What is Sex - Part 23

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What is Sex - Part 23

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What is Sex - Practical Sex Education - The beginning - Part 23

What is/has the consequences been of human-beings engaging in physical-sex, through an accumulation of scenes, pictures, images from movies/media/magazines that they’ve used as a database within their Mind, to try and copy/imitate the sexual movements/behaviours from within their Mind – instead of equally as one expressing with and as their human physical body?

How do we / have we created a ‘physical sex Mind-Personality’ in ourselves that has become the starting-point within, from and through which we engage in physical-sex? What are the consequences of having physical-sex through and as the ‘physical sex Mind-Personality’?

Why is it, that in most relationships, reaching orgasm within and during Sex over time becomes more difficult/uncomfortable – leading to relationship/sexual frustration/judgment and internal and external conflict/friction?

How does one practically assist and support oneself to approach each sexual encounter with one’s Partner as an absolute ‘New Moment’, and not approach sex from the past in and as the ‘physical sex Mind-Personality’, which create/manifest the consequence of discomfort/difficulty with expressing and experiencing physical-orgasm and physical-unity with one’s partner?

How does one practically assist and support self, to not approach sex through images, pictures, scenes of the database of one’s ‘physical sex Mind Personality’, but assist and support self to in fact physically express, here in and as equality and oneness with and as one’s human physical body?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview

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