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I forgive my self that I accepted and allowed my self to be affected by the inequality where I feel inferior to the coworkers that use their ego to empower them selves. To realize that people have lived their lives with their minds, trusting the ego, learning from it and so thinking the only way to make them selves feel empowered is to show that ego control/power. In this case I am talking about my coworkers that are elderly aged males around 50.

I forgive my self that I accepted and allowed my self to have conflict with them in my mind, where I say arguing words, judging their mind/ego, how they are, how they express with that. It was a situation with my coworker when he said to me to do something because he said doesn't like doing it. Leaving me disempowered but more angry at him thinking "what the fuck makes you more superior then me, saying to me to do something you don't like doing" then I keep the judgement going to how he expresses and acts.

I forgive my self that I accepted and allowed my self judging others how they behave in society, not accepting how they are, not realizing its their mind and the programs from the mind consciousness system that is not to be judged but to understand it. To realize its the only way they know how to express and function in this world. To not get angry and affected by how they learned to function to survive.

I forgive my self that I accepted and allowed my self not saying what is bothering me because I am afraid to argue to the point of me being the unkind guy, being afraid of the outcome. To understand that I could see it from a neutral perspective and not get emotions involved, to talk to him in a calm voice for what is best for all, that we are all equal here and no one should be feeling inferior, exploited or anything. To realize I have to first work this points within me my self to get back into the situation as someone that understands the situation from both sides, to find reasoning to defuse the problem. Its easy to just judge and allow my self to have emotions but its hard to in real time moment realize and understand how it could be handled with breathing and communicating. To let go of any other things that I allowed to make me unstable. To realize it all comes back to me, to be self directed and take self responsibility, to blame and judge others is me as my self supporting the inequality that I see in others. What I see in others is a reflection of my self.

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Re: Inequality

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Nice alen alic,

Yes, we have to first become clear within ourselves and direct our inner storms before we can support others.

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