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The Consciousness of the Polar Bear

Posted: 22 Jan 2014, 19:53
by Ruben
Image The Consciousness of the Polar Bear - Part 1

How has this physical existence managed to exist in polar opposites in terms of the relationship between the environment and weather systems, where both extremes work with each other and so also the earth as a whole?

How does the Polar Bear illustrate this relationship between polarity-opposites on this earth where the polarities still exist within the principle of equality and oneness and contributing to the whole?

Why do the Polarity Systems in the Mind sabotage the environment of the body, rather than support it?

Image The Consciousness of the Polar Bear - Part 2

How can you practically support yourself in relation to one of the Main Polarities within the Mind between the ‘big issues’ as reactions you face and the ‘smaller issues’ you react to in small bursts of energy throughout the day?

How does the Mind divert your attention to focus on the energy experiences of the Mind, and within this, miss all the relationships and constructs in the Mind that activate the energy?

How can missing these relationships between constructs and energies cause you to exist in never-ending reaction-cycles in your Mind?