Shocking Secrets of Masturbation

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Shocking Secrets of Masturbation

Postby Maya » 07 Mar 2012, 23:24

We’re walking a series on Masturbation that will ‘tie in with’ the series “What is Sex” we’re currently walking. Within the Masturbation series, we’re going to walk the History of Masturbation - how Masturbation became part of the mind-functioning of human-beings, what role the Creators of the Mind-System played within the programming of Masturbation, how Heaven used the Energy generated from Masturbation and how the current World-System manipulate the Minds of human-being through stimulating Masturbation into a consumer-industry for the purposes of Profit. And how Masturbation compromise one’s relationship with self and sabotage one’s relationships with others, within the context of being able to relate to others as equals within the basics of communication and interaction and how Masturbation impede the ability to have effective, practical, real, respectful, dignified relationships with other human beings. Enjoy!

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation – Introduction

This is an introduction video-interview to the Masturbation-Series that we’ll be walking, within which we’ll be discussing the real nature of Masturbation through the Mind with Energy, touching on and describing in-depth points like why masturbation exist, how it functions within the mind, how fantasies are created through mind-imprints of reality, relationship consequences we create through masturbation, why masturbation is so addictive/possessive, why it’s so difficult to stop masturbating, the physical human body consequences of masturbation and so much more.

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation – Relationship Imprinting - Part 1

In this interview, we walk you through how exactly we create relationships with other human beings – either through direct physical-contact and/or through images/pictures/movie-scenes/porn within our Minds, and how with creating such relationships and masturbating to them in our Fantasy-Domain of the Mind: imprint another human-beings’ mind/self into and as our own.

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation – The Masturbating God - Part 2
In this interview, we discuss how and the extent to which we program and create a Masturbation Personality within our Minds and the consequence of that within our internal mind-functioning and external relationship interactions; where we start with walking the History of Masturbation as how and why human beings were programmed to either become infatuated with external relationships/sex and/or internal relationships/sex.

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation – Personifying Masturbation - Part 3
In this interview, we start with the process of explaining/walking the detail of how it is one separated / isolated oneself into/as one’s Mind from external relationships/sex into creating internal mind-realities of fantasy – and the process of conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind participation of thoughts and internal conversations as preparation of positioning self into one’s Mind to being/becoming a Masturbator.

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation -The Separation of Expression into Sex and Relationships - Part 4
In this interview, we discuss how the Mind of human-beings have been designed to channel and separate physical/self expression of beingness into/as constructs and definitions of sex and relationship, and how some human beings’ minds have been designed to internalize all sexual and relationship experiences and tendencies through which a Masturbation-Reality of Mind was created, instead of having actual, real physical relationships/physical sex, but only experiencing it within the confines of one’s own Mind

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation - Creating the Internal Masturbation Reality - Part 5
In this interview, we discuss the detail of how we create an internal mind Masturbation Reality to/towards another person, explaining how – instead of our Minds connecting us into/as relationship-connections with another human being/mind, the connections are completely internalized and all of our sexual-experiences/expressions is channelled/reflected into and as our own Minds, fueling/charging only an internal reality of sex and relationships – instead of being channelled/connected into developing actual real physical relationships.

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Re: Shocking Secrets of Masturbation

Postby Dace Jaun » 19 Jul 2013, 01:56

hello! can you please make this clear for me. in Latvian we use the word "relationship" for both regular relationships with - parents, friends, family members, relatives, acquaintancies-, and also for a partner relationship. of course, i had the idea that if this is about sex and masturbation, then it has to be about partner relationship, but at one point i am not sure, because it is only an assumption (it is how "logics" were taught at school) plus you never know, especially at desteni. it's often the way you haven't thought it would be...

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Re: Shocking Secrets of Masturbation

Postby Fidelisspies » 20 Jul 2013, 11:18

Hello Dace,

The points discussed within this series are in relation to partner relationships.

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Re: Shocking Secrets of Masturbation

Postby Dace Jaun » 26 Jul 2013, 19:58

Thank you ,Fidelis, for your answer.

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