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Re: job.

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Started working when i was 13. At farmhouse. Doing farm chores, feeding milking and caring for cows calves and other animals.

How did you experience this?

I experience it the way that I feel care and love for animals, and the commitment and responsibility, that farming is. I also experience, it, the way that, I was maturing, going into adulthood. From being teenager, I was reciving money from work, an holding resposibilety. So these are positive, attachments that I recal, but I also remember or, can withdraw, from that time, realizing, that , farming , and agriculture, as total, is so, so, very gone wrong, and is one of the biggest supporters of the abuse in the world, that exist. Much through not being able to feed, (ironicaly)the garbage dump, with enough food, so the farmers had to even poisen the food and the land. That’s what I experienced, and understood from growing up, at that age.

When you say you "withdraw" the realization, what I understand is that this is what you realize now when you look back and that when you were 13, you were simply enjoying yourself in the work with the animals and enjoying the responsibility. Is that correct?

What is "not decent" work? You can in your writing look at, if there is a positive, there is a negative and then identify both:
Not decent work (or non decent work), is by definition, work that make human, as worker, not capable of making meaning, being able to recive, feeling valued, enough, or in general not participating at the actual work as work is manifested, with humankind.
I agree that indecent work is work that does not value the person doing the work which in this current system is determined by how much money the person gets and what kind of conditions they are working in/under. So the point I suggest looking at is the "feeling valued" - because as previously discussed, no one can make you feel valued or not - obviously there can be conditions that play in, but essentially you are here "valuable" as life, equal and one, and therefore your value is not determined by anything or anyone else. This is however what we learn - that through "making a living" (which in itself is an absurd statement) we become valuable. This is a very cool point to open up, where you can actually release yourself from the experience/definition/acceptance of self as being "not valued" and "worthless" as well as "worth-less" within not having a job - and start seeing and realizing, that YOU ARE the VALUE of YOU and that no one are responsible for how you value yourself. In this you can thus begin walking a process of purification to start valuing yourself here, equal and one. Thanks for opening this up Tormod. These words assisted myself as well. lol
I forgive myself for having allowed my self, to claim that I could be ready for working and to stand equal, as now, as not past, and assess the notion and envy of me as myself , to not have work, and not be able to see, what it means to be inn work, with the time, the housing question of self, and how I should even search fro the job.
Okay cool - so you see a point of self-deception/delusion where you in the polarity of how you have defined work on one hand see yourself as worthless and incapable of working and then on the other hand create a fantasy projection that is unrealistic. That is cool - then you can bring yourself back here to practical reality and see what is required to be done, for you to place yourself in such a position. What I do for example, is to first of all take an education (it is simply what "fits" me where I am and what is possible, so it is not to say that you have to do the exact same. It is more a showing of how one can effectively prepare oneself to walk a point) - then I have searched and searched for jobs and many were not fitting, in that I had to travel far or they were full time and so would not be able to study. Instead I have taken a job as a cleaner together with my partner where we, for 3 days pr. week for 1 hour clean a kindergarten that is located close to where we live. The wage is minimum pay and with my education I could (in principle) get a much better paid job, but realistically speaking and in looking practical at my situation, this is what is best at the moment. It is not something I have to identify myself according to and I realize what the current conditions of working life is, so it is simply a cool practical opportunity to support myself with a little extra money each month. What I then also do, is to prepare myself to be able to stand in the system effectively. Because I have also had a self-definition of being worthless when i came to working and at the same time judged/desires "a career/success" as well as created fantasies in my mind that was totally unrealistic. So through writing and self-forgiveness and observing myself, I can purify all these relationships I have created of polarities towards "working" and "who I am" in working, so that when the time comes, I can effectively place myself in a position.
I forgive myself, for allowing myself for no being aware, of, how important the subject is, and how many that is concerd, and how many that it concerns, and where to place those concerns, that evolve from, ones, needs and expectations.
These I suggest to bring back to yourself - and when you see yourself starting to "wander off" into "the bigger picture" gently bring yourself back here. Also - it is a point to look at in self-honesty as previously discussed, because it can be cool to look at both "big picture" and self, however looking at points outside of ourselves can also be used to distract and thus sabotage our own self-realization - which is why I emphasize this point of bringing it back to self. Even in these points above you can bring it back to self: how you have not seen you as important or how this point concerned you.
I forgive myself for allowing myself, for suppressing, values, of equal in me, such as enviromenltal, and fundamental teachings, that, is global knownledge, that is needed for human, and all life, as one, for the continuation, of what we are as one, with life on earth.
I forgive myself, for having allowed myself, to blame potential employes, of , what there was to blame a person, or a emlpoye for, and with that, the notion and expectations, of my own experience, of what work/job can be, and is, and could result in.
Very cool Tormod - bringing it back to self.

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