Being the best at one's job

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Being the best at one's job

Postby Godfrey » 08 Dec 2018, 19:02

I feel like I cannot cut corners the way I usually do, I feel like I'm being critiqued when I am watched, and questioned about what I am doing.

What it takes to be the best one can be in any job we do is to be aware of oneself in every moment. As much as I create little excuses on the surface levels that do affect my work --- on the deeper levels it is because I'm constantly in thought while I am working. All these thoughts distract the life out of me. It's a memory, then I'm back in the moment, it's a future project then I'm in the future, and it repeats.

I can relate -- I'm a professional painter and drywaller... it is nerve racking... but it's only nerve racking because we want to do a good job.
We are what we do. I paint, so by extension i'm a painter, i get paid to paint -------> i'm a professional painter.

That nervousness is the ownership of your craft, accept it. Being a craftsman is a powerful thing -- excellence is only achieve through experience.
Your on the right track... be mindful/objective and continue to use self-honestly and forgiveness to loosen the ties that bind us to the past/and future.
Its hard - don't be lazy, don't cut corners be exceptional.

my religion is to do good and my country is the world

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