mind possession

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Re: mind possession

Postby David Robert » 07 Jan 2013, 19:13

In response to Ms. Craver's (having trouble remembering lindsay how to spell it anyway) "stupidity loop" simplicity is te solution, correct? Ah but the rule(s) in your mind appear and it's like shit more to do

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Re: mind possession

Postby Marlen » 07 Jan 2013, 19:34

As Lindsay has explained, it is to remain here breathing while writing - and if obstacles come up while directing you to write, then write about such rules and points that you are seeing as an obstacle to do so, this is actually cool in order to be clear in your starting point for writing, so that writing does not become an experience in your mind, but rather a tool to ground yourself back to physicality wherein you write-out what you are now looking at/ working with in order to begin the process of applying yourself to correct the thinking pattern, emotional/ feeling reactions.

So, I suggest doing this whenever you start experiencing any resistance to write, to write out the resistance, confronting it: what is it that I am accepting and allowing me to make things complicated? how am I preventing me from writing myself with this/that thought in my mind, what experience am I getting from it? Writing it out is the best way to make sense of ourselves in all cases.

If something's not clear or this wasn't precisely the point you were asking about, share

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