4. June 3rd, 2012 - Chat with Veno

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4. June 3rd, 2012 - Chat with Veno

Postby Marlen » 04 Jun 2012, 20:29

3 june 2012

Question: I've got a very sore left heel/heel tendon as well as the left side of the left hand up through the pinky and wrist are sore - any perspective on this?
Veno: left heel tendon - desires, left side left hand - desires you want to serve at the side, and pinky and wrist your perception/belief that you deserve/have a right to such desires/wants/needs, sooooooo - have to look at making sure that all your decisions are clear within the self honesty of what will be best for all, and that there will be no wants, needs and desires that will interfere with decisions that will have to be made in the future, process comes first - also make sure no postponement, desires will hold you back to not give your ALL, and then they're going to come and bite you in the ASS/HEEL hold you back from an absolute transcendence

Question: Veno, why do big acne-like pimples manifest on the chest? or anywhere else for that matter?
Veno: loooooooooooootttttttttttssssssssssssssssss of pent-up anger, in the unconscious and subconscious - volcanoes that erupts painfully

Question: Any suggestion for sudden pain in right side when I was writing a specific point within my blog about fear?
Veno: a memory came up in that moment in relation to the fear that you didn't consider looking at that was the origin/source/cause of the fear, and also with dealing with fear, and didn't understand the pattern that created it in its totality

Question: I'm sick Veno. wtf. Major Chest Flu.
Veno: in your process - not yet entirely self honest in your writings etc, still writing what will make you look good or okay, while the deep shit is seated/hiding in your secret mind

Question: I'm getting a burning rash, hives, from playing with the rats - what's up with that?
Veno: just a physical reaction within the context of how the physical relationships interact with chemicals etc. - also consider that there is no rats nesting in your own mind, backchatting - which would make you react to the actual rats as your mirror

Question: Can I have some perspective on feeling often dizzy when I stand up from for example sitting.
Veno: check your blood pressure - related to low iron content

Question:I have just noticed a slight muscle twitch in my right eye lid, what does that mean?
Veno: have a look at what you read - was a emotional/feeling reaction from memory

Question: I have pain in my left hip bone circling around to my back can you tell be about that?
Veno: left hip bone -still stiff/rigid within/during sex - loooonnggg time since that part flowed/expressed properly during sex, thus - what stands in the way there tend to be judgments/self judgments during sex

Question: Veno can you tell us from your perspective how we are doing in process as a group how do the dimensional beings see us?
Veno: all of that is walked in the interviews, what we see, how we see and the solutions - especially the LifeReview interviews - AWESOME practical stuff that will make process much easier for you

Question: I have been having very high pitched noise in my head for a while now.. any perspectives on this?
Veno: that comes as an accumulation from listening to music/videos etc, where you weren't here breathing / paying attention with your physical body, and let the sounds move through the body in equality and oneness - even within the amount of videos/music you listen to, this can manifest as an accumulation

Question: I'm wondering, in interaction with Love & Light people is it okay to kind of act like I'm 'respecting' and 'accepting' their views - in order to be able to communicate common sense with them?
Veno: suggest apply the principle of 'empathy' - meaning, where you see through their eyes, but show them commonsense

Question:I have a sense of a shiver inside like a steady trembling, it seems to calm down with Emergency the flower essence but has not resolved yet, any perspective on it Veno please?
Veno: survival and fear - related to money, suggest moving to settle yourself in the system as soon as possible and not postpone

Question:I have the issue of keratinization of my skin on the bottom of my fourth finger and my pinky of my right hand which extends partly into the palm around that area. What does that indicate specifically? I remove the dead/hard keratinizaied skin with nail clippers periodically but the skin would also keratinize periodically.
Veno: cultural unconscious generational designs, related to the male's 'hardened heart/self' - where you have to stand as strength/not show what you really experience within yourself, so - got to soften you up a bit, and stand with the strength of living, that is not based on emotion/mind

Question:The soles of my feet have fungus, callus and it hurts when I walk - do you have perspectives on this?
Veno: that's because you're not living the talk, walking the talk - keep on cycling into the addictive old patterns, got to evaluate your commit statements, and make them simple, direct and practical to take yourself into the step of actually applying them practically in your world

Question: my left ear was 'stuffed' and now it is still a little sore
Veno: people in your world you are resisting to hear/listen to - have a tendency to isolate yourself to not expose you to people cause you fear facing them and having to speak and confront yourself

Question: after ovulation every month my stool is getting more difficult for some days, more cramping and constipation during hormone-changing. How to support myself in this?
Veno: it's accumulated memories and judgments and of that particular female construct, support the body with eating rough foods and water and if necessary something to release the stool

Question: I have red rashes the eyes, where the skin is thin and red - so i suspected that i had to do with crying in in hatred/anger, or suppressing the tears that i "should have cried". Am i on the right track here?
Veno: no, it has to do with seeing - a blindness with not seeing past experiences, especially in relation to relationships - so, got to start walking some past relationships

Question:sometimes I get this pain in my toes, left foot, specifically the second toe next to the big toe - do you know what it is?
Veno: the toes your relationship with yourself in the actual practical walking of your process, where you tend to judge your process/practical walking/change instead of either asking for cross-referencing or writing out/forgiving the judgments to establish self-trust

Question:tonight I had a headache in the back of the head, right side, it felt like a string or line that moved into my head
Veno: the head ache - got to consider what thoughts you've had over a 3 week period in relation to survival and relationships, that you've been thinking about instead of directing through writing
Reply: yes I am thinking a lot about survival within a very particular relationship - my marriage, thanks veno

Question:can you explain exactly what it means to have a cold sore on the left side of your mouth?
Veno: cold sore on the left side of the mouth - kissing in the head too much...

Question:I have fungus between my toes, what is this?
Veno: your tendency of not caring for yourself in your relationships with others, have to start developing relationships with others, chatting ever once in a while about process etc.Just general talk, hey how are, what's up, how's it going - like, relaxed, general friendship chats'

Question: my left knee cap will sometimes feel as if there something in it - like a rock almost, or sand-corns – what is this?
Veno: that's pressure build up, tendency to guard what you experience inside yourself - male ego stuff

Question:I have white stuff in my mouth, lol, candida I guess it's called, it comes to the surface only after I brush my teeth, anything mind-related to it?
Veno: also sexual related - the mouth goes into a 'missing' of kissing/sexuality due to the mind creating fantasies, and then fantasies is played out in the mind, creating a physical expressed deficiency in the body, so - consider masturbation in physical equality and oneness

Question: when I breathe I have this little kind of "crunch" in the back of my head like when breathing there is something going down and doing this crunch in the back of my head, and then my neck feels very tense, why is that?
Veno: this is back/neck alignments, I suggest that when/as you're able to - to see a chiropractor to align your back for you, if you're not able to at this time - assist and support the body to walk straighter, to align the body / skeleton more'

Question:what's an interesting secret you are able to share with us that you've recently realized?
Veno: no interesting secrets, what come through the interviews and the writings is what is here as us as we walk

Question: Left hand side of my lower back in pain - what is it? Thanks
Veno: left back - not supporting yourself in what you know you're supposed to do with your life, but giving the mind authority instead of you in fact LIVING and DOING in giving yourself direction

Question:a participant's child (around 5 years old) have fevers frequently symptom of coughs etc. Can you give some perspectives on that and how to support the child more effectively?
Veno: suggest with children to seek medical support, because their bodies are very sensitive, and will become increasingly difficult for kids to physically be healthy in this world with the extent of pollution/environmental degradation - thus, assist and support the body as much as possible

Question: I am just generally sick a lot how can I stop this? is there any specific self-forgiveness I can do?
Veno: becoming sick a lot is due to postponements, waiting, not making a decision of who you are and what you're going to do with your life and actually do it

Question:Whenever I masturbate I would have serious virus/STD like red dots on my fingers. Does it mean I have to totally stop for 3 years No MATTER WHAT!? Thank you
Veno: suggest with masturbation, learn how to masturbate without pictures, go 21 days without masturbating to cleanse the body, and then apply masturbation with physical equality and oneness that's going to walked in the masturbation series in interviews to come from this week
Reply: should/Can I learn how to masturbate without pictures? Should I buy the masturbation series? Agreement course? Hang on there no masturbation for 3 years?? I don't know what it's like without orgasm(maybe keep experiencing with the physical body together) is like but I'd very much like to use masturbation to haste my process.
Veno: in the masturbation videos on eqafe we have stimulating pictures that will assist you to greater understanding of yourself in the world of masturbation and you may even be able to become intimate with your hand

Question: I haven't had my menstrual period in over a year, could you give me perspective on this?
Veno: how's your diet/physical condition/relationship been - any changes?
Reply: I've been accessing points of depression and stress, within this I'm not doing anything for myself to support myself. Would this influence my periods?
BernardPoolman1: backchat into a deep depressive state will cause physical consequence --the question is whether it is worth your while to give external factors control over your inner world?
Sometimes the challenges we have when it all looks bleak are preparing us for more responsibility later--take on all points always as an opportunity for you to reach your full potential --I had to face this for many years and if my life worked sooner, I would not have been where I am now

Question: I have two white stains (these typical spots that appear on nails) on the toenail of my middle toe of the right foot - any feedback on this?
Veno: white spots - iron / magnesium deficiency - also middle toes, indicate sexuality, so have a tendency to be too mechanical/physical during sex, instead of really experiencing the physical with touch

Question:what about skin eczema between my elbow joint?
Veno: skin eczema irritation - elbow, direction - you tend to feel stuck in your life, waiting for movement to happen instead of realizing the extent of work that needs to be done to in fact move in reality

Question: I have lost my sense of smell and taste, comes and goes for almost 3 years now, any perspective on how to support myself with this point?
Veno: smell, walk your process of aligning your equality and oneness with the physical

Question: after you gave perspective on the left heel/left wrist - i went to the kitchen for coffee and started thinking about the desires that I still have and what are the points that I am postponing on - then my right heel started to hurt as well - what does this indicate?
Veno: the right side also manifesting, indicating that it's the point, and with you looking at taking the first step to assist and support yourself through it

Question: I have been experiencing increased tiredness lately which I normally do not and then followed by sleep
Veno: Increased tiredness - due to resistance of reality, really resisting actually in fact changing you in practical application walking

Question:I decided to abstain from masturbation for some months due to the extent of suppression and self-judgment related with it, every time I'd masturbate? Should I not stop for some months?
Veno: intense fear/anxiety and self-judgment - relationship to the women Aldin, that you built up a fear to - and relationship to people in general, massive self-judgment

Question:I have another question – how to practically support myself to WAKE UP in the mornings?
Veno: to breathe and WAKE UP, to actually in fact DO IT

Question: what about a "heavy" feeling around the ankles and feet?
Veno: heaving feeling is burdens - past burdens, got to look at the backchat more specifically in where you judge you in the past, that you haven't let go of yet'

Question: I often experience a pain in my left wing point when I study, little bit under arm pit towards the center of my back. Any perspectives on this?
Veno: left side of the back - that's where the information and your experience to the information process into, so, suggest sit more comfortably in your environment, really move through the information slowly and make sure that you're HERE and comprehending what you're reading

Question: I have this point with difficult to wake up again - since about 5 months. It used to be very easy for me to wake up after 6 hours of sleep now it takes me a while to wake up although I try to stay with the 6 hours - It seems like I am going backwards because it wasn't a problem before. Do you have any perspectives on that?
Veno: the waking up also due to not directing yourself and your life as effectively as you're able to, but postponing and waiting...relationships tend to do that to women, where women's desire is fulfilled in relationship, everything else goes to shit, so make sure you've got your head on your shoulders and a direction for your life and your future and not give up on you just because you’re in a relationship

Question: I have been experiencing sleeping time displacements/disorders where I would sleep late in the morning woke up at noon or even in the afternoon. It is like I am living according to another time zone and it is hard to adjust back to more supportive effective sleeping schedule. Can you give some perspetives on this and how to assist and support myself to correct it?
Veno: if your sleeping schedule is according to your work pattern and does not disrupt any responsibilities, and can work within/around it then it's cool - but if it is affecting your responsibilities, then make a decision, apply and walk it

Question: I feel like my heart goes slower sometimes, or more like I am more aware of it and it's like it could stop any moment sometimes - could it be because of drinking too much coffee?
Veno: the heart, no - it's got to do with fear of death/fearing the worst, like you're always expecting things to go wrong...got to have a look at where you got this anxiety from and let go

Question: can you give further perspective on this orgasmic feeling upon waking up, so that I go back to sleep -- I wrote SF on it yesterday
Veno: it's when you're holding back during sex and not really penetrating deeply and screaming like a women that's been touched by the heavens in all of her cells

Question: 2 teeth on back upper left side of my mouth are pretty much going rotten and will likely have to get them removed at some point - any perspective?
Veno: childhood blueprints - have still got to walk your childhood and realize the extent to which family shaped your personalities, would be good to have them physically removed to let the past physically go, and then also of course mentally to not recreate it all again - as long as you have a mind, your parents are still with you, read the heaven's journey blogs, the detail of how the parents still exist in you is walked there

Question: What does loss of (sense) of smell represent?
Veno: sense of smell, due to the extent of our separation from the physical body, lol - the more you move in the body, the more you will become aware of SMELL

Question: I experience a burning sensation in my vagina before my menstruation. Any perspective?
Veno: hell of the women that will engulf the male with the flames of fury for desire instead of equal and one physical consideration of expression, not realizing the compromise you put yourself in and another, so - the body will stop you if you don't stop yourself, time to take responsibility for desires rather than walking the consequence of the physical

Question: does tightening of my jaw/difficult to open my mouth wide also have to do with the hardening heart/self design?
Veno: yes, has to do with courage, where courage was in relation to male stamina instead of actual living

BernardPoolman1: so == no money --investigate your addictions --when money is just a tool --you will accumulate and have money and be able to get a job as any job is just a tool --to get money which is a tool --till we have tools for every one equally[/b]
Reply: so are you saying that if we don't see money as 'just' a tool than we are dealing with an addiction?
BernardPoolman1: an addiction is a energetic charge either negative or positive--either way it will place you in a state of mind that will be incompatible with what is best for all
Veno: Same with the Mind, if you don't see the mind as the tool to read to walk your equality and oneness and have a energetic relationship to it: you're addicted

Question: I grind my teeth at night since I was child, I would like to stop because it is causing problems - anything I can do? I have heard some people have stopped, is it possible?
Veno: yes, it's possible - has to do with intense anxiety due to self judgment and comparison, creating fear of not performing for society/others, thus living through the eyes of others to please or be superior

Question: have you some perspective on congestive paranasal sinuses?
Veno: lots of suppressed emotions and feelings over time

Question: on the 'cracking' of the body/joints - what is it exactly? And does going to a chiropractor assist me with this?
Veno: consequence over time, as the mind sucks the physical - suggest consider a diet that assist and support with the myelination of the bones

Question: do you have anything to share about enzymes?
Veno: enzymes in existence fulfill their practical purpose and position within who they are, the Soul of Money interviews give a cool perspective in how to view the body and its relationships and this physical existence and its relationships

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Re: 4. June 3rd, 2012 - Chat with Veno

Postby Garbrielle » 05 Jun 2012, 04:22

cool support through many different perspectives, q and a's are the shiznat, thanks all involved, and Marlen for posting : )

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Re: 4. June 3rd, 2012 - Chat with Veno

Postby Leila » 05 Jun 2012, 11:58

Thanks for compiling this Marlen

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Re: 4. June 3rd, 2012 - Chat with Veno

Postby Tefnut Elbey » 19 Jun 2012, 18:02

Again, thanks for sharing.

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Re: 4. June 3rd, 2012 - Chat with Veno

Postby terhas » 14 Jan 2014, 08:36

awesome! i agree garb, q and a's are definitely the shiznat! thanks for posting these marlen.

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