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Death Research Review

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Death Research - Day 350

This blog is not to terrify you or to make you be more fearful with regards to Death, it is rather to show you how little do we really know and how important it is to investigate all things and keep that which is best for all.
I've recently invested my time in listening to the Death Research interviews which is again to me, emphasized how we have created all sort of assumptions and opinions about Death without actually speaking with anyone that had died, someone who could share in details every moment of their death experience; you know, the real nitty gritty details and not just: "I saw the light".

The Death Research interviews are Fascinating from the perspective of being able to walk with a person who actually experience death, the moments of death and what is really happening to the Mind, the Physical and the being in those crucial moments.
I had this fantasy that upon death for instance, one would no longer experience Physical pain, that everything is gone, disappear and you are out of here but as with all fantasies it doesn't work like that.
I had this idea that I can trust what Science describe about death when for example the doctors says to the family of a person who died in traumatic event that the person didn't feel anything, that they lost consciousness and thus couldn't feel a thing. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

So why then, is it important to listen to these interviews? For myself, it is a point of motivation to actually Live and Use the time I have left to do something that is constructive, supportive and meaningful on earth, instead of reaching to my end of Life to only find out that I've missed Life while being on earth. Now, that doesn't mean that one should let go of all one's responsibility and have as much fun as possible. No, that is again not real LIFE but a distraction from the actual Gift of Life that only us, as individuals can discover for ourselves unless it is too late, and we die, without being able to come back and correct ourselves.

If anything, fearing Death is useless because so long as we fear what is defiantly certain, how can we honestly Live? How did we miss such a simple point of fearing something that is so definitive like the fact that we will die one day while all along, we are missing ourselves when having the physical opportunity to discover the actuality of ourselves as Life, an opportunity that will no longer exists at death. I mean, do you know anyone who didn't die? No right?! So why do we fear dying if it something that is so natural and if we appreciate life so much that we don't want to die, why isn't this appreciation is shown in a physical measurable manner?

If we really cared about Life, wouldn't we be busy creating a world where LIFE could be lived by all without having to face struggles, abuse and the atrocities that the majority of us are daily experiencing?
So, there is defiantly a dichotomy here - we fear Death and we do not want to die but yet, we do not appreciate Life according to our collective physical actions. So it is time to investigate these points and become clear about our starting point in terms of deciding if we appreciate and care about LIFE or we just here, till we die, spending the moments we've got left until our Life will be taken from us without any free will. I mean, we do not decide the time we die isn't?

So, the Death Research interview Series, describes specific events of death such as Heart Attack, Burning alive in a car accident, Drowning and soon you can find out what one IS experiencing when falling from a tall building. These interviews shocked me as it was nothing I could imagine; Investigate the points, prepare yourself to Life because you are living so why the hell we are not physically living but rather allowing our own mind to dictate us who and what we are? If you Dare to know the truth and debunk your fears - invest in this interview series.

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