Voice Tonalities - Atlanteans - Part 141

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Voice Tonalities - Atlanteans - Part 141

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Image Voice Tonalities - Atlanteans - Part 141

What system in the Mind controls our reactions to Voice Tonality?

How is this System created in the Mind and the Body that ensures we always remain in a reactive relationship to Voice Tonality?

How does the Mind and our emotional/feeling body benefit from us always reacting to specific Voice Tonalities?

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Re: Voice Tonalities - Atlanteans - Part 141

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Reacting to Voice Tonality - Day 421
http://mayaprocess.blogspot.com/2013/11 ... y-421.html

If you haven't already listened to the interview "Voice Tonalities" I really suggest that you would and especially if you are a woman. Most of us women, have the tendency to react to voice tonalities and within that, have the tendency to become emotionally sensitive without apparent reason. It almost feels like we are holding grudge towards another without knowing why, it feels like we cannot control ourselves, we even sometimes feel lonely within it all and all of that is because we haven't understood the reason/core/source for our reaction and what is really going on behind the scene, in the realm of our minds, within the tendency to become emotionally reactive to voice tonalities.

If you are a woman that is highly sensitive and find yourself from time to time crying without any particular reason, it is suggested to investigate the system behind the reaction to particular voice tonalities as this system design is the source of why is it that us woman are becoming highly emotional, sensitive and reactive towards specific people in our lives.

If you are a man that is very emotional and reactive within yourself, I suggest that you also listen to the interview to assist and support yourself to understand the source of your reaction and thus, be able to effectively support yourself to change the point within yourself.

If you are a friend or a partner of someone that is highly emotional, this interview is also for you so that you understand the programming that runs in the background of your friend/partner mind and thus, be able to patiently stand as a support structure to assist them in identifying the design for themselves and to thus, be able to change the point within and as themselves.

What I have noticed within myself was the tendency to become emotional without any "seen" reason meaning, one word within a particular voice tonality could trigger a reaction within myself wherein I would all of a sudden possessed myself with all kind of negative emotions for very long time period. We tend to disregard this one moment of reaction to a specific voice tonality because we cannot conceptualize that this one "little" reaction could lead to substantial consequences however these little moments are accumulating and building up within ourselves to a point of eventually explosion that cause consequences within our relationships with other people in our lives. On that note:

"...I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to chase after the ‘big points’ believing that the big points would give me ‘big realizations’ – not seeing/realizing/understanding that all is in reverse and that what is actually meaningful is in the menial, and to try and find meaning in the big is meaningless, as I only become lost in my mind…"

"...I commit myself to slow myself down so as to see/realize/understand the small in the big and the big in the small, so that I am able to best direct myself in my world/reality down to absolute specificity and thus no longer allow myself to be at the whim of my mind’s demands, disregarding the interconnectedness of all things to instead remain separated in a lonely bubble of fear..."
A Psychologist's Journey to Life - Day 27: The ME in Menial Tasks.

So women, and men - time to source our emotional reactions to voice tonalities - you would be surprised how much there is to such "menial" thing such as voice tonality and how and why not being aware of these points would effect our lives and the lives of the people we are in relationships with.

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