back-chat on podium.....

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back-chat on podium.....

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back-chat on podium

I have been having this back-chat where i talk to myself and act as if i am in front of a group of people on a podium and sometimes on a radio show and on t.v.

I will always start on the radio show, and after that i imagine myself being asked because i talked so well on the radio show to appear on a podium where everyone can see me ( the one that was on the radio show), and after all this i will appear on t.v. to...... a lot, to explain to people what we are accepting and allowing to occur, to continue in our world, without ever taking our responsibility for what we do and accept and allow within our world inside us and the one outside us where we are all participating in.

I am going to write some of that back chats i have when i am participating in my mind and imagine myself to be this great talker, and show you the reader, how completely mind-fucked this whole thing is.

Let me point out here, that first of all i am not on this island( Bonaire), because there is where i imagine myself being, the island where i was born on/in and talking to the people of this island, the people who live there. And all this, is because somewhere and somehow i have a level of ''feeling sorry'' a level of ''guilt''.......and why...???

Because i know i have been given this gift, this opportunity that many don't have and can't have right now, just because they are defending themselves with believes, which is very sad. And i feel this guilt, because i know that i was there once, not knowing at all that ''believe'' itself is the problem, ALL BELIEVES...!!!

And believe is so destructive, because you are accepting and allowing yourself to participate in something that is not what you know for sure, something that you are completely unaware of. And you try and try to justify it, fight and argue with others that also live in this mental delusion trying to win, to be right. The more people you convince or the more people that have the same believes that you have, the more you will accept and allow the believe to have power over you, the more you will believe that your believe is true, because there are more people believing it to.

So now to the things i say, and i mean i really talk to myself i voice myself out, the things i want to speak as a speaker, as a radio invite, as a television invite. And i speak always about; us, we, and you and I .....those are the words where the responsibility is lying.

So here i go:

I am here today to address you the listener, that things have changed within reality, that all you and i have ever known, all you and i have ever believed has come to be false, not true, no matter how much you and i will wish it was so.

The physical reality which is life, is not going to take any more shit from us, so whatever we believe, whatever we do and whatever we don't do, if it is not for ''what is best for all'' it will fall. What is best for all is the ultimate ''goodness'' what you guys term and believe ''goodness'' is all about. If in your goodness exists no care for all living beings and things, you are in trouble, because that is what life is all about, inclusiveness, as one as equals, or all are living. And in this living no-one is more or less then another. I mean people, you know what i am talking about, because it is common sense, you do not need a higher education to comprehend this, it is plane and simple. But yet we fail in living this plane and simple expression that we all are. When it comes to living the living, we want to be if one of the living, living the living has more right or value to live the living that he/she is living, when in reality we are all doing the same thing, we are living the living, and this is happening on the physical level. So the ''feeling special'' part is not coming from the point of view of the living, it's coming from the point of view of the mental reality, the place where your ''believes'' are rooted, and from there we act out in the living world and impose on it the garbage that destroy one and all. So believe people, kills people, it doesn't bring us together. I mean have you not had enough, when is it enough, what more proof do you need from the physical in order for you to see, that believes kill expressions, that believes harm, that believes don't bring peace, that believes only separates, that believes are not happening in the physical reality, only in your mind. I mean come on people....... stay here with me, you can see this stupidity, there is nothing to think about, it's simple. So why then do you place so much importance in your believes, why don't you want to let it go, what is wrong with you, why, why...??? This is the question you should have asked from your believes whatever they may have been, you would have seen it for yourselves.

And that is why i am here today to talk to you about those things i have been realizing within myself, and because i know i was there where you are right now, makes me and puts me in a position where i must give you what i have been given. I cannot stand along the side and look at the parade of delusional people marching by, knowing that ahead there is a hole that will engulf the whole parade. And understand you created this parade with all who are participating in it, you're all having your so-called: ''fun,'' funneling yourself in the hole ahead you created from the moment the whole parade started. And this hole gets bigger and bigger as you come closer and closer to it.

Most of you are Christians, Catholics. You have heard from forgiveness, but you have not heard of Self-forgiveness, and in your little mental world you believe that only god can forgive, not you, but yet your book is telling you to forgive. And it doesn't tell you and it didn't teach you HOW to forgive. So if you do not know HOW to forgive, how then can you expect yourself or others as you to forgive when you were not taught how to forgive, you were only told to do so. Can you guys see this, it is simple. Let me give you a world example, because i know that religious talks are always something very sensitive to you guys.

Let's say you want to be an electrician. Is it not obvious that you should learn and know about everything that is of importance for you to perform the necessary tasks of being an electrician....?? You all know this answer already, but somehow, when i put the same question in regards to forgiveness you immediately find it difficult to understand, and you're not even asking that question. You are not questioning that very thing you're believing and see if it is common sense or not...?? Now that i have placed this question in this way, can you all not see it, that that which you are believing is missing something...?? That something is being asked from you, but you're not being told HOW to, you were not taught HOW to....but yet you HAVE to....???

And we have another problem, and that is, what we consider to be our history is very, very limited. Can you imagine for a moment the story of you think if we take it as it was written that he was talking for at least 3 years everyday to people about everything, and then when you read his story in your bibles, you are only finding some ''highlights'' nothing is in detail......And i am asking you, have your individual lives all been only highlights, or was it a multitude of events and moments and influences and experiences in every second of your living...?? How many thoughts did you have, how many times were you happy/unhappy......what did you talked about with people that you ever talked to...?? So why do we then accept a so limited story about someone and hold on to it as if that is all that happened, and on top of that, you were not there, in order for you to validate and know for sure that what is written is exactly what happened. I mean, i can write something right now as how i look at this place, this island and it's people and what we are doing here and stuff like that, but i am not in that moment addressing all of everything and of everybody on this island, it's just my view, and it exclude the rest, i place it as a generalization. Now imagine i hide this little book i write and then some 200 years later some people find it and they read it. They are going to believe that, that is exactly what was happening in that particular time, because i might have mentioned some things that they might have found that was there in that particular timeline and then believe my story to be true and is this common sense people...?? Is my little generalization really what was going on in everyone's home. What if i was rich and was looking at the island in my own way and describing it in my view and make it look like all was fine,because all was fine for me, when in the same timeline a lot of people were suffering and were very poor, but i don't mention them...?? Can those people who found my writing find this out, would they be able to find this out...??? Of course not......... it is not possible. Now just because they found this writing and it is there in their hands and they see it and they see and can read the words i wrote they immediately accept it as true. And this is exactly what is happening to all religions and sciences all over the world, because science is also finding bones of animals and stuff like that and then they go and imagine, remember IMAGINE how these animals or humans or whatever was living in that particular period of time and act as if they know ALL about how things really were and create a whole study on these things they found under the ground as bones and remains of past living things. Go and sit and talk to an archaeologist and you will see how they talk about these things they found and give meaning to these things and act as if what they are saying is true and is exactly what happened then, because they have the bones and some pots and they link these things together with some other findings and think now that they know exactly how those people or animals used to live, and they go as far to, as teaching our children this bullshit, and teaching it as a fact. If this is not crazy enough for you, i don't know what is...??

to be continued..................

Continuing today is the 4 th of October 2011,

So people please do consider what i am saying. I am not here to judge you. I am here to slap you in your face to see if just maybe, just maybe, you can wake up form your delusion.

Look at our politicians, what are they really doing..?? Do you see them change anything, or are things always the same. Are they not always promising a lot of stuff, but yet they never act out on what they promised. The moment they get into office they will come out and tell the people that there is no more money left, so they can't keep up with their promise, so they are going to have to seek for another solution.
And what does this mean...?? It means that they are going to either ''cut'' or ''raise taxes''.........and they have to do it, there is no other way. Now such people....., can you trust them, can you trust someone who is always solving the problems using the same tactics that in the end don't really solve the problems at all, and on top of all that, the measures they take always have a bearing on you the people, you always loose and have to pay more, they always make you pay more, they put all the weight on your shoulders, but yet, you keep on voting for them, right....?? Now why do you do that...?? Is it because you don't know yourself what to do, so you place your whole life and that of your children in the hands of a few individuals that you know cannot solve problems, because you keep on repeating the same problems over and over and over again and again. But none are asking: '' maybe we are not tackling the problem at it's root, at it's source....??'' That is why people, it is very important for you to take your responsibility, because no-one will take it for you and they can't either, it is impossible.

So now as you guys can see, this back-chat, even though it has some cool realizations within it, it is still a back-chat.

Self-forgiveness on this back-chat.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a back-chat in relation to my country, my island, the place i was born on and into.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel sorry and have guilt for my people, because i can see that i was there before and was also believing what they are still believing.
i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a back-chat on possible scenarios that are not even HERE.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give-in into my own self created back-chat.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see myself within my back-chat as some great talker, or speaker.

I realize that i am accepting and allowing myself to have a back-chat in relation to my people and the island i was born on, and this is due to me feeling sorry and having some guilt inside me.

Whenever i see myself starting to go into my mind, i STOP myself and breathe and focus on some physical work and let it go, and be in the moment.


Larry Manuela

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