From Mind-Orgasm to Physical-Expression - Part 13

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From Mind-Orgasm to Physical-Expression - Part 13

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Shocking Secrets of Masturbation - From Mind-Orgasm to Physical-Expression - Part 13

Physical Masturbation Practical Application – Part One.

How is it possible to physically express oneself with and through Masturbation, without using pictures, movies, fantasies and pornography to stimulate one’s mind-physical relationship to experience the mind-energy orgasm in the physical-body?

What is the difference between equal and one physical-expression, and mind-stimulated orgasm?

How can one practically assist and support oneself, to take directive-principle of one’s mind-physical relationship to sex, through stopping oneself from using one’s eyes to just ‘See Sex’ and establish an equal and one relationship with one’s body and so one’s physical reality, to see the actual physical reality – instead of only ‘seeing potential sexual stimulations’?

Where and how does the physical accumulation of sexual stimulation come from that manifest the physical-mind experience of horniness?

How does the mind use the pictures, pornography one masturbate to, to manifest a quantum-integration of one’s external reality into the physical to accumulate the sexual-stimulation process to experience the mind-energy orgasm?

What are the consequences of accepting and allowing self to evolve one’s Masturbation Fantasy-Reality in the Mind through pictures, scenes and pornography, instead of expressing with and as one’s physical-body in and as equality and oneness?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.
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