5. June 9 Chat with Anu

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5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby kim amourette » 09 Jun 2012, 23:27

Question: Hi Anu i have noticed that they way you talk by this i mean the flow is slowing down, why is this or is it only my imagination....?? loll
Anu: Depends on the dimensions of the points I speak - the deeper the points are imbedded within your unconscious/physical mind that you weren't able to see/hear, the slower I speak/the deeper I speak or the louder I speak - when I speak normal, (whatever that means) - the points are already quite here in your awareness, just hadn't grasped it yet

Question: are the words that you are using being specific and were they purified by you Anu so that we hear the living words that you speak and the resonance of that?
Anu: The words I use is with and as the Portal in the Physical in equality and oneness with and as existence, so - whatever points I speak is automatically here within and as the portal as what requires to be spoken, I cross-rference my words with the portal - lol; found in the beginning of the interviews I still had a sound resonance to CONTROL...which I physically experience as we walk the words, then I direct myself - purify me as the words and align me into equality and oneness

Question: Anu, I have a pain in my right chest more towards the armpit which goes up through to the right trapezius and into my lower neck on the right and back through to my right should blade in back. It is like a dull pain but in those specific points - If I sit still without breathing it is not present but i feel it when I breathe in. any perspective
Anu: Have to look at sexuality - especialy how you grab/hold K, still approaching it from male dominance - which is interestingly a masculine point you inherited from your father, so instead of you actuall enjoying touch which you labelled as female/feminine, you try and 'hard rock' sex in the body, which is causing constricting in your practical living in this world

Question: Anu do you recommend re-listening the same interview a couple of times before moving on the next one. That is what I have been doing but therefore I progress through the interviews very slowly
Anu:I would push myself to be here with each interview and in fact hear - to hear it once, integrate and it's done, integration would assist/support with writing about whatever points you realised within the interview - re-listening over and over within the same time-frame won't help with faster integration, cause you'll only hear what is here as you at the moment, so - listne once, then maybe a month/two later listen again, otherwise you postpone oyur own process with re-listening the interview in the same time-frame

Question: Anu any perspective on protein powder -in blender with fresh fruit- for meal replacement for weight loss, I have gained about 15 pounds in last few years, never had weight gain before
Anu: Weight gain is within the context of you within your process, an accumulation of energies stored in the body, unsorted/undirected suppressed emotions/feelings/memories and reactions - to assist/support the body naturally in terms of weight - firstly walk the suppressions of reactions of memories and people that often come up in your backchat unchecked, within the nature of 'they did wrong to you, and therefore you are right to blame them' - then, with regards to physical support - meal replacements will create a dependency on the physical and imbalance, I'd suggest consider a natural diet, including more clean foods as vegetable, carbohydrates, clearn meat etc. - eating five small portions of food a day - less oil/sweets/fried food etc.

Question: Hi ANU, what is your view on lifting weights/physical exercise to increase strength/building muscles?
Anu: If you're doing it simply to assist/support physical development - cool; if you're doing it to attract women...you may just end up in quite a surfaced relationship

Question: should feelings & energies should be the point that needs to be fixed or it's words that is a point of focus and what purpose was feelings / energies were created to be influenced by words and to what extend can this be fixed
Anu: We'll walk this in the Atlantean series in relation to words and energies - energies and words was already existent in the beginning, together, we used energy to communicate instead of equality and oneness - the atlanteans series have walked the beginning of the word as energy in their interviews

Question: ANU - I have a sharp shooting pain in my left shoulder and neck area - it started last night, and quite strong today, it is very sharp and painful. ouch.
Anu: Regarding the shoulder - suggest having a look at what reactions you were dealing with yesterday regarding emotions/feelings that you hadn't effectively directed/looked at - but went into backchat that layered/manifested within you

Question: ANU any perspective on a dream I had - I rarely recall my dreams so this one was quite vivid - my toenails on my big toes came off and I saw the new ones growing
Anu: So - made a decision in terms of who you are and what you're going to do with your life yet?

Question: ANU - I have your name in my name lol mANUela - is there any perspectives on that?
Anu: Regarding my name in your name, there are many placements of words in limited sequences - thus, nothing special

Question: Anu, i was wondering how it is you couldn do anything to the portal when it opened, because you could have sent it back to substance as i understand you had the ability to do so, so why did you not do it, or maybe you wanted this to end somehow....???
Anu: No - I couldn't send the body back to substance, as I walked in the interviews - I was separate from the physical at that stage I did not have any power/authority inthe physical, I was just good at making beings believe I had

Question: ANU I have this tendency of following orders. How can I be more effective in looking at other solutions / alternatives that may be better than the instructions/rules I get from people/society?
Anu: Regarding orders - I wouldn't say it's about following, more about wanting to please - so I suggest when someone ask you to do something, just breathe - consider the importance/relevance of the task and your time and how doing it/not doing it would affect you and the other and then make a decision

Question: what if the illusionary feelings/energies are removed when the word 'love' is heard, wouldn't this be pratical?
Anu: The question on love - the process is to purify the word for you and make it practical in how you would live it for you in equality and oneness with the physical, to get the energies from the words and memories of the words out in you, eventually we'll have a life dictionary - the practical living of equality and onenes, where we live the same words in our expression with the physical

Question: Anu I have had a war dreams lately i normaly do not dream much any prespective on this?
Anu: War dreams - you've been doing much research in the state of the world, and much in the news is talking about WW3 so, an unconscious remembrance of the point manifested within you - suggest also looking then at any reactions to WW3 and forgive

Question: Anu, since i grow my hair again i have some itching on my skull and i tend to relate it ot scall on my head and i relate it to selfhatred - any suggestion for selfforgiveness?
Anu: The itchiness on the skull - I would rather suggest considering any judgments towards your hair and the hair of oithers coming up within you, and why/how you hold certain definitions to hair how to wear it what it must look like etc.

Question: "which is causing constricting in your practical living in this world' - so that would imply that supporting myself to let go of the male dominance point within sex will assist in my process of expanding my participation in my practical living
Anu: Yes, suggest listening to the sex support videos on EQAFE and sunette's youtube account, all is there to engage in sex in equality and oneness and also invest in the what is sex and masturbation series - they're now walking sex and masturbation practicality in equality and oneness

Question: ANU: do you have a suggestion as to how to change one's perspective/outlook from "self/me" to "best for all" meaning in one's daily participation?
Anu: Will do that question in an interview regarding self/me to best for all

Question: Anu - I often get really sleepy and heavy in my head as a major resistance whenever I am doing self-forgiveness or sometimes at work - any perspective on this or this is just 'normal' resistance that just requires me to push through?
Anu: I did an interview on Resistance, can't recall the exact one where I explain in detail the process of walking through resistance, suggest having a listen to it (the Respective Interview: Reptilians - Guidelines through the Maze of the World-System - Part 20

Question: Anu, May I ask why always want/thoughts to cut myself or roll my fingers under my car? My legs crushed under a passing by train, Is it fear of pain? Desire for more energy experience? I have done quite some SF on these and these are the thoughts. These and hentai animations composed most of my thoughts. oh and backchats too. Thank you
Anu: it's imprinted entertainment from media/television where you had particular reactions towards, with your nature having a tendency to derive 'pleasure from pain' - so, here have to investgate your sexual/masturbation fantasies in how they play out in the relationship between pleasure and pain and where you created this relationship within you from, which would manifest thus such thoughts in your mind

Question: Hey Anu, I have this pain in the bone tail -- it's not in the bones, but in the flesh, in the body - and when I sit I feel uncomfortable - it is related to lack of direction? thanks
Anu: The pain in the back has to do with your starting-point, not yet fully committed to really walking/having made the decision absolutely to walk - still wants, needs and desires you want to hold on to and not give up for fear of losing them, thus - the mind's possessions still controlling your decision to in fact change

Question: anu - interestingly there is a being called Manu, who is apparently the father of mankind as per hindu teachings. are they refferring to you ?
Anu: All religions have a reference to me, we pre-programmed them, others flowed from the pre-programming - though, suggest reading the heaven's journey blogs, the existence of god layed out there well

Question: ANU - I have a similar falling asleep point at work, where I become heavy as I sit and work at my desk in the afternoon/after lunch - and if I close my eyes I am allmost gone - any perspective ?
Anu: Resistance to working, constancy, discipline and seeing a point through - mind still entertains you with all others seemingly important things instead of being here with where you are and what you do, so it happens where you create two worlds in your mind - one boring and one excting

Question: ANU: I woke up this morning and there was a bat flying around in my bedroom. I had quite an energetic experience of fear. Was that just a random thing that happened?
Anu: Lol bats are creatures of the night, so - be the bat that see in the darkness of you with courage and not fear

Question: ANU do we all need to purify all the words or are there specific words for each individual as you mentioned that you can see what a being's life is by the words he uses?
Anu: Initially you purify the words you use in your vocabulary - then, to the words that you can live and eventually you'll be able to in a quantum physical moment stand as the purifcation of words, because you are the very purification, but this only happen - laaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr when you've walked physical equality and oneness and are the living proof of not existing as the mind

Question: ANU I have been having dreams where I am very irritated, arguing with people and this last one J was hiding drugs from me. Any perspectives?
Anu: Regarding dreams - you're not yet self honest in your relationship with yourself and your partner, compromising much in energy and acceptance and allowance and submission, not realising the extent to which one must go/will have to go to implement equality and oneness, still holding on fear of loss...

Question: ANU my backchat often not reveals itself in words especially during work or when there is more external input/distraction. Any suggestions on how to become more effective within identifying backchat in daily life within this point
Anu: Backchat dimensions we'll walk in interviews, quite extensive - for the moment, practise breathing, participating in physical reality, when it does come up, don't continue participating in it, stop it

Question: ANU: Question from someone in spanish: what is epilepsy related to? is there any way to support the body with it other than meds?
Anu: Epilepsy we'll do in interviews/writing, too extensive to walk in a one sentence response

Question: ANU: Do you have a perspective as to why I face much back-chat while working my work is to clean a daycare-center it's interesting because it's much more intense when I do this specific action
Anu: Backchat more intense while working because it's a simple here practical action - which indicate you're far too much still in your mind during ever day of living, and cannot even do a simple practical act while breathing, so - have ot become more consistent with breathing and stopping mind participation during all your days

Question: ANU - we have a 10month old that lives with us here at the house... any suggestions/perspectives how I can practically support with her development? Actually - she is supporting me more the I her, lol. supporting me to see her as my equal, not just from a mental understanding, but a practical physical seeing/realizing
Anu: The baby - suggest practising breathing and not interact with it within any reactions, only stability and breath and physical practicality

Question: ANU i am feeling sometimes like coming apart at all the seams as I work with all the points and don't recognize myself when I speak...is this a healthy part of the process?
Anu: The coming out of the seems - more in relation to fear, cause your writing and living is not equal and one you will experience this, thus - too much writing, not enough actual practical physical behavioural change

Question: Anu - were you ever physical being, i mean walking on earth etc ?
Anu: No I was never a physical being walking on earth - NEVER....expect for now...in a different way

Question: ANU: I have a really sore throat- can hardly talk- any perspectives?
Anu: Sore throat - much suppressions, not speaking in the moment or speaking up for yourself

Question: ANU - a couple days ago while driving - I had this experience of 'fallen' within myself, where it literally felt like my whole care dropped, like the tires lost all the air or something. It was strange, as I felt also coming out of it like I was 'gone' and now I was here.
Anu: That's a physical-mind dimensional shift, so suggest havng a look at what you were thinking about that shifted your mind in the physical to the extent it did - that elevated your energy in the mind and then when you stopped, the energy drop felt like it did

Question: ANU: I experience much frustration towards not being able to purchase/keep up with all the Eqafe interviews. I am walking the point of placing myself in a position to be able to, but until that, do you have a suggestion as to how to support myself through this?
Anu: With regards to money and interviews, invest when/as you can while walking your process - breathe, and remain standing in the commitment to you and stabilizing yourself in this world

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby Maite » 10 Jun 2012, 09:54

Very cool Perspectives - thanks Anu and Kim for placing the information.

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby Tefnut Elbey » 19 Jun 2012, 18:27

Wow. Afterall is said and done, these talks are so helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Equal Money for All
Equal Housing for All
Equal Everything for Everyone
Equality Equality Equality!!!

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby alton00 » 08 Oct 2012, 07:54

I experience much frustration towards not being able to purchase/keep up with all the Eqafe interviews. I am walking the point of placing myself in a position to be able to, but until that, do you have a suggestion as to how to support myself through this?


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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby kim amourette » 08 Oct 2012, 21:48

I experience much frustration towards not being able to purchase/keep up with all the Eqafe interviews. I am walking the point of placing myself in a position to be able to, but until that, do you have a suggestion as to how to support myself through this?
Hey Alton,

my perspective is that the main tools and support is already shared here on the forum for free, and in terms of purchasing the products, you do what you are able to. I will also let Maya know to put you on the gifting list so you may once in a while receive a product as a gift from someone.

Cheers, Kim

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby Maya » 08 Oct 2012, 21:56

I experience much frustration towards not being able to purchase/keep up with all the Eqafe interviews. I am walking the point of placing myself in a position to be able to, but until that, do you have a suggestion as to how to support myself through this?
Hey Alton,

my perspective is that the main tools and support is already shared here on the forum for free, and in terms of purchasing the products, you do what you are able to. I will also let Maya know to put you on the gifting list so you may once in a while receive a product as a gift from someone.

Cheers, Kim
Got your message Kim. however, note - within the principle of give as you'd like to receive - the people that are receiving gifts on EQAFE from Destonians are those who Give to themselves support as they would like to receive. We are always supporting those who support themselves so it would be cool if you first share about yourself, how did you hear about Desteni etc. suggest to introduce yourself properly in the 'introduce yourself' thread.

and ! You can share your writings on the Writing Yourself to Freedom forum and/or Self-Forgiveness for more specific questions/ points with regards to your application of it.

Please check out the Forum Guidelines to ensure you are aware of how the forum works/ what the forum is for.

Welcome to the Forum.

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby Marlen » 08 Oct 2012, 22:07

Hey Alton,

besides what has been suggested by Maya, I suggest considering first how regardless of being able to purchase at Eqafe, the material that is and has been freely available here is the basics in order to get yourself started with your own process. Thus, I suggest ensuring that you are in fact applying the basics such as writing, applying self forgiveness and reading everyone's blogs/ writings as a point of support, which is how the basic foundation to walk process is 'here' and for all.
Eqafe represents a specialized/ in detail understanding of reality and our direct participation and consequence within it, however it does not 'define' our ability to walk process or not.

Cool that you're working to get yourself into a position to be able to buy there, however for now and in the meantime, I suggest focusing on introducing yourself, sharing your writings as has been suggested. Thanks.

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby Anna » 08 Oct 2012, 22:17

Hi Alton.

Cool support given here.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, a point of support I can share is that I've also experienced frustration in 'not being able to keep up' with the Eqafe interviews - through which I realized that I was going into a point of blame. So another point that I suggest you investigate is the experience of frustration and what ideas/beliefs/fears and points of self-interest are behind that experience. It could be fear of missing out, an expectation to keep up because of an idea about self for the interviews. What I've realized for myself is that there is most likely going to be so many interviews that even if I could buy all of them, I might not be practically able to listen to them all. So now I've used the point to push myself to stand effectively in the system financially speaking and then let go of the frustration towards 'not keeping up' in simply participating however much I am possibly able to - this also within realizing that the interviews are not only there for me personally, meaning to see the point and purpose of EQAFE in a bigger picture than one's personal experience, for which for example it is cool that there's as many interviews as possible and that it is not required that every single person listens to all of them - because the message remains the same throughout and each interview is simply a dimension of the same message that is in fact equally available for all.

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby barbara » 09 Oct 2012, 09:50

Interesting insights on eqafe and buying the interviews, Anna.

In fact, as you've stated, the keeping up with the listening is an actual point with me, as I've found that those I haven't been able to listen to are accumulating. And then, also, with some series I'm even considering to start from the beginning again, because the time lapse between listening to them has been too long and I need to refresh the context and some of the foundation. I've decided to write down my insights from the interviews, as Anu has suggested, as a ready reference.

So, Alton, take it within breath and do what you are able to, to support yourself.

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Re: 5. June 9 Chat with Anu

Postby Maya » 10 Oct 2012, 23:53

Thanks Anna and Barbara.
A point that i would like to add is that - Obviously, the objective is having EQAFE for Free so that everyone could be assisted and supported through listening to the interviews. However, within this current money system and until we have enough resources to move and direct the Equal Money System so that everyone would have free access to the DIP and EQAFE, we require enough resources to keep the Equal Life Foundation moving.
So, what one must understand is that, if we could, all interviews were for free as it was until a year ago. if we had substantial Donations to support the Equal Life Foundation and its various projects, EQAFE and DIP would be for free.
So Essentially - it's up to us, as a group - to expand and grow so that we could turn EQAFE and the DIP as a basic support structure that is accessible and equally for all.

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