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Anu Chat June 16

Postby kim amourette » 16 Jun 2012, 22:08

Question: Anu, what perespecitives can you share regarding being one and equal as the physical breath, and the difference between the physical breath and just breath...??
Anu: LarryM, physical breath is when you're actually making a decision to breathe and you breathe - in and out; can practise this in the evenings - that movement of breath with the physical - NO THINKING, just breath is what you do most of the time - with no awareness of the actual in and out preoccupied in the mind

Question: Hi Anu, it would be very cool to have an interview explaining how did you guys come up with the physical body design - or have series with the body itself speaking as I see that we are really oblivious to our own physicality
Anu: Marlen - yes, it's on the way/agenda as a series

Question: Anu - Barbi asks why does she get vertigo and pressure in the head when she stands up physically
Anu: Blaz_C, that's when you're already a-head in the future, waaayyyyyy pre-planned - thus, the tendency to accumulate energy to physically move, like - 'waiting in the mind before standing up/walking' - instead of making a decision in which direction to move/go to, taking a breath and standing up - it becomes a long process of backchat

Question: Anu: I often feel a very uncomfortable tension on the knees/shin like where the shin connects with/to the shin bones of the leg. It feels like it's 'cracking' and going to break any time. I have this often when walking, especially if my physical movements are more 'intense' like dancing, walking faster but not only then, its only more intense then. Have you got some perspectives for me?
*where the knee connects to the shin

Anu: AldinHrvat, weakened knees - suggest exercise in terms of building knee strength - taking it slow and easy, though come/manifest from your relationship with your father - how you defined your relationship with him in fear and authority; instead of standing equal to his tendency of strictness/directiveness, you went into inferiority/fear

Question: Anu: I've read in a spiritual magazine about the connection between the 'gut' feeling as 'instinct' and the actual physical brain of the stomach, where they say that one should listen to their gut feeling as it has a brain of its own - how does this brain of the stomach relate to the gut feeling, and why does the stomach have a brain of its own? Thanx
Anu: kim__A, all organs/manifestations of the physical body has a brain if you will - they are absolutely 'aware' within their relationship to themselves and the entire physical body - thus, with the mind merged with the physical, the stomach with emotional/feeling body, this is why scientists investigating reality through the mind would say trust the gut feeling/mind connection of feeling to the physical

Question: Anu yesterday I had a tough encounter at a family gathering and I managed to stay 'here' with breath for the rest of the night MUCH better than in the past. I get confused about the mind/dreams state. this morning my subconscious mind says 'thank you for being here existentially yesterday,' do I just forgive the thoughts?
Anu: Sandymac, the sentence - you have to look at your history with spirituality or a desire to communicate or be communicated with / 'specialness' - cause the backchat sentence indicate such a personality desire existent within you that thus manifested as backchats brainwash into you

Question: christ I have had pain in my breast/chest/sternum area for a long time now and would appreciate any feedback, thank you Anu
Anu: christineah, pain in the right breast - family and children, have to consider that relationship in your mind/backchat/future projections, have a tendency to think about the relationships between family and children and future; though thinking about it in the context of how society pain family, children and future = not considering that you must be the one determining who you are within yourself and your life - not what the media/advertisement

Question: Anu: any significance to going gray in the hair at a young age?
Anu: garb, no - simply physical DNA designs - sorry, didn't design the physical and mind relationship ABSOLUTELY perfect...

Question: Anu: is it effective to ignore thoughts, stop them, just breath and go through the process without writing sf ? or is the stopping the thoughts and ignoring them a form of suppression ?
Anu: gregwiater, stopping PARTICIPATION in conscious-mind thoughts - is as they come up, you take a breath and you focus on whatever you're doing physically BUT - if thought-PATTERNS re-emerge - the same thoughts, over and over and over again = SELF FORGIVENESS and WRITING; thus stopping participation in conscious mind thoughts the process of remaining here in the physical, but when the same shit comes, you have to walk the process - we've walked the pracical application in detail in the series "self-awareness steps for the elite" - suggest invest when and as you can

Question: anu: i have pressure in my calf area in both legs, like the blood stays down there not wanting to rush back up, it feels like stagnation - do you have any perspective on this point please?
Anu: MayaR - JUDGMENT, massive judgments causing you to stagnate within yourself and your own process - fears within those judgments as well, lol - you do an interesting thing, you fear change, but you use self-judment/insecurity as a cover-up for the fear of change/fear of loss that you may face with changing; thus - self honesty required in doing writing on "what do I fear losing if I were to change" - there you have the things in the mind and people in your world and your relationships to them that is holding you back

Question: Anu: I experience an intense pain in my legs and it is increasing. Last time we discussed it, you suggested that I allow myself to 'embrace' the pain and look into it instead of running away from it (not your exact words). I did this last night and the experience of pain increased. Bernard mentioned that the pain has to do with a decision I've made. I have not been able to effectively locate what decision that is. Do you have further suggestions as to how to support myself through/with/within the pain to allocate the origin point?
BernardPoolman1: AnnaBrixThomsen --hell walketh were self dishonesty walks
Thus annaBrixthomsen --investigate in detail where you have based decisions on back caht and self justification

Question: Anu, btw hi!, why do animals age? I have an inkling about stopping the mind and so we do not age (stop time essentailly, may not have that quite right) so if the animals are not using the MCS why do they age?
Anu: Sandymac, ageing is a physical design with the mind's relationship to the physical - this entire physical existence had become the mind's domain, if you will - so going to take LOOONNNGGGG before we sort out the actual physical process regarding time and here, first walk the Mind sandymac, don't let ageing become a possession, this process is MUCH more than just that...

Question: Anu: The same for wrists? The same in the context of: My relationship to my father?
Anu: AldinHrvat, wrists - no, that is your personal process - you have this DESIRE to WANT to understand EVERYTHING at ONCE, placing power in KNOWLEDGE - Aldin, focus on yourself - walk from the small...the big will come, but cannot until you take the first SMALL steps...

Question: Anu - why do I not gain weight? is it simply the way my body is or is it related to process points
Anu: MattiFreeman, it's how your bodily DNA design manifest - THOUGH, would consider what is maintaining that relationship as well is the unconscious self-definition of the "look" or "presentation" of yourself to "sell" / "market" yourself in a specific way; but, what you're not realising is that - you can portray yourself in a specific way, without having to really mould the body according to it; it's like you're limiting your portrayal of yourself in the physical to a specific scene/image...insted of realising it's all about who you are in and with the body, not just what the body look like

Question: Anu - I have read a book about communication with the body, where a being is being brought into a kind of slumber state - and then someone speaks to the body and asks specifically to speak with certain organs/limbs in and of the body - to which the person then replies, this is a method that has been used to treat illnesses or get a perspective on why something occurred, where the different limbs/organs would speak through the being -- is this all mind-bullshit or is this what you meant with every part having a brain of it's own. And also, when you say 'brain', do you mean 'will/want' by that
Anu: kim__A - what they would communicate to in such instances is again, the mind's existence within the physical; and what I meant by brain - is the manifestations' 'awareness'

Question: Anu, cool ! that makes perfect sense but not since 'found' desteni, so have gladly let spirituality go and this communication much less and not for a long time, so I just forgive myself for the thoughts and will diminish over time?
Anu: Sandymac, walk forgiveness until the conversations/thoughts/reactions stop - so, when it comes up again, means there's dimnesions/points missed in the initial self forgiveness

Question: why is the breath so important, is it the Oxygen supporting the body or connecting with something that several billions other beeings do like breathing?
BernardPoolman1: the physical brain regulates the body --the brain of the mind regulates the personality and what goes with personality --you have to get the physical body aware, thus the 7 year process preparing the way to eventually be able to become the physical and stop the separation.
I suggest very effective preparation to face the physical body, it may be so scared of you, that it rejects you after alll the years of abuse and feeding energy from it - Imagine being subjected to daily torture that is only lightened by various chemicals as painkillers.
The 7 year process is the preparation and the heavens blogs and other blogs are support to help you prepare--it will likely take more than 7 years

Question: ANU since joining desteni I have come to understand the abuse of all religions yet I detect within my self a fear to stand up infront of a preacher and tell him to stop lieing if given such an oppertunity to should i confront?
Anu: AveryWilliams, I'd say that 'fear' you are experiencing is more 'you' indicating that - you know standing infront of a preacher saying that is not going to make a difference to the situation; so - each person walk their process alone, rather confront yourself walk your own process, each will come as they are ready - either here or in the hereafter

Question: Hello Anu: lately iv been having 'waking dreams' this is where by im in a dream state but 'wake up' but in another dream and this goes on and on and on and it is so horrific. at some point i know and im aware that im deep in this endless waking dream and struggle alot to wake up. once i do, iv lots of fear. whats your perspective on this?
Anu: Carolyne_Schnidr, suggest when it happens again - stop yourself in the dream, say aloud: NO and breathe - this in dreams happens when you're too much participating in the mind, going into the depths in the mind and not stopping participation and breathing, thus - MORE WRITING

Question: Anu - I'm working on connecting with my 4-year old son after seeing that I have not been present with him. It was suggested a few days ago that I take 40 minutes outside with him - and WOW. Cool to really see him. Do you have any suggestions and/or perspective on how I can continue to work on this with him? I'm looking at getting us to where we are not playing video games and/or watching as much media.
Anu: CarrieTooley, suggest focusing on stabilizing yourself with him, the initial first step for the parent is to be stable with children and not speak or behave in reaction - so, I'd suggest start with this point and perfecting

Question: Anu, any significance to birds, they have been flying very close to my car, right under it and such, almost hit them but haven't yet and of course I always break for them, its been noticing it as it's happening much more frequently, seems animals are growing more aware and interacting more with humanity in terms of expressing themselves i've noticed
Anu: garb, have to look at your relationship to spirituality - have a tendency to want there to be more meaning to physical circumstances/play outs when it's really simply only physical parts interacting with the environment - we'll direct this point more specifically with you when on the farm

Question: Anu, what is this feeling i get within my stomach area when some woman are in my vicinity and i kind of feel their pain so to speak, feel they they are suffering and i have the urge to cry...?? have been experiencing this since who knows when..??
Anu: LarryM, and ALL - to be clear: You ALWAYS ONLY EXPERIENCE YOURSELF, within yourself - as long as you are the MIND and have not practically proven that you have walked through its constructs/systems and lived and stood as the change - you're only experiencing oyurself, thus LarryM - what you experience there is your own unconscious manifestations to be dealt with

Question: Anu - in the of the interviews, you said, when breathing, taking a breath, we connect with substance, this is a cool point. can you expand on it a bit? thanks.
Anu: antonf - will expand on breath and substance in interviews to come

Question: Anu, my brother i live with always rejects anything i share, and i checked i do not share from a superiority view just express common sense to him and he often reacts with forcing and threatning with physical abuse towards can i stop this?
Anu: SzaboMarton, you are forcing him then, that's why - he's already communicated his position - let it be, let it go, focus on your process, you're trying to save him - will not work; each can only save themselves and decide so according to their own process, focus on your own process and do not approach him until he ask

Question: In one of your interviews you stated that you didn't want to be alone with yourself, can you expand on this, Anu
Anu: christineah- lol; yes didn't want to be alone with myself cause man...I knew the demons of my past within me I had to face in the aloneness with myself; that's why human beings are so seldom actually really alone - reality and the mind keep you busy from facing the reality of yourself, writing and self forgiveness is that connection to the aloneness with yourself where you see the real demons, so - don't resist writing/self forgiveness - it's the only real direct access to the reality of you that needs to be sorted out

Question: Anu...since 40 ish and going through menopause I don't have hardly and libido and therefore sex is strange for me any suggestions?
BernardPoolman1: Andreateale_ - if sex is no longer here--just stop--it is quite cool to just stop and when clearly here--there will be no energy build up--if the energy builds up --which may not show as libido--then sex is necessary to help the body to release the storms that develop as the earthing is not yet secure

Question: Anu - I sometimes experience myself 'speaking' within myself, as like thoughts coming up while I am breathing.. and wonder if I am not effectively breathing if there is still what I would consider to be thought running in my mind - any perspectives?
Anu: Kristina_, investigate then the nature of the thoughts/thinking - the mind showing you IT NEEDS ATTENTION and so will not stop until you investigate it for yourself

Question: Anu: What does it mean when your ears get suddenly Hot, Like feeling the ears beat like the heart? I have them now. Is it Fear/Anxiety towards Judgement related?
Anu: AldinHrvat, that would be expectation - like "expecting / waiting for something unknown to happen" - lol; like preparing yourself ahead of time, got to investigate where this tendency come from - always in anticipation and expectation

Question: Anu - I have a spot on the inner part of my right calf that itches sometimes, can you give perspective Please?
Anu: kim__A, sometimes itches is when your thoughts/backchat go somwhere that you don't want to really look at, so - suggest when the itching happen again, don't shift your attention to the itch, for a moment see what you were thinking about

Question: Anu makes sense, had a self-realization!! I know it is the mind now-thought it was god. lol. i'm sooo special god talks to me. just a lonely drunk (not for many years now) my realization is that I must hang on to it a bit because it is communication with words!! and I miss that and not sure how to fill void I feel with total dedication/life to desteni, cannot come to farm probably for few more years, do not have a
Anu: Sandymac, I'd suggest moving that desire to communicate to an external source, to COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF, focus on your self imtimacy with writing and self forgiveness, this is the only most important communication that is to be established first: self communication through writing and self forgiveness to develop self intimacy, as long as you desire to communicate with anything else but self in practical process of birthing you as life, you're in that separation making your own equality and oneness impossible

Question: anu: when i speak about equal money and people bring up the point of "how will we over come religion " - how will we over come religion?
Anu: MayaR - that will come as we develop the EMS

Question: Anu: Oh, another question I always forget. It's about my neck. Months ago I woke up in a 'strange' position and I felt/heared my neck cracking and ever since it hurts when I tils my head or move it from side to side. Neck as I understand is Flexibility related. Not flexible in making the decision to stand up if I am falling/fallen but continue the 'fall' digging a hole for myself?
Anu: AldinHrvat, neck - yes, that would be it, but also too rigid/stiff in your application process, meaning - TOO SERIOUS - it's like you're always looking for something wrong/bad; RELAX MAN - walk the points that come up during the day that is most prominant, you're not going to walk your process in ONE DAY

Question: Anu: It has been mentioned previously in relation to those that walk a 'straight process' and those who 'fall' or 'give up'. I have an experience of having 'tainted' myself, like a fall from grace and a loss of innocence. Do you have any suggestions as to how to walk through this point or what self-forgiveness to apply to purify oneself effectively to walk to stop this 'taint' and walk-with as an equal again?
Anu: AnnaBrixThomsen, what/who in your mind told you you apparantly are tainted etc. and why are you listening to it/believing it???

Question: Anu -yes I do secretly worry about my children ie, pain in the right breast,, anything else for pain in the sternum and left breast which is actually more?
Anu: christineah, left breast - that is your process of you, time to consider yourself in this life as well - worrying about children and the future is not going to help anyone, it only creates energy for the mind, but you can prepare yourself to face whatever may come in stability and clarity - thus, put your feet to the ground and stand firm, develop self trust - continue writing, self forgiveness - develop you to stand, come what may

Question: Anu - another question. throughout my life if I were to 'loosen my gaze' when looking at people, I would see fuzzy light around them, and objects, and once thought it what their 'energy or auras' lol, now realizing it's bs, I am wondering what it is. I still experience it once and awhile and also this experience of my eyes wanting to go out of focus... see this as going into the mind, so will stop myself by moving and not just sit and stare.. any perspectives? Anu
Anu: Kristina_, when you loosen your eyes/they move out of focus - so does the innumerable of light rays/refractions/molecules/all the innumerable amounts of microscopic beings - thus, it's really just the physical going out of focus, nothing special

BernardPoolman1: It is all fuzzy --like the haze one see around a body or object which is the radiance of the energy that movs which one can give any value --but those that measure the haze--are as dazed as the haze as the actual mechanics of the production of the haze is not understood or seen and thus--the assumptions formed may have some results that seem to work, but mostly one will cause more harm than good and a new issue will develop --to make a value assessment just on the color produced by a very advanced lifeform and then to pretend one have a clue, is a need born from consumerism --to justify the products one buy without need and the same justification is used to justify beliefs so that one may sound important to yourself and others --selling the religion of self in a haze like fashion in complete self dishonest

Question: Anu - since listening to the point 'eyes with legs', where i scan every female around. now, i stop doing that. i walk straight, like robot, no looking, no scanning, only direct communication. doing this for last week or so, amazing experience allows me to be here more.
Anu: antonf - it's not to walk as a robot, you're going to look rather strange doing that - just breathe, relax the body, enjoy the PHYSICAL, be here with the environment and simply when you do catch yourself looking - stop, don't force not looking, otherwise it's a suppression

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Re: Anu Chat June 16

Postby Michelle » 17 Jun 2012, 10:55

Really cool -- thank you Kim A for sharing!!
what/who in your mind told you you apparantly are tainted etc. and why are you listening to it/believing it???
real cool here-- made me realize a belief I have of myself of being 'tainted/bad."

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Re: Anu Chat June 16

Postby Garbrielle » 17 Jun 2012, 15:37

Thanks Anu, and Kim for posting this

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Re: Anu Chat June 16

Postby marcusduffyy » 19 Jun 2012, 00:43

This is cool stuff. Anu is a funny "guy" -"Anu: - sorry, didn't design the physical and mind relationship ABSOLUTELY perfect..."

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Re: Anu Chat June 16

Postby Tefnut Elbey » 19 Jun 2012, 15:49

Well, well, well......I just don't know what to say. Let me JUST say, "Thanks for sharing". (WoooooWeee).

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Re: Anu Chat June 16

Postby Tefnut Elbey » 19 Jun 2012, 15:52

My question for Anu would be:

If reptilians do not have 'feelings', what do you have that guide you decisions/choices? But, I'm too late.....Thanks for reading anyway.

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Re: Anu Chat June 16

Postby Leila » 20 Jun 2012, 06:56

You will find that you can answer this question for yourself if you use practical common sense
You don't need emotions/feelings to 'guide you' in making choices / decisions -- if you've read the basics of the desteni material you will see and realise that one can function and exist perfectly fine without feelings and emotions dictating how you should feel and what you should do. One can simply within the moment look at what needs to be done and act accordingly and not expect a "feeling" to tell self what to do

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