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Anu the Reptilian God

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Reptilians - The Emergence of Anu - Part 1 - FREE DOWNLOAD

This is a continuation and expansion of the Series “History of Mankind”.
Walking the History of Mankind – this time, a being from each Race will share their story of how they existed before the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind, together-with the role/part they played in the consequences as sequences of events that played-out and eventually lead-to the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind.
In this First interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race stars sharing the History of Himself and his Race – starting with his experience of oneness with emerging as birthing from within existence and how, as a young being within existence – he already started questioning the beliefs the races held of where it is they came from, who they really are…

Reptilians - The Road Ahead - Part 2– 9.99€
In this Second interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race prepares the road ahead of how he’s going to walk his process through existence, sharing some additional creation-secrets of this physical-existence and the mind that he has never spoken of before, and why and how it is that this process being walked through the Portal is the only point where the reality of existence is being walked for the first time in the history of existence.

Reptilians - Am I God - Part 3 – 9.99€
In this Third interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race shares the details of his process of emerging into existence, what he saw the first time he opened his eyes into existence, and why and how that first moment of opening his eyes; affected his entire existence to the point of establishing himself as ‘God of Existence’

Reptilians - The Young Inquisitive Anu - Part 4 – 9.99€
In this Fourth interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race shares the details of his process of questioning his origins, why he started questioning his origins, how no-one’s story within existence of the origins of races related to what he experienced in the moment of emerging into existence, and why that initiated his process of ceaseless questioning and investigation within and throughout existence. Did he find his origin?…find out!!!

Reptilians - Sex and Relationships in Existence - Part 5 – 9.99€
In this Fifth interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race walks us through time in exposing the nature of sex and relationships throughout the history of existence and answering the question to whether Sex and Relationship as we experience them today: existed in existence before the creation of mankind and this physical existence.

Reptilians - How I Veiled the Atlanteans - Part 6 – 9.99€
In this Sixth interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race shares his first moment as a young being in existence of realising how he could Veil things within his beingness/form and hide it from the Atlanteans, and how this ability eventually lead to the ultimate deception of the Atlantean-Race by the Reptilians, and also within this interview sharing how Shapeshifting initially came about/was discovered within the Reptilian Race.

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