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Day 8 - Mask-in’

It’s certainly been a unique experience with having to wear a mask when outdoors (mandatory ruling or cop a fine where I live). I mean, I’m sure basically everyone would agree with the preference of NOT wearing a mask given the option (when there are no potential viruses around). I am certainly not a fan of it. I have tried a few types now - sock mask, disposable, and now I have a cloth one which I’ll give a spin when I go out later in the week.

All mask materials have differing levels of comfort/quality, but I’m preferring to talk about the experience I’ve had and some realisations from this experience.

The experience was definitely like a controlling. I mean, my choices are mask or fine. I will choose the mask for sure rather than receive a fine. I don’t want to talk about whether masks work or not, and what works against coronavirus and other viruses, but it gave me an insight into what it can be like to have more control placed in my life, where I am not so free to choose what I see is best for myself or best in general.

Wearing a mask whilst shopping around, walking, interacting with others - It made me think of those countries, societies, religions that are quite strict in their practices/rulings of how to live one’s life. I know I am very fortunate in terms of where I live (in Australia) and having many more freedoms based on where I live/freedom to choose religions and so on.

I guess the difference between those places/religions etc where those practices are basically taught from a young age, in this case with the mask scenario, I’ve learnt prior to think for myself/think freely. And learnt to explore all potential avenues to see what works and what does not.

There are many debates about masks and how useful they are, and debates about corona - and the economy. I don’t necessarily want to take any sides, and I like to hear from all sides, and also think for myself in what I see is best.

I personally don’t see the need to be wearing a mask the whole time I am outdoors, especially as I am feeling great health-wise. It does seem like a forced object that I am required to use, I mean, it is. I moreso understand/agree with a mask being used if one is more susceptible, is sick. That has more meaning in wearing a mask, to me. And it’s simply not as enjoyable living in this way. And I am lacking in experiencing a life I’d like to experience with this mask-barrier/obstacle.

It is a pity, I’d say, but it is what it is. Who knows what happens from here. All I know is I want this forced mask-usage to not exist ASAP.

And I am grateful that I can think freely/explore many options/avenues to exist how I best see fit.

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