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Re: exercise

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cool support here guys

self image is definitely a point we all face - there is a fascinating interview series on eqafe: The Metaphysical Secrets of Imagination Series, the first two interview are about self image, and then it goes into comparison - it's really supportive and anyone who can invest in it i recommend to.

in regards to working out, as has been said - it's not right or wrong to work out, so don't look for an answer of that sort, don't look for a "should" or "shouldn't", you must consider who you are within working out, and find what is practical for you in supporting yourself within your environment and your body.
and continue with what you've been doing as stopping the thoughts and applying self forgiveness to support yourself.

i find that working out is a cool way to build a relationship with your physical as yourself in equality and oneness, as you move it and stretch it, it's an opportunity to get to know yourself within / as your physical body - that's cool

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Re: exercise

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Hey thanks for the replies definitely cleared the air a bit, I'll post more later

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Re: exercise

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I can relate to what your going through as far a finding a starting point in which to apply yourself in working out.
What I find assists me is a point of self commitment. To utilize exercise as a tool. The goal I set for myself is to make an agreement for myself and sick to it. I ask myself - If there is anyone I should be able to make an agreement with, with absolutely no resistance is myself in fact.

Exercising is a great choice as it only affects myself. I can design and schedule it and then commit to doing it. From there I look at effectiveness. Exercising with optimized results requires discipline in eating right. It supports me in eating foods that actually support my body. What i found is that in the past when I would stop hitting the gym, I would start to let my diet slip. This showed me that I was not in fact being effective within my eating because I was ONLY eating better because of exercise. Its cool to see because it shows how our choices are not always being made through common sense. It only makes sense to eat right when working out but apparently I am unable to remain consistent unless I keep working out.

There are many individual points that one can see where/why you apply yourself the way you do. One can separate each and every single point (like eating) into its own category where you can work on then individually. What I found with eating was I do not in fact care about my body unless i'm working out. This came from fear of not getting the results I wanted and wasting my time in the gym. When I wasn't working out I had nothing/no reason to remain in this fear and so I went back to eating 'shitty' foods.

Instead I now look at my effectiveness on every point on an individual level. So its a point of SELF commitment where one commits to being EFFECTIVE within the commitment. Then for myself, I can see that its not just exercising regularly that i'm committing to. There are many points one can improve, on a life time basis.

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