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My Writings

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I want to give some perspective on where i'm fucking at. I would like to suggest, through listening to the Mars Volta album noctourniquet, I was able to 'serve' it. That means that I was able to constantly and continuously push from a point of fear the Truth that allowed my perspective to be broadened. I think this is a perfect example of how to stand One and Equal with all life. I like this idea because it gives us room to not be 'abusers' but instead find some way to gain 'the law' / be One and Equal to life. I found that Aleister Crowley had a Law called - Do What Thou Wilt. In this I was able to accept it -check the puzzle, does it fit? Because I was able to gain insight into my 'problems'. Thanks

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Re: My Writings

Post by Marlen »

Without having read this thread, I did mention in your other thread the absolute warning about such statement Do what you want/ 'Do as Thou Wilt' and Crowley himself, which is the ultimate excuse used to harm and abuse because 'it's your will!'

If you investigate the current world-system as it exists, it is in fact built upon and the very manifestation of such statement of absolute self-interest of 'do what you want/do as you please' and so, the consideration of another AS yourself is non existent in it, not within its original starting point that Crowley himself coined the term within and for.

I therefore suggest to start with taking into consideration the Starting Point within such statement - words are words but Who You Are within them is what changes the entire meaning of it as well, and that's why only throwing 'words' can mean many things and nothing at all at the same time, as you are not then sharing 'who you are' within such words, what you see, what you consider.

This is why this process of getting to know yourself, of writing yourself is so important before even considering finding 'truth' somewhere else in separation of yourself, such as in another's words that you haven't in fact proven to yourself is Self-Supportive. As well as seeing the exact root/cause of WHY they said it and for What purpose(s) it was said. So, If such statement was said in consideration of who we are as one and equal, then sure that 'will' would contain the absolute living principle of doing what is best for all, considering another as yourself, therefore 'your will' would represent and be a living principle applicable to all. BUT this was Not at ll the starting point of that Crowley had in that statement, not within the 'laws' he lived by in his life nor his intentions which actually form part of our current 'pop culture unfortunately.

So, watch out for such 'beliefs' and false 'wisdom' that has been used for the very purpose of excusing and justifying abuse

What is 'the truth' you're speaking of?
What are your problems?
What is your aim with your self-writing?

So, I suggest that you instead write out and expand upon the points you are facing and what is your intention here as well with writing it out, is it to 'provide' solutions to others or is it to support yourself? Is it to write yourself and learn how to apply self-forgiveness?

Let us know

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