What is Sex - Part 22

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What is Sex - Part 22

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What is Sex - The Sexual Mind's Business Transaction - Part 22

What is the relationship between the Mind and Energy and Business and Money within and as the physical-act of Sex?

Why have we not seen/realised/understood that it’s the Mind that move the physical-body, and not in fact ourselves as a self-directive principle equal-to and one-with the Physical-Body?

Why have we not seen/realised/understood the exact nature of and as Sex as how the Mind as ourselves use/abuse the physical-body within and through sex to generate/power/charge itself with Energy?

Why are we preoccupied in the Conscious-Mind with thoughts, images, pictures and fantasies and internal conversations during sex?

What really happens in the subconscious and unconscious mind during sex, while we’re preoccupied in the Conscious-Mind?

How and Why does both partner’s transfer each other’s Mind’s into each-other? What is the purpose/reason for Mind-transference?

Why has sex become the process of Energy-experience, instead of the merging of two physical-human bodies in the union of self-expression in and as equality and oneness?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.

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