Mike Lammers Blogging for sponsorship

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Mike Lammers Blogging for sponsorship

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Hello There,
I contributed what was financially possible. Un-fortune-ately I have to apply for sponsorship at this point.
Here is the link to my blog and latest blogpost. Thanks everyone.

Mike Lammers

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Re: Mike Lammers Blogging for sponsorship

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Cool Mike.

Please post in this thread all your blog entries to assist the Blogging for Sponsorship Committee to review your writings.


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2012 are you chosen?

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http://mikesprocess.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... hosen.html

What do others say about 2012? What does the bible say about 2012? What can I say about 2012? As far as I’m concerned 2012 is one year. A point in space and time. A fraction of space-time. Funny, the Germans call the universe ‘Weltall’. The world and all. The dutch say ‘Heelal’-Heal all-Hell-all-All hell. English is interesting too, ‘Universe’. Uni-verse! Lot’s of universal verses. Interesting. I ‘prefer’ the German definition ‘Welt-all’. Kind of includes everything.

Losing My Religion
There are a few among us that believe the world is coming to an end. That’s a bit out of the ‘ordinary’. I calm myself knowing that my world will end every night when I close my eyes and go to sleep. Where am I when I sleep? And where am I when I wake up? As long as I can remember my world ended every night and was there again the next morning. How is that for strange?

Shiny happy people
I’m in the process of stopping my mind for little more than a year. Someone asked me if it made me happy? Is it 'working'? Does it 'help' me? Does it 'make' me a 'better' person? In other words what do I get in return for my efforts or investments. Yes, the shit runs deep. Happiness, the second largest religion in the world.

A lot of things changed for me in 2012. A lot of things stayed firmly in place. This process is absolutely not what I expected it to be and it's not a cheery, joyful experience so far. It's a nightmare to wake up too oneself within this world. It’s an experience however and that means there are things I can share that could benefit others who are having trouble with the current outflow of events as we enter 2012. Yeah, that biblical event where time is supposed to end and the chosen ones go to heaven to drink champaign. Duh, I thought we where all born in sinn. So everybody stays here. No jumping in front of the train now, we are all going to be in this shit together. We are all future neighbours. What did Jezus say again?

Wall Of Death
I’m 43 and kids start to call me an old man. Being an old man comes with a few issues. So when I started this process of stopping my mind those 'old man' issues became quite prominent. What the fuck did I do all those years. Where the fuck was I? What the fuck was I thinking? What the fuck? This whole process started with one simple question someone asked me. "Where are you?" Investigating myself started with that simple point of being-here. W-here is the being? I couldn’t answer that question and from that moment on my life has changed dramatically. Changing myself is much harder than my mind makes me think because my mind doesn’t want me to change. My DNA likes to have things running according to plan. That's the 'hard-bit'.

One point I begin to see in more detail is the personality I have developed over time. And it’s interesting because this morning I remembered that a teacher teased me by calling me a donkey in school so the kids started to call me that as well. ‘Donkey’ because I probably fucked up a lot in primary school (apparently donkeys do that). Being called a donkey as a child was not a nice experience and it was one of those experiences where I became aware of myself as different from the point of inferiority.

It’s all quite funny because from the current perspective as what I have become as a personality the comparison to a donkey makes total sense. I accepted and allowed myself to become a stubborn, noisy and sedentary persona. Try to get me from my place against my will and all hell brakes loose and just like an old donkey, I’m good at carrying a load and look pitiful doing so.

Automatic For The People
One of the first things I became aware of after I started this blog where my habits. My whole being and I mean everything of me consisting of these patterns merging into my behavior as me as this personality or persona as you will. Having a specific preference for every little thing I do, think or feel. From the way I drink my coffee up to the way I wipe my ass. I started to see that the oldest habits I have are also the most fossilized. There is no real me. It’s all constructed in real time like a wireframe pixar movie. Reading the Desteni material made me realize that I was only defining myself through words, emotions and feelings that come straight from my surroundings. I'm not those fucking words am I? Here! I am starting to observe myself as my own prisoner within what I think feel or say. I'm fucking screwed by creation. WTF! Yes this kind of shit is shocking and I got really fucking angry. At first I was only aware of my so called ‘bad habits’. A complete morality fuckup. Bad habits are also habits so let's start from scratch here.

The One I Love
Smoking followed by smoking weed are my oldest habits. So if I wanted to really push and test myself those where the key areas to start breaking my habits. I stopped smoking weed almost a year ago. I smoked weed for more than 20 years. I quit smoking about 7 weeks ago. I started smoking when I was about sixteen so that makes smoking a 27 year old daily habit. The strange thing with stopping is that it’s not hard at all. You just stop and that’s it. The hard part is the hard-bit, the habit. It’s simple and at the same time unexplainable up to the point I just freak out, lock up or start to fuck with myself (which happens frequently). It’s like stopping programs that keep rebooting themselves again and again. A very annoying process but I cant blame or be angry with the programs. I wrote them myself meaning I'm responsible. That’s how I see it. Dissolving the after effects of stopping is a different chapter that has to do with taking self-responsibility and guilt. More on that as I go along and overcome points of shame and embarrassment while sharing my life here.

Everybody Hurts
Now stopping addictions sounds simple. What makes it hard? The moment I stop one habit (robot-program-system-mechanism) the whole carefully built production-line starts to protest and make noise. So that one habit is always connected to another habit or point. Habits have really big families! It’s fascinating and painful at the same time. For me stopping those habits felt like relationships that ended. In fact that's exactly what it is. How I relate to things are relationships. I had a relationship with weed. I was in love with it. She eased my pain. She was always there. Never complained. Made me laugh. Satisfied my needs. Told me not to worry and that I was okay. She made me feel so good and also sick sometimes. And yes I broke up with her for good and that hurt like hell. Everything started to shift and tilt. That whole point with me attached to it has to be repositioned. Just like all those other relationships. It’s mental as well as physical up to this day.

The saying “you need backbone to stand to a decision” That’s the physical point I’m most aware of. My spine. It has not stopped moving since I started this process. At the moment it’s very painful. The whole thing is pulling me in all directions and I'm very tired because of it.

Turn You Inside-Out
Stopping weed and smoking shows me another perspective that’s fascinating. I’m not judging my smoking or weed consumption anymore. The substance is not the point. ‘What’s in it for me?’ that’s the starting point. It’s that. If I want to know why I smoke I just look at the effect smoking has on me and why. My habits are handlebars, hiding places, escape hatches, social credit cards, ice breakers, common ground, stability points to survive as this persona I have become. A persona that has become almost to demented and automated too change. I’m within a world system that functions exactly the same. Braking my habits makes me feel 'the rupture' in the fabric that connects me to the system. That's my end of the world. What can I say, It’s as painful as it is fascinating to see what I made of myself. It’s also pretty scary at times. The only realization that calms me down is the realization that no matter how bad the nightmare, reality will be worse.

Applying the Desteni material is not a walk in the park. Desteni is not a gathering of people padding each other on the back for being ‘good citizens’. Exposing the true nature of oneself and each-other is a confronting and sometimes painful process. There is a lot of resistance within me because of that. Sometimes it seems impossible to move, that's where 2012 comes in. The more people move the easier it gets. Humanity doesn’t like Destonians because they are everything the world is not at the moment. Why is it so hard for me to stand with and as a principle of oneness and equality. To do whatever it takes to bring life back to this earth?

Because it requires changing myself as the physical. With physical proof showing you that even old men can stop shit and that change is possible. We don’t need hope, we change through changing and that takes fucking time and effort. Move with us and support an equal money system.

Desteni is the only group of people in the world I see that take life seriously enough to take everything into consideration. The only way we can change this world is by changing ourselves one by one until all = one. Equal money is the tool to get this done. Time is ticking. Will I break the habit that is me? Will I be here eventually?

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2012 What if God was one of us?

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http://mikesprocess.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... of-us.html

Yesterday as I was walking through a supermarket this song “what if god was one of us” played over the public adress system.

If God had a name what would it be?
And would you call it to his face?
If you were faced with him
In all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question?
What if God was one of us? Tralalalalala etc. etc.

Being inside a supermarket this particular song hit me like a double brainfuck.

What if god was one us?
Shopping around like one of us?
What would be in his shopping chart?
Would he keep it for himself?
Would he pay with credit card?
Where comes his money from?
Would he sing a long with every song?

I almost forgot why I was in the supermarket because the lines Joan Osborn was singing came burning trough my ears. There I was inside that supermarket surrounded by people shopping. Countless brands and products. Everybody kind of in there own little shopping universe with there lives on display as buying behavior in their shopping charts. In the mean time being manipulated through music that is carefully selected to calm down and stimulate buying behavior. Who selected this song and what are it’s statistics as a shopping stimulator? Well it’s 2012 and god is obviously not one of us. I’m shopping around for a better life than my parents as God as one as us.

2012 shows me the end of 'times'. Where Santa became a fairytale. I 'grew' up. Where make belief became reality. Believe becomes humanity. Where we all loose innocence. Where reality becomes us as god as all of us. As above so below. That’s the end of time. Those are my 'end times'. Time is here inside this supermarket without delay. In my face as who I am. As what I have accepted and allowed myself to become as one of us. As you and me. Humanity.

So there I was observing that point of manipulation, judging it, judging myself. I heard myself puffing out a big sigh realizing I have a long way to goo as one of us. As one of the creators of this reality. My professional background as well as my personality is filled with these points of manipulation. I make money with it. I use it to get what I want. I define myself with it as who I am in this world. It's me doing this so you will do that. That’s the point. In self honesty I recognized it. I can because it exists within me as a part of me. Only in self honesty I am able to see it face it and share it.

Manipulation is a part of me and in this case it resonated very strongly within me. This has to stop. No more separation, no more believe systems. One practical system called Equal Money based on one simple principle called oneness and equality. The one and only solution...

That’s why I’m sharing myself here with you within this point. We have to stop manipulating ourselves and thus manipulating our children into becoming manipulators. We are the creators of this reality because we create reality. We are the ones who breed this existence into a reality of manipulation, greed and inequality. I will remember the next time my mind starts humming this song.

If God had a name what would it be?

And would you call it to his face?
Call too face myself

If you were faced with him
In all his glory
Glory = power!

What would you ask if you had just one question?
Please forgive yourself?

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How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message?

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http://mikesprocess.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... ssage.html

You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire; you build egos the size of cathedrals; fiber-optically connect the world to every eager impulse; grease even the dullest dreams with these dollar-green, gold-plated fantasies, until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, becomes his own God… and where can you go from there?

"Al Pacino in the Devils Advocate"

I used to believe monsters where hiding under my bed (they actually did). I believed my father was the smartest man in the world and my mother the sweetest mom. I believed I could run as fast as the six million dollar man and that my sword fights were as impressive as those of Rutger Hauer. I believed I could climb like a monkey. Those kind of things I checked out for myself. I would discover quickly if what I believed was true or false simply by going trough the experience.

Learning and getting educated is how I learned to make believe. Getting to know the way things work in the world not why. Learning the basics of the system and getting my brains washed like the religious rituals I had to participate within as a child. I prayed the holy father a lot of times not knowing what the hell I was saying. School started the big load down. The 'god' seed was planted early and I was on my way in the garden of eden.

At some point I gave up. The statement could have been like this. I will bow and accept your world. I will believe what you tell me and try to do as you say. I will go down your road of believes and perceptions. I will climb your tree of knowledge and information. I will not resist the fact you institutionalize me. I will go to your schools. I will form relationships as seen on TV. I will eat sleep and work the way you do to the best of my abilities. I will try my best to play along the personality games. I will forget who I was, were I came from and I will try not ask too many questions. I will probably reproduce and teach my children to do the same. Now leave me alone and let me suppress myself.

I believed in god, Jezus, 'my homeboys', punk, anarchy, violence, deception, manipulation, girls, sex, drugs, sport, addictions, friendship, good, bad, positive, negative, prophets, avatars, light, energy, holographic universes, new age, old school, quantum mechanics, love, spirituality, ascension, meditation, yoga, mystery schools, sufism, veda's, budism, theosophy, etc. etc. I did a fair share of searching for truth and did not avoid certain experiences if you know what I mean. It's a long story.

'How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message?' It implies that one cannot hear the message. You have to be 'Able' first before you can hear. Interesting. Sounds almost religious doesn't it? How I was Abel and Cain was not. I have been searching for so called 'truth' all my life. I wanted to understand God, this world, myself, my parents, friends, humanity. My place in the universe. There had to be a code or a message fore nothing made sense except chaos. I had to believe in a A God because it gave me something abstract outside myself. Something bigger than me. I 'fell' in love with al my knowledge and I started to build a hell of an ego to manage all that self-love that was so abundantly flowing from within me.

I used to be convinced there where great 'mystical' powers working for me in the realms of this world. I was spiritual, physical, healthy, sporty and one 'fine' day I had this out of body, kundalini, whatever the fuck you want to call it experience where reality sort of expanded into this timeless holographic white light. I was without form or sense of time. Oh It was so 'life changing and overwhelming'. Beyond words and al that other bullshit definitions that come out when I become possessed and cannot voice myself.

Interesting I said, "I Wanted to understand God" which implies I didn't. I apparently allowed myself to switch believes from one moment to the next without taking any 'self'-responsibility for it? And we all do this. We all walk this earth projecting bullshit at each other thus making the world a projection of ourselves as that ever changing bullshit we are as our minds. Reality has become a self created concept of chaos and destruction and I kept on blaming others for it. Humanity has become brand names, brand value, loyalty and believe-systems. An infinite loop of advertisements for limitations we accept as our reality. I know one or two things about advertising and I can tell you "reality is worse than you think". What makes me hear the Desteni message? Seeing myself as part of reality is one of the points.

This reality is All Dollah. Allāhu akbar. God is great from the moment time began and our innocent ego's started battling for supremacy. You don't have to be 'intelligent' or 'enlightened' to see this shit. Just look around? It's written in history as our children are taught. It's programmed into every molecule we genetically alter. Unfortunately or in other words us, another fortune later. Truth stares us in the face all the time.

Someone asked me to take that honest look. Who is God in this world? What creates this world? So I looked from all perspectives and all the viewpoints showed me money. So yeah well eh, money does! Since time began the only thing we do is battle for more. And if money rules the world instead of God then where is God? And if god is not here then what the fuck happened in heaven? Time to find some answers.

I started investigating Desteni. That's what I did. Try to find the flaws. Assume the worst. It's a cult. A bunch of brilliant freaks. They are on the internet so if anything, they will be exposed. However the more I investigated the more I was blown away by the rawness and honesty I faced. Real People, real names sharing themselves, exposing their secret mind shit openly for all to see and learn. Never in my whole life did I encounter this overwhelming raw honesty as it was shared amongst Destonians. It was confronting and almost scary. I was blown away. This was historic. Why doesn't the whole world now about this? Where was the media? Like I said; reality is worse than we think. Loosing all religion made me feel rather exposed. Naked as you will. Loosing all self definition is not a comfy happening. My realizations where mindblowing. I was able to Hear the Desteni Message because I saw that there is one 'simple' principle that rules them 'all'.

- 1 principle beyond, separation, beyond religion, science and money
- 1 principle to base all our thoughts on
- 1 principle to base all our actions on
- 1 principle without exclusivity, without ego
- 1 principle that includes all and thus = best for all
- 1 principle as the solution to the cause of our problem which is separation
- 1 principle that forces one to be self honest and take self responsibility

As al the 'prophets said "Love thy neighbor". The principle of Equality stands as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so fuck me god. This principle made me hear the Destine message. None are free until all are free. How can I accept anything else?

How can I accept myself within separation within believes, religion. My relyons. Seeing that the principle of equality implies 'all' is hard to grasp at times. It's also simple. Creation=All=Equal or nobody is. It implies a lot because it implies all of us. Total transformation. The system has a word to counteract the fact you might realize we as humanity have an option. That word is 'utopia'. The amount of hate that is projected towards Desteni is fascinating and proves beyond doubt that there is something happening. People react very strangely to the truth. I said it before, reality is worse than your nightmares.

I'm walking with Desteni for about 2 years now. Having applied the tools I have for instance been able to stop addictions like weed and smoking. I have seen myself existing as thoughts emotions and feelings unable to control myself at the same time realizing it's not me. I'm not these thoughts emotions and feelings. I got myself out of a seriously deep depression without consulting a doctor or therapist. I was only using the tools Desteni presents. I pushed myself more than I can ever remember doing. I got a very refreshing look into the world of relationships and sex. I'm becoming more and more aware of my ego as the mind trying to tear me apart. Never silent always on as this is a process within every breath.

I continue to walk and fall. To stand up again and slowly discover who I really am as Life. I script myself and push myself to walk myself into a human being that will honor Life as the physical. Here in every moment asking myself time and time again. Am I here?

The world will wake up to the Desteni message, It's not how it's when. Destonians show the effectiveness of the tools that are shared and researched within thousands of blogs and vlogs. No pseudo's, all under real names for you to read and investigate because we don't want to lose the precious time we have. We all go or no go...

Desteni is the real deal but don’t believe a word I'm saying! Investigate for yourself. I dare you to ask the questions you never dared to ask. See fore yourself that love is not all that matters but all matter or love does not exist!

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2012 Does the sound of silence becomes the roar of darkness?

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http://mikesprocess.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... -roar.html

They say fear of the dark is a common fear among children. I think it's the other way round. That I as an adult am in full denial. That children reflect the horrors of me as 'this world' (my universe). Children show me the reality of what it means to grow up in this 'adult' world'. A world where you have to be 18 to enter.

My daughter is seven years old now. She's trying to make sense of something that has become totally senseless and there is so little I can do. Baby's being born into this world enter a reality beyond the horror made in Hollywood. The 'dark fear' travels with us. We as adults don't address it as such (that would be childish). However fear of the dark is usually not fear of the dark is it? We all know because our parents told us! In their heads they understood the concept. Fear of possible or imagined dangers thus not real. How come we all feel scared just the same? O yes, 'imagined dangers'. Up there in my head instead of looking were to walk. Tripping and falling into a coma and now they are going to cut me up and I'm not able to speak.

I remember moments I had as I child where I could see what was going on around me. Reality unfolding as this place I wanted to escape but couldn't. Trying to share my fears with my parents unable to communicate what it was that scared me so much. I see it now. I see it within some children. I'm confronted with it through the walls of my house. I'm afraid of the dark because within darkness there is only me and I'm not sure what that is? How can I be? Nothing here but nothing. Me as this never ending stream of thoughts from the past. The well never dries. The only way is to shut it up. Close the tap.

Sometimes the ping-pong stops and for a brief moment it will become dark. Then there will be thoughts again. Concepts without substance. Nothing to hold on too. Me generating make believe energy in a make believe world. That's why darkness is so cool. Through all this shit called 'life' Darkness is the only constant factor. So where do I find self trust? Out there with some God or deity. Or could it be I'm overlooking the authority called Darkness that's observing patiently from deep inside? Do I have a choice? Can I let go of 'me' as what I think I am. Do I dare to face the darkness?

Being submerged in thoughts loosing myself. Stopping myself, breathing and bringing myself 'here'. Time and time again. Falling, followed by self-Judgement and shame. Repeating cycles of failure as time is ticking. Even judging time as 'dead-lines'. The more afraid I become of the future the harder it get's to move on. The experience of sharing myself, is horribly confronting and painfully embarrassing. Seeing myself and not being able to laugh about my fuckups. Taking myself way too seriously. Giving in to embarrassment. I my Ego wearing the mask of Grim Reaper scaring myself into 'shame and regret'. Great disguise Grim! Every hour every day I catch myself falling into these holographic traps made of thoughts. The blinding light of thoughts.

At least Darkness cut's the crap and shows me where it's at. I'm either here and aware or I'm again lost within the pictures as my thoughts firing like a Gatling gun. Fear of the dark is the ultimate fear of facing myself here as the unknown. I don't wan't to remain scared in the dark as noting. That's why I walk this process. The only reality I find acceptable is a reality where we all share the darkness with no fear. A reality where equality rules. I'm often scared we are not going to make it that far (Oops, afraid of the dark again).

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2012 Is your ascension Guru on iTunes?

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http://mikesprocess.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... tunes.html

My former Guru
There was a time in my life were I followed a guru. A spiritual guide as you will. A father figure for the holes I couldn't fill. Meeting figures like that in my life was very specific I can see that now and it's fascinating to observe myself within this point. I met this man via my Yoga teacher who was very 'into him' at the time. Being one of the last svara yogis I already gave him this aura of exclusivity before I even met him. My Guru was born and raised in India. At age 12 he met his spiritual teacher in the Himalayas and spent several years under his guidance. The Guru initiated him into the Saivite tradition of Tantra, imparting a rare oral tradition of sacred sounds (naada yoga), breath (svara yoga), and spiritual 'wisdom'.

The spiritual practices he imparted (sadhana) gave him a rare ability for chanting sounds and mantra. For millennia this tradition was passed down from generation to generation through an oral tradition which preserved its so called 'purity'. In the scene It is seen as a rare opportunity to learn the science of sound from a true master. Yes it's a very elite club of people. One can compare it to Aikido, KungFu or whatever club is elite in nature.

Coming to America
My former guru studied with 'renowned' vocalist, Pran Nath, and his disciple Jagdish Mohan. Pran Nath held fast to the premise that the expression of music was a sacred art, a spiritual offering and a deep direct pathway to the Divine. He also learned how to play the tambura (an ancient drone instrument). In college he studied philosophy, comparative religion and history. At age 24 he migrated to the States and eventually became a citizen. Initially he lived in California. In the 1970s, he frequently taught at Esalen and was a guest lecturer at Berkley California. During this time he played tambura with Ravi Shankar on tour in several concerts, including Lincoln center and Carnegie Hall. He relocated to New York city where he worked extensively with youth who were struggling to find their 'spiritual identity'. He became known as the 'holy man' of Greenwich Village due to his 'unending compassion, effective therapy and esoteric wisdom'. He was quite the man. He also taught classes at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan.

In 1966, he undertook an intensive pilgrimage in the Himalayas. It was at this time that he had a so called vision of his own chakras. This vision was the beginning of a path which led to the discovery of the components of his chakras. That year, he co-founded ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ (goodness, truth, beauty) together with his friend and a Pundit. This organization was founded with the intention of synthesizing the knowledge of East and West in order to aid those seeking to conduct the principles into their every day lives. In early 1967, he had an 'intuition' where he revealed that each of the seven major chakras contained 21 microchakras and described the precise details of theire functioning. This revelation formed his basis fore the Microchakra Psychology system. This system (his system) he trademarked!

Building the brand
My Guru began presenting his work internationally in major growth centers and Universities, including New York University, Bombay University, Asia Society, De Kosmos (Amsterdam) and many others. He introduced a unique method of education for young children. His first open air mantra meditation concert was at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC). In 1968 he was invited to the neuro-psychiatric institute of Princeton, to experiment with the effects of sound. Around this time he commenced his international teachings in Europe. In 1970 he established his Center as a non-profit organization for the promotion of the integration of ancient Indian wisdom and artistic expression with modern science and psychology. This Center has hosted 'rare spiritual teachers'. It has also sponsored some of the greatest Indian artists to perform in the U.S. such as Pran Nath, Karunamayee, Kundan Lal Sharma and Salamet Ali.

In 1975, he was invited to the Royal Tropical Museum in Amsterdam to present his model of Microchakra Psychology. A department of Chakra Studies was created at the University of Lugano, awarding him an honorary professorship. In 1991 het met Dandi Swami Atmanandendra the foremost disciple of Satchidanandendra Saraswati, the internationally 'acclaimed authority' on Shankar Advaita Vedanta. He met SwamJi while walking in the high Himalayas (you always meet your gurus). His life and work have been profoundly affected by SwamJi and his teachings. Currently he has a world wide network of students which he teaches at various locations. He is also on the faculty of the Open Center, New York’s center of holistic learning.

The Guru and his teachings
One of the lazy students was me. I met my Guru because I was at a point in my life where I was completely stuck. I worked my first job. I started my own company together with my best friend which became a, let's say, 3 year learning experience with a twist. I wanted to give up but was too young according to the system. I had to be re infused. That's the point where one meets his guru's. In that state I started doing yoga. It saved me in a way sports have stabalized me trough the years. Yoga confronted me with my body and it allowed me to become gentle with myself again. It also showed me that when I used ego in order to get things done things would always be damaged. I saw a glimpse of what it meant to have patience with oneself. Anyway it was time to review things I had done in my life up to that point and I became very depressed. It was my wake up call to life and this reality, especially to the money point. I realized that my actions and approach to life had been that of a spoiled child. I realized I didn't understand the world I was living in and that I needed help. A lot of these insights I suppressed immediately because they were just too much.

That's when I visited my former Guru for the first time. From his perspective I must have been an open book. He has skills there is no doubt about that. He examined me thoroughly and as he reached a certain spot in my lower back he stopped and put his thumb there. I started crying before I realized I was crying. I never cried like that let alone in front of someone else so I was rather impressed by what happened. I felt this energy within and as an embrace and I was overwhelmed by this intense feeling of respect.

As I sat up and faced him he asked me if my father had been absent in my early youth? What he saw was the fact that my father had tried to raise me with as much freedom as possible. Which meant I was gone like a wild dog the moment my father let me out only to return if my stomach started roaring. My guru told me that everything I did in life was recorded as sound vibration and the more I did the more it would manifest as the reality and personality I was creating myself. It made total sense to me. It also solved my question of storage of information as karma because I saw sound as infinite. I mean where do frequencies stop? So I 'totally' thought I understood what he was saying. I found my master. I found the one to take the role of my father. The one that gave me the answers with that authority my father never claimed. I was deeply touched by this experience. I felt special! I was home and not alone anymore.

The ancient Indian metaphysics of sound, from which my guru derived his teachings, teach that the universe is created from sound. It conveys to us that earth, sun, moon, stars and planets are all born of sound transformed into light. The universe is a luminous whole with degrees of luminosity. In essence light is sound of a particular frequency. The primordial sound is sound without vibration. It is the static matrix from which dynamic movement of expansion and contraction takes place. It is the cause rather than the effect of vibration. This was exactly what I wanted to hear because it was right up my alley. It really gave me a buzz because I was really into quantum mechanics and I had just read Autobiography of a yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I really thought I had a connection with ancient india from past lives and that my time of revelations had finally come. I was 'energized' again. I really believed I had found a key. That my depressions would soon be gone. I had a guru now and was one of the lucky ones. I felt privileged and special.

Every Guru has his teachings like a bird sings his songs. Me being one of the chicks meant I had to learn new songs. So what was my Guru about. First of all he didn't want to be called 'A Guru' he always said "I'm a common man" (speak with indian accent). Excellent public relations we get to this later. Secondly, he never wanted to talk about religion. He rather spoke about 'spirituality'…

Let's take a look at the word 'Guru'. My Guru came from India so his tradition, his roots where from india. In India the importance of finding a guru who can impart transcendental knowledge is considered honorable. In Indian culture, a person without a guru or a teacher (acharya) was once looked down on as an orphan or unfortunate one.

Because I read a lot from the Bhagavat Gita (My Bible) I could relate to a lot of concepts very easily. In India the most famous Guru is/was Krsna, a horse/battle carriage driver who reveals himself as 'god' to Arjuna (his famous general) who finds himself in moral conflict during a huge battle/conflict. One of the main texts in the Bhagavad Gita, is a dialogue between Krishna and his friend Arjuna. In this conversation Krsna repeatedly tells Arjuna how important it is to find a guru and acquire transcendental knowledge from a Self-realized master.

What's striking is that this story is very appealing to the classical male loyalty and bonding expressions. At one moment Arjuna voluntarily accepts Krsna as his Guru. Also interesting is that you submit to your Guru and he accepts you as his student. The principle of equality is not present at all.

"By humble reverence, by sincere inquiry, and by service. The wise ones who have realized the Truth will impart the Knowledge to you"

Krsna to Arjuna

The science of the Guru
I was convinced I had found my master. He lived in America, was modern and he had a great sense of humor. It was just perfect. It was not cheap I must say. He didn't live in an ashram so he had to travel around the world to meet us. That was expensive. He had a wife and a former wife with children (expensive). He ran an institute/company which means he had to make a profit. He was very open about this stuff and because he wasn't a guru he had no moral issues with making money. My spiritual master and I had a business deal. Like I said he was very modern. The basis of his teachings have to do with Prana and Apana. His observation was this: Between the cells of our physical body there is considerable space. This space is pervaded by two invisible bodies just as radio waves pervade the “solid” walls of a room. Ancient Indian teachings call the first invisible body, the subtle body. It is the seat of our feelings. The second invisible body pervades both the physical body and the subtle body. It is called the causal body and is the origin of our thoughts. The subtle body has seven major spinning wheels of energy (chakras) which obtain most of their energy from the five basic elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akash.

Elements and combinations of elements play an essential role in determining how we feel. For example, when Earth is in abundance, we feel solid and grounded. We feel confident. When Air is plentiful, we may feel roomy and more loving. Under conditions of stress and toxicity, the elements lose some of their purity and potency. They may then have a 'negative' effect on our feelings. A dispersed Earth element may make us feel weak and sluggish. Polluted Air can cause us to feel uncaring etc.

My Guru had over four decades of experience in helping people to purify the elements and integrate the three bodies. As a consequence, thousands of people have had the personal experience of 'strengthening' they're so called 'positive feelings' and 'thoughts'. Fasting was fundamental to his purification process. I did purifications where we didn't eat solid food for a five-day period. During this time we where provided with high quality herbs and husks, teas, vitamin C and special tonics. This process cleansed the internal organs (liver, kidney, bladder, spleen) as well as the blood and intestines. I was very much into this part because I could feel the results in my body very clearly. Those where awesome experiences. Other practices included synchronization of the brain hemispheres with the breath at dawn followed by dawn meditation. Prior to dawn meditation, a class of 'innertuning' movements and rhythmic breathing would be held. This prepared the body for the stillness of 'meditation'. There where yoga practices, visualizations and deep tone chanting.

Sometimes, emotional bodies would emerge. This was part of the purification process. Since all members where there for the same purpose, they would provide a supportive environment for each other. Purification of the causal body would purify our intentions. Interest in abstract thinking was enhanced. The desire to turn the senses inward was amplified. If everything went well, on the fourth day, purified energy from the physical and subtle body would be refined enough to penetrate the causal body.

The process of thinking itself would begin to feel clearer. Special sounds which produce surya (golden) akash were chanted. This highly refined akash pushes more dense and toxic akash out of the causal body. Consequently the breathing rate drops and participants feel free to meditate. I remember drinking a cup of coffee after a purification. It felt like a shot of chili peppers up my spine lol. My experience with my guru felt like coming home. I really thought there would be a day that I would become a yogi in some form or another. I'm laughing out loud because from my present perspective I couldn't be more of a monk. A Destonian Monk.

Guru CONclusions
Guru's had a very specific function from a 'spiritual' perspective. I'm grateful for my experience within this point. Going trough the motions of love and light and this relationship with the so called Guru. Having the luxury of a spiritual master and belonging to the spiritual elite that place themselves next too or above God. The whole concept of religion, believes and spirituality in general. It would have been much more difficult for me to grasp the Desteni message without these experiences. It also made me realize that spirituality fucks one up more than religion does. I realize that this whole Samadhi thing is a fuckup within and as the ultimate ego-trip. So from that perspective we are al Guru's blinded by the light.

Coming from the earth I would say our ascension would be to emerge from the mud to find solid ground with a solid principle of being here as self as who we are as humanity relying on equality instead of religion. That's ascension in the true sense of the word.

Study the Desteni Material and wake up the inner guru if you dare. For those who still believe we are going on a ride in a space ship. Here's my top ten ascension playlist for your mp3 player, in case you don't have a guru. A farewell to all Gurus that claim to guide you to the light. Thanks.

Two Lips/Rags & Bones Live and Cuddly 1990 (Nomeansno)

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2012 are your children relevant?

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Not so long ago someone confronted me with the word 'relevance' within a context I would never have placed it myself. In this case the word was used within the point of 'a relationship'. I wouldn't be able to crasp the concept of relevance within a relationship in the first place if I wasn't in this process of exposing myself, taking my actions back to me. To keep pushing the point of taking self responsibility for things happening in this world, in my life.

I have never looked at relationships from the point of 'relevance'. Because one have to define relevance before one can use the word within the context of a relationship and I never did that within relationships. Relevance? Tell me honey is there any relevance within us being together in the first place besides good sex and being able to share the load of life together? Is love relevant? Is sex relevant? This is not how I communicated with partners generally. Though there is always relevance from 'one' point of view within relationships and that one point is always self interest. That raises the question about self interest being relevant? Which can never be or exist within a relationship from a point of equality.

This was quite a brain-cracker for me. It also created a serious mind fuck for a few weeks where I was mainly dissolving points of anger/frustration like a child that cannot grasp what is happening. It felt like standing on skates for the first time. Can I have one relevant please? Is there any relevance within our human behavior in the first place? What is relevant? You tell me?

To be able to stop participating within a 'relationship' from the point of 'relevance' as I see it, would require one to have a complete and total overview of ones actions and behavior within a relationship. Seeing cause and effect within ones own participation in past-present and the effects on the future. Utter self awareness within every breath. I couldn't grasp this from a practical perspective within sharing oneself with another person. That's ego off coarse because the only thing I have to do is place myself as that other persons point of relevance and look at it from that persons perspective. Time after time again until no longer relevant...

Relevance can only mean relevant in relation to… It must be because relevance always relates. It's 'created'. Relevance is not there in the first place. Relevance relates or evolves from and towards points, equations, formulas and principles. The more I pondered on the meaning of relevance the more frustrated I got. Relevance fucked with me for quite some time.

What's the relevance of you and me? Aren't most relationships a permanent polarity play between points of interest! Your turn, my turn and eventually our turn as a happy family. A relationship will be relevant as well as irrelevant from countless starting points. All creating cause and effect. Relevance needs to be connected 'to the points' = relevant. So one could say that no relationship is ever relevant if the parties involved are not permanently on the same page regarding their relevant points or what's the point? Is it just sex then the only relevant point is sex. Until sex is no longer relevant? Etc. etc.

Looking at my own relationships and the ones around me this point of relevance becomes quite interesting. Why do people relate? Why do people invest huge amounts of time and money into relationships? What fuels my relationships from the point of relevance? It's like looking at it upside down. Have I ever told someone within a relationship his or her 'presence' was no longer relevant? Not in those words I did. It implies I would have had self responsibility and would have been able to see all relevant points. Most of my relationships ended in spiteful, messy, shameful experiences I tried to forget which is impossible because the mind does not forget.

One could say that without the starting point of equality there is no relevance within any relationship other than self interest. Without equality all my relationships would become irrelevant sooner or later and that's not what I want them to be. What can I do?

At present the whole world is fucked within this point of competition. Hair and make up. The next top model or golden voiced superstar. It's all we are told and we accept and allow our children to brainwash each other according to those examples and images we impose on them. Even if we present them the concept of equality and talk to them about relevance, what is there to expect without us as living examples of 'the principle'? We show our children that if we have it we are afraid to loose it and if we loose it we want to get it back. The perspective of our children playing this game the way we are doing I find horrifying.

It's interesting to walk trough a day looking at myself participating in the world from this point of relevance. It requires constant awareness within the fuckups I create trough irrelevant actions from moment to moment. Looking at relevance shows me that what is relevant to life = equality and I don't see any solution but an equal money system to get to that point. For me that's what makes the Desteni message relevant beyond any point of self interest or entertainment.

relevant |ˈreləvənt|
closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand : the candidate's experience is relevant to the job.

relevance noun
relevancy |-vənsē| noun
relevantly adverb
ORIGIN early 16th cent. (as a Scots legal term meaning [legally pertinent] ): from medieval Latin relevant- ‘raising up,’ from Latin relevare.

the relevant page numbers: pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos, to the point, germane; connected, related, linked.

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2012 Chaos and the end of education

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The best teachers and schools don't exist where they're needed most
During a keynote in 2010 Sugata Mitra addressed a few pressing subjects regarding the future of Education which he calls "The child-driven education". Amongst others he pointed out that if you draw circles around places where good teachers won't go, those are the places where 'trouble' comes from. An ironic problem isn't it?

Good teachers don't want to go (don't get paid to go) to places where they're needed most. At the same time our children are dropping out of school and we can't teach them to deal with their own minds because we don't know how to do that ourselves! The greatest fuck up in the world today is the abuse of children within this essential point of education where the great divide between leaders and followers is created. Why are we surprised that our children cannot handle the dynamics of reality? Our reality! As I see it present education should be called 'child abuse'. How can I justify the brainwashing of my child based on the current system that's not supporting life? This point is beyond religion or politics. I simply can't.

Children will learn to do what they want to learn to do.
Suga Mitra did an experiment, which was a very simple experiment. He basically embedded a computer into a wall of a slum in New Delhi. The children there barely went to school, they didn't know any English, they'd never seen a computer before, and they didn't know what the internet was. He connected high speed internet to the computer, turned it on and left it there. Interesting things started to happen. The experiment was repeated all over India and a large part of the world. What was noticed was that children will learn to do what they want to learn to do.

You see this eight year old boy teaching his student, a six year old girl how to browse. In a Rajasthan village the children recorded their own music and then played it back to each other and in the process, they've enjoyed themselves thoroughly. They did all of this in four hours after seeing the computer for the first time. In another South Indian village, these boys had assembled a video camera and were trying to take a photograph of a bumble bee 14 days after the computer was put in their village. At the end Suga concluded that groups of children can learn to use computers and the internet on their own, irrespective of who or where they were.

At this point they decided to see what else children could do with a computer. So they started off with an experiment in Hyderabad India, where a group of children (that spoke English with a very strong Telugu accent) where given a computer with a speech-to-text interface. The children where asked to speak into it. When they spoke into it, the computer typed out gibberish, so they said, "It doesn't understand anything of what we are saying." The children where told the computer would be there for two months. "Good luck making yourself understood to the computer." The children asked "How?" They didn't got an answer and Suga left. Two months later (this is documented) the accents had changed and were remarkably close to the neutral British accent. Children could do that on their own no problemo. Teachers that read this will start to hear a lot of back chat right now lol.

A teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be
A lot of experiments where done with children in india in order to stimulate learning on their own. At one point even the late Arthur C. Clarke got involved. He said two interesting things.

1 A teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be (isn't this hilarious)
2 If children have interest, then education happens."

With children, when you've got interest, you have education. I know this for a fact from my own experience. Children will climb the highest mountain without complaining if they are interested to do so.

After Suga got funded from Newcastle university he set up another experiment in India where he set himself an impossible target: can Tamil speaking 12-year-old children in a South Indian village teach themselves biotechnology in English on their own? 26 children where called in and where told that there was some really difficult stuff on this computer. The stuff was in English and that was it.

He left the children with that computer. When he came back after two months, the 26 children marched in very, very quiet. He asked them, "did you look at any of the stuff?" They said, "Yes, we did." "Did you understand anything?" No, nothing they said. So Suga asked "how long did you guys practice on it before you decided you understood nothing?" They said, "We looked at it every day." So, "For two months, you were looking at stuff you didn't understand?" At this point a 12 year-old girl raises her hand and says, literally, "Apart from the fact that improper replication of the DNA molecule causes genetic disease, we've understood nothing."

I rest my case... - ! -

One of the referees in England who refereed the papers said, "It's too good to be true". A typical remark from a brainwashed contemporary teacher full of ego. Anyway one of the girls in the village had taught herself to become the teacher. The scores had gone up from zero to 30 percent, which is an educational impossibility under the circumstances. But 30 percent is not a pass. So Suga needed help. A friend, a local accountant. Suga asked a local girl he was playing footbal with if she would teach the children enough biotechnology to pass? She asked how would I do that? I don't know the subject. Suga said, "use the method of the grandmother." What's that? "Well, what you do is stand behind the children and admire them all the time. Just say to them, That's cool. That's fantastic. What is that? Can you do that again? Can you show me some more? She did that for two months. The scores went up to 50, which is what the posh schools of New Delhi, with a trained biotechnology teacher were getting!

The Grandmother methode
Back in Newcastle with the results there was something happening that definitely was getting very serious. So, having experimented in all sorts of remote places, Suga came to the most remote place that he could think of. Approximately 5,000 miles from Delhi is the little town of Gateshead (England). In Gateshead, he took 32 children and started to fine-tune the method. He made groups of four and said, "You make your own groups of four. Each group of four can use one computer. Remember, from the Hole in the Wall. "You can exchange groups. You can walk across to another group, if you don't like your group, etc. You can go to another group, peer over their shoulders, see what they're doing, come back to your own group and claim it as your own work." And he explained to them that a lot of scientific research is done using that method.

The children enthusiastically asked, "what do you want us to do?" he gave them six GCSE questions. The first group -- the best one -- solved everything in 20 minutes. The worst, in 45. They used everything that they knew -- news groups, Google, Wikipedia, Ask Jeeves, etc. The teachers said, "Is this deep learning?" Suga said, "let's try. I'll come back after two months and do a paper test so no computers, no talking to each other, etc." The average score when done with the computers and the groups was 76 percent. When he did the paper test, after two months, the score was 76 percent! There was photographic recall inside the children, probably because the children were discussing with each other. A single child in front of a single computer will not do that.

Other results where almost unbelievable. Scores going up with time. Because after the session is over, the children continue to 'Google'. In Britain, he put out a call for British grandmothers. British Grandmothers, vigorous people. British grandmothers, 200 of them volunteered immediately. The deal was that they would give Suga one hour of broadband time, sitting in their homes, one day a week. So they did that, and over a period of two years, over 600 hours of instruction has happened over Skype, using what Suga's students call the granny cloud. The granny cloud sits over there. Suga can beam them to whichever school he want to. Back at Gateshead, a 10-year-old girl gets into the heart of Hinduism in 15 minutes and tells us things we never heard of before. Two children watch a TEDTalk. They wanted to be footballers. After watching eight TEDTalks, they wants to become Leonardo da Vinci. It's pretty simple stuff.

This is what Suga is building now and he calls it SOLEs: Self Organized Learning Environments. The furniture is designed so that children can sit in front of big, powerful screens, big broadband connections, but in groups. If they want, they call the granny cloud.

Suga went to Turin. He sent all the teachers away from a group of 10 year-old students. He said I only speak English, they spoke only Italian, so no 'language' to communicate. Suga started writing English questions on the blackboard. The children looked at it and said, "What?" He said, "Well, do it." They typed it into Google, translated it into Italian, went back into Italian Google. Fifteen minutes later, next question: where is Calcutta? This one, they did in 10 minutes. He tried a really hard one on them. Who was Pythagoras, and what did he do? There was silence for a while, then they said, "You've spelled it wrong. It's Pitagora." And then, in 20 minutes, the right-angled triangles began to appear on the screens.

We are talking about 10 year-olds here!!!

We've just stumbled across that what humans have inside their DNA. Being part of a self-organizing system. A self-organizing system is one where a structure appears without (apparent) explicit intervention from the 'outside'. Self-organizing systems also always show emergence, where the system starts to do things, which it was never designed for. Which is why you react the way you do, because it looks impossible! Just watch 'The Matrix' again on that one.

Critical mass
By now you should see that 'education' could be a self-organizing system, where learning is simply part of our 'natural' expression, our culture. It emerges from us 'the organism'. Yes this will take far to much time to prove because the educational system as it exists is based on making money based on industrial principles dating back to the first factory's.

There is so much money pushing the current system. It's really unbelievable. So it will take us a few years to wake up to these points. My point is that we as Destonians are already ringing the bell! In the mean time, there is a method available. One billion children and their parents. That means you too. 100 million mediators are needed and there are many more than that on the planet. Let's wake the fuck up and act! Demand something of ourselfs within this point and Demand that same thing from the teachers teaching our children.

The experiments of people like Suga Mitra (and many more) prove that there is more than meets the eye and 'thinking' you know about education is plain stupid because, take a look. Who educated us? Who got us thinking? This world is coming to a point where we have to make some tough choices. Do we go left or right. As parents we can't afford to let the system run it's course. That course will take us over a cliff called 'back in time'. Allready we are confronted with devastating consequences directly related to poor education. Let's make a stand. Stand up for equality, equal money and Education of self. Investigate Desteni and discover the solution.

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The deadliest bullet ever made

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15 11 2011
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I came across this picture and it stopped me in my tracks. What a fascinating picture it is. Who is that rich man? Does he have a name? How did he get rich? Why is he fighting a war? What are his mission objectives? Who is he paying? What party’s are involved and do they have rules of engagement? Is it a dirty war? A clean war? What’s in it for him? Does it fucking matter?

If I where a rich man?
Men that experienced the horrors of war realising that they where killing for money. A demonstration and a claim that says “we won't fight a another rich man’s war”. Which means they already did. So there you go. It’s already done. You killed in order not to be killed for money. Why not refuse before you go and kill for money? Be it in the name of God, country, turf or home. What makes people kill other people for money? Money apparently! So is it the rich man or his money?

There have been demonstrations fore/or against every thinkable subject. Did something change? And if something changed was it best for all? After the war, did some group get special benefits at the cost of other groups giving them a reason to go demonstrate? It’s like a never ending chain of events that creates reasons to demonstrate and go to war. It’s painfully pathetic and it’s us!

Serving the God of war
We are created in the image and likeness of God. We are the creators. Why didn’t we create peace I ask? What’s going on here? Or is God perhaps that rich man? If we are created in the image and likeness of him than he sure loves making money and killing a few innocent in the process. If there is one demonstration that shows us who we are it’s the demonstration of war. It’s seems to be the only thing we really know how to do well. Fighting wars seems to be the only thing we all love to do. Cowboys and indians. Bang-Bang.. You're dead.

Do you know what powers rule this world? Do you know what really fuels the acts of war? Have you ever asked yourself those questions before you wrote a claim and walked up to the White House and occupied the boardwalk. Making claims in front of the media. It's exactly what they want. Ha, the media... They love a 'good' war don’t they...

Brothers in arms
This is an interesting photo in more ways than one. It shows me the absolute state of stupidity in which we as the human race exist at the moment. How much do I have to pay you to stand up for a world where we are all equal? If I’m not in it to win it than fuck it. Really want to know what fuels the wars in this world? Do you really? It’s about Private wars. It’s about you and me. It’s love thy neighbour as thy self. Do we? War exists because we allow it to exist. All of us. It’s the concept of winning. To profit at the cost of others. It’s me being more than you. My people instead of all people. It’s Ego.

Private war
It’s my Ego and his private war that fuel the global ones. Me and you both fighting for survival instead of standing up as one and equal. No, we rather meet somewhere in the world as competitors on the battlefield. See how stupid it is. Occupy my street, wall street, whatever street. Absolute nonsense. As long as money isn’t equal, you and me are not equal and there will be war. Lot’s of wars, big ones, small ones until we realise who we have become. Is that the way I wanna go? Shot by a bullet for profit or standing as what’s best for all?

The solution
So It’s you and me that decide what is going to happen. It’s us that have to stand up and stick to a principle in order to become living examples that show there is another way. I change in order to be change. A real demonstration is a demonstration of personal change as who I am standing up as change within a world that has to change. I dare you to ask questions. I dare you to look at Equal Money. It will make you pee your pans.

Do we go to war and rape each-other or are we going to give in order to receive?


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