27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

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27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby kim amourette » 29 Jun 2012, 21:28

Question: I asked, since I have had sleep issues--and now take NO medication/sleep aid for several months (6 months perhaps) but notice, as I have always been a 'light' sleeper anyway, alot of chatter, my mind going on and on kind of in background, like when you are not in a deep sleep or you remember a dream, should I ask my mind to shut up, let me sleep, make a suggestion when I first go to bed for a 'peaceful sleep' ??
ANU: If you have been on sleep medication, your mind-physical relationship had patterned/manifested its relationship to sleep within the chemical relationship of the pills. Therefore, if/as one find that still - without the medication it is REALLY difficult to rest, to then ease yourself, your mind/physical relationship from the pills over an extended period of time. While at the same time, having a look at your relationship to fear and anxiety as restless sleeping patterns within your context, is an subconscious mind automated backchat within the nature of constant, continuous worry, stress which circulate anxiety and fear. In this, you manifest your Mind-Physical relationship into a constant alertness which make it difficult for the physical to rest. So, walk a process in the 7 year Blogs, walking through the stresses, worries, fears and anxieties that preoccupy your mind/backchat on a daily basis; and continue walking it until you find you're able to actually REST, as you RELEASE the energies/inner chatter within yourself. In this, become more diligent during your day to not accept/allow yourself to go into reactions of worry, stress, fear and anxiety, but take BREATH and say to yourself: "I will not go into reaction, I assist and support myself to find a solution to this point/moment, as I see/realise/understand that reacting to it, will only compromise me and in this make it impossible for me to effectively direct myself. Thus, I breath, I take responsibility and find a solution". So, it's just changing your approach to things from stress/worry in the Mind - to practical physical solutions.

Question: ANu did you come up with brahma floating on the sea of endless possibilities?
ANU: mikelammers, we'll walk the religions / creations in time to come in how consciousness itself evolved most of this existence

Question: When I go to sleep I am never really rested because I am still chasing, thats because of the conseqwuences of energy participation as accumulation during the day ANU ?
ANU: Reginald - yes, during the day AND a constant/continuous personality pattern - so, for this as well, walk the same process as stipulated above

Question: Anu, what do constant migranes mean...well freaquent when weather changes for example
ANU: Antoaneta - constant migraines is a inherent manifestation in the unconscious - an overload of energies, which the mind physical relationship then try and release through the physical but get stuck - so, got to participate less in energies to not accumulate the unconscious

Question: ANU is becoming unconscious required for resting?
ANU: Kotaja, you don't become unconscious when sleeping/resting - you just float in the mind for a moment for the physical to rest, so - yes, to rest properly - shut down the mind for a moment, give the physical a break

Question: Anu : does getting a cold have to do with the weather?
ANU: MatsBjornsti, when its hot outside and your cold, then you're accessing a system, when it's cold outside and your cold, then it's physical

Question: Anu - i am not a headache kind of person, but today I got one, on left side of the head.
ANU: antonf, headache left side - Sex thinking

Question: Anu, in one of the interviews you said that the Mind takes a picture of a moment in which we ourselves are there, which is impossible if the picture is taken by the eyes, even if it is peripheral vision, so who/what is taking THAT picture? I went back into my memories and I am there in all of them as you said, how is this possible ? Thanks
ANU: Eleonora - will do interviews on the mind's reality that superimposed on the physical and how this is thus possible

Question: ANU I have been dizzy a lot lately almost feeling like I am going to fall over...and comment about that?
ANU: andreateale, then have to look at diet from a physical perspective - blood sugar, and also look at the tendency of drifting off into energy-surges in the mind

Question: Anu - after the chat where we discussed pain in process, in my dream I was experiencing this extensive pain in my entire body the moment a thought came into my mind, which was like all of the time, was quite a painful dream - so that is just something that my mind conjured up based on the chat or is there perspective that you can give on this?
ANU: kim__A - the dream was in relation to your experience/interpretation of pain, thus - consider the dream as your relationship to pain, investigating any fears etc.

Question: The question I have is on the crying, I have not cried in a long while, years even, like a good cry, I feel like I need that release like I am so bottled up within myself like a head case completely where i just want to cry it out like a physical release, but it's feels like im stuck, so just seeing why I don't cry,
ANU: Within the context of crying - various people have various ways of dealing with/directing emotions/feelings. If you have a look at your process, most of your emotions/feelings tend to be exerted within your Mind either towards yourself / others, thus you have a very active mind, where you play out scenes/conversations and in that process you release the energies/built up energies while at the same time recreating them. Crying does the same - people tend to cry, but use the crying at the same time to recreate the same reactions of emotions/feelings. So, thus - to stabilize self within these extremes, where you exert built-up reactions either in your mind, through crying / towards others in conversation; to whenever a surge of emotion/feeling manifest - to immediately go to breathing and when/as you can - if not in the moment, to write the walking of self forgiveness. To so rather direct the reactions, than accept and allow self / the mind to take the reactions and recreate them again in the mind/through crying/through conversation with others. Now, you may in the writing/self forgiveness move into an expression of crying which is cool - just make sure that your mind isn't busy while crying, when crying is real it will only be physical, and you yourself will be the crying itself releasing yourself through the physical. As long as the mind is present within and during crying, where you cry as the thoughts/memories come up that just make you cry more, then it's the mind manipulating and not a physical release. Also to considering 'feeling stuck and don't Want to cry' - the words indicate Ego/Stubbornness, where one then created an idea about crying, when a moment of crying would actually assist/support with a physical-mind release and then you're thus in fact deliberately sabotaging a moment with yourself to just release/let go, because Ego/Mind created an idea/judgment of and as crying. In this, one can walk one's relationship to crying of the ideas/judgments and then walk through that resistance and allow oneself to have a good cry.

Question: ANU, what about crying as reaction to when I am upset?
ANU: Antoaneta - must investigate to ensure that the crying, is thus an accumulation and release of energies of reactions you built up in the mind/physical, many tend to cry instead of investigating how you accepted/allowed yourself to build yourself up into upsetness/reactions - so, then, take responsibility and investigate the reactions

Question: or instant crying, comes up and goes away just as quickly
ANU: this is caused/manifested by memories, always maintain a directive principle of what happens within you, so if crying is happening TO you, it's the mind - if you decide to cry and release and you direct that release while crying - cool

Question: I was looking for some perspective on this tooth pain that started up last night - on my upper right molar ( tooth # 2).
ANU: Upper right molar you're within your process having a look at your movement / self/mind/physical relationship movement in your process as you�re walking writing and self forgiveness, where there's some moments in your past you're resisting looking-at/walking through that manifest like a heaviness in the chest/shoulder area ever so subtly whenever the memories of the past manifest/come up; but - lol; what tends to happen with such memories is they come up in moments when one do not particularly have the time to walk through them. So, keep an eye and remembrance out for such memories, that weigh heavy on the chest/shoulder areas, cause they've been coming up but you haven't yet looked at them, which is also due to a resistance; because such memories of life experiences which have had the most impact on you, also indicate memories/life experiences which you can walk that can assist/support with most significant realisations/releases.

Question: ANU, i see what you are saying but it's more in the context of a reaction when a problem arises within a conversation with another and I get upset-i end up crying becuase I am mad
ANU: Antoaneta, then you have to slow yourself down with writing and self forgiveness and investigate why and how you went into reaction, instead of remaining stable - what triggered you reacting, instead of directing the moment in stability

Question: Thanx ANU. Powerless GianRobberts does discribe the inner emotion of getting upset-like the other person is not understanding what I am saying and all of the sudden I have no other way to explain it and I react. Some ppl would blow up and throw a chair or something..lol I cry.
ANU: Antoanta - you're the one reacting within you, nothing to do with the person/situation - you have to find why you go into reaction, to so be able to stop

Question: ANU, there are often points like that coming up during work, that I don't have time to apply self forgiveness because there's people around or something - so are there suggestions on how to handle this? Just let it be/go?
ANU: kim__A - take a notebook with you, write down short points to walk through when/as you have time

Question: how do you distinguish what is heavy memory and what is a 'light' memory, seems all memories come up the same way anu?
ANU: garb_ heavy memory is one LOADED with emotions/feelings, a light memory is just a memory that comes up with no immediate significant reaction

Question: I have been working on remembering my dreams. I only rarely succeed in remembering snippets. These have been very helpful for self-forgiveness, however I don't seem to make progress in remembering a full dream - and as of late, it has been even more difficult to remember even those snippets.
ANU: With regards to dreams, understand they are there as an assistance and support, but not to value/place more importance within them, than yourself and your ability to through your own self directive writing and self forgiveness within self honesty assess the required points that need attention/direction within yourself and your world. So, if you do remember dreams/snippets and can draw from what had been walked in the dream to assist/support you in your practical physical process: then cool - do so. So, walk with dreams as they come and utilize the support/assistance available as it manifest, but remember you are always the primary point to in self honesty assess the points that requires to be walked in your process, dreams are simply an addition/extra to assist/support when/as necessary.

Question: is every dream assist and support?
ANU: SzaboMarton, yes it's a snippet from the Unconscious

Question: ANU, is there a reason I have not had many dreams -remember my dreams recently?
ANU: Antoaneta - no, it's simply you in your mind/physical process deciding when/as you require/need additional support/assistance

Question: Anu so the symbolism of dreams need not be looked into too much unless a point becomes immediately apparent?
ANU: Adam_1 - yes, exactly

Question: ANU - It seems like I am not remembering any of my dreams anymore lately, whereas I used to remember all of the time - does this have somthing to do with process or is it suppression, not wanting to look at them?
ANU: kim__A when you don't have dreams it's cool - cause then you're standing/walking directively in your own process and don't need additional dreams

ANU: ALL DREAMS and everything/everyone in it - reflect SELF, it's never about the person in the dream, that person will represent a part/aspect of you

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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby terhas » 14 Jan 2014, 09:23

thanks so much for posting these kim. lots of support in these q and a's.

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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby naide » 20 May 2015, 22:17

what a hell is happening here , its really anu talking here?? thx guys

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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby Marlen » 21 May 2015, 17:10

Hi Naide, to respond to your question, yes it is, through the portal

If you'd like to here an entire series on it, here's the link: https://eqafe.com/series/3-reptilians

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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby Phusitep » 07 Oct 2015, 09:16

The knowledge that I get from you is really very good.

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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby Marlen » 08 Oct 2015, 17:49

Hi there Phusitep,

Can you introduce yourself and how you got to Desteni and let us know a bit more about yourself? You can go to this forum here to do so


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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby Luc St-Amand » 14 Aug 2016, 16:27

Can I ask Anu a question?

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Re: 27/06/2012 Chat with Anu

Postby Garbrielle » 15 Aug 2016, 06:03

Hi Luc,

There is a section in the eqafe thread on this forum for interview request you can ask questions on or ask for a specific topic to be discussed. Also, if its something specific to one of Anus interviews can place a question here, and we can let Sunette know. Otherwise, can email the eqafe store directly for a question to the beings in the portal and they can receive it that way. So some options for you.

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