3. Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

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3. Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

Postby Marlen » 23 May 2012, 23:12

Question: Perspective on Blame
Anu: Blame is definately awesome for Ego - with Blame you can manipulate reality and others - especially the weak, to make them believe they're wrong and you're right and it's actually the other way around...I really liked playing with blame to accumulate power and control; but the relationship obviously goes both ways - the weak believe themselves to be weak, and accept and allow to take things personally and carrying burdens and the strong will prey on that...like I did; now all the blame I transferred in existence CAME BACK like life punched me in the chest with the hardest hit I had ever experienved and had to face my responsibility from the beginning.Sooooooooooo blame will not save you or empower you, it will eventually actually disempower you to nothingness and from there have to stand up...reeaaalllllyyyyyyyyyy not worth it....trust me

Question: I did a lot of self forgiveness for my weight issue at last in Day 40...can you add anything as to the main reason why my physical body put on all the excess weight?
Anu: weight, you carry a lot of weight/burden in your mind about reality and this world, but not realising the slow, but sure process it's going to take to actually change what is here - thus, you're fighting for change in your mind with knowledge and information, instead of realising that we're not going to change the GREAT OUT THERE, until we really in fact walk it within ourselves first - so, stop carrying the weight of the world, first sort out your own mind

Question: I stopped making public videos out of fear that there are many people viewing my videos who are having negative thoughts feelings and emotions toward me, my name, and that is causes emotional/physical harm to my body and life. Is this a legitimate experience/concern?
Anu: If the videos are / would influence your income/profession – then, at this stage –we suggest walking in writing only, and/or sending writings to your DIP/SRA buddy; as we’ll only later be able to get into the walking of the World-System/Money Process, for the moment what is relevant is self preparing/changing self FIRST. If the videos are / would influence family-dynamics, u then do not yet walk video-interviews – as this is showing/illustrating that you'’re not yet ready / prepared to stand within who you are and what/how you live with family. Then stick to writing and/or sending the writings to your Buddy in DIP/SRA.
If it is simply internal mind-reactions only –with no particular consequence to family/profession, and you'’re just afraid of facing your Mind: then, obviously self-honesty is required here, and walking your process of doing interviews to face your Mind.

Question: Is getting pregnant and having a baby something that will happen for me in this lifetime?
Anu: Understand, you exist within yourself, your own Mind, in your physical-body. Whatever you accept and allow ‘who you are’ to be within every moment of breath, will accumulate into manifestation in and as the physical-body. So, the process is either having the Mind manifest consequence, or self birthing self as life from the physical. In this process, becoming pregnant or not– this is determined by self and self’'s own process. And is a question you ask/live yourself – not anyone/anything else.

Question: Do I have a learning disability?
Perspective from Bernard: Learning disabilities are a convenient excuse to not take responsibility for one’s life and decisions, and will normally have in its foundation methods of manipulation that was used since childhood. Learning is a matter of consistent structure in a sequential way that results in how one live and accept yourself to be. And is the foundation of self-responsibility and taking responsibility for life.

Question: How can I help my husband with his case?
Anu: With assisting and supporting anyone in process, one has to consider their process, and who and where they are in their processes, to not enforce obligation to change, the beings must make the decision to change. Thus, for the moment it’s to walk as a living example. What can also be taken into consideration with assisting/supporting another, is putting yourself in their shoes, and how you would walk a point / help yourself through a point if you were them, within their frames of reference/position within who they are in themselves and their process – and from here, can make some suggestions/considerations.

Question: Is my participation with Desteni and my process affecting A 's case in a way that changes its outcome?
Anu: This you have to assess for yourself in assessing practical reality actual outflows. If you are concerned that it may, then stick to writing and/or writings within the DIP/SRA course with your Buddy – because the process is initially first with SELF, then from this starting-point in strengthening self – one will eventually be prepared to stand with others, and in the world. Thus, the effect of videos/writings has to be assessed practically and in self-honesty, not in reaction/mind.

Question: When I walk a MC (Mind Construct,) do I always have to relive elements of the MC that I am walking and doing SF (Self Forgiveness) for in the physical?
Anu: No. Because you can in your writing and self-forgiveness in self-honesty determine whether you have really walked a point through within your Mind into clarity and realisation. And there will be moments in your world/reality where you may face similar events as what you walked in the MC, as you ‘test’ you whether you have walked your writing/self forgiveness and self corrective application effectively or not. Thus,it’s not about reliving events, it’s about walking in your world/reality and to be able to, whatever comes – remain stable with breath and assess reality in equality and oneness. This is what you’re walking – to be able to, no matter what happens in your world: you can direct yourself in it, in equality and oneness as what’s best for all.

Question: In 2006 I had an experience where I heard a clear Woman Voice like a human talk to me but no body was there - it was during my Skin-Disease Time with extreme itching - she said that I should love my body and this was a real great support because I understood that I should not generate a feeling of love within me but to take care on my body and so I stoped scratching my skin and started to caress me - where did this voice come from? was it a mind projection or was it a interdimensional being who supported me?
Anu: It was a mind-projection, you had already up until that time developed a vocabulary of love/caress/care and have accumulated past experiences/voices through media/television/talks etc. where women spoke about love/care/caress. So, you in your Mind had a problem with the skin as a negative-experience, and so your mind gave you the solution as the positive-experience, all of which was based on energy. Because you uploaded love/care/caressing as a ‘feminine presence’ in your mind, your mind voice spoke to you in a female sound. Will do interviews on how these things work, in how the mind can talk to you in different voices and why.

Question: Another experience I had which I cant yet explain for myself was ca. in 2008-2009. I was sitting with a friend and on 1 Time I experienced like slap and I moved right & left but my body was sitting straight. I saw just darkness - only when I crossed the middle I watched through my normal human eyes - how can I explain for myself this experience.
Anu: This is a Physical-Mind dimensional-shift, where the unconscious-mind shifts/moves in the body, which usually happen during sleep/meditation, where the unconscious mind would ‘reset’ itself in the body and shift in the centre of the human physical body to reposition its alignments in the entire physical. Thus, with your spiritual past – have trained the mind to reset in the physical while awake. Mostly, one won'’t experience this physically, but in the moment you were more in the physical than the mind, and so experienced what the unconscious-mind was doing to the body in its shifting of alignments and repositioning.

Question:One point more I want to ask is about like an abscess near my tailbone - sometimes white transparant fluid come - have some perspective on this?
Anu: The tailbone is THE POINT of self’s equal and one alignment in and with the physical, along with the chest. Thus, the tailbone signify physical-self stability, and the chest signify self stability. Thus, with the tailbone have an abscess, indicating the accumulating of energy, where you’ve had an energy relationship with your body, instead of an equal and one relationship with the physical as the physical. This is also one of the consequences of spirituality,where energy accumulate in the body, dependent on what relationship the being develop with themselves and their body through spirituality in energy. Thus, suggest considering walking writing, self forgiveness on any energy relationships or experiences you developed towards the body in your spirituality years, and still access today, where you go into a feeling towards the body, instead of simply the simplicity of walking with the body as breath. Then, also – to consult a doctor to assist and support the physical with the manifested consequence.

Question:What will happen to the energy that we stop feeding to the mind?
Anu: it returns to substance, remember - as you walk your Mind to the Physical, you at the same time stop creating energy, and change that point to physical living. This is the process, taking energy of the mind that's become thoughts/personalities/voices etc. and changing those separated energy parts of self into physical living, so eventually, you won't exist as energy in the physical, but only with and as the physical-body

Question: what is happening in the tantrum of a child?
Anu: will expand on that in interviews to come, did a recent on explaining the tantrum - the Future of Consequence

Question: Anu, what was this river of energy that I experienced burst out of my chest one night after smoking a doobie and refusing to give into anxiety?
Anu: have to assess in your subconscious-mind if you anticipated a spiritual experience/awakening/realisation, cause that moment was definately mind energy accumulation related

Question: Once I met a person, the moment we shake hands, I was in total darkness. What is it?
Anu: you shifted into the Mind/Physical-Mind dimensional shifts, also related to anticipation and expectation, where you have a fear of meeting people/interacting with people and the energy just completely take over and lock you out from reality for a moment

Question: (I've) been walking slowing myself down past few days, can you see if its effective or any pointers to do this more effectively?
Anu: if you spend more time actually just applying and walking and developing your trust in your doing and who you are in your doing, and spend less time WORRYING about who you are and how you're doing, you may just realise how much you're underestimating yourself...

Question: Do you have a suggestion/perspectives as to how to start over with writing and how to cross-reference whether it is effective while writing?
Anu: effectiveness of writing is in the moment of the writing and how you practically live/apply what you have written - if you can't practically live what you've written and see the change in the physical, then writing not effective/physical/practical

Question: So the real key within writing effectively is that I actually see how to practically change my living - not just writing words that sound nice - I mean that is obvious and yet now it is making sense - the writing is not just for others to see but to actually support myself to change
Anu: Yes - don't forget yourself....

Question:What was the pain I had yesterday on the left side of my stomach about?
Anu: suggest having a look at who you were with, what you were doing and/or what was the reaction, cause the pain indicate a suppression of a reaction and backchat

Question: When I was a child, I use to 'use' my mind through thinking to 'get what I wanted', for instance, repeated over and over in my head my name so that it would be 'called' for my to get something... was this part of my pre-programming? because when it would work - I that I had 'special powers' - or can you give perspectives of this?
Anu: this is just you as a kid becoming aware of the mind, and adding media influence of heroes to it

Question: Do hot flashes mean that you are burning substance? equally so, does global warming mean a consequence of burning substance?
Anu: No, hot flashes is a physical body design - though the physical's relationship to the mind accumulated the manifestation of hot flushes, which is moments of unconscious and subconscious quantum accumulation of anxiet/stress

Question: I had an experience with crystals about 10 years ago, a friend who was very emotionally sick came to visit me in Asia, we went to buy a crystal for her, they said it was a high 'frequency' crystal, she wore it on her neck and soon after she was sick, we lay on the floor she put her head on my knees and cried for a couple of hours, wailed. Then I said enough as I could not hold this 'space' anymore, the crystal was fuchsia when we started and when we finished it was BLACK, I put in it a glass with salt in the kitchen and 10 minutes later the kitchen was full of flies like in a horror movie, we went back to the crystal shop the next day and they told us that is called Transmutation olf Crystals, my friend left as well 2 black lines inside an ametyste I had put next to her bed - I stopped using crystals altogether, so what was that since it was all physical stuff?
Anu: the Atlanteans walked the relationship of crystals to the physical body, crystals was sound frequency equal to the sound frequency of the mind, thus back then, this relationship was still supported between crystals and the physical, but with the mind taking over the physical to such an extent - no crystal is going to heal a being/save a being from their nature and the consequence the mind create in the physical - the flies, the crystals sound left an odour the flies was attracted to (Further reference:Atlanteans - Purpose and Creation - Part 2)

Question: Anu in the beginning of my process when I in my room spoke lots of self-forgiveness and my body would resonate with my voice as well as the whole room would resonate together with my voice. And there was one morning when I was voicing myself aloud in my room and was expressing myself with words of oneness and equality, the water drops hanginng on the trees outside my room shined with rainbow-like colors - I tested again and it was not just a coincidence but did in accordance with my words when I was voicing myself. Was this just a mind experience and interpretation from my mind?
Anu: this is you becoming aware of your voice, with your voice for the first time, so the extent of the experience may seem overwhelming at first, but this is only because fo the separation from your voice and body - the rainbows in the water, simply physical-light reflections - nothing supernatural

Question: Anu - when I spoke with my resonances on the farm - they said i developed a 'double' resonance, as my MCS didn't intergrate completely with my physical - will this make my process more difficult? I suppose it's who I am and what I am willing to do while walking this process - yet any perspectives about this 'double resonance'?
Anu: nope, no effect no difference from any other beings' process we all have our problems and various dimensions to face - no being more special than another

Question: Often I want to ask a question but then I go 'I don't really need to ask this, I will figure it out on my own' because I realize that I tend to expect answers from another to not look at it for myself within myself - is this a mind-job of me sabotaging myself from asking questions as a point of ego or is it self-honesty?
Anu: yes, it's actually Ego, cause you're not going to be able to figure out everything by yourself, I DIDN'T - no-one will, each is in a various point in existence in process, and we all ask and share so we can learn from each other

BernardPoolman: Jesus did say -- ask and you will recieve --meaning that you will get an answer-- most have made this part of getting money and wealth instead of asking how reality actually functions. If you know, you do not need to ask --if you don not, best to ask, or you will never understand --because trying to figure it all out when you are the product of what you are trying to figure out, is impossible as the product do not coontain all that is relevant as the product do not need all that is relevant and functions in a reduced manner as it is simply a part of all and not all

Question: Once I woke up with a sting of some insect (I assumed) on my left nipple and now it is still visible although not inflamed anymore. Is this something related to my process? Thanks
Anu: self-nurturing in reality, got to take care of yourself in the World-System/LIFE IN THIS WORLD - there is no life in the mind...WHERE ARE YOU???????

Question: My friend Z died of a heart attact three days ago is there some thing for me to learn there? he was only 46
Anu: you don't know when your end is here, the mind tends to project life as though we'll always be here, when we won't - time is always against us in the physical, stop wasiting time in the infinity of the mind, when there are beings experiencing actual space time suffering int his world that is waiting....

Question: any perspective on a persistent pattern i experience - where i go into the point of 'this is what i deserve' and allowing mediocrity/compromise instead of sticking to principle/accumulation?
Anu: STOP THE VOICE and the experience will be GONE - PPPPPOOOOOOOFFFFFF like MAGIC!!! And then you can go on living

Question: Anu - I have a deep pain in my left shoulder that hurts when I lift my arm above my chest height. At night, when I sleep and put my arms over my head, I wake up and that right arm/shoulder is stuck. Any suggestions?
Anu: so - is it the right and left arm in different pains? The left deep and the right structural?
Reply: Anu - left was me thinking 'right'. The question was in regards to the right side exclusively.
Anu: relationship to Money throughout your life - tendency to 'hold onto money as energy' within yourself, believing that if you hold onto money in your mind, it will stay in reality - thus, investigate fear/anxiety/stress about money, instead of approoaching money mathematically and systematically, you inhereted this tendency with money from your father, so - also look into that relationship in relation to money

Question: I like watching tv-series on one computer while working on another - Is this decreasing my work/participation or is it simply that I am judging it as "bad"?
Anu: assess this for yourself / test this for yourself

Question: Can you tell me why I am so sensitive to sounds? it as if they are all alive to me all the time and I don't know how to deal with them .?
Anu: REALITY IS CALLING YOU, to live in the physical, breath by breath - looking OUT THERE for answers to life, when there right here as you

Question: Anu, do you enjoy yourself when you're not in the portal?
Anu: no, I don't enjoy myself - ENJOYING mySELF is like two separate things, I'm simply here - no matter where I am

Question:Anu, you talked about blame. Is there some manifestation of blame that I should watch out for specifically designed to "take out" "glitches in the system" or am I safe if I just do not actively provoke others? I mean, I know that I am fucked if I throw rocks at a hornets nest, but is there a hornets nest that will attack me regardless and thus should plain be avoided?
Anu: you have to give me context and be specific, cause one explanation may not apply to all situations, we're in a multi-imensional reality, thus - rather be specific to get a specific perspective, than be ambiguous and then the response may create more consequence that actual assistance/support
BernardPoolman1: you breathe and eat and live in this world and therefore is to blame for all that is in this world, throw the stones so the hornets can come and scare you to life

Question: I've been having pain in my bladder for several weeks on and off, stinging and cramp-like. I've drinking enough and did some sf on the relationship I'm in - is it fear-related? I can't place my finger on the issue completely, there was a word association: bad-lad that I did sf on, but it only helped for a short while
Anu: bladder - that's backchat/internal conversations - still going into your mind stressing/worrying/fearing and not stopping participation and rather writing about whatever is bothering you, the mind does not have solutions, only you in writing can direct the solutions, so - consider stopping participation in backchat more, and rather put it out on writing when confronted with decisions

Question: Any input about the effects/ consequences of radiation on earth -
Anu: if you knew the extent to which the consequences have already manifested in the physical - lol; you'd want to get out of here - but the physical is the new cockcroach it's adapted, obviously when radiation reach extreme levels, we'll be toast, sooooo let's get this done before we have to go there..

Question: I am currently working with beings that are 'active' in chanting and the LOA and I have had doubts of working with them, yet see the point of supporting myself financially - and as a group, we have the potential to do this. SO - any support for how to 'deal' with these beings I am working with.
Anu: breathe, get the money and walk your process, when/as opportunities arrive, can inject some commonsense - but don't deliberatey instigate anything just because of ego

Question: I have masturbated lately a couple of times without (consciously) accessing any pictures or going into a high energetic experience - there is still orgasm though - Which I find to be cool to assure myself that I am here touching myself, with myself and that I don't need anything/anyone else to satisfy me -- am I still accessing my mind too much in this or am I on the right track?
Anu: have to also consider in this, if you were equal and one in the physical, meaning what you experienced was yes - the first step, not being in the conscious mind, but now your process start with physical equality and oneness, experiening every breath, every touch, and every moemnt, aware of you in and as and with your body - so, cool first step

Question: what has created this experience of weakness in me, physically I don't feel weak, mentally yes it's there?
Anu: Self-judgment and comparison

Question: Will humans begin to realize anytime soon that they just can't seem to 'fall in love' the same as before?
Anu: people do already, they're just not self-honest about it at all - they know exactly what they're doing and how with 'love' but will defend/protect it as a possession

Question: I got herpes again after a long time, is this connected to my parents?
BernardPoolman: herpes = herpeace --GUILT
Anu: herpes, physical consequence of accepting and allowing sex to direct the physical as energy, instead of you expressing with the physical in equality and oneness, fascinating that everyone look for sex, not realising what they're looking for is their own equality and oneness with their own physical.......

Question:I've been having problems relaxing my shoulders. At times it feels like they are a little infected even. My father has the same thing. I identified it being about carrying extra weight as obligations. Any additional perspectives?
Anu: actually suppression of reactions and backchat, where you speak in your secret mind and hide in your dark mind; then the physical cannot stand straight and look life straight in the eyes

Question: Is there is a dark mind AND a secret mind?
Anu: secret mind is where you keep secrets, the dark mind is the secret mind - the secret mind is dark in the nature that it contains of our beingness as the mind

Question: Anu can you give perspective on allergies especially the ones that send one into an anaphylactic shock?
Anu: this is genetic generational designs passed on from parents to children over time, mainly manifested as fear in the physical that accumulate to such an extent over time, that whenever the being will face a moment of unconscious/subconscious fear will go into such a resistance to the moment/physical/person that the mind will take over and shift and move in the body to such an extent that the organs of the body malfunction and so can cause death

Question: I am looking at the point of how the chinese culture influences my design and preprogramming - any perspective on this?
Anu: how about you simply programme and be in the moment with programming, breathing and doing...is culture somehwre there while you breathe and do????

Question: Anu why do diffrent skin colurs exist?
Anu: deliberately designed it that way to ensure separation...based on COLOUR, man the mind is ridiculous, when the evidence show there's physical equality and oneness in design, the mind goes into massive separation just on color...WTF

Question: I noticed I got a clod on my dick some weeks ago? don´t know what it is
Anu: suggest then having it checked out, and time to really reconsider your relationship to sex...

Question: In 2005 I had a quite intese Drug experiance with two friends where it seemed that the wind blow away reality and when I came back all was filled with a thick substance like the air was of sweet thick water and it felt extremly well - like heaven on earth - was there any "real" point in it or just a energetic experiance to forgive?
Anu: energetic experience, anything that is MORE than just breath here - is MIND

Question: any words about the language of sanskrit ? why is it still a mystery and admired too.
Anu: just because it is a mystery

- End of questions for this session -

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Re: 3. Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

Postby kim amourette » 24 May 2012, 00:30

Awesome Marlen, thanx!

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Re: 3. Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

Postby Michelle » 24 May 2012, 02:16

THANK YOU for posting this!

Also -- this really stood out for me:
Question: (I've) been walking slowing myself down past few days, can you see if its effective or any pointers to do this more effectively?
Anu: if you spend more time actually just applying and walking and developing your trust in your doing and who you are in your doing, and spend less time WORRYING about who you are and how you're doing, you may just realise how much you're underestimating yourself...
Thanks Anu...time to STOP worrying about how I'm doing in process and just WALK it by applying myself.

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Re: 3. Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

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Thanks for sharing, Desteni & Anu.

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