What is Sex - Part 25

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What is Sex - Part 25

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What is Sex - Relationship Stability = Sexual Stability - Part 25

What is the relationship between relationship stability and sexual stability?

Why/how is it that relationship stability, directly equally as one manifest sexual stability?

What does relationship stability and sexual stability in fact practically mean?

How does one assist and support self and one’s partner/each other within the relationship, to equally as one assist and support self and one’s partner/each other within and during sex to manifest the effective, direct, stable process of developing self intimacy, intimacy with one’s partner in and through all forms of communication within the relationship?

Why/why does resistance/animosity/friction and conflict manifest within one’s Mind towards one partner, the mentally and physically influence/affect the expression of sex – where either one/both manifest a resistance/fear to having sex?

What is in fact the reality/truth within and behind the resistance/fear to facing self and one’s partner within and during physical sex within the accumulation of backchat, thoughts, judgments, emotional/feeling friction/conflict that accumulated within one’s Mind?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview

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