2012, simplicity in what it means to be in Separation with Y

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2012, simplicity in what it means to be in Separation with Y

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2012, simplicity in what it means to be in Separation with Yourself.

I am going to put down here in simple words at how i look at this within myself and also within the world outside.

Now, i am going to use practical examples that all of us, can relate to so we can grasp this very easy.

Now at desteni, when we say, ''bring it all to self'' what is it that we mean with those words..??
What we mean is the following: '' you bring your thoughts, emotions and feelings, reactions and denials and everything that happens within you as an energetic occurrence/reactions to yourself, so you are NOT in separation to/towards them within yourself and in so doing project them into your world outside.''

You may be asking the question, but how can i be in separation to those things if i am the one experiencing them..??
The problem is, you are in separation with them, because they are happening automatically, you have no saying in all of it, thoughts, emotions and feelings just automatically pop-up within you and you just follow, you accept them as '' the way i function.'' '' that's the way it is''

Now let us look at a fascinating thing that you probably never stood still and looked at it from this perspective.

I am going to use an example here.
Let's say someone tell you to go fuck yourself, with the whole body language and face expression when saying that to you, that you would interpret as this person using ''bad/harsh language'' towards you. Now because you have given those words and the whole package of what you see and hear value as being a ''bad/harsh language'' you have attached some emotions to to those words, so every time someone use these words and with the body language and face expression and everything that goes with it you will react according to the definition you, yourself have given that particular set of words. Now here is the interesting thing; the moment you react and become emotional, in this case angry, that emotion just popped-up, it just appeared within you automatically,you must understand that it is not you directing that emotion and you making yourself in full awareness become angry. You know..?? like saying: '' o.k. let me allow an emotion as anger come up within me now, and it happens''

So what does this mean...???

It means the following, that you are in separation with your own mind, because your mind is consisting of and existing as thoughts, feelings and emotions. And this mind is accepted and allowed by YOU to run by itself on automatic pilot.It is the directive principle and NOT YOU..!!!

If you have a look at this in self-honesty you will clearly see,how none of your thoughts, feeling nor emotions are directed by you to present and manifest themselves. Can you grasp this...??
So you are then in separation with your own mind, because your mind is running on it's own making decisions and leaving you out of the equation, but yet you would say: '' but it is my mind''

There are almost very very few individuals within this world who are directing their own thoughts, and feelings and emotions, the rest it is all on automatic pilot.

So this is the first step to realize that you are in separation with your own mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions. So now going back to the example i gave a few paragraphs above, in that scenario you will then react in separation with your own mind and project this separation towards this person in the outside world reality, which will bring you into a situation of trouble/conflict and disputes and arguments and can become worst even fighting and killing each other. If you have realized that you are the one accepting and allowing your mind to run a muck, without you having any saying in the matter, you will create this separation in your world outside. That is why we are saying that the world we live inside as in separation with our minds is exactly the same into the world we live outside, because this garbage is being projected into the outside world as well so you will have inside equals outside. Can you see this...?? separation inside is also separation outside in the physical reality, on a larger scale.

So how do we solve this problem..??

We bring the moment we see ourselves going into the reaction in this case of becoming angry, we STOP ourselves in breath, and do not accept and allow that emotion to come up within you and also after that be projected by you in separation with your own self, into the outside world. This is where you bring it all back to Self and embrace it as yourself and you do self-forgiveness immediately or when you are at home, but stick within and as your breath. Make sure to be very specific in how you reacted and why and so forth, and be absolutely honest with yourself in exactly how you reacted and let yourself be angry. In this manner you will start to become your own directive principle of your own thoughts/feelings/emotions, and little by little pealing all the layers till you reach a point where no more thoughts and feelings nor emotions can come up by themselves, you are then totally here as you, as the totality of and as you. And then you can grasp and be understandable when you see others reacting like you use to do and also see and understand that they to are in separation with their own minds and also have accepted and allowed themselves to be ruled and controlled by their own minds. In this manner you can be of assistance to them and have compassion and understanding and let them see that they have to bring themselves back to Self, and be the directive principle of their own life, and not let their minds that is separation do that for them.

Now when you are at home by yourself you put all your thoughts/feelings/emotions on a piece of paper or you write down on your computer, doesn't matter as long as you are writing, the physical movement of writing where the body is learning, so you become more effective in your voicing out of what is going on within you on paper, and you be as Self-honest as possible, and you then Self-forgive yourself, and make sure to do your Self-corrective applications whenever you see yourself go into reactions of thoughts/feelings and emotions within you and towards another and the world at large. Don't forget to stick to your breathing the only place you are sure that you are grounded and HERE always, using your common sense.


Larry Manuela

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Re: 2012, simplicity in what it means to be in Separation wi

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Hey Larry, cool supportive blog here, thanks for sharing.

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