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Matthew Stone
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Re: I am Anu

Postby Matthew Stone » 27 Sep 2016, 03:37

I thought that I was the reincarnation of Jesus once, it was just a thought, and it didn't even last for very long, but just for that one afternoon I really thought I was special, because I was all alone and there was nothing to question me from feeling as special as I wanted to, looking back I wish that I had seen that I wasn't as special as I thought, and that I had looked to my real world actions instead of my mind which overrode who I really was.

That's just one place that I've gone in my mind that truly possessed me. It's funny how I know that I've thought and believed even crazier things about myself and others but that they just dissapears, I could have an amazing revelation to change all of exsistance, and then forget about it when I'm faced with reality the next day.

It's cool that you went through that expierence and was able write it out here on the forum.

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Luc St-Amand
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Re: I am Anu

Postby Luc St-Amand » 27 Sep 2016, 13:06

Totally. I did it with things like my name or date of birth. Being born in august makes me Leo and I take great "pride" in that. :)

Good work Matt, thanks for sharing, keep it up!

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Re: I am Anu

Postby breathoflife92 » 27 Sep 2016, 20:01

if were getting into what our mind has tricked us in thinking we are let me make a list:
jesus reincarnation, yep me too
the antichrist
the devil
aquarius, btw astrology is a separate system we take part in , so technically i didnt think i was an aquarius, i was told i was through astrology
a goat
a dog
a dragon
a lion
an mma fighter, i have very little mma experience lol
anu yes anu
a draconian. got stuck on this one for a while
an alien
an interdimesional being aka alien, even though we are all interdimensional because we all have minds

a demon
a ghost
theres more but thats all i can recall

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Re: I am Anu

Postby Marlen » 29 Sep 2016, 19:48

One perspective here:
if were getting into what our mind has tricked us in thinking we are let me make a list:
One consideration that I noticed assisted me in not seeing the mind as this 'external bug/parasite that is here to wreck my life' is to precisely understand the mind IS ourselves in the sense that the way that it is programmed and how it exists is the systematized version of the nature of our beingness. This was explained at length in the Atlanteansseries in Eqafe, as well as this recent one that I fully recommend too:Dark Self: True Nature of Self - Atlanteans - Part 440

Then! I'd suggest that you could actually take on each of these 'individuals' or entities you perceived yourself to be at some point and then open up points to self forgive within you around those 'delusions', because if this is what you have at some point believed yourself to be or defined yourself to be, it can still assist you in seeing what kind of ideas, belief and perceptions one has created around these individuals/beings as 'oneself', you might discover more of the points that were standing as this 'personal delusion' and so assist in grounding yourself to also recognize that yes, it is part of one's mind creation and so something we have to take responsibility for within ourselves to align, correct and stand clear in relation to them all.


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