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elena prokopchuk
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Question Annu

Postby elena prokopchuk » 30 Jul 2015, 12:13

Hello Annu.
I'm not sure that you answer the questions, and still wanted to try to ask you a question, and get an answer from you kindly.

Since a few months I realized that the blood flows in the veins very hot, in the arms, more in the right arm, where there bending in the middle.
Sometimes I just feel that burns beneath the skin.
What could have caused it?

Thank You.

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Re: Question Annu

Postby SunetteSpies » 10 Aug 2015, 11:50

Hi Elena, this is Sunette

In terms of having a look at your body's experience - I would suggest considering seeing a practitioner / doctor if in any way the blood-flow through the veins in your body becomes uncomfortable / painful.
In terms of the physical aspect/dimension thereof, there may be many contributory factors such as heart-rate, the state / condition heart pumping / beating where there could be ever so slight shifts / changes happening and it affects / influences the rate at which blood flows in the body, leading to more blood-flow in the right side of your body and you are experiencing it more in your arms cause this is where you skin / veins are most sensitive. Could also here be due to hormonal changes contributing to change in heart rate / condition changes - so Elena, here to share that: if there are any physical changes you notice in your body and they do persist and/or lead to discomfort / pain - please do ensure to see a doctor / practitioner to support yourself and so the body as best possible.

Now, for the mental contributory factors / dimensions that may influence the body and so the physical experience: we have noticed that changes in blood flow and heart rate and the general experience of the veins in the body has much to do with emotional and feeling energy of your consciousness. Cause the mind uses the framework / blueprint of the body to be able to function / exist and the veins of the physical is body is used as the network platform of the emotional and feeling bodies of your mind, so your emotional and feeling energy essentially moves through and with the blood and veins of your physical body and is also 'stored' there. This has been walked in more detail in the Quantum Mind Self Awareness recordings available on EQAFE where we explained how energy is mapped out and manifested in your body, how your emotions and feelings 'use' the framework of your body and also how your emotions and feelings are programmed in your Mind.

So, all in all Elena - I would suggest getting to know your emotions and feelings better, cause it will also support you to better understand the relationship between your mind and body. Not only that, it will also support you to better understand the extent to which your emotions and feelings actually affect the condition, state and general health of your body. Here the Atlanteans Series and recordings available on EQAFE will support you with understanding the difference between emotions and feelings, how to recognise them, their affects on the body and not only that, but to also transform them into supportive expressions / ways of living and experiencing yourself.

Therefore, I would suggest having a look at emotional suppressions - where and when you tend to both extremely SUPPRESS emotions inside of you, like try 'keep them in' and then you don't deal with them and also where you EXERT your emotions intensely in terms of crying, shouting, or like clenching your hands into fists cause of frustration or banging your hands onto tables ever so slightly. Cause both the suppression of emotions and also acting them out shows you are not in directive principle / control of your emotions and they can easily take over your thinking and acting and on many levels affect your physical body - simply by the hormonal and heart rate changes emotions and feelings can induce in moments.

Alright, so as a recap - do have a look at your body and see a practioner / doctor for additional physical support and then also look at your relationship with your emotions and see towards what emotions within you you are not yet in control / directive principle.

Thanks you

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