Insecurity: Insecurity-Confidence Polarity -Atlanteans - 150

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Insecurity: Insecurity-Confidence Polarity -Atlanteans - 150

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Image Insecurity: Insecurity-Confidence Polarity - Atlanteans - Part 150

How was the Insecurity-Confidence polarity created from our natural physical expression?

How does this polarity create the illusory experience of ‘confidence’ as being real when it actually just balances out the Insecurity construct in the Mind?

In what other dimensions in our Minds and Worlds does this Insecurity-Confidence Polarity manifest that ensures that we always balance ourselves out between Insecurity reactions and Confidence experiences so that we are always participating in the Mind and never actually as a living expression?

How can we assist and support ourselves to identify when we have accessed the confidence construct in our Minds, as well as how we have defined this confidence in our worlds?

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