Eqafe Review: The Goats through the portal

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Eqafe Review: The Goats through the portal

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Interviews discussed:

Considering the Small and Not So Small Things with the Goat
https://eqafe.com/p/considering-the-sma ... h-the-goat

Goat and Saviour Complexes

Goat and Practical Assessment

In this interview series, there was a discussion that was happening between @sunettespies, the portal, and another lady. Here they were discussing some points about helping an injured animal on the side of the road, and fortunate for this being who they were discussing was able to come through the portal and speak, a baby goat that had his leg broken. Obviously the sight of another being suffering causes someone to immediately want to help and support, but what i realized with more specifics and clarity through this interview is to also consider and ground oneself in the reality of what one is about to walk into.

Meaning, one has to consider the enviroment that is surrounding the situation you are about to go into to, is it a forest, is it a dark alley, or a strange area that one is not familiar with, so one also want to take into consideration equally oneself and is this the best option for the one hurt because what was found with this being who wanted to go out and save this animal in a ‘dangerous’ type of enviroment was she was going into a savior character energy experience, wanting to help, take care of others, because what this is showing as an example is that she was not giving this care and support to herself. So the mind as the energy experience of ‘wanting to save the hurt goat’ superseded her common sense to realize that what the enviroment was was not supportive for her to go out and be in, she could get hurt and thus lose her ability to make a difference in this world as this potential is with this women.

Obviously if there is the ability to go in and help through using common sense, do so, though what was covered was all the different scenarios that one can find oneself in and how when we go into the emotion of wanting to save another, we can miss the physical reality that is actually right in front of our eyes that may not be the most secure enviroment to go into for example and thus make the situation worse when this could have been prevented.

Another interesting and important point that was brought through and to consider and realize about supporting animals in this world, like stray dogs or animals that are injured, is the realization that saving one or two animals is decent and should be done if one is able to, but what is needed more immediately is the support of the many, all animals and life that is suffering everyday everywhere. What was discussed is that humans are the one’s who need the most help currently on this earth because of the mind consciousness system we are currently imprisoned in, we each have to support ourselves and support as many others to forgive ourselves, change ourselves in how we live, and support others to do the same as how you changed yourself as a living example in what is best. This can be done through sharing in blogs, vlogs, posts on instagram, facebook, forums one belongs to, people we meet day to day, and friends and family, being open and available to assist others who can be assisted in how to transcend the mind patterns and energies that keeps us in self interest and separated from each other, where there is no care or notice of the animals and all life suffering every day in great numbers because we have been stuck and possessed by all the different energy experiences and thoughts we are stuck in day in and day out like fear, desire, inferiority, anger, ect.

It’s really about who one is and through the massive library of educational recordings on all subjects and questions one can think of through eqafe.com, one has the ability to walk the process of becoming a better version of oneself and thus living one’s utmost potential. Where we as humanity can change to no more abuse and harm other life on this planet, and can live in a way of peace, quietness, and tranquility for all to enjoy and co exist in harmony as we equally do this within ourselves. It starts with self always, and one can expand out as the process of change in living words has supported self to expand and grow in one’s life.

So the points that stuck with me the most from this interview was the understanding that yes support where you can and in whatever capacity is available, but also be aware of what your getting into and ensure you are equally taking care of oneself not putting one in harms way. This also taking care of one’s mind and experiences through educating oneself in eqafe library and also desteni i process, where the mind consciousness system is walked in detail to assist and support the participant to transcend the mind as self and be the best self one is able to be. We are equal and one to all life here so in essence we are helping ourselves and caring for all as the principle lived.
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