Feeling torn between becoming vegetarian versus non-vegetari

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kevina P
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Feeling torn between becoming vegetarian versus non-vegetari

Postby kevina P » 27 Sep 2013, 09:02

Due to a recent illness, it has been less than 1 month since I haven't had any meat. Prior to that I was eating chicken almost everyday because I really loved proteins. Since this past few days, the thought of turning vegetarian popped into my a few times and I was contemplating to try to aim at changing my whole diet to exclude meat. I told that to my husband and he said : "No way! Human beings have been designed to consume meat." I thought that was interesting.

There are a few dimensions to consider here with becoming a vegetarian:

1. Being brainwashed by society to believe that eating animals implies bad karma and also you become a bad person
2. Being told by my doctor that we get most of our proteins from vegetables rather than mean
3. Awareness that in North America, lots of hormones are being injected into animals and they lead to diseases such as cancer and fear that if I consume animals that I will end up having those diseases
4. Being told constantly to only eat vegetables and fruits and less meat because meat makes you fat
5. People seem to enjoy a better status and that makes you feel special if you become a vegetarian- it is like you have been able to overcome a challenge, so you feel good about yourself
6. Being a hero for not promoting animal abuse on this planet

I forgive myself for allowing myself to fear that if I eat animals that I will end up having diseases such as cancer
I forgive myself for allowing myself to become brainwashed by society telling you to not consume meat because it promotes killing and you inherit bad karma
I forgive myself for allowing myself to develop an energetic relationship to meat where I believe that meat will make me fat
I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel guilty for consuming meat because I am feeding into the cycle of animal abuse where more and more animals will have to be produced and slaughtered
I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel that if I can become vegetarian that I will feel heroic and that I would have done good karma because I will not be held accountable for slaughtering animals

When and as I see myself desiring to become a vegetarian, I stop and I breathe. I then tell myself that creating an energetic relationship with food is also creating what I do not wish to see, which is excess weight or diseases as I am operating from the starting point of FEAR. I commit to releasing all fears that I have towards meat and realize that I am eating something that has been provided to me and which is from this earth. I commit to testing to see how my body responds to meat and if I need to eliminate it, then it would only be because my physical body is not benefiting from its consumption.

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Re: Feeling torn between becoming vegetarian versus non-vege

Postby Anna » 29 Sep 2013, 09:24

Cool Kevina!

I can definitely relate to these thoughts coming up in one's mind.

Something to consider is that all bodies are different and unique and therefore have specific requirements. Therefore it is suggested to eat according to what's best for one's body, rather than to eat according to beliefsystems for example about health.

Within this, it's very cool that you're deconstructing the ideas and beliefs you've had about being a vegetarian because then you can give yourself a clean slate of beginning to eat more in alignment with your body. So besides listening to the doctors, which is definitely recommended considering that there's a specific condition requiring a certain diet, what you can also do is start checking how you experience yourself before eating certain foods and as such get to know your body and what foods work and what foods does work.

Let us know how it goes!

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Re: Feeling torn between becoming vegetarian versus non-vege

Postby christine » 30 Sep 2013, 07:12

very cool Kevina that you are supporting yourself and cool support Anna.

I can definitely relate to this point. Having 'tried' being a vegetarian when my children were little, believing it was the 'healthiest' for them. Yet a diet with no meat was not beneficial for my children, as they did not thrive, so introducing poultry and fish back into their diets really made a difference.

I have also discovered this past year, that foods that I thought I was allergic to, were, when eaten in moderation, fine with my system.

So, yes, the body will show you what works!

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Re: Feeling torn between becoming vegetarian versus non-vege

Postby sylvia » 01 Oct 2013, 09:02

Cool Kevina.

At some point in my life I also went vegetarian from a starting point of no longer supporting abuse and no longer consuming things that I thought I didn't need to thrive. An interesting point that opened up was that I discovered my attitude towards not eating meat changed. I did not call myself a vegetarian at first, I simply stopped eating meat after a 1.5 year process of reducing my meat intake. But when I had to explain to others that I wasn't eating meat, they would ask me if I was a vegetarian. Since I lived in Italy where eating meat is like breathing,I chose the easy way and told people I was an vegetarian when we as a family went out for dinner with others. So that meant that when others were served the normal dishes I/we got special dishes and a lot of attention and within that I noticed that I liked the energy coming from this specialness and I started preaching about vegetarian life styles so to speak. That was the point that I realized I was hooked on the specialness energy of being a vegetarian and placing myself as superior to meat eaters and I stopped the whole thing. We started to eat poultry and fish again like Christine mentioned, and only eating portions that would benefit our bodies and wouldn't take more than necessary. This is working quite fine for several years now.

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Re: Feeling torn between becoming vegetarian versus non-vegetari

Postby Manowsiler » 12 Sep 2016, 09:43

I'm very Read on to know more information about this. It made me learn new things that have never been known before.

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