1. Saturday 19th May 2012

Q&A Sessions with Leadership Forum Members
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1. Saturday 19th May 2012

Postby Marlen » 21 May 2012, 19:03

Excerpts from Chat with Anu at Desteni Leadership Forum

Question: Why have I been experiencing loss of memory from past days wherein sometimes I cannot even remember what I wrote the day before - I've also been experiencing my body as if I was floating on a sea salt like experiencing a form of inertia
Anu: Loss of Memory, you’re not losing memory - memory cannot be lost, it manifest in the physical. What you’re trying to do is remember memory, which is strange, because memory is already memory = you don't need to remember it. Thus, the moments that are of importance or requirement in your process will arise in the moment that will assist and support your process. The physical ocean - is your process of moving into the physical, the physical will initially feel like an ocean, because its sound - so, you're quite on your way - breathe and walk and don't give it energy attention

Question: In the last video I listened to #36 , you said you were dead… how does one have awareness if they are dead (how is it fueled by energy or substance ?) and where do the dead go after we have all walked into life?
Anu: Dead meaning I don’t have a physical body. Thus, awareness is self. You either have energy awareness, the awareness of energy which is limited, or you have life-awareness which is equality and oneness. So, the process s to walk from energy awareness to life awareness

Question: I have problems with sleep apnea and I wake up feeling quite foggy and most of the day I have difficulty finding words to speak in the moment similar to short term memory but it is a problem because I am less effective within my communication with others
Anu: here you have to look at family-relations, parents especially - got many unconscious-mind backchat you're not dealing with in relation to your family

Question: Anu, can you give a little bit of information on this patience you were talking about a little bit more detailed i how you did that or stand as that in your existence?
Anu: will do so in interviews to come

Question: : I remembered a lot of memories from my child, while a lot of people say that they don't remember anything, How does this benefit the MCS in a specific way, I contribute it to being more 'here' already while on the other hand I see it as a possible mindfuck. = not trusting this experience.
Anu: childhood memories, cool to investigate - because childhood is when you developed your personalities - so, in the memories, see what reactions/backchat existed in what comes up or what behaviour patterns exist in the memories - you'll see they still exist now, and can deprogramme most of them through/from the memories

Question: Is Life as the Physical still a design ?
Anu: No, Life as a design doesn't exist yet - only as a principle/words that you have to live

Question: How can we explain Process to the people we meet, you designed us as the system, so what would get through to us the ones who have not heard the message yet?
Anu: when you're still asking that question of how to approach others, it means you're not ready yet / living the words yourself, when you're ready you'll know exactly what to say - so, as long as that questions exist, know you're not yet living the words you speak and thus not ready to speak to others in the living word

Question: A very intriguing question here, who were we who are here right now, who are the ones getting this material, why us?
Anu: a very easy question to answer - you decided. That's it.

Question: I have a question in relation to my studies two questions 1) when I study in the morning I usually become very tired, and I almost fall asleep into the book that I am reading, and this starts as soon as I start to read why is that? 2) When I study a lot, I will after some hours experience myself itchy inside myself and have a feeling of "I can't take this anymore" what is this that I experience?
Anu: 1 - defining mornings as being sleepy and taking time to wake up 2 - accepting and allowing 'too muchness' in the mind

Question: Anu, in your latest interviews you describe your process of self-realization in terms that are remarkably similar to the experiences of time-loops, perceptions, and beliefs that I have gone through. How was this possible for a god who s abilities would have made it impossible for him to succumb to a mind-system/ what is the significance of the mind within all of this?
Anu: because I was just a being, not a god

Question: How did you transcend fear, any pointers, I see this is a big one for me and at the moment I am a bit lost within it, also stems from inferiority
Anu: will do interviews on how I transcended fear...lol - took a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg time that one

Question: Anu when we ask you questions how are you able to answer with such specificity? What do you access or see and how does it look or sound?
Anu: I'm here, in the portal/physical that is manifested equality and oneness of existence, thus - I stand / whoever is here stand in and as that equality and oneness with and as you and so speak you;the journeys into the afterlife series walks the manifestation of the portal in detail

Question: Anu - in part 38 where you talk about your one regret of not being able to birth life from the physical - my question - when we reach the point where all exist within equality and oneness then will there be the opportunity to birth life from the physical?
Anu: Yes, first equality and oneness, and then Life, equality and oneness is the structure/program/system to change separation/energy into physical equality and oneness, and then from there - walk the birthing of life

Question: Do you have any fears? and can I get rid of all of mine?
Anu: You can't get rid of fear, you have to face it and actually walk through it inside yourself - there's a moment when walking through fear, it's like walking through a waterfall, where you walk through fear in fear, but still have to walk no matter what - will do interviews that will clarify fear - then, once you walked through fear, and whenever you face fear again - you know you'll stand/remain then becomes easier to face fear

Question: Anu, I want to know if the enzymes are really being killed after 118 degrees
Anu: Suggest investigating science - we do life education in the mind and physical, scientists of this existence would probably already have research on that for you; that's why they're here - we're here to make sure life is born from the physical

Question: I experience extensive pressure in the body from me as the mind/energy with it being very difficult to release through breathing, especially in my legs - I experience that the 'build-up' is extensive and requires something that I am not sure what is or how to give to myself
Anu: I'd embrace the pressure, you're trying to stop/suppress it in separation, like - trying to push it away somwhere - I'd breathe, let it move through me and see what it is - don't fear it, become it and see what it as you will show you

Question: Will people like myself in their 50's have a more difficult time walking into life since we have had more years to create layers from the MCS digging into the physical...any practical support for us?
Anu: with regards to age, yes and no - meaning, the youngsters have it easy cause they're more in the physical, but also more difficlt cause they're mind is more energy and susceptible to energy, the elder have it easy cause you've seen more of reality/this world and easier to see commonsense, but more difficult in terms of walking yourself back into the physical - so, whether young or old, the process is the same and in that - age is not a relevant factor.

Question: how can I stop the tendency of wanting to be right, to 'convince' others of the principle of oneness and equality when they say 'it’s just my thing, not theirs'?
Anu: You’re using then oneness and equality as a means/way to feed your personality of wanting to win/be right, so - I'd suggest have a look at the personality you're wanting to fight for with wanting to be right and using oneness and equality to do that with
Reply: thanks Anu look at the personality inside myself to see what I as this personality wants to fight for?
Anu: yes, see what the personality is fighting for as its want/need/desire to be right/win, when process is not about winning, but self realisation

Question: Anu - in an interview you described that you saw substance as a darkness that was always there behind beings - were shadows designed to mirror substance as you saw it?
Anu: No, shadows really only exist because of the sun/light differences in the earth's atmosphere - that's it
(Recommended material: The Mirrors of Competition for Survival of Energy and Money

Question: Fear is like a "falling" where there is really nothing to "fall to" and within this stand up with the principle of oneness in equality?
Anu: No, fear is not a falling - will clarify in interviews

Question: Did you see or realize the chance to be one and equal not go the enslavement route, create heaven here like it was in the beginning or was the control point like intoxicating couldn't see past it, too tempting?
Anu: No, I did see oneness and equality - BUT, I didn't see the problem as the nature of beings and myself within existence and its potency to fuck up existence

Question: In an interview you said you were able to kill a being (make it non-existent) which contradicts with few interviews by others saying a being won t die. Please clarify. Also knowing that a being is essentially made of the Substance, does it mean you made the Substance non-existent?
Anu: yes, will clarify this in interviews in terms of removing a being from existence -returning them to substance

Question: l need to find a job at the moment. Any suggestions as to what I should consider and do in regards to getting a job?
Anu: jobs, see what is available, see what you can do - if necessary, see how you can expand your practical abilities to be able to get jobs, don't limit to what you can only do now - see where you can learn more

Question: How was your experience as Plankton? What did you realize from that experience?
Anu: as Plankton - it was quiet, verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy quiet, yet verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nnnnnoooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in myself - it was the most extensive time in my existence with only myself, and also in where I faced my greatest fear - to be alone with myself...

Question: Will we have to delete all points that we as Humans use the physical for a purpose that only supports the mind - such as entertainment, sports, games - in order to be able to start over again with a clear starting point to support all beings Equally before we can consider "fun"?
Anu: No - with regards to what exist in this physical existence, most of it is cool - it's just the starting point in it that is fucked up

Question: what is this pins and needles in my upper back, next to the neck? i feel this in the office
Anu: pins and needles - lol, when your mind makes you think someone's watching you
Reply: thanks Anu, that's interesting, so I simply breathe through it and stop this idea of "persecution"?
Anu: Yes, breathe.

Question: what are the risks when working in the matrix and walking one's process - is it important to make sure that one's work environment does not get mixed up with process work e.g. making vlogs writing blogs - preserve one's job – thanks
Anu: work and process mix, yes - for a moment, if you find that the matrix not yet ready in your work environment, don't share yet - this is about self walking for self within first; we'll get to the system later in process when we're more standing together and you can actually stand no matter what - so, first prepare yourself...

Question: Will we eventually live longer?
Anu: living longer...lol we'll have to see when we get there

Question: I get dizzy, see funny and feel light headed sometimes; saw a doctor but she said nothing is wrong. Any insights?
Anu: Dizziness, anxiety accumulation in the body - when not breathing effectively, not enough oxygen to the brain - you're giving the mind energy oxygen and forgetting about the oxygen that give you life through breath...

Question: This week I was having a chat with my partner and he said: put yourself in my position. I did so and felt really weird inside, as if I was with fever, with the feeling of being in a nightmare in trying to put a big shape into a small thing... i felt misaligned somehow, and feared to be sick. What was this?
Answer: It's because you tried to PUT HIM in you - which is kinda impossible, you have to place YOU within yourself AS him, meaning like image who you would be in his position

Question: What is the reason for spider veins, i have lots of them on my legs, and they are getting worse... is there anything i can do about it?
Anu: Spiderveins, energy-systems in the physical that accumulate over time, happens primarily with women due to being energy orientated in the mind; unfortunate physical-manifested consequences -

Question: When you were acting as 'god' did you ever actually have any intention of making everything 'right' in the end as described in the bible, or was it all just bullshit through and through?
Anu: I THEN believed I was God, and wanted to create an existence of life - that was the intention, but as the saying goes - good intentions pave the road to hell, which I literally lived and created

Question: I have a question with regards to holographic and reality - we are physical as substance yet we all project our 'who we are' through holographics? If you can make an interview on this, would be great –
Anu: Will do, how the Mind copied the physical into itself as pictures, which is the mind illusion physical, and why/how you don’t thus see/live/speak with the actual physical

Question: Any perspectives on how to walk process within less friction to those that I live with whom are against Oneness and Equality?
Anu: you have to stop, not try and win and be right and use process to get back at your parents/mother for how you believed they wronged you in your life, so - I suggest some forgiveness on family

Question: when one has walked a program and has released it - and then is confronted with the same situation again, and one does not react but still has bodily symptoms - what does this mean? Thanks
Anu: this means that you're walking the physical process/unconscious process of actually changing it in the physical, this will take time

Question: How can logic be used in a practical approach? Such as making sense out of things within this world form a logical perspective based on science within knowledge and information. What is the most practical way to 'release' being logical about everything in this world based on our awareness as beings in this world and reality?
Anu: You’ll find the answer to that question of logic and words, when you walk your process of redefining words, standing equal to and one with them, and in fact living them.

Question: are we able to communicate with substance, can it talk/respond back?
Anu: communication with substance, it's already communicating with you - the physical

Question: Before you converted (to equality and oneness), I was thinking if you start cooperating we could live in equality. However it appears now humanity is in a battle with your product (mind). Does it mean that Mind has taken over your role? And if mind (which is of energy) is a depleted form of the Substance, why is it competing or trying to take over its origin (Substance)? Or is it possible at all that energy takes over
Anu: Understand, each one is in a individual process in existence, so, whether I alone am equal and one, it won't change existence as a whole, cause each one as me manifested must walk their individual process of equality and oneness - so, each one is battling with their own mind that they created themselves, will in interviews show why and how each one is responsible for their own mind, created their own mind and will only get to existential equality and oneness, when each walk their individual process of equality and oneness

Question: what did you fear in being alone with yourself Anu?
Anu: what I feared being alone with...was myself, because I knew myself and just did not want to face what was going on inside me, what I knew I was doing inside me and especially....what I knew I did / have to do to others/existence in this process...simply, didn't want to face me in self forgiveness

Question: if/when we are all in/as substance will we just be? it is creation creating energy that got us in this situation we find ourselves right? Is being just hanging out or can there be creation as substance as oneness and equality?
Anu: lol - no, when you're substance/physicality THEN THE WORK BEGINS WOMAN - you've been on HOLY-days in the holy energy of the Mind, when you get into reality, shit hits the fan, cause we have to walk through the fucked up heaven and the hell as consequence it created as the physical to birth Life

Question: Anu was Fear there before separation which is why we separated to not be 'alone' anymore or was Fear generated by the act of separation? Like the chicken or the egg of Fear?
Anu: Read Heaven's Blog today - walks the conception of fear/origin thereof

Question: Anu, what would you say is the main point we as a group and in our own processes should focus on to get this done? Meaning, what is the most immediate point that requires direction, by us personally and together at the moment?
Answer: Patience and Discipline, consistency - the design of the system

Question: I am right now redefining sales and business - and started a business on raw food - but i realize that i am also exchanging money for food which is 'worldly' - is this the 'right' path to thread?
Anu: you have to survive, you're going to have to use the World System and live in the World-System, focus on yourself in the process and prepare yourself when we get to the point of changing the system

Question: and in the whole universe now, life is only here Anu? i mean like living beings walking around and plants and animals and oceans and stuff?
Anu: No - Life is not yet here, it will only be here when we birth ourselves as it

Question: : Anu, the systems of religion were designed because you wanted to be worshipped, right? Will that be one of the most difficult hurdles for us to overcome sicne so many millions 'believe' in a 'supreme being'?
Anu: lol; no - the religious systems were not designed to worship me within the context of me wanting to be worshipped, the intention of religions was to control beings' natures - the Atlanteans walked that today in their interview,explaining the creation of religions and why

Question: do we require energy to move at all?
Anu: Energy needs energy to move, self-movement is a realisation that stand in physical action of changing you into and as living words

Question: Anu, why do I have a resistance to asking you any questions?
Anu: Why you have resistance; resistance is always fear and the Ego use it to protect itself, so I'd investigate the backchat

Question: Anu, my dog loves looking and obsessing at the rats here in their cage are they able to communicate somehow?
Anu: no, she's just physically integrating them / observing them

Question: When a human being dies, is there some way we can remember who we were in this life, when we one day have a new body?
Anu: no, not at this stage - remembering your last life is useless, cause when you die - it's the end, you had the chance in that life; so when you rebirth, you start from scratch - no remembrance

Question: What is the root of annoyance, I become annoyed at people very easily, impatient as well...
Anu: Annoyance; when you've had backchat in your mind towards people where you have won and they have lost, and then you manifest annoyance towards them as your armor of protecting your 'i was right and you were wrong'

Question: so a question on this: "reacting" as we refer to it is then the mental/emotional aspect only, so when we stop that, still the physical reaction comes up and is experienced until it's not?
Anu: yes, you walk multi dimensions of reactions in the Mind - conscious, subconscious and unconscious - therefore, writing self forgiveness AND self corrective application until it exist no more

Question: Anu why did you torture women with PMS?
Anu: PMS will be walked in the what is sex interview series as well as the masturbation interview series in the role of males and females and how these roles manifested most of the physical pains you face today, and why women will stand in the forefront within the process of change within existence, and males will stand as the support

Question: why do some women have period pains and some do not, wouldn't that be the same program of pain running for all women equally ?
Anu: why some women have pain and others do not was due to the unified consciousness field that channelled consequences throughout humanity - this will be clarified in the sex and masturbation interviews

Question: at what point did you change yourself and critically start realizing and walking your process, I mean what hv you experienced so even you can start walking equality so should any elite or human on earth can
Anu: Realization comes in a moment when you stop fighting with yourself, make a decision and walk

Question: Anu, is every issue my kids are facing, health and getting 'along' in the system, something I am still to face and walk through myself directly and/or as-them?
Anu: no, every issue your children are facing is their process, not yours - you have to walk through whatever issues come up within you as you walk with them

Question: Who created substance?
Anu: who created substance, is the exact same question as who created us

Question: So who put sexual desire in us and why can't it be with the same person if we are supposed to stay with the same person?
Anu: The decision to be with one person is yours - not dependent on energy

Question: Anu - According to the Theory of Relativity, universe started from Singularity and will return to Singularity. Apparently this is what we want to achieve: first returning to the situation we had eons ago and then living in equality (singularity! All equal to substance!). And then what? Are we then expecting to find what Substance really is and possibly find a creator for it and its existence in separation to its creator
Anu: no, we won't return to one singularity, you have to return you as Mind/Energy to the physical, take responsibility for your singularity, show all singularities to take responsibility and from there, we manifest all singularities into and as equality and oneness and together birth life from the physical as here

End of Questions for the day

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Re: 1. Saturday 19th May 2012

Postby Tefnut Elbey » 19 Jun 2012, 16:53

Thanks for sharing. Although I started with #6, being that it is at top, I'm now going in numerical order and I'm starting to appreciate these interviews. At first, these talks with Anu, seemed 'not real' to me. As I'm continuing on with my reading of these talks with Anu, I'm finding myself more relaxed. In the present, trusting people isn't my strong point. Trusting myself is much easier and therefore, these talks are Very Cool. Thanks alot Desteni & Anu.

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Re: 1. Saturday 19th May 2012

Postby Tefnut Elbey » 19 Jun 2012, 17:02

Actually enjoying these talks. Thanks for sharing Desteni & Anu.

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Re: 1. Saturday 19th May 2012

Postby Leila » 20 Jun 2012, 06:50

Remember that it's not about "others" and "trusting others" but trusting yourself in your in your participation with other people -- where you trust yourself to make the correct decision in relation to other people -- and to not leave this point in the hands of other people where you expect them to make the correct decisions for you, as then you are setting yourself up for situations where you feel 'disappointed' -- but you in fact created this situation for yourself

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