What is Sex - Part 24

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What is Sex - Part 24

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What is Sex - Physical-Intimacy Development between Partners - Part 24

How does one practically assist and support self and one’s partner with and through Massaging, to establish physical-intimacy with one’s own Physical-Body in equality and oneness?

What is the relationship between being/becoming physically comfortable within and as one’s own physical-body, in equality and oneness – and assisting and supporting self in self’s physical-movement expression within and during the physical act of Sex?

What is the relationship between the constriction/diminishment experienced within the Orgasm, and uncomfortability/restriction/judgment of and as self’s relationship with one’s own Physical-Body?

How does one assist and support self, in and during massaging with one’s partner – to establish the comfortability with one’s physical-body and the vulnerability of the openness/nakedness/exposure of self with one’s physical-body with one’s partner?

What is the responsibility within each one individually to assist and support self and the other in establishing the comfortability/openness/vulnerability with self and self’s physical-body within and during massaging?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview

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