The Ridiculousness of Being a Jerk

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Explain Nation Explanation

Postby Mike McDonald » 04 Mar 2019, 18:34

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for becoming conflicted within and as the point of explanation – where it's like i am frustrated when and as another in my remaility demands an explanation of me. Within this – I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to BLAME another for acting as a trigger point for a deeper point within and as myself that i am not seeing clearly – and I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into SPITE as like the fuck you – you're fucked out flow of blame and spite together as taking a stance of fighting/war where it's a disagreement in and as word and world regards here – not realizing – the very basic point of it always comes back to myself here – and that where there is even the smallest of movements in me – and i perceive it to be as a result of another's actions/reactions – there's a point a major point of self-accountability that requires immediate direction and self-correction.

I realize that when I experience a trigger – my reality will continue to pulsate the point untill I infact substantiate the best self-correction within myself. I realize this is quite cool in fact and really showcases the equality and oneness of process in fact here for each and every one because we are alll here to assist and support one another – wheter we realize it or not is somewhat irrelevant, because the process of fine tuning structural alignment as life itself here – is a 24/7 thing and so – Life is always Unconditional Here – and it's a very grounding experience in recognizing ourselves all together here – always all ways as what is our best in the moment response ability.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding that when I am demeanding an explanation from another in my reality it generally reflects a point of misalignment within myself and that my effectiveness in receiving the support and assist from another as 'me in another life' results in and as my standing awareness one and equal – where i am not so demanding and or persuassive per se – I am simply here and in that the words flow easily – i realize and understand that when i speak with any sort of charge onto another in my reality – it creates and permeates a sort of dissonance and war like construction and constriction of best complimentary relationships – i realize that there's a tremendous responsibility to myself and so to all life here – within and as the very standing awareness of 'oneness and equality' here.

I realize and understand that there's a process of self-realization that takes place where each one here must stand alone in and as their self-realization of what it in facts means to exist all together here Alone One and Equal. I realize within and as this process – each one here is in the process of facing face so to speak as all of our faces and that sometimes for a moment, we require to let go of holding on to certain faces, spaces and places in order to fine tune the walking of our world here together as our words within and as the very life itself blueprint design – oneness and equality.

I realize there are so many dimensions to ourselves here as life itself in fact as the process structural alignment here as life birthed from and as the physical. I realize a way of simply placing perspective on the magnitude of the purity of the physical here in and as the sound body creation here – is in and as our word and so to our world regards as the sounds/words are housed inside and so to outside ourselves as an outflowing expression of our innerstanding and care taking of who we are in fact here. I realize this is an extensive process of fine tuning and re-organization in fact as like each one will always have work to do so to speak as work is the visible expression of love in fact – work is life as our ability to respond - and so much so the balance and harmony to in fact living our best life as the love in and as the work we do – is the art of play itself here – where as the words oneness and equality are recognized and substantiated as a bond/marriage fusion together – so to are the words - “work and play”.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the various conflicting definitions within and as words – where for example – a word means one thing to one person and means another thing to another person – within this – i see realize and understand there is a sharing process in and as the expression of “explanation” – where an explanation is in fact the solution as “living words in fact here” it is the 'who i am statement of accurate account and detail'. I realize, understand and know there's many ways in which to share the standing awareness of myself as who I am as the 'living words in fact here.' I realize the fun within and as the work and play in showcasing my very best regards as my in the moment – from moment to moment - statement of accurate detail and accounting – As Who I am Here.

I realize the word Explanation has much creative usage – I Realize and understand there is both a positive and a negative aspect possible within and as “explanation” itself – I realize, understand and know this to be an individual and collective process unfolding together at the same time – where first the process is on self-awareness and unfolding our word and world regards as what it in fact means to live the, “who I am – as the Living Words – In Fact Here.” I realize this is an extensive process of physical work and play and that My very work and play will be challenged and criticized extensively as this is the best way to support my continued development as what it means to In Fact – Work and Play – Here Together.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing how in some moments of my process of structural ressonance alignment i've fucked with myself by becomming possessed within and as a physical addiction to energy – where I resort back into the early genesis of myself within and as an inferior behavior pattern/system and thus there is a process of self-correction required in order to actually in fact substantiate my best growth, development, maturity, expansion and structural creativity as Who I am Here as the Living Words. I realize so much so this is once again a matter of word and world regards – and that after a time – the process of exercising best response ability in substantiating the creation of substantial change as the very substance of myself that i substantiate – One bit at a time – as it is as simple as one breath at a time – one word at a time - the beauty of course coming in and as the very recognizing and regarding myself as the world itself here – One and Equal.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for being indecisive within me at times in terms of how i will utilize my words – i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to doubt myself within and as my usage of words. I realize, understand and know it's a mind fuck of sorts when i become too fixated on the 'how' of myself here – it's a point of fun and funny in fact – because it's the very point of knowing the 'flip' as the 'who i am here as the flip in fact – what it means to rotate myself in and as my very outlook and perspective and realize the interconnectiedness...the very in fact multi-dimensional nature of myself as the 'who I am In Fact Here as the Living Words – as it's so much so in ReMembering myself here as all the bits/words/parts of me here that enable the How of Myself here in and as the outflowing expressions and this is so much so a process of Self-Trust as the How comes through as the outflowing expression of and as the Inner Standing of the Who I am in and as Thought, Word and Deed.

To express the above in a similar way is to recognize that How I am in thought, word and deed is a reflection of WHO I am within and as my thoughts, words and deeds – and it's a fun and funny thing because each is here in Compliment as One and Equal Here to dish out the best Assists and Goals as what it really means to live life as our best reponsibility here – I am talk about being the best sport – as all is always fully engaged!

Whether I like the weather or not is so much so a point of self-honesty in accounting for my likes and my dislikes and so much so it is a process of learning to like that which i dislike – which sounds like a strange and peculiar thing because this requires the humbleness and the humility to stand One and Equal Here as Life Itself here – and to really know all of myself here – the good and the bad of everything Here. I mean – “Investigate all things and keep what is good. This practically means to really get to know and understand the 'bad' and to actually walk the self-correction process for real in fact – the very who I am as a Best Life Creator Here – One and Equal.”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to limit myself within and as my usage and standing awareness of words.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the seemingly infinite possibilities within and as the very limitations of myself in and as the usage and standing awareness of my words – within this – I realize, understand and know that it's about – Quality of my Words – not so much about Quantity – in and as the simplicity of and as Word and World Expressions here – I realize the art of simplicity is one and equal with the art of sophistication. I realize and understand that by saying less – it's equal and one to saying more. I realize, understand and know that this is like a basic parenting and patience process we each walk with ourselves in returning to source so to speak as what it means to learn and walk for real as one word at a time – as it is one step at a time – as it is – one breath at a time.

I realize a day is a lifetime and then sum/some because the day consists always all ways as the sum total of my sharings/givings as the very what it in fact means to live, Pro For Giving Here as a Life Broadcaster – Realizing, Understanding and Knowing that the Life Broadcast, the Playwright In Fact is always Accounting as It is the very who I am as what it means to live – Self-Accountability – and So the very process of Me Here in Fact as the Real ...and Royal 'We' Here is in Fact Always All Ways Expansive as What is in fact Best for All. This is In Deed the Science as the Signs of Awe So Me as the who I am as Awesome in Fact Here. My very living and loving as the harmony infact as the best regards creative collaboration here of and as the what it means to live the who and how of Oneness and Equality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having resisted to see words for the words and rather shift and shape the words to my particular preferred way of looking at words. I realize, understand and know words to be mulitidimensional with a variety of usages, meanings, expressions, contexts, implications, infererrences, assumptions, conclusions...and really that 'words' in and of themselves are simply an extenstion/reflection of physical life substance here – and in fact are in many ways very/vary maleable and formable and complimentary.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extensive nature of words as the inner manifestation of substance in fact here as our outflowing expressions here as the very physical substance building blocks here. I reaalize, understand and know the very purity of essence of my physical substance here ...this physical reality here – there's a real maleability and flexibility in and as the very flow that works/plays in compliment with the firmness and rigiidity of structure. I realize, understand and know this to be an interesting and fascinating dynamic of life substance in fact here as it's the marriage in standing awareness of 'oneness and equality' together here as what it means to bond together in unision as complimentary support – the very 1+1 equation in fact = basic math and common sense.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extensive nature into and as the world as war where there is a fighting for position and a sort of arguing that transpires as like this battle for supremacy and how it is rooted within and as conflicting word and world relationships within and as the very substance of the physical in fact here.

I realize, understand and know the tragic comedy of the commons here – as the suppression of common sense in fact – where there's a propensity to in fact fearing to stand alone – yet together as all as one as life in fact here – it's a tragic comedy of sorts because it's in the very questioning and conflicts that arise where an in fact Panic sets in as an outflowing justification to worry as like the perpetuated Rush experience that again is excused as like the addictiion and possesion to physical energy is a self-consumption activity in fact and it's ironicaly tragic because it's all too common to not/knot real eyes to see how we are in fact always all ways fucking ourselves within and as the positions we hold in relationship to others here when and as there's a dissonance in structural resonances alignment as 'defense' or 'offense' because in fact life is not 'sided' as one side or the other side in fact – no that is the 'art' of war so to speak as like the very game/sport of war itself here – where it's about taking and moving from position to position to strategize both a strong offense and and a strong defense – it's fascinatingly funny in fact because it's an ongoing play and work – and it continues untill One Stands Up and Recognizes the Absurd Ridiculousness in a Way where it becomes an Obvious Assist in Seeing the Point and so to sharing in the enjoyment of seeing here together clearly and having a momentary laugh of the release of suppression as like the beast of burden becoming undone...unwound in fact as like there's nothing left to hold onto in fact when and as we effectively breathe and let go in and as the very one moment of change in fact here – the very constant and continous dance of life itself here – Change. The In Fact – thought, word and deed – Weather of our Time – The Experience is Indeed Timeless.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the physical structural resonance alignment in fact as the very word and world sound equation here as the basic math in and as the marriage/bond of and as sound itself here as the purity and essence of physicality here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for deceiving myself in making a believing of things to be outside of myself, not fully realizing the gravity of my inner reality as the space and place - water holder of and as my sound body alignment here – the in fact process of my structural resonance aligment. I realize, understand and know this is the matter – the life responsibility to/for physical substance in fact here – my physical body – the very answer to the question as the 'Why”...flip side of My...The very in fact Expression of Best Word and World Regards Here.

I commit myself to continue working/playing the living/loving of substance itself in fact here as the very answer and solution to “WHAT” it in Fact Means to Live as a Self-Responsible Human Being.

I commit myself to showcase the “WHO” I am as the Living Words Here – as Life In fact Birthed from and as the Physical.

I commit myself to showcase the “How” I am In fact Here as the detail and explanation into the Creative Arts of Myself Here.

I commit myself to sharing my Art Work and Playwrights as my Best Regards in Standing Awareness of what it in fact means to live as The AuthorShip Here.

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Re: The Ridiculousness of Being a Jerk

Postby Marlen » 07 Mar 2019, 21:45


You'll be able to post your current process in this thread only for now. The purpose is to have any visitor realize that you are walking a specific path at the moment to realign yourself with the proper use of the tools that are commonly shared here. Hence your other blog threads are locked - we don't require your writings 3 times on the forum with multiple active threads. This one thread will suffice.

What we - myself and other forum moderators - can observe in your writings is that there is a misalignment in your starting point when writing your self-forgiveness. Self Forgiveness can be abused and misused when the starting point is to vent out, 'explain' yourself to others as to why you see that 'they/them' are the problem, and therefore taking a 'fighter' stance that believes needs to 'take a stand' and 'speak up' and 'not suppress' in the face of your interactions with other people. Therefore seeing 'others' as the source of your problem, and not yet totally looking back at yourself and not really looking at WHO YOU ARE as the starting point of such 'self forgiveness,' which currently stands merely as another way to spell out justifications and excuses that continue validating the ego points you've been currently facing.

This measure is then to ensure that anyone reading this thread - which is the place where you will concentrate your writings from now on and util it is necessary - has a proper background on the misalignment that's being opened up in your latest writings and as such, it will be subject to moderation and so support - if you agree you require it - in order to get to align your starting point to one that is actually true to what we all know is in fact the best of ourselves, and so best for all - doing this process for YOU not for anyone else, not to explain yourself to others, but as a genuine exercise of self-awareness and a decision to take self-responsibility for what you are playing out here.

If you cannot see the dimensions of blame, fight, excuse and justification in your latest writings, let it be known here and support can be provided, considering that this comes with the general expectation of having an equal stance to work through it here. Many times we can be veiled of things that we believe we have a 'right' to think, say or do - without realizing we might just be layering aspects of victimization that contain other ways of self-neglect and therefore are not supportive to share or maintain for posterity in this forum.

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