The Soul of Money - Part 22

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The Soul of Money - Part 22

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The Soul of Money - The Relationship between the Soul, Generational Bloodlines and Money - Part 22

What is the relationship between the Soul, Generational Bloodlines and Money?

Why/how was the Soul, the Mind and the human-being aligned with and as the World Money-System even before birth within and as the reincarnation system of the Heaven-Existence?

How did the Creators of existence, within the programming of the Soul-Construct – align human beings’ pre-programmed lives on Earth according to Money, where the programming in the Soul-Construct in the relationship to Money will determine their access to Money on Earth?

Why/how were the Elite-bloodlines on Earth – throughout the generations, protected within and as their relationship with Money, through and as the pre-programming of their Soul-Construct and Mind before their reincarnation into Earth?

What has been the consequences of the pre-programming of beings’ Souls and Minds in their relationship to Money – for humanity and this World, throughout time as the extent of the divide between the Rich and the Poor that now exist?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.

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