Self Awareness steps for the Elite - Part 2

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Self Awareness steps for the Elite - Part 2

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Self Awareness steps for the Elite - Part 2

Once Spiritual and Financial Fulfilment is achieved – the human reach a space where the Rebirth-Process to Self-Awareness may be possible. Many of the now Self-Fulfilled Elite make the Mistake to believe that they have transcended themselves, and therefore their ‘work is done’ and they are ‘Masters’.

What they do not Realise is that they have only Mastered the Illusion - and miss the 99.9% that is here on Earth which is the Real Test to Birth themselves to Life. The Perfection of the Illusion is such, that rarely those that has eaten from the Tree of Knowledge will find Life before Death arrives to shatter the Illusion.

This interview-series consist of the following interviews:

01 - Conscious-Mind Thought-Manifestation – Practical Application: In this interview we give you examples of how to practically approach Conscious-Mind Thoughts in your day-to-day living, what it means to not participate in Conscious-Mind Thoughts, how to stop Conscious-Mind Thoughts and how this process assist/support self to focus one’s living more within the actual Physical-Reality than being pre-occupied in the Conscious-Mind Thoughts.
02 - Conscious Mind Thoughts - Stopping participation vs. Suppression: Additional practical application consideration, assisting/supporting with giving practical perspective/examples of what the difference is between stopping PARTICIPATION in/as thoughts and/or accepting and allowing self to suppress/deny/ignore Thoughts that only create/perpetuate more internal conflict/discomfort within self/the Mind.
03 - Why do the same Thoughts keep coming-up? Here we discuss why and how thought-patterns within the Conscious-Mind keep-on coming-up/recurring – what it means if the same Thoughts keep coming up in our Mind, how to work with such recurring Thoughts/Thought-Patterns and how to utilize such recurring Thoughts/Thought-Patterns to assist/support self in the process of self-realisation.
04 - Subconscious-Mind Thought-Manifestation – Practical Application: Here we give practical examples and perspectives of how to approach one’s Subconscious-Mind Personalities, Internal-Conversations and Reactions when one suddenly/unexpectedly face/experience them in one’s day-to-day living, what it means to really stop and change self immediately in a moment and what it means to Really Direct and take Responsibility for one’s reactions/experiences of thoughts in the Mind.
05 - Unconscious-Mind Thought-Manifestation – Practical Application: Here we give practical examples and perspectives of how to Change one’s living in one’s human physical body, what it means to Live WITH one’s human physical body, realise how we’ve accepted and allowed our Unconscious-Minds to control/influence our behaviour and within this: understand the process of becoming Self-Aware within ourselves and our worlds.

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