered real trust… as it only appears to be real to a person who does not understand or realize the existence of actual, measurable trust!

Therefore we can conclude that relationship trust is not real trust, it is rather a false measure of trust, an imposter, which makes it in its very nature, absolutely untrustworthy, as it is often formed out of fear of survival, greed, or simply self-interest.

Many people are ‘confident’ in their appearance. This is based on the beauty system, as a system of comparison and judgement, and therefore just another belief system which creates conflict and distrust.

So what exactly is real, measurable trust… or trustworthiness? Actual trust is not based on the starting point of greed, fear, or selfish desire. Actual trust is created within oneself, as Self-trust, through self-realization, and understanding of who one really is, as an Equal participant within our shared physical reality.

It is only when one fully understand ones responsibility to live according to the principle of what is best for all, that one can realize themselves and change themselves to stop living in self-interest. This is the development, or creation of Self-trust. This Self-trust is based on an agreement with self in self-honesty, opposed to an external relationship, and it is the only real trust that is absolutely trustworthy, as it is measurable.

Is any form of confidence then real, if you don’t know yourself, or if you don’t understand your reality? How then can you trust anyone…? How can you even trust yourself?

Man know thyself.

I invite you to Join the Journey to Life and visit Eqafe for support in understanding and establishing real Self-trust with yourself, so you may become accountable and trustworthy as Life.


1. Trust or faith in a person or thing.
2. A trusting relationship: I took them into my confidence.
3.a. That which is confided; a secret: A friend does not betray confidences.
b. A feeling of assurance that a confidant will keep a secret: I am telling you this in strict confidence.
4. A feeling of assurance, especially of self-assurance.
5. The state or quality of being certain


1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.
2. Custody; care.
3. Something committed into the care of another; charge.
a. The condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in one: violated a public trust.
b. One in which confidence is placed.
5. Reliance on something in the future; hope.
6. Reliance on the intention and ability of a purchaser to pay in the future; credit.
7. Law

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

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My Dear Zombies,

I write this for you. It is my heartfelt desire that you read this letter, so that perhaps you may finally come to realize yourself, to understand who you really are in this world. In so doing, may you realize that you are capable of changing yourself, to become a being who truly cares, so that together we may work to free all the other zombies, and create a world that is best for all life.

If, upon reading this list of questions I have prepared you, you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to one or more, you must realize that you my friend, are mind controlled. Not to panic, there are many just like you in this world, unaware of themselves… all living in self-interest. Much work has already been done to provide support specifically for cases like yours. May you take hold of this crucial opportunity… while you have the chance.

In All Sincerity,

The Official Zombie Questionnaire

Do you believe in the boogie man?

Do you believe that some being is going to save you?

Do you think you are special?

Are you afraid of who you would be if you were absolutely honest with yourself always?

Do you ever find yourself, not being yourself?

Do you ever hide behind a false personality?

Do you believe you are superior or inferior to any other beings?

Do you hear voices in your head?

Do you fear losing any personal possessions?

Do you ever wonder, or get concerned about what other people think about you?

Do you ever compare yourself to others, or judge anyone in any way?

Do you ever judge yourself?

Do you ever have secret thoughts about another person?

Do you have any personal beliefs or opinions?

Do you hold value in memories of past experiences?

Do you blame anyone for bad experiences in your life?

Do you ever get angry, upset, depressed, worried or lonely?

Do you think Love and Happiness are the primary goals in life?

Do you believe you will ascend to a higher realm when you die?

Do you allow your body to breathe for you, without your active participation in each breath?

Do you believe you can never change yourself?

Do you believe the world is just fine the way it is?

If you have answered yes to any of the preceding questions and suspect that you yourself may be a mind controlled Zombie, DO NOT PANIC! There is plenty of help and support available for you at Eqafe.com

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

Post by William »

http://transmutation-process.blogspot.c ... ility.html

Consider all the needless suffering that exists on earth, can be virtually narrowed down to one source – Lack of Understanding.

If people actually understood who they really are in this shared physical reality, surely they would not be so quick to destroy life and the planet, as they would realize that they are destroying themselves and their own ability to experience and express life here.

If people really understood that this is humanity’s last opportunity to ‘get it right’ in this lifetime, and the consequences of putting off the decision to support all life Equally, it’s very likely that they would consider and welcome the prospect of changing themselves and supporting an Equal Money System.

If people only understood that inflicting pain or death on another being does not solve a problem, but only exacerbates it, then we could easily stop all wars within the realization that war is useless, senseless killing for power and control.

The problem with understanding is that a person must either want to understand, or, be forced to understand by means of a re-education system and accountability. We have the solution, and the revised education system, so how can we actually get people to understand so we can implement the obvious common sense solution? Simple…

Internet Accountability

Consider we have the perfect tool right in our lap that can be used to assist humans to become accountable and responsible. Within that, not only assisting us to actually understand our reality, but to participate within how it functions. The internet is our voice, so we must use it to make sure our voice is heard. How do we do that? Simple…

Internet Voting System

I’m certain there are already systems like this in the works, it’s just a matter of time to full implementation. How simple would it be to actually require, by law, that each individual register a formal account on a worldwide networking site - such as Facebook as it already exists - under their given birth name, so as to show support for which political party/system/principle they would like to see operating and administering society and how it functions.

Virtually instant accountability, tracking, results, awareness and responsibility all within the one required regulation, which is virtually already in place. Not to mention, that if any party or system was not widely accepted by the masses, it would be instantly recognized, and rather than have a political leader decide when or if ‘they would like to call an election’. Election consideration would be immediately apparent, and thus change of leadership called for if necessary through the application of the Internet Voting System.

One Man, One Vote.

Come to think of it, why do we still have humans representing the law makers of society? Is Obama, or the queen, some kind of gods that deserve to decide the fate of many and rule over everyone?… because they are somehow ‘more intelligent’? Definately not the case. Why not have one Principle dictate our behaviour, and everyone live according to that Principle – as a standard of conduct, put more simply – the Principle of That which is Best for All Life. That way we live a sustainable, responsible existence. Common Sense. Seems rather silly to still have ‘humans’ running around playing god nowadays… with the help of computers, in fact, it is quite asinine.

Join the Journey to Life and support the Equal Money System

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

Post by William »

http://transmutation-process.blogspot.c ... igion.html

One word invalidates every single Religion that has ever existed or been conceived, including atheism, agnosticism, and the classic 'I'm not religious...' religion. Any belief is a religion. It is a mind created idea, perception, or opinion of yourself or something outside of yourself. Everyone on this planet is, in a way religious, because religion exists here, and has been allowed to exist here in our shared physical reality - by us - through our collective acceptance and allowance of self-interest and the delusion of free choice.

The one word that invalidates them all is - Responsibility. Every religion and or belief is the abdication of Responsibility, as the Responsibility to live what is Best for All Life. To live what is best for All Life, one would inevitably realize that Religion is not what is Best for All because it is subject to interpretation, therefore delusion and conflict. Religions and beliefs are just grandiose justifications and excuses, none of which are valid or acceptable in any way whatsoever, as the bigger the lie, the harder it falls, or the harder it hits you in the face when you face yourself in self-honesty.

Many believe that Religion is a matter of faith, yet faith is self-deception, as placing trust (and therefore responsibility) outside of self. Anyone can see this for themselves, as the only reason a person would follow a religion is for the sake of fear or self-interest. All the love of God is make believe, because it is not here for everyone Equally! Is God a bigot then? Jesus suggested to 'love thy neighbor as thyself' and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' - not to join a religious belief system where you are enslaved to fear and self-doubt.

Is Religion the path to freedom, as the Buddha would claim? How can anyone believe they are free, while we exist in a physical reality where at any moment, you could encounter any host of tragic circumstances which could change your entire life and make it absolutely miserable, or you could even lose your life altogether!? So many then exist in Hope, but hope too is another useless religion... an excuse in the desire that someone else will take responsibility to solve all the problems in our world and make you happy, again selfishness. The very existence of ignorance, greed, and irresponsibility should be proof enough to anyone that freedom is an illusion in this world. The only real answer is that none are free until All is free.

If your version/opinion of freedom is to be free to be randomly robbed, maimed, or killed at any moment... Ask yourself this - What value is that freedom, if it can be gone in an instant, without even your own will or consent? It is worthless!.., as is your whole life, because you allowed yourself to believe in an idea of yourself and/or freedom that was separate from yourself, and therefore never real!

The fact is that we have feared being honest with ourselves, and so we have created BeLIEfs in which we RE-LIED on RE-LIEgion, pRE-tending to be REal we REELed ourselves into our own trap of self-dishonesty, and self-delusion. All it ever was, was a RE-cycled RE-enACTment of the past...the constant RE-PLAYcement for Self-honesty and Self-responsibility, to live What is Best for All. What fools we have all been.

Join the Journey to Life and see for yourself, that you are the one that decides to stop this Obsessive Compulsive desire to hide from yourself. Lets get real for once, and for All.

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

Post by William »

http://transmutation-process.blogspot.c ... verse.html

Caught myself pondering the vast mysteries of the Universe this evening. I was going to blog about something 'er other but of course, someone had to go and fidget with my kaleidoscope again, messing up the perfect little image I had of everything... OK. Looking at this whole thing from a new perspective now. I was watching a documentary on the universe narrated by Morgan Freeman, sitting in my chair I dosed off in the first 5 minutes, only to awake to catch the last 3 minutes or so. At the end he was speaking about scientists definition of life, and what parameters they put on weather or not something is actually considered life or not, (for those unaware, as the scientists, everything has awareness lol) ex. Does it replicate itself? - In which case many things such as machines or even cars may do so in a factory where robots carry out instructions rather like DNA would be used as the blueprint.... this is somewhat besides the point.

So having all of my background understanding from the Desteni material, as well as perspectives of beings brought through the inter-dimensional portal whom have done interviews from the afterlife, I began to consider the fact (as I had heard) that a 'being' can span multiple bodies. This I find interesting, yet somewhat awkward to grasp, as how can a body, or cell, or organism... be itself as an individual, as well as part of other bodies, cells, or organisms at the same time as if to comprise itself of 2 or more 'life' embodiment's/beings?

This seemed strange to me... I have no doubt that there are more than likely perspectives and answers to this that I have not yet been privy to, in which case I remain content with the fact that I will understand more in time. It was then that I considered something that I have already 'known' from a certain perspective, yet perhaps not entirely.

Until several years ago, I had been living my whole life within the assumption that I am a separate being. So looking back at my childhood, my whole starting point of who I am - as who I understood and believed myself to be - was based on this assumption that -- I am separate from reality. Rather Frightening. This 'idea' or belief that 'I am separate' from my reality induces a tremendous amount of fear, if one perceive and consider the actuality that - I am subject to death - Death, as the untimely, untamed, and unknown monster, more evil and sinister than my greatest known fear. The fact that it is not talked about or discussed by my parents, whom are the living representation of God to me, only re-enforces this great fear I have of death within me. It is apparent to me that no one can actually save me from a potentially random terrifying experience, in which case I would have to face God knows what... the indoctrinated idea of hell, or my worst fear of all, non-existence.

This experience of fear, now deeply suppressed, becomes a driving force which impacts and creates my experiences of myself. It also causes me to question who I am, but it is clear that I do not even know myself, and can only guess and 'make-believe' answers, which children frequently do. Is it any wonder that we grasp after definitions, labels, personalities, opinions and classifications of ourselves, desperately seeking to answer the question we are unable to even formulate? Although we cannot calculate precisely, we can certainly observe the consequences in our world, of our collective irresponsibility as parents - deliberately neglecting to address this fear of death within children and themselves, rather preferring to focus on achieving egotistical goals of morality, education, and financial success. In so, many of us have yet to realize the full impact of this indescribable shame, yet we will all see soon enough, as the time has come to reap what we have sewn. This, besides the fact that this world is already living hell for millions.

Who I am, as this 'Belief of myself' as a separate being - is really just another bubble, which eventually has to burst. As long as I am here, I am a participant in this shared physical reality. I could say from a certain perspective that 'Who I am', as this experience of myself, is actually the Universe in totality, indirectly experiencing itself as me, through this physical body. So I must abolish that part of me that is an illusion - the parasite - which is the belief I have always selfishly believed myself to be - so that I can be here in existence solely to share and express myself in the best interest of all life, in so creating myself as Equal to Life. As Jesus said... I am the way - funny I always assumed that meant 'He' was the way, not understanding that Life can only exist in Equality, as standing Equal to All things.

Join The Journey to Life Group on Facebook and check out the Free Course provided by Desteni which is great Self Support.

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

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http://transmutation-process.blogspot.c ... alism.html

Causes :
Profit Based Labor and Education Systems

- No profit potential for existent jobs required to be done that benefit society as a whole.
- Inefficient and expensive training programs (most often) at considerable expense of the trainee/student which fuels a system of debt and enslavement
- Often these programs are ineffective due to poor training techniques such as too much focus on theory as opposed to actual practical job-site experience.
- Education systems are limited and bound by those same principles of profit, thus reducing overall efficiency and effectiveness
- Responsibility to society is easily abdicated in favor of self-interest and profit to the detriment of society as a whole
- Lack of actual growth, systemic incongruencies lead to fewer job openings and potential
- Oppressed populations increasingly willing to work for lower wages in order to just survive within the system
- Irresponsible family planning leading to abuse, neglect and general overpopulation
- Over exploitation of finite resources for unnecessary consumption/profit
- Wasteful government departments and corporations draining and filtering economic resources into superfluous products and services
- Robotic systems and machinery given higher value than life due to their ability to work longer and harder with less cost and downtime.

Solution :
Equal Money Capitalism

- Jobs that benefit society as a whole are given Equal consideration and thus performed and taken care of for the benefit of everyone
- On the job training will be more readily accepted as a common sense solution to jobs that are inherently practical and simple to perform
- Education will be considered a basic human right and thus free
- Efficiency and effectiveness overall will increase due to immense stress reduction and therefore increased employee teamwork, co-operation, satisfaction and overall well being of all involved
- Increased participation leads to exponential growth through frequently proposed solutions for overall improvement
- Exponential growth of all through expansion, inclusion, innovation, responsibility, realization and self-enjoyment
- Increased freedoms and relief of the suffering and oppressed - humans, animals, and plants alike
- More effective and specific educational programs leading to realizations of responsibility to life and an improved lifestyle for everyone.
- Responsible, practical and sustainable use of finite resources
- Wasteful systems eliminated in favor of practical functions which improve the well being of all
- Only systems which facilitate and support life as a whole will be considered and constructed in a way that is built to last and easily repaired.

Rewards :
- Increased social interaction especially among those excluded by the current system
- Considerable increase in free time as wasteful and counter-productive systems are eliminated, and efficient and effective systems are put in place
- Early retirement will provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy life, share and express themselves in a way that they enjoy.
- Exponential increase in overall enjoyment of everyday life
- A clean, pollution free planet will become a distinct possibility, thus increasing the well being of all life - animal plant and human
- Wonderful and amazing new inventions and innovations will be created continuously through increased co-operation and freedom of expression as well as knowledge and information sharing
- Vast increases in the understanding of existence and the universe
- New exploration and travel potential and possibilities through increased cooperation
- Profound new realizations about life itself through knowledge and information sharing
- Exceeding previous limitations and belief systems
- Transcending fears, and embracing a new era of unconditional self-expression
- End of all undesirable consequences stemming from ignorance and self-interested living

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Re: Williams Journey to Life

Post by William »

http://transmutation-process.blogspot.c ... oblem.html

Capitalism In Crisis - Problem Solution Reward

It is clearly obvious that our current economic system is leading us all towards a serious crisis situation for the entire planet and human race.

What I would like to point out here is, that there is a very simple solution which has to be taken into consideration.

The Problem

The current form of Capitalism is a system of profit and loss with no restrictions on either outcome. This fantasy of the American dream, would use the justification that it is just 'human nature' to be greedy and support a system of Greed. In this type of system, profit is valued above all, even the value of life itself, which we can see many cases in the world where animal, plant, and human alike are all abused, killed, and sold - for profit. It is then quite clear that Capitalism based on unregulated profit and loss, produces a fear driven, irresponsible, and insatiable consumption based society, without any regard for future consequences it creates.

So how can we solve the problem of Greed in the grand scale? Many people would believe that this problem is unsolvable, yet surprisingly, there is a simple solution to greed.

Greed is not instinctual, but rather it is simply programmed a reactionary response - based on fear of losing current luxuries and personal comforts, as well as the desire for power and control.

Greed is also based on the long outdated idea that we must all compete for our survival. This 'fear of survival' is based on the idea that the world has finite resources, and our time is limited on earth. As such, people believe that in order to get the most (selfish) experience or fulfillment out of life, we must aggressively compete with each other - to get more for ourselves in self-interest. All of this falls within the false assumption that life itself is based in, and motivated by fear. This is a common misconception, - it is absolutely not true, and has no validity whatsoever. In fact, it can conclusively be proven to be a lie. Fear is not a prerequisite for life, that is simple common sense.

People believe that in order to be happy, we must exist in a system of hierarchy, where some people are deemed better than others. Naturally, this creates a reckless society of false appearances, profuse with fear, corruption, injustice, slavery and control. This form of Capitalism - for the sake of technological advancement and perceived 'evolution' - actually manifests the opposite of real happiness, and consequentially, many horrendous forms of abuse (which are typically denied and left out of the equation - with the excuse that 'this is just the way it has always been'). This excuse is simply unacceptable, given our obvious capacity to eradicate ignorance, neglect and abuse through responsible re-education.

One must ask the question, why do so many fear to challenge the idea that life can be free from fear itself? Can we stop fear? The answer is yes, yet most people have simply not considered or understood the actual solution. Additionally, the current education system trains children to conform and accept the current system of fear as the only possibility - so people are deeply ingrained within the idea that 'we must consume to stave off fear, and acquire more possessions in order to be happy' – which is absolutely not the case. Happiness is actually achieved through sharing for the common good of all. Once fear of survival is removed, greed will inevitably be starved out of the system, as it has no longer has its primary resource of fear to sustain itself.

Obviously there is no perceived profit within our current institutions (banks, corporations, political organizations etc.) to promote re-education of society in order to create a sustainable world that would be best for the world as a whole, therefore responsibility is easily neglected - at no apparent or imminent loss. It is actually profitable to keep the general population 'blind' to what is actually going on in the system.

All the economic theories of the past such as those put forward by John Maynard Keynes and Hyman Minsky are of no value, as they do not provide a clear solution. Additionally, they have already been tested and proven to only facilitate further downward spiraling cycles of instability, corruption, and injustice.

Culturally speaking, what we have to realize is the obvious impact of our current technological age, where communication is moving at light speed, therefore effects of economic turmoil are reflected in the markets, and so felt around the world almost instantaneously. The entire system is interconnected and therefore if one financial system collapses, it threatens the entire structure.

Governmental policies are inverse, and of no effect in solving the problem, as by the very nature of the system these policies conform to the same rules of profit and loss, and are therefore detached from all conscience, reason, and accountability to the world as a whole.

The Solution

The first step in the solution to solve this crisis of capitalism, is the world wide implementation of a Basic Income Grant. This way all the basic needs of common people are met, thus removing a large part of the fear of survival problem. This system has proven to be effective in communities in the past, where it has been tested, showing dramatic reduction in violence, crime, and poverty as well as improved education and increased business activity.

The next step in the solution is the implementation of Equal Money Capitalism. This system is literally the complete solution to all problems presented by our current dysfunctional economic and political systems. This system is based within the foundational principle of what is 'Best for All'. Thus self-interest is removed and replaced with the interest of the common good.

The Rewards

Equal Money Capitalism would dramatically increase the well being of the entire planet through creation of a sustainable, resource based infrastructure that would remove the system of profit and loss altogether. Through the integration of collective responsibility and re-education, the value of life would be realized and revitalized as never before seen.

The impacts of such a new system would be revolutionary, and the rewards of such would be so profound in producing a 'world of relief' and happiness, that at this point, it simply can not be conceived, nor understated. Many would dismiss such claims as 'too good to be true', yet if we simply investigate the facts in common sense, we will find that it is absolutely possible, and shockingly – inevitable. The only question would be, do we want to save our planet and our existence?... because whether we would choose to face the facts or not, that is literally what is at stake, as the current system collapses and chaos ensues.

Practical Rewards

Unemployment – eradicated
Business activity – increased
Stress and anxiety – eradicated
Health problems - decreased
Political corruption – eradicated
Taxation – eradicated
Inflation – eradicated
Oppression - eradicated
Greed – eradicated
Slavery – eradicated
Global Irresponsibility – eradicated
Education – free and increased
Healthcare – free
Basic needs – guaranteed
Pollution – wasteful systems overhauled and real solutions implemented
Cooperation – enabled through knowledge sharing
Violence and Crime – greatly decreased with effective correction programs
Rape and sexual slavery and abuse – eradicated through effective correction and re-education programs
Freedom of expression – evolved to serve the best interest of all
War – eradicated
Poverty – eradicated
Irresponsible production techniques – eradicated
Environmental destruction – eradicated and changed to responsible sustainability – best for all
Innovation – exponentially increased due to free knowledge sharing
Animal abuse – eradicated through responsibility and re-education
Many more inconceivable improvements and rewards...

Please visit the following for further research and information on Equal Money Capitalism.


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Re: Williams Journey to Life

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Day 317

Sun Dec 11

I really appreciate everything everyone has done for me to assist me with my struggles within my process. I am at times in awe by how much support I have been given, and it has been very helpful to say the least. Again I apologize for being slow to realize some things that should be easily reconciled.

I have been over-cautious in reaction/projection to fears of causing problems for myself and others through the possibility of myself not giving enough consideration and/or forethought to points I have been writing about. There were other dimensions of myself which opened up, which I am grateful to have thoroughly re-examined, and I trust that I have corrected. I am becoming more confident in trusting myself to move forward, standing within the principle as an equal. I would like to contribute in a way that is helpful and supportive, and I have been realizing, as most realize that this does not come by waiting, I will have to continue to push myself in an effort to be as effective as possible with the time that I have here.

I realize that there is likely more challenges ahead, and I will deal with them as they come, remembering that the solution is to stand equal to whatever point presents itself so that it can be forgiven and corrected.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed and controlled by the feeling of being burdened and being a burden to others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be overly concerned due to problems I am facing in my life and process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed and controlled by the fear of having no money, being broke and destitute and thus creating myself as a burden for others to bear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to escape my problems. I realize that I cannot escape my problems and I must face them in order to resolve that which I am able to resolve, and so alleviate the guilt I have created for having created problems for myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to worry extensively over getting a vehicle on the road. I realize that I am unable to fix everything and that I at times make poor decisions which I must face the consequences of.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to neglect to think things through thoroughly enough and so not realize the challenges I would face in the future may be more than I can handle.

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Day 322

Post by William »

Day 322

Sunday Dec 18

Part 3

Create a Treasure map of myself. Is there any treasure?

Solve problems. Stop procrastination. Stop being negative and blaming others. Stop feeling pathetic. Stop being angry and allowing that to determine my resonance. Stop using the state of the world as justifications for me to fail at changing myself and taking responsibility for myself. Do not allow myself to get sidetracked/distracted by the pity I feel for the less fortunate in this world.

Explore my opportunities. Learn from my mistakes. Challenge myself in something.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define and limit myself to my past mistakes, thinking that I can never get past my past as my mistakes, and so allowing them to continuously follow me, haunting me, and causing me to re-create my past mistakes - or worse, not even attempt to push/challenge myself out of fear of re-creating the same mistakes of the past.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stagnate through pitying other beings in this world. I realize that I have pitied other beings for years and as such, have used that pattern as justification to sabotage myself, thinking that I am a good person and doing good by doing so - that way I could justify the good character/menal hero in my mind and at the same time avoid taking any real responsibilities in life because "I am aware of the deception, therefore I will not participate within it".

Where can I challenge myself to improve myself?

Making money.

Creating myself as being Directive. Confident. Assertive. Passionate.

What motivates me?

Process. More specifically...

To realize the goal of changing myself to be life as what is best for all.

To Inspire others to do the same.

To stand in the face of the system without fear or shame.

Part 2

Feeling very frustrated at the moment. I feel like there is nothing worth living for. I have no goals. Nothing interests me in this life, at least nothing that I can afford. Every time I turn around I am finding someone trying to teach me how the system works and how great they are. God this world sucks so bad! Why does my life suck? I realize it could be worse, and I understand that, and of course I do not want to experience it any worse... that is not the point of what I am asking. What is there here for me to do besides fucking w.o.w. ??

Tarot indicates...

Why do I feel so defeated?
Why do I feel so resentful?
Why do I feel so doubtful?
Why do I feel so hopeless?
Why do I feel so angry?
Why do I feel so discouraged?

No Passion. Running on giving up/asceticism pattern.

Have to work on the word Passion. It could give me a new perspective, something to work on as myself without limitation or fear (in subconscious specifically). Confidence. Directive. Free of fear of failure. Free of guilt of the past. Free of fear of unknown, as all is known.

Things are not going the way I want them to go. I keep having major problems, recurring over and over and over again. Am I fucking creating this shit??? How??

Passion is the fruit of effectively applied, self directive effort.


I suspect I may have some buried rage programming within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to bury rage within myself, as memories of me freaking out, having tantrums, exploding in internal anger within myself (which was not able to be fully expressed) at friends, family, and teachers because I felt offended and could not exact revenge on them in the moment for reasons like;

Fear of repercussions such as...

Fear of expulsion,
Fear of getting injured and/or dying,
Fear of being shamed by others,
Fear of creating a bad reputation for myself,
Fear that I would not be able to overcome my fears,
Fear that I would be judged,
Fear that I would be condemned within those judgments (hell).

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be offended through not seeing the situations clearly, in what was attempted communication, therefore I did not understand the communication because I did not allow myself to see the whole picture of who I was and who others were within those situations, as well as the bigger picture.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to excessively take things personally because I was sensitive (fearful of existence as the unknown, likely because I was more aware of myself and/or tuned to a different frequency than others). It is not that I was any less of a person - which was what I feared not knowing myself - but only a matter of perspective in that I had not understood myself and had not yet tested myself within understanding. I did not want to act out without fully understanding myself, although some times I was forced to.

Allow me to exercise my passion, alone to test to see if it is real. I have looked into myself, into my unconscious mind, and I have seen no ill intent, no more self deception at the source. I have been suicidal in recent weeks. Perhaps there is a fear of pain and suffering still lingering within my physical body as programming. Perhaps I have kept that intentionally to protect myself from harm.

Imagining myself were I to stand in absolute self honesty. I was placing myself as standing equal to the group, when in fact, I must stand Equal to Life as myself, as self honesty, honesty to self as who I am here. Just realizing this point in a new way.

I have been losing interest in my games, even in searching the internet for new information. I could not see myself participating with the group, as things felt 'wrong'. I had been suppressing myself because I could not see a way for me to be real with myself.

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